Eric Abidal: God of the Left Flank

Holy. Shit.

I’m not sure what to do. I’m all over the place. I think I’ll have like 800 carbombs. Should be a good podcast tomorrow morning.


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By Isaiah

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  1. Oh boy, my first time hectored! Yay me!

    Wonder if I can talk hubby into going out and getting a bottle of vino to have during our movie (watching Inception- hope it’s good) as I think I need a little something for the nerves.

    1. You need a CARBOMB is what you need!

      My friends and I are going out in a bit to do some celebrating which we’ve been planning for nearly, uh, forever now. Since Abidal’s last goal, really…and the rule is CARBOMBS when Abidal scores and it turned out that Abidal scored! So…CARBOMBS!

    2. but I think i was replying to someone (maybe you)on the old thread before realizing this was up—that HAS to count for something

    3. No, need to hope. It’s an amazing movie. And you don’t need anything to get you buzzed, the movie does that for you.

  2. i was watching the game in my room by myself on the xbox, when he scored i jump and screamed holy shit abidal. did you guys see the teams joy for him? they all went crazy!

    1. Holy crap, is it just me or did ESPN3 decide to choose the most boring and lame announcer possible to narrate the Barca games….. holy mother of god.

    2. I absolutely *hate* the announcer that ESPN3 has for the Barca games, he’s always awful. It’s like he’s taken sleeping pills right before each and every game.

    1. That should say “I totally called it!” Today has been a total brainfart. Except for my looking into the future and predicting that Abidaaazoooo!

    2. In the Liveblog of course, Lovelymofo said that she’d love it if Abidal scored. He did and it was lovely!

    3. Yup. Too bad I was at work. It would have been good to call it on Twitter, but alas, that’s blocked.

  3. Congratulations to us all an Abidal. Please someone should tell me how i can get a picture on for my avatar

  4. Is there any possibility to edit my own comments? Something like 60 seconds after posting it, just for typos and stuff

    Is it possible to write something in bold or italic or even use html commands for the comments?

    1. no secret powers… before the coin he just had mercy with all human existence

  5. That goal was fantastic. The minute I realized it was him that had scored, I started laughing hysterically with sheer delight–out of everybody on the bench, he’s the one that a) not only gets things thrown at him but then b) gets to respond with scoring the winning goal? AWESOME.

  6. OK i was sleeping and missed my 1st barca match in 3 years, i just hate myself now.
    As a punishment i will watch 10 replays starting the one showing now

  7. Abidal said it was a small, but hard cookie that hit his head…
    he definitely should get more cookies hit him in the head… LOL… 😀

    I want more goals from Abi…! and Ibi too… 😉

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