Copa Liveblog: Betis-Barça

It’s Kari with the liveblog. All hail her brilliance.

Afellya starts!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. Eat CHICKEN curry. Or beef. Or lamb. Or—PETA has edited the rest of this comment—BECOME A VEGAN.

  1. “La Remontada that won’t be”…

    If Messi hadn’t scored, I guess you would have feared having to eat your words, Isaiah 😀

  2. this half is the definition of shocking defending.
    Mascherano is caught out of position and is away from many challenges, not like he used to in most other matches, milito is having a horror game , and pinto fucked up seriously in the 3rd goal.
    Hope pep wakes these people up.

  3. Shocking display from our beloved team, defence, hallo anybody? On the other hand it is never bad if there is a throw back, when everything seems to go too smooth. I hope that will be a reality check, that even with all the talent a game must be played. It was gamble to change nearly the whole backline and it did not pay off, fortunately it will be without any consequences.

    1. haha, I really think that Adriano and Milito failed hard to convince Pep of playing them more often. Well, Adriano will at least play another 2 matches, but he was terrible today.
      Pretty much like the whole team 😀

      Did we already set a new record prior to this game (unbeaten matches) or have we just equalized it?

  4. yup, as was said above, a good reality check. work made me miss the last 60 mins of the game (arrrgh, again!!) yet i am almost happy that we lost since it came in a game which counted least. congrats to betis.

  5. I had flashbacks of 07/08. Dear God.

    Like Kxevin said during LB, when our cycle comes to an end, we’ll get more games like these, so watch/suffer them to the end, cules! (But don’t become masochists and look up our 07/08 games, that’s going too far).

    Ibi had a partidazo! and Bojan had a partinasto (that’s a bad game.) Well whatever, we’re through 6-3 on agg.

    LB was awesome like possums (not Jnice though, booooo! Yaya action figures will be confiscated!). Thanks for all that participated, whether you were lurking or actually spewing verbal diarrhea (except Euler who never spews anything but AWESOME)

  6. And one more thing, I love Bojangles to death, but we need an other striker as replacemtn if Messi/Pedro/Villa are hit with injury. One positive thing is Affelay, he made a good impression today. Absolutly shocking performance from Adriano as well as Milito, Mascherano and Keita were also more than off colour.

  7. Well…Bright points to take out of this game:
    1. Jeffren didn’t get injured.
    2. Messi scored.
    3. La Primera will benefit from Real Betis’ promotion.
    4. Rossell might now offer Alves anything he wants to stay.
    ….um…. thinking….
    5. Record set by BFB
    6. Kari rocks at LBs
    7. Final whistles are wonderful things
    8. That pesky undefeated record ends, less pressure now???
    9,10. Jeffren didn’t get hurt

    The best team won tonight.

    1. Absolutly agree regarding Dani. Go to the bank or take money out of transfer kitty, but give sonic the hedgehog his f****** contract. We really need him.

    2. Yes, Eklavya, Affellay looked like he was playing… what was that game our team was trying to play….oh, right, football. He can be #9.
      9. Affellay played well.

      Must have been too shell shocked to remember it, Ek. Sorry!

    3. Kari @ LB > Maxwell @ LB today.. Though both of them had a spell in which we thought they were sleeping..

  8. Id take this loss in a match that never really matter much , in which we used lots of fringe players, rather than lose a league match.

  9. yeah Kari from the little i saw i was thinking the same thing. Ibi will replace Bojan as first sub for the front line this season – he looked a lot more dangerous on the ball.

  10. Occasional losses are good to remind our boys that they’re not invincible. The is the best ‘loss’ we could have really.

  11. Question regarding the winning streak. How many games did it last, 28, right? And did it equal or surpass the dream team record?

    More importantly, and actually the only thing that makes me care about it, is it better than Madrid’s record?

  12. Can’t wait for the match on Saturday. I need to erase this one from my memory. I need that Men In Black thingy.

    1. hehe, you mean a neuralyzer?

      Just keep in mind that it’s better to have such a bad match in this occasion than in a CL knockout stage! And my personal hope is, that we’ll only lose once in the 2nd half of the season, like we did in the first half. No more losses from now on?… smells like another treble!

  13. Ehm, is it already scheduled whether the first leg of the semi-final will be played @ Almeria or in the Camp Nou?
    I actually prefer it being played in the Camp Nou, because going to a high-flying Almeria without Dani Alves (and with Adriano, of necessity) wouldn’t be that great.
    We should not take them lightly at all, they’ll want revenge and have improved a lot since that crushing demolition.

  14. to be honest i’m glad that Betis showed up and really took the game to the boys today. despite the insurmountable (or was it?) 0-5 aggregate score they had to overcome, they played hard and took their chances. it was a good opportunity for fringe players to start the match against a good team and get some match time.

    if the winning streak was ever going to end, i’m glad it happened here and not in a league or CL game. remember how the team bounced back from our early Hercules loss.

    here’s to another 28 game unbeaten streak starting now!

    1. Insurmountable? I think that had Messi not scored, Betis would have believed their way to a remontada.

  15. I only saw the second half so far, but what I saw from Bojan was very good. His movement and ball handling seemed much better than when he was very low confidence before. While Afellay seemed dangerous, I feel like he was a bit tired and he was walking when most Barça players would run, but that will come with time. I am confident Adriano, too, will get better as he will play the next few games, because of Alves’ injury, just like Maxwell really improved when Abidal was injured for a few weeks last season.

    1. Unfortunatly I can not share your trust in Adriano, he had a shocking display. I hope Dani comes back faster than expected, normaly that is the case.

  16. WAIT! Aren’t we the arrogant Barcelona fans? Where is all the whining about the refs??? Weren’t all the Betis goals offside??? Shouldn’t we have had three more penalties???

    What is with all this classy “credit to Betis” and “good to have a reality check” stuff?!?


    (Nevertheless, I don’t think I will bother to download this one.)

    1. We are arrogant, that’s why we’re saying credit to Betis.

      If we were really unbiased, we’d have to blame Bojan, Messi, Adriano, Xavi, Pique, Milito, Maxwell, Keita, Pique, and Pinto and that goes against the Arrogant Cules Code of Honor–never insult your team; we always play well, the other team just caught us off guard.

    2. I will not hold anything against Leo, obviously he was ill the other day, so maybe he was still a little bit weak physically. Should have gone with Abi instead of Maxwell or Milito, It is always very risky to change nearly your whole backline. (CdR first leg against Sevilla last year, anybody?)

      Hope the guys will their all on saturday to erase this shocking performance and I want KANOUTE.

  17. If this was a boxing match…some might say “the fix was in”. Hmmm. From all the players horribly out of position, the bad passes, forgetting of basic skills, a missed penalty kick by the world’s greatest player, the coach leaving ineffective players in too long, and a general lack of our natural “we will kick your butt mentality”…it certainly makes one think.

    I discovered Affelay has one foot…a right one. Silly me, I thought he was “both footed”.

    Pinto looks like “actor” Steven Segal…and plays like him too. Ugh

  18. If this was a boxing match…some might say “the fix was in”. Hmmm. From all the players horribly out of position, the bad passes, forgetting of basic skills, a missed penalty kick by the world’s greatest player, the coach leaving ineffective players in too long, and a general lack of our natural “we will kick your butt mentality”…it certainly makes one think.

    I discovered Affelay has one foot…a right one. Silly me, I thought he was “both footed”.

    Pinto looks like “actor” Steven Segal…and plays like him too.

  19. Bojan: “Happy for the semi-finals but of course we did some things badly today. Personally, satisfied with my game. [barcastuff]

    Some? Satisfied?

    Someone needs to watch this match again. That someone won’t be me, I was too busy failing at livebloging, studying, and watching Barca–I mean Afellay…no, wait, I mean Ibi.

    (Kxevin, you should. Because we all know you were the one who first said we should remember the bad times. And because I miss your reviews like Messi missed his lego set I said so)

  20. “(Kxevin, you should. Because we all know you were the one who first said we should remember the bad times. And because I miss your reviews like Messi missed his lego set I said so)”

    yeah, this review needs an AKA!

    1. Instead of a “caption this” we could have an “AKA this”.
      I’ll start:
      AKA one I won’t be rewatching

  21. Just a few things to say.
    -First two goals looked like a dream.
    -we cant use Pinto for the final if/when we get there.
    -Milito seems to have forgotten how soccer is played, dude didnt have a clue
    -bojangles has lost it and alves rocks man.
    Am only sad we broke our unbeaten but i hope this does not affect our confidence

    1. hating it. seeing messi in the kfc shirt makes me fear that kfc will be our next sponsor once the qatar deal is done. im gonna go home depressed now.

    2. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN BIG SAM. 🙁 ‘New manager of KFC.’

      Actually, I just had an “OMG!!” moment. Getafe should sign Big Sam and then change their sponsor to KFC. “Sam Allardyce becomes new manager of KFC(-sponsored Getafe)”. It’s perfect.

  22. I think all the players had a collective off day, which was direct consequence of the 5-0 scoreline, don’t think we’d be this asleep if it were the first leg..

    Pinto had a bad day, we should support him like we did with Valdes when he had a string of bad games.. I remember it was Pinto that stopped that Penalty and turned the tide in our favor two seasons ago.. Regardless, Milito is out in the summer.. Dude has his mind set somewhere else and I think Mexes would be a steal if he comes for free(I state the obvious a lot)..

    I don’t think this game will have any more consequences as any regular banana peel has, only it’ll send a message that we’re still human which is not a bad thing..

  23. Highlights for those like me who couldn’t watch the game:

    On a first viewing:

    1st Betis goal: We already know we have a weakness with set pieces. Preventable but not egregious.

    2nd Betis goal: The hell, Milito? When that round thing gets close to you, you are supposed to intercept it, not stare at it blankly.

    Messi goal: Very nice, typical Messi run. Who passed it to him?

    3rd Betis goal: The commentator blames Milito, but I think Pinto was equally to to blame. Not sure what he was doing there.

    Sorry to hear that Mascherano had a poor game. Not surprised that Bojan did. I would love it if someone would put together some Ibi highlights so i can get a feel for what he did without having to watch the actual match.

    1. Third goal was all Pinto’s mistake. If Pinto stayed at the goal, Milito’s clearance would have looked perfect.

      Whatever this is seriously a wake up call to Guardiola If he is looking at Milito as a cover. He has to better bring him on at almost all the possible occasion. Stop trying Abidal and Busquets as CB.

      I know there is a tendency here to write off Milito completely. Bt he is a class act. Until and unless Guardiola see him as a genuine option, he will never get the playing time he needs.

      The shocking performance for me was from Mascherano – allowed everything to get on our central defenders and Keita – he was absolutely not inetersted to play the passing game with xavi. There are many times when Xavi was getting crowded and was looking for Keita(actually Iniesta) but he was nowhere available.

  24. wassup peeps:D
    just a few points i’d like to put out:

    -i would have wanted milito to go out on loan for 6 months, and in that time, i would’ve loved for fontas or barta to provide back-up and gain experiece…milito needs some more playing time:S

    -Alves needs to stay because a) he’s miles ahead of adriano, b) he gives us different options, and he’s a workhound…not saying that adriano isn’t c) he knows when to shoot (glares at adriano in 8othsomething minutes):/)

    – I’m dissapointed that the record run came to an end, although we can set a league record if we beat racing, hercules, and atl madrid of 16 consecutive wins in the league (record 15 by madrid)

    -and i’m extremely happy that we lost in a worthless game than lose a crucial game…this loss, albeit weird, can give us a few indications of the team, and maybe it’ll make the board realize that we need depth more than they think, especially in defence:D

    1. Let’s not forget, Alves has a pretty bad record when it comes to shooting too. Luckily P!! or Messi is usually there to do the right thing and finish off the attack.

  25. *sigh*

    that wasn’t a line up problem, it was an attitude problem…
    they were sleepwalking…mostly because 5-0 scoreline…

    but still, bench players like Adriano, Milito, Maxwell, Masch, Keita, and Bojan should’ve showed some spirit and tried to show up back then…
    I think only Ibi, our player who got “fire” in his head…

    Pique was not good, but on twitter Isaiah said he was the best player on the first half…
    Messi and Xavi was saving energy maybe, whatever…just way below their standard…
    Pinto should stay on the bench IF we make it through the final…

    and Alves, please come back soon… and PLEAAASEEE, stay in Barça…

    It’s a shame we lost our unbeaten record, but the best time to lose is when it doesn’t matter… 😀

  26. This just in

    There were 346 total readers for the LiveBlog. That’s 120 MORE than El Clasico’s LB.

    I dunno if it’s a upsurge of BFB’s popularity or EE/Inter/Arsenal fans wanting to laugh at cules’ freaking out (probably both).

    The match was bad, but I was never afraid Betis would make a comeback. They spent all that energy for what? A win against us, when they have the Segunda to worry about? Pretty dumb if you ask me, which you didn’t, so I guess it’s okay in the grand scheme of things.

    1. Are you kidding? Not dumb at all! They put on a terrific show for their home crowd–they beat the team that Real Madrid couldn’t! They are already several points ahead in their league and this just solidifies their reputation, which will give them a psychological advantage going into the second half of the season.

      If they keep playing at this level, and there is no reason they shouldn’t, we will have them in the Primera next year. I for one am looking forward to it!

    2. “I dunno if it’s a upsurge of BFB’s popularity or EE/Inter/Arsenal fans wanting to laugh at cules’ freaking out (probably both).”

      No, it was because we all came to bask in your glory! We all heard that the one and only Kari was running the LB and we had to be a part of it.

      Unlike you I was afraid they’d make a comeback. When it’s 2-0 before ten minutes are played it’s not inconceivable. But the starting XI are the starting XI for a reason. I still say we are untouchable(virtually) with our starting XI, we can field 10/11 of them and not miss a beat, and we can field 9/11 of them as long as 1 of the 9 is Messi and not miss a beat.

    3. Oh it’s just cos you were running the Liveblog Kari 😀

      As for the game we SHOULD have worried even before the game. Remember the semi-final against Getafe where we won I think 5-2 in the first leg (with that INCREDIBLE goal) and everyone assumed it was an insurmountable lead but Getafe won the return leg 4-1? The team should have had that fresh in their memories and not been compacent.

  27. Guardiola (to Betis coach Mel at the end of the game): “We’ll see each other next year in the Liga.”

    Ah HA! So Pep plans to still be here next year! 😀

  28. @barcastuff

    Since Guradiola coached, Barcelona lost 14 games :
    7 in 08-09, 4 in 09-10 and 3 in 10-11

    2 from 4 defeats last season cost us Copa Del Rey and UCL…

    I’m glad 2 defeats (Sevilla and Betis) from 3 defeats we have so far this season didn’t cost us anything… 😀

    1. And a third cost us being unbeaten in the whole league season.

      If I could go back to last year and fix any one match, add a goal to any one match, call me weird but I’d go add one goal to the Atletico Madrid game we lost 2-1 and make it 2-2. Then we would have finished the season as Invincibles, unbeaten and with exactly 100 points. That is a game I regret even more than the CL semi-final in a way. This team has achieved almost everything one could wish a team to achieve off a list- thrashing of arch-rivals check, thrashing of arch-rivals in their stadium check, goals scored record likely to be check by the end of the season, points record check, wins record check, every possible trophy in a season check, a treble check, Ballon d’Or clean sweep check, and so on. The one final thing I’d love to check off of the list would be unbeaten league season a la Arsenal 2004.

      Not saying I’d be unhappy if we didn’t get it, but it’d be a spectacular achievement to aim for.

    2. That oughta shut Arsenal fans up!

      C’mon guys give me some ratings.
      I didn’t watch the match and prolly not gonna download it.

    3. And 2 of those 7 defeats in 08/09 were after we had won the league, so 5 defeats from games that weren’t dead-rubbers that season.

      5 in 2008/09, 4 in 09/10 and if the trend continues our quota of defeats for the season is up LOL. But that won’t happen. Still though goes to show that we can expect only about another one or two losses this season.

      Considering we’re four points ahead and how it is near-impossible for Real to win all 19 games in the second half, the likelihood that we will win the league is quite considerable I would say, even if they drop fewer points than us.

      But those two or so allocated defeats could come in a crucial CL game where they would be damaging. Hopefully not though.

  29. “Like 22fan said, there really isn’t enough time in the day to list the Barca individuals I hate, but I can assure you that Xavi is, hands down, my worst player ever. Not only in Barca. I even think he’s the most overrated player in the history of the game.”

    Courtesy of the Real offside.


    1. There are some posters over at madrid@offside who I think are sensible, respectful, and fair commentators, but it’s really a mixed bag. A lot of posts and updates over there, regardless of the topic, tend to include some nasty remark about Barca or its players.

      i mean, there’s no lost love between the two sides, but that comment above is just downright ignorant and disrespectful.

      we should also remember that communities like what we have here are rare, where generally everybody is respectful of one another.

    2. I never thought I’d see “Xavi” and “overrated” in one sentence. If anything, all this accolade is long overdue.

      But yeah. LOL, random Madridista. :))

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