Copa Liveblog: Barça – Almeria

Kari sayin’ what up all it’s a Liveblog, Copa style!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. manitas rhymes with margaritas—gonna make some for hubby and me right now—-thanks for the idea BA

  1. Diego predicted a 5-0 with Messi scoring two, Pedro, Villa and Iniesta. The last goal turned out to be Keita, but he’s already done his job.

    I am sufficiently scared/impressed.

  2. My thoughts:

    1. Afellay. Wow.

    2. Decent showing from Almeria, or at least as good as they were going to get.

    3. My love for Abidal continues to grow.

    4. Not so impressed with Adriano.

    that, among a million things.

  3. Mascherano owned tonight. I really love that guy. He needs to get more games, I would hate to lose him in the summer.

    Afellay continues to impress with his touch, passing, pressing and just general all round Barca suitability.

    Another 5-0 won really at a canter. 2nd half was like a training routine..

  4. I haven’t watched the game yet, but from the scoreline I have to ask, is the Pedro Messi Villa frotline as good as the Messi Etoo Henry frontline of 2009?

    1. Definitely as good.

      If one askes me if they are even better, I’d say yes. I don’t want to underrate the achievements of Eto’o and Titi now that they aren’t here, but I say yes purely on the basis that Messi is better player than he was in 08/09. P!!’s come leaps and bounds, Villa is improving day-by-day and has “fit” the system better and faster than most… But you could also say as a team, we’ve improved a lot as well.

      What we win this season will decide whether this front three is better than the Treble winning front three but…

    2. Lets see:
      – younger
      – less injury prone
      – Messi more experienced and better as a player
      – same work rate (if not higher)
      – less ego

    3. Tough question. Messi’s form is the wild card. If Messi were playing like that in 08/09, it would have been inSANE. Henry is a better defender than Villa, but Villa is more active from the left, thanks to Iniesta being healthy. You really can’t compare them. Both were amazing.

  5. 1. I’m worried about Pique… is he still struggling with foot complexities?
    2. Adriano… booo! He was trying to show that the club doesn’t need Alves, buat failed miserably…
    3. Ibiiii…awesome… even the cricket on the tree loves this kid… (Ray Hudson, LOL)
    4. How do you count 5? Messi, Villa, Messi, P!!, and Keita…
    5. La Manitaaaa!!!

  6. also: Eric Abidal is a complete beast, while Adriano is Dani Alves’ best argument to get the club to pay him more.

    1. gives Abidal a 7 rating, with this to say:

      Stepped into the team in place of the injured Carles Puyol and made an indifferent start to the match. A little sloppy early on, the Frenchman steadied himself on what was to prove a comfortable evening.

  7. Keita instead of Iniesta but still 5-0 like I said.

    Afellay – Masch WOW

    Adriano Meh

    Just to think that Our underrated or not star players (The Other fans think they’re sub par) are Abidal, Valdes, Busquets, Masch, Keita, Pedro.

    1. fortunately, our underrated players are not spotlight-hunters.
      they just enjoy what they’re doing…

      I believe even until now, people still think Abidal is the weakest from our four main defenders.

      and that’s a good thing actually, if our rivals don’t take them seriously,
      our underrated players will cause them a great damage… 😀

  8. Whats up with Adriano blasting away at every chance? That right side attack is night and day without Alves.

  9. Really a great game from Mascherano. He gave the ball away cheaply a few times, but I was very impressed by the versatility he showed today. In the second half he was dropping back into the defense and forming a back three at times. This is something he hasn’t done too much this season but he looked comfortable and that is reassuring.

    He was also popping up higher up the field, taking a brilliant chip from Iniesta down in the box in what should have been a goal. He took a rocket of a shot from 25 yards out. He’s turning into a monster in our system.

    Meanwhile, Keita is rounding into form at the exact right time of the season. With Champions League matches coming up the team is going to need his work rate and unselfishness.

  10. Even when they say that “there’s 90 minutes left” I think that it’s pretty obvious that the final will be Barcelona – EE.

    Which is cool, but at the same time makes me nervous. Sure, Barcelona thrashed Madrid 5-0 even with their “Special One”, Ozil, Khedira, etc… but, truth be told, the “Special One” is not an idiot and he’s gonna make radical changes. So, I guess that they are gonna be tight games.

    It’s gonna be amazing.

    P.S. I don’t think that we’ll face Madrid in CL.

    1. I will be nervous, definitely… not pessimistic, just nervous… o_O

      Apr 17th we face them at Bernabeu, and then Apr 20th in Copa del Rey final…

      if we win both, Perez’s head is going to explode… 😀
      but if we lose both, dayyum…

      I don’t want to imagine myself hearing all those “I’m Mou- the Special One” nonsense again…

  11. Isaiah will be doing the review, but from just having seen the first half hour, Adriano played better at RB than he heretofore has. Granted, that isn’t saying much, but still. Horrific back pass from Pique that could have killed us. sMasch and Abidal just brilliant. Maxwell wasn’t bad, either.

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