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I was saving this picture for a variety of things like next week’s Copa match, or posting it at the end of my epic monologue, but seeing as we admins had a misunderstanding, I thought a “clear the air” post was necessary (also, it gives you a place to rant/dump all your links/comment). So, cat’s out of the bag 3-5 days early. Snap. More after the jump.

The admins are in constant contact. Yes, it’s true.  And everything is talked about, taken into consideration, and organized before it happens. If someone is planning on posting something, we let each other know, so as to avoid the situation we had today with two LBs. Because people have, y’know, lives and all, things come up. While looking for a back-up liveblogger, things got misunderstood (I forgot to use the  my (now) nemesis —the”Reply-To-All” function, amongst other things). Kxevin’s a bit peeved, as he should be, because, really, this should have never happened. We send each other emails so this wouldn’t happen.

In any case, revel and/or giggle about what happened today all you want, because it won’t happen again. Fo’ sho’.

Anyway, this is for the preview of next week’s Copa match vs Almeria (feel free to add your own captions/dialogue if you’d like):

Bojan is not impressed
Just a typical training session with Pep and Bojan

Pep: …so you see, Bojan? That’s how you do it! You understand, right? You get it what I’m saying, right? Great! Now, do it during a match!

Bojan: Mister, are you seriously telling me how to score goals?

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By Kari

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  1. No issues Kari. For me, Murphy makes his presence felt all over:).

    As for Bojan, i think dude should just take decision and spend one year with Barca B. In long run, he will benefit hugely.

    Today was sweet and i do hope that we do rest our boys for return leg. The big ones are coming pretty soon.

  2. Like I said in the LiveBlog, there is no need to apologize. And most of us seemed to enjoy the jokes about the two LBs anyway.

  3. When would these bojan jokes stop, its wicked. We rather should rally round and help boost his confidence. Imagine him visiting this blog

  4. When would these bojan jokes stop, its wicked. We rather should rally round and help boost his confidence. Imagine him visiting this blog and seeing all these

  5. @Jnice, y2k: I just felt people deserved an explanation. I thought it was a little funny at the time as well, but when one looks at it from an admin point of view, it looks bad–like we have no organization/ability to co-ordinate when that’s anything but the case.

    @OSBAG: Do you mean wicked as in “awesome” or wicked as in “mean”?

    If it’s the latter, I don’t think it is. It’s all in good fun, but if they really bother you that much, and no one really likes them, I could stop. Just let me know. Maybe what I find funny, you don’t find as funny…(And I find them pretty amusing)

  6. Hi everyone,
    Baseball fan – a little bit – so sometimes I’m fascinated by the Baseball world’s ability to come up with all manner of stats by way of figuring who’s better than someone else. So in that vein, I have a question for you all. How many times this season has Real Madrid played the day AFTER Barcelona?
    I ask this because firstly, it seems that every single league game, copa del rey, or Champions league match that Real Madrid plays…is played after Barcelona has played their match.
    And more specifically I bring this up in regard to the Piccicchi (spelling?) competition because it is my belief that if you are Cristiano Ronaldo and you know that Leo Messi has scored a brace or a hat trick the previous day, then it is going to motivate you even more. Thus, it may be said that someone playing the next day has an advantage because they know, in a sense, what it is they have to strive for.
    I believe LEO just does what he does and doesn’t think too much about it all…but It bothers me that Real Madrid always seems to play their games after us.

    Okay maybe Im being odd…but please discuss if anyone wants.

    1. Thats nothing.
      What was it,2008 season ?,that they played every team we had encountered in the previous match weekend.

    2. What’s up with that? I hate that. Certainly no one player or team needs any extra motivation to play the game with more importance, but I do think there’s a definite advantage to a team playing AFTER knowing another team’s result.

    3. Well we cant really blame the lottery that decides the fixtures , or hatch a scheme about a conspiracy going on behind the match fixtures , can we :).
      Thats Madrid’s based newspapers job right now that they’re trailing 😛

    4. Look at it this way.. if they play after us, and we’re the top of the table no matter what they do.. they could score a billion goals and thongboy could score 500 himself, they’re still SECOND 🙂 they dont even get the pleasure to cut down the points difference for a few hours! and dont worry about Messi, the man doesnt care about Pichichis, he wants real trophies.

  7. busquets : What a beast.
    Mascherano comes in and offers a brilliant performance for busquets to pick it up and make it even better.

    1. I wanted Mascherano to get in the game about the 75th minute mark and “enforce” the effective way that he does. Seeing him in their would have eased my fears that Hercules was going to get lucky and tie it up.

  8. Here’s my “caption”.

    Pep: “I’ve printed out the comments about you from the BarcelonaFootballBlog. It’s 34 pages long. If you won’t listen to me anymore, then maybe these brilliant bloggers will convince you it’s time to START PRODUCING!”

  9. No, not peeved at all. Just a little red-faced. Well, a LOT red-faced, only nobody can tell.

    My writers, during the course of my day job, often say “Jesus, why are your standards so high? Is the reader really going to notice if a word isn’t perfect?” I usually reply that it doesn’t matter, that just because they might not notice imperfection doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t constantly strive to bring them perfection. So it is with everything that I do, including this blog. I think that we have the best Barca blog on the planet. Full stop. With the recent team additions, it’s going to be even better. There might be a Barca blog somewhere on Mars that’s better, but I doubt it.

    Journalists are often weak in the area of communication, one of the great ironies of my chosen and beloved profession. So we don’t talk enough/at all. And wrong pictures get in the paper, or bad captions, or silly headlines, or two LiveBlogs. And we learn from the glitch, and move forward.

    1. No need to be all mea culpa about it. This may be the best Barcelona blog around, but it is only a blog. Hair shirts are so last century!

      Now back to the NHL skillz competition. 🙂

    2. Not that the apology is needed but I think it’s a great sign of professional integrity displayed by the writers here. Glad to see it.

  10. Hercules player Drenthe after the game entered Barcelona’s dressing-room to ask Afellay for his shirt.

    Interesting. And flattering for Fly. 😀

    1. maybe they played together in the u21s ? while ibi has been in the NT fold for a while now, drenthe only has one appearance for the senior team lol.

      *Busquets equals Puyol’s all-time record (all teams) of most consecutive Liga wins: 21 via@barcastuff

      i thought this was interesting, and a nice personal record for Busi after just completing a contract extension. when xavi eventually retires, sergio and iniesta will be the engine of our tiki-taka machine.

  11. What!! Kari now provides posts!?! With pictures and everything!? Colors and Raindbows? I was wondering how my evil ways of destroying everything Barcelona can be aided…. Mwahahaha!

    On a more serious note, Congrats Kari on becoming an Admin here. And in general, welcome to the blogosphere world where the sun shines 28/7*. Looking forward to reading what you provide. And i can relate to you in your love for Bojan. So many madrid players that i love but are “hated by many”. God dammit not everything is about Ronaldo. grrrrr.

    Also, congrats on pissing off the big guy upstairs**.

    Anyone let me borrow some money to bet on almeria pulling a 7-1 victory in the copa? Its a no brainer bet….

    * those extra four hours a day to come up with something to post.

    ** ( that would be Kxevin of course).

    1. *Gasp!*

      It’s the one who calls me Shirley! *points accusatory finger* I plot the downfall of your bastion of evil as I type! Your boys aren’t safe from my Photoshop Editor! 😛

      Thanks a lot, Bassam! Really appreciate it! When I’m not posting nonsense that no-one cares about, I’ll try to make my “articles” as interesting as possible (even to an enemy spy).

      And in general, welcome to the blogosphere world where the sun shines 28/7*

      Unless I’m being trolled by…trolls. Or being hated (those two usually come together). Then, everything will seem pretty crappy. I’ve seen through your plan–stop trying to lure me into a false sense of security! 😛

      (Seriously though, sorry about all the idiots you have to deal with. Trolls really do suck).

    2. That last sentence is the reason i stopped by today and got the pleasant surprise of seeing you posting. A couple of self proclaimed barca fans took the liberty of blessing us with their knowledge on the blog. I had to come back here to remember you guys not all like that.

      Just as a fun note, it is rumored that i can foresee the future. True story. What? You want proof? okkkkk…. I foresee….. a picture of ronaldo in in small tiny jeans shorts, a tiny pink shirt and a pink Chihuahua to match his, you guessed it, pink hair.

      Sad part is, you dont have to edit a picture to get this, its probably available on the net…

      Good day, Shirley Kari!

    3. Actually, you guys are almost giving me too much ammunition. Hot nuts? Seriously? You’re just asking for it. 😀

      Cheers, Bassam!

    4. Just curious, Bassam, what RM player do you love that is hated by many?

      (And nobody here actually hates Bobo, not even heartless Kxevin. We just want him to live up to his potential.)

    5. I love all of them, to certain degrees. But generally im the PR manager for the Granero’s, Pedro Leons and Higuains of the squad. How many times does Higuain have to be top scorer in the league for us till he is considered world class by his own team i dont know. On a brighter note, after he was injured, people realized what they were missing.

    6. Sometimes, that’s what it takes, Bassam. I would wager that a lot of people took Iniesta for granted. They don’t any longer, now that we see what a strong, healthy Ghostface can do.

  12. Someone asked for the difference between strategy and tactics in the post with the LiveBlog.

    OK, I’ll explain the difference. Well, I will try to. I think it’s interesting to lay out the differences between the two because those terms are often focused.

    First off, let’s be clear that strategy and tactics are closely related. So, obviously it’s no surprise that people do not see the difference.

    In a nutshell: strategy is the overall objective and plan on what to do. Tactic is how to do it. OK, that was a little bit simplistic but I think that it shows where I’m going.

    Pep’s and Barca’s strategy is pretty much clear: total football. Is the philosophy of this club. Have the ball, control the possession and control the game with offensive play and score goals doing that. Someone could ask (rightfully so): “but, wait, what about the defense? Sure we have to attack, but what should we do to keep ourselves undamaged?” It’s easy, if you have the ball and always keep your opponent chasing it… you don’t have to worry about it. Since they need to have the ball to score.

    That’s Barca’s philosophy. That’s total football. Keep the ball rolling in our feet and always pushing against the rival’s net.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean that we don’t care about defense. We should find ways to effectively cut the rival’s chances when they have the opportunity.

    That’s Barca’s strategy: total football. Possession, offensive play and movement.

    Now, what about the tactics? The tactics is: how do we accomplish that? The strategy and the objective is clear: now, how do we go about keeping possession and offensive football? In this case: movement, accurate passing, pressing, fine touch of the ball, rotation, etc… all of those are focused on possession, keeping the ball rolling and scoring goals that way. Overall, tactics is more about the actions to do the job. And, obviously, also involves how to act in case things start going against your way.

    That’s why I say that Pep doesn’t strike me as a great tactician. Because, obviously, one of the objectives is to score goals with possession and controlling the game. However, if things go awry, and we aren’t able to score and the rival is controlling the game… that’s where I think that Pep struggles. He isn’t that good at making the changes to turn the things around in Barca’s favor.

    Once again, we have small reference for that. There aren’t many games where Barca is trailing and I don’t remember any games where Barca has been dominated. The Betis game doesn’t really count, or at least I don’t count it… kinda useless to study the tactics and strategy in a game where one of the sides is playing relaxed…

    However, the CL Semi against Inter is a the last good example. Pep got his tactics wrong and we he realized that, he made changes that didn’t help our way. Or, better, he made changes that weren’t really that effective.

    Sure thing, other factors got involved: Iniesta injured, the volcano thing that made the team travel by bus, etc… however, I’m talking about the overall game tactics.

    OK, that’s how I see things… maybe I’m wrong in some things… either way: any comments, disagreements, discussion, etc… are welcome. 😀

    1. But I think that in our case, tactics and strategy, as you define them, are inextricably linked in a way that makes them one. The strategy is the tactic.

      I think that like Phil Jackson of the great Chicago Bulls teams, Guardiola doesn’t have to be that great a tactician, because he has the best players and the best strategy. The tactics almost take care of themselves, barring odd lacks of form or loooong bus rides.

      The overall match tactics have to be dictated by the tools that you have at your disposal. If that same home Inter match happens today, no doubt we win because Guardiola has better tools at his disposal, Krkic’s current form notwithstanding. The tactics were right, the players just couldn’t execute it and when they did, the referee said that they didn’t.

    2. They are closely related, for sure. However, to keep possession you don’t necessarily need to have all your players running and rotating, there are other ways (albeit less effective) to do that: long passes to the one that is uncovered, dribbling, etc.

      Barca is more about short passes, triangulations, one-two’s, etc… which are great…

      Besides, you can control the game without possession. In the games against Inter, we weren’t really in control. Yes, we had the ball, but Inter was in control of themselves, we had trouble opening up space.

      As for the ref… well, the referee made wrong decisions against both… an Inter player was unjustly sent off and that goal shouldn’t be disallowed. But I digress…

    3. The one game I remember a team kinda bossing us for a while (if I remember correctly) was Valencia, and Pep brought on Henry who had hardly played that season who made all three goals.

      Also I don’t think tactics are just the obvious stuff we see as the armchair analyst. Like putting up Alves as a winger against Ronaldo last year, or switching Puyol and Pique around so Puyol was on Ronaldo’s side(?). This Barcelona team is good yes. Very very good. Talent alone, and the strategy ie. one-touch play, attacking, total football etc, will make the difference against smaller sides. But whenever we come up against a power-house, more often than not, we beat them and comprehensively- Bayern, Arsenal, United, Madrid- and that’s because of small adjustments in personnel or the roles of inidvidual players or whatever. Tactics namely.

      Every coach makes a bad decision once in a while. For example Inter was one. The fact that even while reaching semi-finals and finals in UCL and being at the top for the third year now we’ve hardly ever come unstuck against other big sides is a testament to how rarely that happens, that we remember the one or two times it does clearly. Mourinho and Ferguson have had their occasional rare blip eff-ups. Taking this one or that one game or two even as an example doesn’t prove anything, to me. That just means that from the adjustments and tactical choices and the like made for every big game or tough game we play, so many are spot-on and of course not all will be. And of course unless you’re superhuman other people will one-up you once in a while, cos other coaches also exist that are top top coaches. For example Mourinho one-upped us in the semi-final first leg. He effed up tactically as well as us being so amazing, in the 5-0 Clasico. Doesn’t make him suck. Same thing.

      And I’m not just saying that cos I’m a huge fan of Pep, that’s my opinion, attempting to be unbiased and all.

    4. I never said that Pep sucks… he clearly doesn’t. The mere fact that Barcelona is rarely defeated in a game is the proof.

    5. Lets look at what you have been ‘saying’.

      “That’s why I say that Pep doesn’t strike me as a great tactician”

      “that’s where I think that Pep struggles”

      “but he doesn’t really strike me as someone that knows a lot about tactics or about making subs to change the direction of the game.”

      “can Pep make the adequate changes to turn the game around? That’s the aspect which I question”

      It has “sucks” written all over it.

    6. I question that aspect and suddenly it means that I think he sucks. I guess that you missed the part where I give him credit for making this team play greatly and effectively. Not many coaches would be able to obtain these same results even with these same players. In fact, I think that a very select few would be able to win six trophies in a year with the same Barca that won everything in 2009.

  13. Messi whole of 2008/09 statistics- 38 goals 18 assists, in 51 games.
    Messi so far this season- 37 goals 18 assists, in 33 games.

    1. My website for statistics says that Messi has 21 assists (16 in la Liga, 2 in the CL and 3 in the CdR).
      Scoring 37 goals in 33 games is ridiculous, but might have been reached by some other player before (CR is close to it, for instance).
      But also providing 18 or 21 assists in that time is absolutely unique!

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