Because Bojan is sick and not in the squad…

…for the first time in a long time, this won’t be taking place on the bench/touchline come game-time today against Hercules.

I've got no choice...
It's my time to shine!
Forget what I just said
Not again...
Not again~!

Don’t worry Bojan, you’ll get your chance on Tuesday! And from the beginning too! Just make it count! I’ll also be rooting for you, so you have the best possible person on your side! πŸ˜›

If you haven’t read Isaiah’s REVENGE preview, read it. Read it now. There’s even a podcast waiting for you.

(P.S. If you’re reading this, that means the “automatic posting” feature Tarun suggested really works since I’m actually probably sleeping right now πŸ˜€ . This “scene” was posted to test out the feature. It also means Tarun rocks the socks off everything! πŸ˜› )

By Kari

Just your neighbourhood Barca fanatic


  1. LOL, you wanna know how I expected this picture story to evolve?

    After the 2nd picture I would have expected an image of Messi, Xavi etc. with a shocked expression on their face because they see Bojan’s warming up, and they know that’s the end to all hopes of winning the match. Next picture, they are celebrating the 4 goals that they just scored in 4 mins, motivated by the possible introduction of Bojan πŸ˜€

    So thanks to Bojan for making us score so many manitas by simply sometimes getting rady to warm up!

    1. You’re gonna make Kari cry. She is president of the Cuddly Toy fan club (something she calls the baby face brigade or coddle the cuddlies or something alliterative like that). πŸ˜€

      Won’t be at the LB today. I have a great day planned that involves ignoring the kids (they’re old enough to be ignored), watching the Barca game w/ hubby, and going out to dinner with said hubby to a great Brazilian steakhouse. Date day/evening > LB. So happy game day y abrazos por todos los cules.

      programming note for US—ESPN3 @ 2:00 EST. ESPN Deportes is covering it as well I believe.

  2. So, to end any confusion. My avatar is Lilian Thuram, excellent defender for Les Bleus, beloved in Barcelona not only because of his brilliance and dedication to the colors, but he also embraced Catalan causes. I chose the avatar because I am a fan of him as a human being. He’s been outspoken in a very intelligent way against many of the ills that plague our game, most notably racism. And he retired as he played, with dignity. All-’round cool guy.

    The side benefit (and funny bit) is that there is something of a resemblance:

    1. Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! how’s that different from your avatar now?! ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

      never in my life saw a soci id, my goodness.

  3. Did I read right? No Drenthe for them today? Apparently he and the Hercules coach are having …. erm …. complexities, so he’s out of the squad for this week, according to EMD.

  4. His armband said he was a red, Torres Torres,
    but Roman came and turned his head, Torres Torres,
    went to the club that gives out flags,
    and where the captain shags the slags,
    Fernando Torres,
    …keep an eye on ya bird

    This made me laugh!

  5. Oh, before I leave to start my day, I think it would be fun to come up with a recipe for Manitas, the unofficial beverage of BFB (because car bombs are apparently reserved for games where Abidal scores) This is my idea (1 shot tequila, 1 shot contreau, splash of cranberry juice over ice garnished with cherries and pineapple chunks on a skewer to resemble a senyera). Am I gonna get in trouble for this, mods(only assuming that most of the BFBers are legal)?

    1. Sorry about the cointreau spelling and no, Curacao won’t do because its color would obscure the garnish too much which is the most important part of the drink and blue is for los pericos anyway. I have no problem with the grenadine for cranberry juice substitution and it can be used for the underage/abstaining version that appears below as well.
      My original recipe was kind of a fusion between a margarita and a cosmo, but as I said above the important thing is the garnish.

    2. Yeah, I find cranberry juice tends to overpower any other flavours and doesn’t match well with tequila anyway, so I;m going with grenadine. I was thinking of trying some fancy layering of the blue and red colours, but I’m probably not skilled enough to do that.

      And grenadine will let the underagers feel like they are drinking a real cocktail without it actually being alcoholic!

    3. In fact, if I can figure out how to do it by the next Clasico, I’ll take a picture and email it to one of the mods!

    4. Go for it girl- the blue will only work if you could layer it, but then the garnish will still have to show up. The only necessary part is the senyera garnish and that it not have a color that honors any other team.

    5. The garnish will be on a long skewer and will be above the drink itself.

      Clearly, I drink way too much. πŸ˜€

    6. Actually it doesn’t look too hard. Grenadine is dense and will be the bottom layer. Curacao is less dense, especially if I mix the tequila with the curacao first.

  6. Does everyone realize that we have lost when Puyol hasn’t played? (Sevilla, Hercules, Betis). The string has to break sometime, and it will be today.

    1. We are in form now (understatement of the year) and we were far from it in week 2, we haven’t had most of our squad globetrotting to useless friendlies half a world away, and while our back line is a little thin due to injuries King Eric the Great has come into his own as an excellent CB. Puyol’s value shouldn’t be underestimated but I think we got this. Messi seems to play above and beyond his usual greatness once he’s been ticked off so I expect him to come out ready to open a can of it upon Hercules today (has anyone else noticed that he also seems to revel in the more physical games, exacting revenge in the form of goals?).

  7. Hahahaha.
    Kari had to make a new post just for Bojan.
    Don’t tell me you didn’t laugh Kxevin!!!

    Btw, congrats! Way to go girl!

    1. *Don’t tell me you didn’t laugh.
      **Way to go Girl!

      Who was that person again who always had spelling problem?
      Jnice or Kari?

  8. I knew what Thuram looked like but somehow I just instantly assumed the avatar for Kevin was actually Kevin (dunno, cos I assumed one of the Big Blog Bosses would have an ‘official’ actual-picture gravatar or something?). I didn’t get to see much of him play though, only got sports channels in 2007 and even then with exams and all only really got to sit and watch most games in 2008 (early enough to catch the likes of the pasillo and ensuing humiliation though) but all in all not enough for me to instantly recognize a la all the 08/09/10/11 players.

    K_legit: LOL @ the song. Pity for Torres really. I rate him as the best player in the EPL when fit and on form. Must suck for him to not win anything.

    S04: I just turned 18 so I’m underage to begin with and I’m also Muslim so I can’t drink alcohol but a Manita does sound like a cool name for a drink. Which reminds me. Soccermom (not the of-4, the mod) said in a post, Brooklyn Beer Slide + Zoolander = C Ronaldo and since then I’ve been wondering what a beer slide is. Is it sliding while drunk on beer, or pouring beer on that white sheet sort of thing in the beer and sliding on it made slippery by the beer, or what?

    If we stop seeing Helge on the comment threads from now on, after that comment, we’ll know why LOL. Say something nice about Bojan quick before you get banned Helge! Hahahahaha.

    1. Hey! You can neither blame nor ban me for stating that Bojan is the ultimate inspiration of our series of glorious manitas! πŸ˜‰

    2. Underage/abstaining for religious reasons version of a Manita (equal parts Sprite(or other lemon-lime soda) and cranberry juice served over ice -garnished with cherries and pineapple chunks on a skewer to resemble a senyera). Enjoy!

  9. Huzzah! The auto-posting feature works! The posting is just for admins though (not for regular comments.)

    Unfortunately for you people, me finally getting Adobe Photoshop Editor means chaos and nonsense will occur and I’m having an explosion of creativity right now. I have three other things done–2 more for the Bojan-Pep picture series (yes, it’s a series) and another one for Valentine’s Day. Also unfortunately for me because I need to focus on doing the job I was hired to do, which is collect news.

    They may or may not be posted any time soon. Our blog currently has a line-up of awesomeness which sees at least a post a day by us. There probably won’t be a news post until late next week (yup, that’s how many posts are being planned as I type!).

    @barca96, thanks for the congrats! It was me with the spelling problem, but I can edit my own comments and others on my posts but no-one else’s unfortunately.

  10. @ Kxevin “He’s been outspoken in a very intelligent way against many of the ills that plague our game, most notably racism.”

    We saw racism directed toward Alves at the Espanyol game. I’d like to think that our crowd was above that. Please tell me that it is so.

    1. I’d like to tell you that, but I’m also not fond of lying. Some Catalans still have a ways to go as regards acceptance of black (or even darker Brazilian) players, and people in general. Witness the problems that Lewis Hamilton (F1 driver) had during testing at the Circuit de Catalunya year before last. Appalling.

      The Camp Nou crowd has come a long way from the monkey chants that used to be directed at Roberto Carlos during home Clasicos. Again, it wasn’t everyone, but it was enough where it was distressing.

      Thuram was part of an interesting time, in which we had as many as 5 black players in the side (Thuram, Eto’o, Abidal, The Yaya, Henry). The coach, Frank Rijkaard, was also dark-skinned, as was the club’s most prominent player, Ronaldinho.

      I think that those days went a long way toward changing the perceptions of many Camp Nou denizens. Mind you, there are still those who never accepted (and never will accept) the likes of Henry, Eto’o, Abidal, etc., because prejudices are sometimes so deeply ingrained that they are never overcome.

      That’s just part of life, though, right?

      I’d also be lying if I didn’t say that Sandro RoSELL’s comments about African kids at La Masia were worrisome. It won’t be long before we have a side with no black players in it (Abidal and Keita have 2 more seasons, tops). I will wonder, when one is re-introduced, so to speak, how the Camp Nou will behave.

    2. You know what, and it may just be a sentimental mom thing, but part of the joy of us scoring for me are the goal celebrations that follow. There’s something beautiful about the giant group huggathons that follow (black, white, Muslim, Christian getting along just fine thankyou example to us all).

    1. So one of my birthday presents happened to be a snood – I think I’ve got my good luck item for when CT is back on the field!

    2. If he means that Messi will never be as tall as Beckham, he is right. πŸ˜‰

      Also, Messi will never be as big of a celebrity/media slut as Beckham because that’s just not the way he is.

    3. Oops, reply-fail on my part. And yeah, Messi won’t ever be as marketable, but I don’t think he’ll care all that much.

    4. Is Messi a footballer or a Hollywood wannabe?
      These EPL people have nothing better to talk about.
      Instead of talking about football, which by the way is their profession, they go and talk about non-sense like this.
      Who gives a shit if Messi is not so marketable.
      Messi is a football player that only cares about trophies.
      Not commercials!

  11. I have an idea for a Manita drink

    a Glass + Johnny Walker Blue Label + ice (if needed)
    That is all

  12. Tello needs to calm down.
    He is too eager to dribble the defender.
    Muniesa and Bartra are looking good.
    Muniesa was chasing a player from his side of the field(left) all the way to the right and won the ball. Quite impressive!

  13. Did anyone else watch the Asian Cup final? Australia sure liked the long ball into the box strategy. A pretty fun game, especially for a Japan fan. πŸ˜€

    1. scrappy, but i’m glad japan came out on top. my damn stream switched to Southampton v Man U FA Cup right as the only goal of the game happened unfortunately.

      and now i find out that I’ll have to miss the Hercules game and watch it on replay.

      i hate these kind of days.

    2. And what a goal it was, eh? If you’re going to open up your international goal scoring career, might as well do it in a final!

  14. Is anyone watching Crackovia that’s being shown now?
    Looks very funny.
    Chrishtiano and Mourinho

  15. barcastuff:

    Barcelona line-up (official): Valdes – Alves Pique Abidal Maxwell – Xavi Busquets Iniesta – Pedro Messi Villa

    Barcelona bench: Pinto, Adriano, Milito, Mascherano, Keita, Afellay, Nolito

    no fontas.

  16. They looked really good in the first half, but now they are so chaotic. They have lost control.

  17. konnichiwa…long time bfb reader living in kyoto…have rarely posted…but really, i’m just about as much addicted to reading this site as i am watching the games…

    i was compelled to drop a line to ask….did anybody just see the asia cup finals???? holy crap that was awesome! i’m american, and after watching the usa boys plays, i generally feel a little sick…but man, the japan national team is really something to be proud of…

    here’s the goal…full volley in double overtime….assist by nagatomo!

    1. Hey.
      I totally forgot about the match.
      Was really looking forward to it.
      Always loved Japan/Korea(Asia’s best hope πŸ˜† ). But since moving to Australia, Im really starting to love Aussie so it was 2/3 my favorite teams in the final.
      I guess have to download the match then.
      Btw, you can download Barca matches or any sport related from

    2. Japan really struggled without Nakazawa and Tulio in the back, but fortunately the keeper Kawashima had an immense game. It’s too bad Kagawa got injured against South Korea though.

    3. ohh ok. i was wondering where those two were. I think Nakazawa should retire and make way for some younger talent, but Tulio has another couple years left in his legs.

      blue samurai are still a work in progress, but if they can maintain the spine of the team with Hasebe, Honda, Kagawa, Nagatomo, Kawashima and hopefully Morimoto coming good eventually, they should be a good team for years to come.

  18. found this on internet.

    A woman delivered two identical twins , she named them Messi and Ronaldo , they asked her how can you tell the difference? Easy she said, whenever I call Messi , Ronaldo cries.



    1. :3 Saul is the bane of my existence.Dont even get me started on Armando and Abraham.Blehh.

    1. Funny you say that. I’m justabout going to make it. Luckily the lineup at Canada Post was non-existant, so I’m back home faster than expected.

  19. so is our president of bojan fan club running the liveblock too? and where is the other liveblock guru vicsocs these days?

    will be watching the game with empty stomach. i guess total football will fill my hunger too πŸ˜€

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