It’s a 7 (8) point lead! + Other news [Update]

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You know what that means! 😀

Please have mercy, Kari --Never!!
Stop it already! I'll cry if you don't!
No need to make that face, Mou. You made your team play like that

Osasuna fought like lions. All the credit to them. Their fans were amazing, and their ball boys even threw two balls on the pitch to help them out! 😀

Let us not forget–there’s still matches to be played. February is when we usually lose form. I let Euler say the rest:

“Pep always talks about the team staying humble. It’s good advice for cules’ as well. It’s january. Barca haven’t won anything right now other than the Supercopa.

There is still a great deal of football to be played and it stands to reason that Barca are going to go through a dry spell of some kind.

They are not going to win out the rest of the season”

But we can try!

Thanks tnyatu!

Visca el Barca!

—In other news, Samir Nasri is out with a hamstring injury, and as such, is a big doubt for our match on the 16th. He has been, arguably, Arsenal’s best player this season. If he doesn’t recover in time, Arsenal will be without a crucial attacking player and their starting RB Sagna due to suspension. Good news for us, but I’d like him to fit, simply because I want to face a full-strength Arsenal.  In any case, we’ll see how that turns out.

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  1. What I’m hoping for is that Sevilla takes this game as an example and comes out fighting in their semifinal Copa game.

    1. It’s be quite fun if Sevilla throws them out of CDR. It would be better if we face them in the CDR final and defeat them once again. 😀

  2. Fun fact by the way:

    Did you know that the guy who scored the winning goal for Osasuna is an ex-Real Madrid youth player?

  3. No fair with that picture at the end, I still miss Eto’o…
    But then again it got me imagining how great that picture will look for the 10-11 season with Ibi, Villa, and a more prominently placed Xavinesta.

  4. February is when our dip in form happens. Our fixtures in La Liga during for the next month:

    Barcelona – Atlético Madrid
    Sporting Gijon – Barcelona
    Barcelona – Athletic Bilbao
    Mallorca – Barcelona

    And then in March:

    Valencia – Barcelona
    Barcelona – Zaragoza
    Sevilla – Barcelona
    Barcelona – Getafe

    We take on Villareal away first match of April and then El Clasico Part 2 in the Bernabeu.

    That’s no joke. We have some really tough away matches coming up.

    1. I know, but that’s why this 7(8) points cushion feels so great.

      Real faces Espanyol away from home in 2 weeks, Depor in 4 weeks (I think they also belong to their bogey teams, at least at the Riazor). Plus, they still have to play Valencia, Villarreal and Sevilla at their respective stadiums. Not more easy than our schedule, to be honest it’s even slightly worse/harder!

    2. So does madrid.
      The interesting point is , that madrid drew against the bottom placed team of the table , and lost against another really low placed team in the next match.
      I think that january is the time when the whole season shapes up in the sense that , its the most probably month of either having players getting out of form , injured and consequently dropping points, and missing out on competitions.
      Sure the season is far from over.
      But, i will take a 7 point gap with a smile , because its a cushion really needed before all kinds of pressure kicks in.
      And right now madrid has :

      -sevilla second tie coming up , that is not really gonna be a cake , and after this one its gonna be even harder.

      -Theyve missed out on seamingly easy games, and have some tough nuts coming up( atletico is not gonna be this pathetic for the rest of the year, villareal , malaga is expected to do well etc).

      -combine this with the championship league ties coming in between.
      Doesnt sound pleasant for mourinho and co., does it?
      He backed off press conferences in italy because he thought the press was treating him roughly.
      He will redefine the notion of treating someone roughly now that the madrid based papers are hungry.

  5. there’s still a lot of football left to be played, but this gives us a little breathing room. But that schedule is by no means easy, we will have to stay consistent and hopefully no injuries! VISCA!

  6. “Samir Nasri is set to miss the first leg of Arsenal’s Champions League last-16 tie against Barcelona after he injured a hamstring in the 2-1 FA Cup win over Huddersfield Town.”

    wish him well, but more good news for us then eh?

    1. Louis Armstrong – Wonderful World (Osasuna Rulez Remix)

      “I see Real’s down, by 7 points,
      I hear them cry, des-pe-rate-ly
      and I think to myself, what a wonderful world”

      Feel free to add more verses 🙂

    2. Yesterday someone said in the liveblog comments (I think- maybe it was the match review comments) “What a difference Alves made”, which automatically made me sing it at the top of my lungs to the tune ‘what a difference a day made’.

      Not the same song, of course, but it’s still musical!

  7. @Ooga Aga: That about Asian parents and the 97 instead of 100 was a joke cos well, I’m Asian (Maldives being South Asia) and I got that LOL and its a common stereotype. Well not literally but still ‘this person got higher marks! why didn’t you?’ kind of stuff. I didn’t mean it in a ‘oh all Asians are like this’ way.

    @Everyone: HOLY CRAP! WOOOO! (Assuming they hold out the next three minutes) HAHAHAHAHAHA VILLAREAL ARE CLOSER TO SECOND THAN REAL ARE TO FIRST! Last night (its 3am here now, as in six or seven hours ago) I was thinking ‘wow, I would be so happy if Real lost and Villareal won so they are closer to third than to first’ but I was like ‘ah, itd never happen’ BUT IT DID THEY LOST!!!

    Ohhhh, now some serious shit is gonna go down between the Madrid media, as in arms of the Bernabeu, against Mourinho, I think. They are not going to be happy. After the Pellegrini witch-hunt where he did nothing wrong except lose, now that Mourinho is having power struggles with the administration, demanding extra players but still losing, creating distractions to the players, picking fights, and all in all making a fool of Madrid- they’re not gonna sit and let a coach make that huge, massive institution look silly(er), they’re gonna start now to make sure Mourinho takes the shit for this season instead of him getting to blame us. My prediction.

    Seriously though- I think they’ll lose more points than us in the remaining games. They still have to play us, and they have to play Sevilla, Villareal and Valencia away as well. Espanyol at the Cornella as well- as much as that game is usually easy for Real anyway, I can still say its a potential difficult game.

  8. The Real Offside guy called us Sprinkler FC in the paragraph before the LiveBlog. Boy am I enjoying the schadenfreude.

  9. Kari, any chance of a URL for that pic of the squad at the top ? I fancy that for the wallpaper on my Mac.

  10. I ve been wondering for sometime when ibi’s picture would feature in the group one above.
    for me though i believe its a 10 point lead-counting Apri’ls Elclasico win.
    mourinho now gets his reward for not havin faith in anyone other than his first eleven earlier.

    1. LOL Bassam 🙂

      I was wondering why RM fired Pellegrini in the first place. May be you guys are thinking same eh ?

    2. Because they don’t know crap about football. And they are frustrated to get a quick solution. Of course, their line of thinking is: they defeated Barcelona -> they must come here.

      I hope they remain the same. It’s fun to watch them try and try to defeat us and always fail. Now they are in the process of self-destruction. 😀

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