Registration and you, aka “Now’s the time to speak up”

BFB has grown. And with that growth has come complexities, in the form of spam and their attendant spambots and trolls who, frankly, sully the mess outta what we’re trying to achieve and preserve here.

It used to be that people could just show up, enter a screen name/e-mail (which didn’t even have to be a real address) and post away. That became a problem, which led to the intermittent outages many of us have noticed, thanks to (as I understand it) the onslaught of the spambots.

Then came Captcha, which is universally reviled. I hate it, my mom hates it, her mom hates it and so does her cat. Even a simple, 4-character Captcha sometimes malfunctions and when it does, bye bye comment. Not cool. So the matter of registration is under discussion. And when you’re done thinking great thoughts, go and laugh some more at Isaiah’s rockin’ hilarious Banquillo.

Those of you who use message boards already know about registration. But essentially, here’s everything (I think) that you will need to know about registration:

Everyone will be allowed to register. This is a space for one and all, no exceptions or exclusions. You can even not be Catalan, and over the age of 14 wtih no direct family members related to you and/or fond of squirrels.

Registration isn’t a done deal. If the family is overwhelmingly against it, we will consider other alternatives. But as it stands, we have two (actually, three) options:

1. No Captcha, which means spam, bots and the inevitable server overload/crash/no BFB joy.

2. Captcha, the present system.

3. Registration, in which you use your e-mail/screen name to in effect sign in to the site, after which point you can post away. This also means no more **//(link) skullduggery. πŸ˜€ You’re registered, so you can post links that won’t go into moderation and whatnot.

Registration isn’t a form of control, or punishment. People are allowed to be free thinkers now. That won’t change one iota. FYI, we can ban people now if we choose, via IP address. We haven’t used that option, because that isn’t what this space is about. I know that some have speculated that users will be banned for disagreeing with the mods and whatnot, which is madness. Never. Never in a million years, or for however long never is, will that be allowed to happen.

Registration will affect the number of comments. A simple fact is that people who aren’t planning to stay at a site for any length of time won’t bother to register. I know, because I am that way. On the up side, no more posts from people with screen names such as Barcelonablows or ****messi, and no aggressively hostile screeds from people who just want to foment nastiness. Now they can register and post those hostile screeds, it must be said. But then the user has to have a real e-mail address, and if things get too far out of hand, a note from a mod might be in order. On the down side, our glory-making stats will go down, because …. well …. not any all and everybody can just show up and post.

Registration will make the place easier to manage. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a case might arise where a user is so aggressively hostile and disruptive that they might need to be put on time out. But I can’t think of a situation up until now where that would have happened, to put things in some perspective. The family is very effective at self-management, and I see no reason for that to change.

The space will not function any differently. Just as you enter a handle/e-mail address now to post, you will need to enter one to post with registration. But once you’re signed in, that’s that. I must add that I’m not sure about avatars, but I don’t see any reason that those should change or go away.

So I think that about covers it all. Any questions, worries, suggestions and concerns should be aired. Part of why this space is what it is and feels how it feels is because everybody matters. And that will never change.

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By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. From what I gather, DISQUS has its own set of problems on the admin side.. Tarun might shed more light on the suitability of it on the blog..

    Blogging nowadays is not simple Ramzi, I’m sure you’re getting to know that.. Disqus might mess up the existing SEO optimizations existing currently on the blog I think..

    1. While trying to post this comment, I got the ‘could-not-read-CAPTCHA-token’ error thrice, forgot to enter the CAPTCHA once, and got two tough CAPTCHAs (read: got them wrong :/).. Was trying at it for a long time..

      No to CAPTCHA!

    2. Welcome to my world, Vj! πŸ˜€ I kept getting that last night. And FY everyone’s I, rather than logging in as an admin I use the site like everyone else, to understand how it works. And I’ve said it before and will say it again: Fie on thee, Captcha!

      I think you’ve hit on the IT objections to DISQUS.

  2. Check out this Afellay behind the scenes at Barça video barcastuff posted:


    At around 7:35 Rosell greets Afellay and his mother. His greetings are so unfriendly and he is so stiff, kind of like a robot. What a lame.

  3. Transfers since Pep took over:

    I’d personally give it a 9/12 grade

  4. Where I’m at, it’s already 2011 so HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! (it feels as if I’m talking to you guys from the future, guess this is about as close to time travel as I’m ever going to get huh) πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks to Kari and Jnice, I have now seen the 2-6 Clasico and the Rome final (note: became a fan only at the beginning of the 09/10 season). Their links to those games are in this thread and the previous one.
    It brings some perspective to this newbie. Personally, and I think it’s mainly because of personel changes in the past 2 years and the maturation of some key players, I think we play better now than then.

  6. Pique, Cesc and Puyol are having a fake Twitter war. Translations being posted by Barcastuff, who apparently has nothing better to do on New Year’s Eve (like I should talk!). Hilarious!


    1. You could also say that statement as:

      Pique, Cesc and Puyol, who apparently have nothing better to do on New Year’s Eve, are having a fake Twitter war. Translations being posted by Barcastuff. Hilarious!

  7. Bunch of comments in one:

    –For registration, we should have a poll. That way, everyone incl. those too shy to comment can have a say. Then we’d do majority rules (or something with the results)

    Duh! I should I thought of it in the first place, but I didn’t. Pyro suggested it above.

    — No prob, SoMo4 and mardia. Just sharing the EE beatings πŸ˜€

    — Join BFB?! Like be among legends of the blogging world like Hector/Euler (Eulector?). Whoa~!

    If I had any confidence in my Spanish, I would some translations…but I don’t have any. And I’m not really sure what I’d bring to the table that’s any different than what the other mods do.

    I, however, nominate Jnice as the Media Guy. πŸ˜€

    –I always go to here and barcastuff when I wake up. What do I find in the latter? “Tweet Pique”, “Tweet Cesc”, “Tweet Pique”, “Tweet Cesc”, Tweet Puyol”…

    Damn! If only Iniesta joined as well, then my Tapping Up (Almost) Dream Team would be complete. (Almost because Xavi doesn’t have twitter πŸ˜€ )

    –Umm, I’m forgetting somethi– oh right. RoSELL looks fake as hell (in that video Jnice posted). Feel sorry for Afellay and his mom; must feel so awkward.

  8. God that Qatar Foundation logo is horrible. The Unicef logo gave our jersey a very centered and professional look.

  9. testing:

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