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First, sincere apologies for not having this up when registration began earlier today. As blog head/founder/horrible dictator, I take full blame for that mistake and I’m sorry to anyone who was baffled, confused, or otherwise put off by this sudden introduction. Sloppy on our part. My excuse is that I was too busy brutally repressing rebellions by the insidious, Luke-led factions of the blog administration.

Second: registration is here. You can register by clicking here. Your gravatar should still be the same (assuming you use the same email address and all that, of course). Our reasons for going to a registration-based site are the following (in no particular order of importance):

  1. This is what a recent poll of all the readers returned as the most popular option. 89 votes for, 41 against and 51 going with “Where’s my Levante Preview?”…and 30 going with “I don’t care”. Various comments across a few threads have also led us to think registration is the preferred method by the majority. I do not wish to make it sound like everyone is 100% behind this; there are several people who think negatively about it.
  2. It will help immensely in the fight against the spambots. Our recent financial troubles have been mainly due to the spammers, so this should hopefully keep those numbers lower.
  3. Flame wars are less likely. It’s no fun policing these things, so registration allows us to keep the random shit talkers out. We hope that any (and many) internet-dwellers that disagree with the posts or any comments will register so that they can talk to us in a well-meaning and intelligent fashion.
  4. It’s useful for us to track various things, like members/fan-base and to consider changes based on that. Polls might be more useful, for instance, in judging dedicated readership thinking.
  5. Probably like 8 other reasons I have forgotten because my brain is made of marshmallow.

There should be another post this week (next week at the latest) about our donation drive and future projects. I’ve got some ideas, as do several others. BFB will continue to grow, bring you the best English-language Barça commentary, and also continue to make you laugh via Banquillos, SoMa, and my attempts at serious analysis.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. I’ve just registered. Easiest registration I’ve ever done. Best of all, no more comments going ‘poof’. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Registration was ridiculously easy. Don’t see any loss of outside commentators unless they’re really lazy (and if they are, they surely wont write long informative posts)

    BTW It bothers me that alot of the conceding we do is because our defense remains narrow and shifts heavily towards the ball holder. Another thing to notice is how the preference is on maintaining shape rather than marking a player in a dangerous position while running back while we commit early quite a few times, specially Puyol and to some extent Abidal.

  3. Yay for registration! Yeah Masch was sick during the Levante game. He was sent home today with antibiotics by the team doctors. I was thoroughly amazed by Thiago’s performance against Levante. The kid is really something, his first touch is pure class. He is going to be our new Iniesta while Iniesta takes up the Xavi role.

    1. just saw this on barcastuff. kid is my favorite of the current B team crop, and i think a definite one for the future along with Thiago. he’s had some injury issues lately, hope he gets better. Luis Enrique and his teammates will miss his presence in the middle of the park ):

  4. I was half afraid someone would register using my nifty little username. But all is well!

    Hopefully I’ll be posting more, since I’ll need respite from my awful awful work environment!

    1. Who, oh who, would think of grabbing the handle lovelymofo. Well I would, because I AM, but I already have one. 😀 (Bwahahahaha! I crack myself up!)

    2. Heh. But you never know, there might have been a more dastardly mofo out there wanting to use my interwebz handle. Not acceptable!

      Hope this whole registration thing works out for the site! 😀

  5. Pheeuw.
    I thought someone already took my username of years.

    Clivee, please make a compilation of Alves blunders this year, I’m sure there are at least 3.
    Just last weekend there were 2, the open goal miss(which is funny actually cause that wasn’t easy at all, his legs were stretched) & the over-hit pass(that could’ve costed us the match).
    Im not sure which game but it was recently too when he missed an open goal.

    But please Rosell, offer the dude some money!! And how on earth did Sid Lowe not put him as our best RB of the decade? Alves was more terrorizing and helpful in attack than Belleti ever was.

  6. Is this a joke or what?
    Blackburn trying to sign ROnnie?
    It’s not even funny.
    Those new owners really some character, first firing Sam Allardyce and now
    trying to sign Ronnie.

  7. Hi everyone! Glad to be officially on BFB… now that i’ve registered, i guess i should start posting somethin as well.. i mean, reading this blog everyday for like a year or more, i realized it gets lonely when ur just lurking… so,yelèna here, from the frozen far east!

    I’ll make this my official bfb debut. Juz wanna say that you guys are doin a really swell job w/ this site and the almost everyone have at least somethin sensible to say.
    its also cool to see that almost everyone knows everyone already, but hope there’s still a space for a newbie like me..
    anyway, if any cule plans on vacationin on +8GMT (from north to south) holler if ya need anythin.

    1. well i hop around a lot.. from siberia, china, singapore, philippines, hongkong.. so there’z really no permanent place.. right now, im buried under 60cm of snow..

    1. If Puyol became the president of Catalunya, Oleguer Guevara would attempt a coup d’etat just the next day

  8. Finally! I’ve been able to register in this site. I enjoy reading every comment made here. Though some are unacceptable to me, at least it opened me to the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Oh well, I’m looking forward to post something constructive here. I also hope to donate soon…. 😉

  9. got an avatar as PR17 – pedrito’s ridiculuous name as suggested in sport yesterday (Sid lowe mentioned abt this in his twitter feed).

    Look forward to posting constructive comments from this new avatar.

  10. so hey guys I’m not a fan of the Brazilian League so I was wondering if anyone here ever watched our loaned out Keirrison play for Santos??? I would really love to see him come back and show his worth for once and actually start a few pre-season matches.

    He’s the only loaned out player we have that I want return and given a chance to….the rest can be sold or stay where they are.

    1. p.s-Glad to see this new registration system bringing in new commenters/people to the space here!!!

  11. Well I signed up even though I am not a regular poster, but I do read the blog all the time, so I guess it’s ok

  12. Love this blog. Been a reader until now. After registering hope to be one of this wonderful community. Anyone else here from +530GMT?

    1. Are you someone I know? Do you recognize my avatar from one of your friends in Facebook?

      Sorry if I’m impolite and I apologize if I’m wrong.. But I recognize your handle from somewhere..

      BTW, I’m from Mumbai(IITB)..

  13. Been a lurker from a long long time …(since offside days…)
    Registered now…hope to be more active in commenting..
    You guys are doing a great job… Thanks for the blog..

  14. This place definitely needs some rating system… seeing everyone giving my comments positive rating would satisfy my battered ego and provide the numerical backing for how wonderful I am.

    Oh yeah, Pep needs to protect his neck, I am Zlatan

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