Barcelona – Malaga Liveblog

Join us for another exciting liveblog.

Starting XI: Valdes Alves Pique Puyol Abidal Xavi Busquets Iniesta Pedro Messi Villa

Bench: Pinto Milito Adriano Mascherano Keita Afellay Bojan


    1. WHAT A GREAT DAY! The only downside is Alves’ injury.

      Happy birthday, Jnice! You got everything but a clean sheet!

      –Another Iniestazo!

      –Messi: insert superlatives here


      –Adriano was solid, some bad giveaways but nothing to over the top

      –Busi: shave the goatee. 1 too many Bad Busi moments for my taste


      –Villa is getting better and better. Passing and movement were clas–sharp today.



      (Must. Respect. Budget. And. Not. Buy. Jersey.)

      –Captain Puyi: Beast Mode ON!

      –Did I mention EE dropped points?

      There was a time where I was temporarily incapacitated due to the greatness of the team in the first half. Oh man!

      Now, it’s time for me to have no life for the rest of the day! πŸ˜›

  1. Iniesta has really started taking shots this season compared to previous seasons hasn’t he? And I like it! He’s already scored more this season than any of his previous seaosns rigght? Assiists wise too I think.

    1. Some nicer shots from some distance from around the 18 yard area or so too. Seems the WC winning goal gave him confidence to shoot more maybe?

  2. If we score even one more we will have more than 20 more goal difference than Real Madrid. They are +30, we are already on +47.

    Then again the Clasico would have added 5 to ours and subtracted 5 from theirs. But still.

  3. Damn I am seeing comments like
    Messi was bad today
    Messi was not in the picture today

    Am I the only one who though he was immense?

    1. What i see with messi was after he created those goals, he decuded it was time for him to score and started playing a bit selfish sometimes. His teammates didnt help by giving him chances they should have taken. Whoa Affellay almost had an assist and he was a but shot shy.

    2. well if he continuous to grow his game like this , hell be a full blown barcelonista after like 3 games.

    3. He wasn’t immense, but he was very good as always. He helped set up all the goals…but a missed a couple of sitters himself. As always he worked his butt off, and because Malaga were marking him so hard, he was able to draw defenders off to leave other Barca players open.

  4. With 52 points (out of 57 possible), Barcelona conclude the best Liga first round in history.

    It’s good to be a cule. πŸ˜€

    SHOCK HORROR! XAVI GIVES THE BALL AWAY The midfielder loses possession after some good build-up play from his teammates. Please people, remember the date and time because this probably won’t happen again…ever.

    LOL !

  6. I dont understand something probably because i use a mobile device. Whst happens when one clicks the play button during a liveblog. The page just keeps refreshing.

    1. How do you even see the LB? In my mobile, using Opera, there’s no LiveBlog at all. Blank…

    2. You cannot see the live blog unless you have flash on your phone. Unless it’s a 2.1 or higher version of android, it’s highly unlikely.
      BTW iphones and blackberries have no flash.

    3. @ momo i thoughg as much i use a nokia smartphone and flash doesnt work on it. But wat happens if i am on computer? Afterthe match there is a replay button.

    4. I can open the liveblog on my iPhone for some reason… it opens it in a separate window, so I don’t see the comments below, but the liveblog updates itself and everything!

  7. From barcastuff
    Medical report Alves: small muscle tear in his right thigh, out for 10-15 days, more tests tomorrow

    1. Moto Gp out. Time for adriano to grow his game. We only have betis, racing, almeria/deportivo and the one i can’t wait for hercules in d next two weeks

  8. Hiya,
    As for Ibi, I’m starting to become a believer.
    As for Messi, He set up two goals and had an assist, not a bad haul. But once the game is dusted, he seems to figure that it’s time for him to score and he tries too hard. He seems to play better when he seems to be out just having fun.
    I do second the statement—It’s good to be a cule (but it is good to be one during the rough times as well)
    On the bad side, my manita gravatar must now be replaced, Dang!

  9. Whoops, didn’t meant to reply to my first comment…

    WHAT A GREAT DAY! The only downside is Alves’ injury.

    Happy birthday, Jnice! You got everything but a clean sheet!

    ––Another Iniestazo!

    ––Messi: insert superlatives here


    ––Adriano was solid, some bad giveaways but nothing to over the top

    ––Busi: shave the goatee. One too many Bad Busi moments for my taste


    ––Villa is getting better and better. Passing and movement were clas––sharp today.



    (Must. Respect. Budget. And. Not. Buy. Jersey.)

    ––Captain Puyi: Beast Mode ON!

    ––Did I mention EE dropped points?

    There was a time where I was temporarily incapacitated due to the greatness of the team in the first half. Oh man!

    Now, it’s time for me to have no life for the rest of the day! πŸ˜›

    1. Go ahead, Kari. Mention that EE dropped points again. I like the sound of it. Mention it as often as you like. It never gets old!

    2. Thank you very much, Kari.

      If you aren’t studying, I bet I know what you’re doing right now. πŸ˜€

    1. I can’t really say am glad gaby is staying as that might limit fontas’ and batra’s playing chances

  10. Since I had to put up the “wow his hands really do glow” gravatar back up I figured that I would post the link to the crackovia episode it reminds me of (a little more cussing and crude humour than you’d expect if you’ve never seen Crackovia—so warning).

  11. I hope you guys all know that Mourinho wanted a tie for the EE game. It’s all part of his master plan, you see. He wants us to have a 4 point lead. It puts us in a false sense of security, then they beat us in the Bernabeu and take the lea–Oh.

  12. Messi’s game today was probably one of his most frustrating. He’s not usually too far ahead or too far behind an open goal-area ball, but that must have happened to him 3 or 4 times today. And when that wasn’t happening, hardly anyone could cross the ball to him without it getting blocked and not making it through…or they just didn’t see him wide open. (I admit…he’s mesmerizing so I always know where he is on the pitch.) He also blew 2 good chances.
    Maybe all this residual crap about the Golden Ball is bothering him just a little. Definitely seemed off his game.
    91st minute though…he was wide open and at 18…but Bojan didn’t pass it to him at the exact moment he should have (Jealous? Selfish?) and passed it hard and too fast to the outside to Villa. The obvious pass was to a streaking Messi just 5 meters from him, but Bojan didn’t pass it to him. Kinda sucks if you ask me.

    1. I’m not at all worried about Messi re Ballon d’Or. I’ll watch the match again, but his overall game was as brilliant as usual. Well, in front of goal, there was some frustration, but nothing serious. It happens.

      As for the Bojan non-pass… *shrugs* I’m way too happy today to say the annoying thing that happened in the match. I don’t even care all that much. πŸ˜€

    2. Yeah, I hear ya. Good attitude to have. I just want Messi to keep closer pace with C. Ronaldo. I think Messi also wants that, and knows that today he had a good chance to close the gap a little more.
      Still…it’s all about Barca, so a lovely win, and that is the most important thing after all.

    3. Golden Ball definitely has nothing to with Messi’s performances, which have been great imo. He should have passed several times, but he does this all the time so I’m not surprised. And he still had 2 assists basically.

  13. Read a few comments from Madrid fans and I must say I’m a bit surprised. Most of them are already giving up on the league and crowning us champions. Our lead is only 4 points, no? I know we are playing well, but we aren’t invincible. Crazy.

    1. Saw that too. Positively funereal atmosphere on the madrid offside. Not surprising given the writers were so ‘confident’ about beating Almeria that they weren’t even planning on writing up a review.

    2. true… I went to Madrid forum, before BarΓ§a vs Malaga kick off…

      they already said :
      “game over, no hope for Malaga. BarΓ§a will win 4-0 or 5-0 again.”

      there’s 19 games left, and we’re not invincible…
      (but I DO HOPE we will be unstoppable for the rest of the season) πŸ˜€

    3. I’m a bit surprised too. Has reality finally hit them? :O Impossible. They’ll beat a team 6-0 and then the hope will come back.

      In the meantime, I’ve found a gem on their LB. “barcelona will need to drop points so we have some kind of cushion”


  14. Oh hey…I may be “late to the party”, or else maybe I’m the first to notice this, but there’s a commercial that is running endlessly on ESPN VIVO here in Buenos Aires and I’m certain Pedro!! is ons of the stars. It’s for HP computers and also for Windows 7, and there’s a zillion other people in the spot too, and it’s cut very fast…but in the front part of the spot it looks like Pedro with a wife and 2 kids and they’re waving online to some old guy, like his grandfather or something. The commercial also has a zillion cuts…but it’s the one where everyone is singing “Windows juntos” or something.
    Please let me know if anyone has seen this commercial. It’s in Spanish and I’m willing to bet it’s Pedro!!!

  15. Messi was terrific today. He dictated so much of the match. Yes he could have finished two of those chances but that’s the way it goes for strikers. No one is perfect.

    Nonetheless, Messi was dynamic and created at least two of the goals Barca scored with brilliant vision.

    Malaga chose to prioritize stopping Messi with numbers. In turn he sliced them apart several times.

    No one – not even Messi is going to execute perfectly all the time. Enjoy how he plays on days like this rather than becoming somewhat frustrated by the gap between him and perfection. We may not see this kind of quality again in our lifetimes.

    Iniesta – I don’t even know what to say. As I’ve said many times here – for me he is the second best player in the world right now. His complete, all around game is just scintillating.

    Look at how quickly and definitive he was with that strike on the ball from outside the box on his goal. No hesitation whatsoever. That’s how his game has grown this season (that and staying healthy).

    Afellay – we saw a glimpse today of his true quality as well. Playing central midfield for Barca is arguably the most demanding position in the world just due to the sheer number of times you touch the ball and direct play. Afellay looked remarkably comfortable in that role and he’s trained with the club for all 3 weeks or so. 3M euro. What a purchase.

    It’s an enormous plus for the team to now be able to rest Xavi and Iniesta and know that they still have a midfielder with the experience and skill to retain possession.

    Part of why Xavi plays so many minutes is because in many ways he’s the key defensive player for Barca when they have the lead. His ability to retain possession at all costs is central to how Barca defends. That’s why it’s hard for Pep to remove him even when Barca has a lead.

    Wonderful game. This team is just so hard to defend. They have so many ways of beating you.

    1. So so true, Euler. In a lot of ways, the sheer amount of bus parking we experience last season has become detrimental to everyone else. We now know the solution on how to break them. And we can also play against teams that apply high pressure a la Betis as well.

      Amazing. Just amazing.

      As for Ibi, I know know why cleareyes was so pissed we signed him. An absolute STEAL. He is one of us.

    2. I think Messi had a good first half and an okay second half. He was effective in the first half but not as much in the second half. I don’t necessarily think he was “terrific”. I mean heck, even his off days are far better than 90% of most players, but I’ve been a fan of his for many, many years and I don’t think even he would be happy with his over-all game today.

    3. Has Messi had better games? Of course. Was he still terrific – for me he absolutely was.

      Obviously these things are subjective. And I do agree with you that he wasn’t as good in the second half.

      But this match was done after the first half. And Messi was outstanding during the phase in which the match was decided. He left a huge imprint on the overall outcome of the game.

      It’s just not humanly possible to fire at 100% for 90 minutes of every match of the season.

      This was a match that was finished very early and that did influence how not only Messi but the entire team played.

      It wasn’t just Messi that started to lull in the second half.

    4. I know everyone wants to see Messi play all 90 – and he wants that even more, ha ha – but this might have been one of those games where Pep should have sat him down at the 60 minute mark. The game was close enough to being in the bag, and I definitely would have trusted Pedro, Villa, and Bojan to keep pressing forward so leaving Messi in seemed like it was only for him to score.
      Don’t you think when you can rest Messi, you should? In fact…I also found it odd that Pep didn’t take him out sooner in the Copa del Rey game.
      I Just don’t want for Leo to get burnt out.

    5. I agree with this entirely. He should get pulled in games like today’s. They were up 3. Get him some rest please.

      That’s partly why he had that second half and I don’t really hold it against him. It’s his main way of getting some rest. It’s pretty amazing how hard he works both defensively and as a false 9 as it is. He runs much, much more than most star strikers do.

      It drives me crazy that he just doesn’t sit on the bench more and get some rest when the situation calls for it.

  16. BTW, what did Beckenbauer say recently about Mourinho? Anyone read that? I think he gave him props for winning trophies, but someone also mentioned to me that he had dissed him as a jerk and potentially unbalanced. Or maybe that’s just my opinion. (Heh heh)
    But seriously, Beckenbauer did say something about him recently. Anyone know?

    1. Oh ho ho ho…that is awesome. Thanks so much, Kari. Everyone should read this…it’s so true what he says and because it’s Beckenbauer, there can be no argument! Sweet.

    2. Beckenbauer is such a bad*ss.

      There’s something about old legends in the game and outlandish/controversial statements. Beckenbauer, Cryuff, Pele…

    3. Yeah, but I think Beckenbauer is right, Kari. I don’t think he’s being old and dotty. I’ve always felt Mourinho is perhaps a few bricks shy of a load. There’s something wrong with him beyond just his arrogance. And even just that – his arrogance – is pure childishness. What grown man do any of us know, that does the things and say the things that he does? I seriously think he’s a bit of a nutter. He lacks class, and even the ability to recognize his own behavior.
      And since we’re talking about Coaches…I’ll never understand England’s love affair with Cappello. Ugh. Not…that…good…a…coach, people!

    4. I just think “MouMou” is an arrogant and childish jerk. He’s probably a clever guy, but is trying too hard to be something more than a coach. He wants to be a personality, like Euler has said. And he also wants to be put into the legendary category like Sacchi, Rinus Michel,etc.

      It’s sad, really. IMO, he’ll never be known as more than a good coach. Great motivator and reactionary coach, but that’s about it.

    5. He called him uneducated and that wearing a cashmere pullover doesn’t make him a gentleman yet.
      He praised Mou’s ability as a coach but also said sth like “Remember that the world coach of the year has been beaten humiliatingly by Guardiola’s brilliant side” πŸ˜€

      btw, I have to admit that I was actually more enthusiastic about EE dropping points, that is EE DROPPING POINTS!!! against the bottom team of the table that we slaughtered 8-0 at their home, than our win^^

    6. That’s ‘cuz you’re German, Helge. You guys take so much delight in another’s misery, you created a word for it πŸ˜€

    7. Well… I dunno if a term for that feeling was first introduced in the German language, for instance there’s also “joie maligne” in French. But it’s true, I take a lot of delight in Schadenfreude! πŸ˜€

    8. The dude is blaming the refs for the tie claiming there should have been at least 3 penalties lol 4 points back. thats all i have to say. let him bitch and moan his way out of real. when we claim the treble and a beating on him again at the bernabeau, lets see how the fans and perez react then. there is no stopping this barca for years, sorry madrid fans, but this is a beast that will continue for the next 6-7 years. visca barca!

    1. I saw that, but I wonder if he can actually speak English. Puyol wrote something in English on Twitter after he met Ochocinco, but I doubt he can speak English.

    2. Because my life is sad, I did a bit of snooping–whoever it was that Thiago posted that picture with said that he does speak a bit of english.

    1. I’m not sold on his “goooooooooool” as it doesn’t seem to have the same energy as the Spanish announcers, but aside from that, he’s a big improvement over Phil! (primary attribute being NOT Phil!)

  17. Whoa, what a day. Awesome riding, I only fell about 914 times, got to catch the match in a Mexican eatery, so I can’t say anything for certain until I get home (someone else is reviewing), but what a match!

    Oh. ZubiZa says Milito is staying, which is very good news.

    Now. Messi struck me as brilliant and frustrating. Great passing, great play sullied by inexcusable selfishness. Maybe I’ll see it different on the Eye of God at home. We’ll see.

    Krkic was horrific yet again.

    Afellay!!!! Does anyone still doubt this kid’s quality? And for 3M?! As Ray Ray would say, are you kidding me? Call me a troublemaker, but Krkic has been a first-teamer for what, 4 or 5 seasons? Afellay has been with the club for what, 4 weeks and he looked as if he’d been raised in La Masia and trotted out for this occasion. Please, please tell me we aren’t still serious about buying Fabregas.

    Anyhow. Hard-fought win and some spectacular goals. Bummer that Xavi’s shot from distance didn’t go in, but Iniesta’s did. Shame about Alves. 2 weeks, eh? Thankfully, Adriano got about as stern a test as he is going to get, and he passed (sort of). A little loose with possession, and not putting enough weight on his back passes. But now that he’s the starter for a while, first-team reps in practice should help that a lot.

    And EE dropped points at Almeria! Not only that, but they had to grab an equalizer to draw! Yes, that’s the same Almeria side that we hung 8 goals on. And we have set a Liga midway points record, too?

    Man, the only bummer about the day is Alves, but even that shouldn’t be too bad. What a match, what a day. Okay, enough gushing from me via device. My thumbs are getting tired.

    1. I hate to disappoint you, but it seems that Fabregas coming to Barcelona (for 40m) is a done deal for the next season. I can’t say that I’d oppose it, but on the other hand, I’m starting to dislike the obsession of Barca’s to get him one way or another. Like if he were that essential for the team.

    2. Not for 40m. No way. More like 50, and not a penny less. I really hope that Wenger digs in his loafers on this one. Fabregas coming would NOT be good news for Afellay and his future with the club/playing time.

    3. hey just wanted to point out a couple of more records that we broke:
      most goals scored by the half way stage: 61 league record for overall: 107
      highest goal differential at half way stage: +50 61 goals for 11
      highest number of points at half way stage: 52 points record overall:99
      very interesting statistics, but mind you, we won’t go anywhere with the numbers if we dont win the primera:D

    4. And don’t forget, the tough away matches @Sevilla, @Valencia, @Villarreal and @Bernabeu are still to come… They’ll be played during quarter and semi-finals of the CL:
      Feb, 27: @ Mallorca
      Mar, 2: @ Valencia
      Mar, 8: Barca-Arsenal
      Mar, 13: @ Sevilla
      Apr, 3: @ Villarreal
      Apr, 5: CL quarterfinals 1st leg
      Apr, 12: CL quarterfinals 2nd leg
      Apr, 17: @ Bernabeu
      which will be followed by league matches against Osasuna(h), Real Sociedad(a) and Espanyol(h) (witth a possible CL semi-final ((both legs)) inbetween)

      Now that’s a hell of a schedule, lasting 2 months and 2 weeks, where we can easily lose all title hopes… or make sure to at least win la Liga and reach the CL final πŸ™‚

  18. Adriano performed well today. Also, I think that Villa did very good today… granted, it was Malaga… but still…

    The perk in his game is that he didn’t jump on that free kick… dunno if he could have blocked that shot… but he should have jumped…

    It’s also good to see that fans’ support for Afellay. And he did deliver good. As for Bojan, am I the only one who thinks that he did OK?

    1. The bad news is that you didn’t watch the match and your boy Afellay had a cracking sub appearance. The good news is that you haven’t watched the match and Ibi had a great game, so you have something to look forward to. πŸ˜€

    2. Congrats on yesterday, Lev. Crow doesn’t taste too good! Now win one for the division.

  19. GolTV HD Broadcast

    First Half



    Second Half



    ALL links are interchangeable, so if you mix and match, you shouldn’t have to wait long.

    Credit to miamigunners at

  20. Promeses BarçaTv / 11/1/2011


    This is the weekly program that focuses on the Barça youth teams. Highlights and what not.

    1. good looks sir.

      between this and rojadirecta, i should be set on the rare occasion i miss a game.

  21. Thanks for the Liveblog, vicsoc. It’s the closest thing to sitting down with a bunch of friends to watch a match. Now, if I can just figure out a way to stop my computer from freezing every ten minutes when I have it on…

    1. I AM SO JEALOUS THAT I DON’T GET AMERICAN CHANNELS! Or at least those channels.

      We get Star World (wait, IS that American? It shows American shows) and AXN and Fox and frickin Glenn Beck but we don’t get Ray.

  22. Ok this will be my first ‘see’ of a goltv broadcast as I am going to download that one that JNice posted (thanks!)
    Lets hope Ray Ray doesn’t disappoint me

    1. My favorites so far are:

      What do you mean “this is the closest anyone from Real Madrid has got to those three’?”

      “Do you notice messi never combs his hair”
      Mou: Ronaldo doesnt have that problem

      Mou: If it is up to me, i’d say Sneijder should be the one winning this.
      Pep: Yea.. but i heard he didn’t win it because a lot of people loathe his former manager..oops sorry..
      *Awkward moment* LOL

      “No Pep-no high fives”

      “need a translator?”

      “I’m wearing a thong for the first time tonight, and it feels great.”
      (just cos it was so frickin random)

      “you’re my mangaer in the fantasy football team”

      “Please.. tell Pique to stop throwing peanuts at me..”

    2. mourinho: i give you casillas, kaka,
      ronaldo, di maria, higuain and 100million
      for Messi ….
      pep: ….no

  23. EE’s draw with Almeria z less puzzling if u look at it as a meeting between two teams that we met and thrashed. And where does buying Fabregas leave Thiago? My guess is he will leave and 3 years from now we will spend 40 million to get him back.

  24. Quite dissappoining at the way they lost control of the match in the 2nd half.

    Oh please don’t let one good game of Affelay make you think that we don’t need Fabregas. It’s still way too early to tell. Same goes for Thiago.

    1. But you can tell whether a player has the talent and quality to play within our system. His previous outings hinted at it, but this one, in a match that the other side was still fighting for, demonstrated the clear quality of Afellay.

      And this isn’t some risk from a minor league. Afellay is a talented, award-winning player who has also been capped for his country.

      Further, wee don’t even know if Fabregas is going to be the player that everyone presumes. Is it worth 50m to find out, when we have time to let Thiago and Afellay fully develop? I say no. We have more pressing needs, including a striker. Because even if Villa is the starter, and there is no doubt that he is, we are one wrong foot plant or hard tackle away from having Krkic as our starting striker.

    2. Yep. As per the club’s agreement with the player regarding his notification of first-team status next year, Thiago will be a first-teamer for the 11-12 season. ZubiZa told the player today. This is good news, and one less reason to buy Fabregas.

    3. Thank you kevin, this is indeed good news, now the only reason to chase cesc is only because he is catalan and surely not any sporting reason

      P.S there is no reply button under Kxevin’s comment so i posted a reply to my self

  25. Why get Fabregas? Why spend all that money? Right now you’ve got the best Barca side ever over the first 19 games of a season. Would Fabregas have made us 19-0? Don’t think so.
    If you’re a team that’s 8-7-4, sure…you might need a quality player. Spend as much as you want. But all that Fabregas can do is mess up the existing chemistry. His presence will make those quality players already not playing as much as they’d like, perhaps sullen and pissy. He’ll also probably even cause some fear within Xavi and Iniesta, as in…now am I gonna sit on the bench? And of course Affelay will be thinking…why did you get me then?
    I don’t know Fabregas that well. Sorry. But I do know I was glad they didn’t get him this season because I didn’t think they needed him, and I was right. But I was also offended at the way Barca went after him. I know he’s a product of La Masia, but we are more than fine now, next year, and in 2 years even without him. I love our guys, and I think Pep does a pretty good job of giving people as much time and as many chances as possible (Too many for Bojan however) but I’d be willing to bet that everyone on the team is thinking…”WTF? We’re 17-1-1. Sure he’s good, but it’s not like we’re struggling and need him? WTF, no when am I gonna play if he comes??”
    Fabregas is superflous for Barca. It’s not a good move at all. I hope it doesn’t happen.

    1. we really dont need Fab in our starting lineup now. And 3 or 4 years from now we will have Thiago/Ibi/JDS hopefully ready to take over.

    2. Some time ago i said i dont want fabregas to join us even for free, i still believe that, we dont need him, in 2-3 years thiago might become the player we all think he is going to be, Afellay is also here and almost for free, lets wait and see what comes out of him.

  26. WOOTWOOT for Thiagooo!! This demands a post!
    Will he stay with the A team till the end of the season then or will he be allowed to help the B team? Probably the former.

    1. I hope he doesn’t need to sit on the bench with the 1st team and instead play week in week out with the B-team.

      Fabregas will definitely improve us. But yeah, I’d rather get us a striker rather than Fabregas but he will definitely improve us.

      @Bafanaa, how do you know we wouldn’t be as good now with Cesc?
      1st of all, he wouldn’t even be a starter so it wouldn’t really matter.

    2. I don’t know if we’d be better or worse, but we would be poorer, and Guardiola would have more of a selection headache. With the addition of Fabregas, it means less time for Afellay and Thiago, who are the same kind of player. Even if Afellay becomes the winger, Fabregas still affects his spot in the rotation. If Fabregas is considered as the next Xavi, or the next Iniesta while Iniesta is the next Xavi, it still complicates matters.

      All for the low, low price of 50m.

  27. Apologies for the tardy review, folks. I was out of pocket, Isaiah couldn’t catch the match, but Luke is coming to the rescue.

  28. Awesome news re Thiago. Yes!!

    Our boy allas14 has made an Afellay v Malaga compilation.

    -Messi misses training today due to a fever. Maybe that’s why his goalscoring was inhibited? πŸ˜›

    — P!! has been “subtely” brilliant; in his first 15 games this season, Pedro scored 2 goals. In the last 15, he scored 14 goals and has 11 goals in his last 11 games [barcastuff]

    –Villa’s goalscoring is also impressive. I think he has something like 14 goals in 14 games. More importantly, his passing is improving by the boatloads.

    –Top goalscorers Barcelona in official games this season: Messi 31 – Villa and Pedro 16 – Iniesta 6 – Bojan 4 [barcastuff]

    –Alves is out for ~10 days. He’ll definitely miss the Betis and Racing games.

    –Over at EEland (and I mean the aptly named AS(S) and Marca), they’re moaning about their non-penalties. LLL has a stat they conviently missed out: Barca has the least amount of penalites in La Liga this season (1). Real Madrid has the most penalties (6). 5 were scored by Thong Boy.

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