Víctor Sánchez Transfers to Xerez

VicSanDribbleIn a move destined to change the outcome of the history of the world, our little VicSan is moving to Xerez on free. He should be unveiled by the club on Monday. The details are that at the end of the year, FCB has the option to recall him from Xerez for free, so it’s more like a glorified loan. I’ve personally never been a huge VicSan fan, but his work rate is certainly commendable and I do think that he has large potential. It’s just that at FCB he is surrounded by talent that has already progressed beyond what he can offer. I think this is a wonderful option for him in that he can get a full season under his belt at a club where he’ll probably be a day-in, day-out starter. That will accelerate his growth and make him a much more valuable commodity for FCB.

What I don’t understand is this is being billed as a transfer rather than as a loan, but the clause that allows us to bring him back for free has to be enacted even if all we do is sell him for a couple tapas and some Estrella in the summer of 2010. Otherwise we’ve lost him for free when we could have gotten something for him now.

Really, it’s too bad he hasn’t panned out enough to stick around, but I agree, essentially, with the idea of getting him more playing time so that he matures (and think about it, at Xerez he’ll learn what not having the ball is like).  He played in 14 senior games with us, 8 of which were in La Liga, 3 Copa games, and 3 CL games (1 Liga and 1 Copa match were in the 2007-2008 season); he didn’t score, but he was routinely deployed in defensive positions. Last year I thought he would pan out as a wingback sub, but his lack of pace kept him from securing any sort of spot there. He’s only 21 and will have a good career, if not a particularly remarkable one; I hope that he does very well at Xerez and returns to fight for a spot at Barça, but I highly doubt that we’ll ever see him in blaugrana during a competitive match again.

Happy trails, VicSan!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Wasn’t Xerez where Altidore was on loan last season??

    All the best to VicSan, unless Xerez is playing barca.

  2. I wonder if there are some arcane La Liga rules driven this free transfer. Otherwise, I agree with Isaiah: I don’t understand why this is not a traditional loan with a buy option for Xerez.

    Sanchez should have better success at Xerez than Altidore, and not just because he may have more talent (I am not trying to start that debate). Altidore joined Xerez in the middle of a successful season. Xerez had no reason to try Altidore in their system, based on the old “if it ain’t broke” logic. For Sanchez, he has a chance to join Xerez at the beginning of what will be a challenging season. And with some actual La Liga experience, he’s probably ahead of most of the Xerez team (unless they went on a buying spree, a la promoted EPL teams).

    Of course, this is not the transfer rumor that has been disturbing me. It’s the Jeffren stories that I have been trying to ignore.

  3. Oh , yeah, and nice new digs.

    (I may be the only reader who likes the alternating white/gray in the comments.)

  4. I’m with Soto on the Jeffren stories. We can’t lose that dude. Even as the quality of the opponents improved, Jeffren remained dangerous. I’m dying to see him against real opposition, and I hope the rumors are true and that he gets some time against Bilbao.

    I also hope that Johnny Two-Time gets some space.

    I think that the VicSan move is a simple go-round to see if more playing time will help him develop. He won’t be able to get enough time with us to help him fully develop. That won’t be the case with Xerez.

    And does anyone else think of the anti-freeze (Xerex) when they discuss Xerez?

    Oh, in the navigational realm, rather than at The Offside, where the new/old posts were above the current one, they’re over on the right-hand rail now.

  5. I might be in the minority, but for me, Jeffren isn’t there yet. He is anonymous for large spells of matches, and against Seattle and Chivas, he tripped over himself time and time again when he attempted to dribble. I think Pedro is on a different level and Jeffren needs a loan or something. I don’t see him offering much, but again, that’s just me.

  6. @Kevin and Isaiah great work on the new site! its like when the Denver Broncos upgraded their unis after winning the Super Bowl.

    I also hope we keep Jeffren. I agree with Kxevin; VicSan wasn’t living up to expectations here, so we had to loan him out, because since he was already promoted to first team, we couldn’t send him back to our B team. I guess sending him on a “free transfer” was the most cost effective move?? Oh well, adios VicSan.

    so why is hleb talking trash about Barca? he is on LOAN right? i guess we will try selling him once he turns in a decent season at Stuttgart?

  7. @cesc pistol of all the B teamers we played in preseason + thiago, dalmau, and oriol, who do you think we eventually sell and which do you think make it to the first team in future?

  8. Well, Jnice, you won’t catch me arguing that Pedro! isn’t better than Jeffren. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: Pedro! is better than Jeffren.

    That said, this pre-season has been filled with actual and rumors of canteranos being shipped off (VicSan, Henrique, Jeffren, even Bojan in that B.S. rumor involving Arsenal and Fabregas). I generally don’t have a problem with this, since not all canteranos will make it to the senior team, I just don’t want them sending out the new talent that I have only just begun to love.

    I know, I am being selfish. 🙂

  9. As to the Belorussian (or as I like to think of him, He Who Should be Forgotten): I vote we ignore him entirely. If he’s going to bad mouth Barcelona to German journalists, he doesn’t deserve my time.

  10. Soto wins on the Belorussian front, a.k.a. “Who? Say what now?”

    It is increasingly looking like no live, big-screen telly for the first leg of the SuperCopa (aaaaaggggghhhh!).

  11. Watched highlights of Ajax Amsterdam vs RKS Waalwijk to check out on the form of Vertonghen… man was I impressed with Suarez! Dude’s got speed, technique, composure, link up play, so rightly linked up with us, Suarez.
    Heard Ajax are interested in Henrique… Hope there’s some thing interesting negotiations going on between the clubs 🙂

  12. anybody want to predict the futures of our youth players, blaugrana or not:
    montoya, muniesa (i know, right), fontas, espasandin, dalmau
    rueda, thiago, JDS, Gai
    rochina, oriol, victor vazquez

    i read on wiki that montoya and dalmau were “on test”. anybody know what that means???

  13. Jnice: I’m with you on that. He’s not proven, or at least not to the same degree as Pedro!.

    But I don’t think he should be loaned out. Judging by the way he has progressed thus far, he should be ready near the end of the season. Should things go well, and we have a few matches to waste like the Treble(!!!) season, he’ll prove his worth.

    If he gets shipped out, he will unfortunately have to learn the system all over again. It just complicates things more.

    He hasn’t been promoted to the first team yet, right? There was a rumor that he would be, but I never saw anything official. As long as he isn’t wasting away on the Bench, he will be fine.


    VicSan on the other hand, never really proved anything other than proving he deserves a star for effort. Good kid.. will grow into something decent, but probably nothing great or amazing.

  14. In the Waalwijk match Vertonghen was hardly impressive. Waalwijk are a very poor team and Ajax should have beaten them easily rather they could only impose themselves when RKC’s captain was sent off.

    Enoh and De Zeeuw perhaps were the best players. I’m impressed by Rommedahl this season. Suarez is still very unfinished. He needs atleast a year or two more at Ajax. I like Van Der Wiel tbh, hope he keeps improving, he can make it to the big time.

  15. Thanx for clarification Cesc. But lately I’m getting to start hating that name… No offense meant, seriously 😉

  16. I actually liked VicSan. I that he could be a good back up for Alves.Specially with Maxwell being able to provide attack if Alves isn’t there.

    plus when he matures, maybe when he hits 24 or 25 he could be our universal puzzle piece. place him anywhere other than GK or attack.

    Like everyone else, i think he’ll have a solid but unimpressive career, but unlike everyone else, I’m not ready to write him off. I’m i just think we need to stop expecting that all of our players will be superstars at 21, and have some patience with our youngins.

    I hope that VicSan proves his woth at Xerez. then comes back and fights to make the Guddy role his.

  17. Best of luck to VicSan. Think he will be a good player but till now, has not shown potential to be great. Hope i am proven wrong.

    For SuperCup, looks likely that we will be without entire first line attack. Now is the time to see how well Jeffren has come up. I hope Kid score a goal too.

  18. i never really understood what position VicSan played. It was as if we stuck him anywhere that there was an experimental hole. For us he played RB, CB, DM, CM. i never really got it to tell the truth. He needs to establish himself and focus on one position( i see him as a Busquets-type of player) in Xerez to be successful. Best of luck to the lad. Btw this website is looking really great so far, great work fellas.

  19. Anyone watching Everton – Arsenal?
    I’m excited what the Wenger-critics will say after this match!

    And the German commentator said that Wenger would only let Cesc go if he gets Messi in return for him. So let’s forget about Fab, he’s happy at Arsenal at the moment.

    This is something confusing:
    Hadn’t it been anounced at the beginning of the transfer season, that our money is reduced to ~70m ? So, we have already spent ~55m for Zlatan and Maxwell, how come that 70m – 55m = 60m ? Is this Real Madrid style of calculating?

  20. I think a super-versatile player like VicSan could come in handy if he get better and proves himself at Xerez. I’m pretty sure he will be “bought” back next year.
    Also, the new site looks great guys, congrats. Miss you at The Offside though.

  21. BTW have you guys noticed that there’s a little number on the right which indicates how many people there are online? Pretty cool although you can’t chat it still shows from where people are…but then again it doesn’t show the name of the person 🙂

  22. VicSan is our next Gabri (remember him). I think every team needs a player who is okey at several position.
    That he is from our youth system is a major plus. So i hope we comes back next year. At his worse he would not do a worse jobb then the one done my guddy. And i bet guddy gets paid ahole lot more.

    So basicly replace him with guddy next year and fill the team, the spirit and the barca philosophy next year.

  23. Good news (for us). Javi Martinez, Bilbao’s best playmaker and midfielder, will miss the first leg. He wast even called up. I guess that can help some.

  24. YAY!
    But seriously out front line is gonna have a hard time….THE YAYA will have to step up…

  25. Javi Mar always does wonders for me in Football Manager lol. Man, I wish the game was on tv. I remember last year’s Supercopa between Real and Valencia was on FSC. We are the best team in the world, this is BS. Goltv couldn’t stay faithful to us and pick it up?

  26. eklavya, THE YAYA doesn’t like when people command him to do something. Be careful with what you say…

  27. I don’t think I have ever seen The Yaya step up… he doesn’t use his full powers for fear of tearing the fabric of the universe in twain. The Yaya we see is the restrained version.

  28. @Jnelson: It’s very hard to say because while these players show an absurd amount of talent what is important for them is to show glimpses of their talent in the few minutes they will get. So I’d rather not answer that but put forward a few concerns.

    On one side it also a situation that most of them will get minutes when either the team is relaxing in the final minutes of the game or with a much weakened side in Copa or matches like Shakhtar etc. So you have the dual problem of them not getting enough chances to show their potential and when they do it is with a team of a much lower level than the normal Barca we see. As a result it is doubly hard to impress.

    Then you have the problem of blocked positions. Not only by untouchables like our own Masia boys but also the likes of Yaya Alves etc. Further if talents like JDS, Gai, Thiago, Pedro do indeed make the step up there is even less hope for those below.

    I don’t need to state how impressive our Juvenil A team has been the past season. If you see those guys in the context of making it to a top club, you can see tremendous potential in that. But so many of the attacking positions will be filled. What will then happen with those who are now with Juvenil B or the Cadete teams? While one may say that they are still at the age when their ability is there but many other things are speculative. But there are some whose talent is undeniable, somewhat like Messi and Iniesta. What will happen to them?

    It is both something we can be very proud of, yet be scared of. Rarely, if ever has a team faced such a problem. Unfortunately it is something we must grant in the hands of a new administration that can run for six years.
    (the new laws will be applicable?)

    How we move forward in this regard will perhaps determine the future of La Masia. The best solution I see is a partnership of sorts with a Liga team. Something on the lines of what Madrid have with Getafe but more concrete. It will be difficult to establish and at first we probably will have to suffer deals which favour the collaborating team much more but slowly as the potential to be exploited becomes clear to the other side we can leverage our position in the deals.

  29. The Yaya doesn’t allow us mortals to see his true form for fear of incinerating our souls. We can’t handle the truth. The Yaya is like a Phoenix except without the death part.

    I want to see this game on TV. GolTV I command you to show it!

  30. Hey, you Champions League nuts (wait….that’s ALL of us, right?) should note that Fox Soccer’s coverage begins next week. In my local market, they are using Comcast Sports Net’s HD arm to broadcast some of the matches, including the Arsenal/Celtic one.

    And speaking of Arsenal, the latest cockamamie ass rumor is that Fabregas’ signing will be announced on Monday, by (drum roll, please….) Inter! Pirlo will go the other way.

    Now this makes perfect sense, when you think about it. A guy who is known for shrewd deals and protecting young talent, ships the future of his midfield off for an aging, long-ball, set-piece specialist. Clearly, Wenger is trying to change his image as an intelligent, smart head guy. 😀

  31. Crap! I meant Milan, not Inter. Damn those Milan teams for confusing my fatigue-addled brain!

    Oh, and Landon Donovan has swine flu. His detractors (such as I) might say that since he’s an overrated little pig, it’s appropriate.

  32. Congrats Isaiah, Kevin and Hector on your new home.. The online ppl counter is nice..

    BTW Is there any truth in what Tutomate said Isaiah? 😉

  33. Woah thats pretty bad or is it? What is the mortal danger of swine flu. I mean I heard a lot of people died but it isn’t as dangerous as it was during its first outbreak right?

  34. Woah everybody tune in to the city match two minutes in to the game excellent goal by adebayor with crazy assist by robinho!!

  35. Donovan is a fit young male with the best doctors at his disposal. If he dies from the swin flu or has serious complications, start building your isolated bunked and be prepared to hold out for months because that would be one killer flu.

  36. I see everything is just as usual here. Specially the ignoring of my posts. :'(

    Sad about Donovan, he seemed to be on good form.

    I’m currently recording both City and Bayern’s matches. Will probably have to do the same with Wolfsburg and Arsenal. Though I may just choose to watch Arsenal. Anyone here interested in Ligue 1?

    Thankfully, it seems like Cesc deal won’t happen. We would better spend our energy in getting Hernanes IMO but I doubt Pep wants that. Keirrson deal only happened because it would’ve been a blunder had we not bought him. I really hope he gets chances with us.

  37. I hope the deal to Milan happens. That way we can forget about Cesc for a while. Plus it would be good for Cesc to go to the Italian league, learn his trait there.

  38. H1N1 functions like the normal flu, particularly in a world-class, highly trained athlete such as Donovan. He’ll be fine. He’ll still be a weasel, but he’ll be fine. Once is is diagnosed, the rest is easy. The elderly and pregnant are at the most risk.

    CP, I watch Ligue Un via TV5. I just wish they had the top-to-bottom quality of La Liga. Some of those matches….boooooring!

  39. I watch Ligue 1 CP.
    I think im gonna catch the bourdeaux match later.

    Btw city are a disappointment they started crazy and played like a world class side for the first 2 minute. Then it’s all blackburn they’re still leading but shots is something like

    Man city :4
    Blackburn: 20

  40. And as far as the dilemma that CP brings up regarding our young’uns, I think it’s a problem that every club with a strong, well-developed youth system faces. We’re just seeing it more now because when 7 of the starting 11 that won the Champions League final come from the farm, that tends to draw some attention.

    As with most programs, some will come out and become world-class, not necessarily for us. But there will be a lot of VicSans in there too, the close but no cigar players who find their way to mid-table sides and have healthy, productive careers.

    And good thoughts on the elections. I can only hope that Laporta stages a palace coup and puts one of his guys in. Otherwise, you are going to see a cluster of epic proportions, and probably some fiscal irresponsibility right off the bat, to splash on some mega-signing.

    The club’s bank book hasn’t been as healthy as it is under Laporta in a looong time. I would hate to see that go keflooey, so to speak.

  41. @Donovan haters…

    while Donovan is over-hyped and espn thinks he’s the next big thing since frosted flakes, he’s still the most influential and experienced player in the U.S. squad.

    so comparetively, to world-class players he sucks and he’s a weasel. but to competition in the u.s. he’s good. And in the national team he stands out.

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