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… because for some reason, no matter what I do, I can’t figure out why you can’t comment in the Liveblog post.


  1. Commenting to make you feel better.

    And yay good win. Our first 11 can rest a bit and we can start with Affelay maybe πŸ™‚

  2. Hehe got my prediction right!

    missingpage says:
    January 11, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    ah Betis…to many bad memories *sigh* I still remember that goal very vividly πŸ™ I say 5-0 and Messi having a hat trick to shut marca and as(s) up…

  3. Alves: “Row with Pique? Those things happen in the heat of a game, we’ve already made up.” [barcastuff]

    You better have.

    1. its just so rare to see any friction between our players — this is why we are commenting…in most teams it wouldnt get so much traction…

  4. @Barcastuff: Barcelona are now unbeaten for 27 official games, equalling their all-time record from the 1973-1974 season #fcblive

    One more win and new record for unbeaten games.

    (I wish we could edit comments)

  5. I was surprised Messi went short side on the play where he chest trapped it to himself. He had much more space to the keepers far side. Great idea though.
    And I think he “messed up” the break away because it might have been too easy had he just shot. It would have been like his 3rd goal and he may have felt sorry for the keeper and consciously tried to make it more difficult for himself.
    He really could have had 6 goals today…amazing. (There was a right footed shot in the second half he tried to scoop over the keeper.)

    Hated to see Dani and Pique yelling at each other. THAT’S not Barca in my mind at all!!

  6. So I’ve decided that a manita is a manita and I’m putting the manita gravatar back up (although I’m gonna miss the “Oh my gosh Iniesta’s hands really do glow” gravatar).

    1. thanks for this.

      what network do most of you guys tune into for games? GolTV? espn deportes?

      I watched on espn deportes today, but they started the broadcast after they had already done the pictures, given applause to xavi, iniesta, messi, etc.

      i’m sad i couldn’t see it live.

      is GolTV better about that?

    2. Well it’s either or when it comes to Deportes and GolTV. Never on both at the same time.

      GolTV is the same when it comes to pre/post match stuff. Sky, Canal Plus, La Sexta are all much better.

    3. alright thanks, good to know.

      i’ll keep my eyes on the lookout for links from those other networks in the future.

  7. Could have been a 9-2 easily πŸ˜€

    Crazy match, but I like Betis. Will be great to meet them again in la Liga next season. Messi should’ve scored 5, though. He sucks!

  8. Pep: |The players who were voted as the 3 best of the world chasing the ball against Betis… That’s what makes this team big” [barcastuff]

  9. yeah that match was one of the more exciting of the season. better viewing than the manita against RM. pleasantly surprised.

  10. Now i can see a front line of jeffren bojan and affelay for d next leg. Thiago, sMasch and Keita in the middle and milito-whom i dont know why the club is letting go off for free-, fontas, adriano and say maxwell on back. I hope bojan shines though, must have been tough for him looking on from the stands. I why wonder all teams have not realised that most clubs that get result against us park the bus. Betis were even playing with a highline. Just learnt today that dani alves doesnt like to be treated like a school kid especizlly when he is way older than the teacher

    By the say, I like d arsenl ipswish game ipswish with a parked defence and launching any ball they got to gheir line striker upfront. Dude finalky go to score one of about a zillion chznces

  11. Its just been confirmed that having ‘real’ in your name is a sure five goals for u to ship

  12. Hey all!

    So the game is worth downloading?

    How did Afellay look? Did Jeffren get any minutes? Why are we so awesome?

    I need to know! πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, it’s worth downloading. Little frustrating at first, more than satisfying in the end.

      Afellay didn’t really get too many touches so I can’t really judge. He did attempt to take on a defender and earned a corner, so that’s positive.

      Jeffren got a few minutes, burned a defender, but like always was too fast for his own body and slipped. πŸ˜€

    2. Downloading!

      Probably won’t watch it until Friday, but it’s nice to have something to look forward to. Pique just tweeted that Betis was a worthier opponent than many Primera teams.

      But you didn’t answer my question, why are we so awesome? πŸ˜€

  13. Jnice help,
    Is there a link to download the game. Hubby is home and we want to watch it but it’s not up on ESPN3 for replay yet.

    1. Can’t get the links above to work- fear I may now have uploaded a virus because things are acting funky.

      Yes, very strange the it isn’t up on ESPN3 yet.

    2. You can’t load the rojadirecta site, or you can’t download any of the links that are posted in the thread? Some of them you may need to register with the site. I usually use the fileserve links, and you can download those for free at a slower rate, or sign up for a premium account (not very expensive) and download multiple files much faster for free.

      Then of course you need a program like winRAR to unpack them and a viewer like VLC media player to play them.

      It sounds complicated but once you have installed the right software it is very easy. Or maybe Jnice can point you to a torrent file, but I always have problems with those.

    3. First post here but love the site. Been lurking for a while now. Anyway, ESPN 3 is pissing me off by not putting this match up for viewing yet. I’m tempted to watch highlights

  14. good, hard fought win today. despite the early-game misses, i never doubted that we would score against them. but i did have a growing suspicion through the first half that we would concede at some point, and give them something to fight for in the away leg. luckily that didn’t happen, and the team should be able to breathe easier for the away leg.

    i’m sure some of you caught the Villareal/Sevilla game. sure was fun to watch eh? end to end stuff.


    on another note, anybody buy from Kitbag here? i’m cheap, so i’ve opted for the knockoff jersey every season thus far, but i want to invest in an authentic one before next season. Seems like they have a decent enough selection at Kitbag, but I was surprised to see how much cheaper the jerseys are than the official Barcelona store. ARE THEY STILL THE REAL DEAL? coolthx

    1. Kitbag rules. Fast, great prices and great service. They are also the order fulfiller for the official Botiga, so anything that you see at the main site you will be able to get from Kitbag.

      There are two Barca shirts this season, replica and Authentic. One way to tell is price. The Authentic is almost twice the price of the replica. The Authentic has nicer fabric, a closer fit (order a size up from your usual) and the ventilated sides. They are very nice. I have two.

    2. Thanks guys.

      A little more navigating, and I think I’ve found what I was looking for.

      I’ll be putting in an order real soon.

  15. Glad to the team finally put the game away in the second half and the tie out of reach.

    Better see Ibi, Thiago, and the young DBs in the starting lineup for the return leg and of course, some sMasch to protect them.

  16. Jnice,
    Blitzzen says you may be able to help me with a torrent file (whatever that is). I had no problem with the 2009 final and the 2-6 clasico you posted if they are torrent files. Note: I’m not that good with a computer. When I was in college, I had an account on a mainframe (a VAX) so don’t expect great things from me.

    1. Those links weren’t torrent files they were basically like full match YouTube videos.

      These links should work:

      Sky Sports Broadcast (At 47min mark, 6 minutes were skipped by Sky)

      First Half

      * Half – CdR – Barcelona v. Real Betis – 12-01-11.avi



      Second Half

      * Half – CdR – Barcelona v. Real Betis – 12-01-11.avi



      Credit to Pakman at

      So you don’t have to wait, what I would do is download one half with using filserve links and the other half using bitshare.

  17. hey guys:D
    just a quickie
    which game would you guys recommend, i have break till the 24th so idk what to do in my spare time, other than watch barca that is
    1)red dead redemption,
    2)call of duty black ops
    3)assassins creed brotherhood??
    help is much appreciated

    1. FIFA 11 is as good a virtual Barca fix as you’re going to find anywhere.

      i heard black ops was good.

  18. The side was brilliant today. Isaiah is doing the review, as I was just able to watch some highlights and haven’t even sat down to the match yet. So in the interest of speed ….

    Anybody looking for highlights should be sure to stop at about the 11:30 mark of the first half, when Iniesta evinces this otherworldly moment of ball control that is worth watching again and again. His alley-oop to Keita for the last goal was also pretty spectacular.

    Villa, for a clinical finisher, isn’t. Afellay continued the process of looking like one of us, but I think the defense was surpised by his back pass.

    From what I’m reading here we could have scored a lot more than 5. Also sounds like Betis had some chances. About to tuck into the match now. More later, and stay tuned for Isaiah.

    And hey, how about Arsenal losing in the Carling Cup semis first leg to Ipswich?! T’was an awful showing by all accounts.

    1. not to mention they just squeaked by in their FA cup match against Leeds with a late Fabregas penalty! they’ll have a real match to play in the 2nd leg of both cups. tough.

      i’m pulling for arsenal to win one or the other, and even possibly the league, if it might mean cesc will be persuaded to stay in london.

      but more importantly, Barca rolls on…

    2. I don’t know if the side was brilliant today, Kxevin. More like it was a tale of two halves. It was like thay had a gala hangover early. Messi was..well….Messi (after a few early brain farts were Messi was messy). Betis looked better than anyone else who had come to Camp Nou this year with the possible exception of Villareal. They should be fun to watch after promotion.

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