Fantasy Roundup, Week 1

So, we’ve had our first week of Fantasy football. Our group, Barcelona Football Blog (imaginative!), currently has 39 members, but you can sign up now and you won’t be in too big a hole. The password is “barcelona”.

Whoever runs the Que Golazo team is crushing all in their path with a 1.50 point lead over Hawk (that’s not a big lead, if you’re unaware). I currently sit in 9th (THE YAYA).

A word of advice for those of you who are in this, but aren’t earning points: you must have your entire roster filled in order to get credit for any of your players (that would be 9 of you). The deadline is Saturday Sept 12 at 6:30am EDT. Theyayaisonebadassbeastofaman has a great name, of course but unfortunately got trashed because Asenjo had such a bad week and ended up last with -3.50. A comeback is in order, I’m sure, once Messi and Iniesta begin to play consistent minutes.

Here’s a breakdown of what I chose as my lineup (DNP = Did Not Play):

GK: German Lux (0.00pts DNP)
DEF: Dani Alves (13.00pts), Albiol (-3.00pts), Botia (0.00pts)
MID: Xavi (6.50pts), Yaya (0.00pts DNP), Borja (1.50pts), Keita (21.00pts)
FWD: Aguero (4.00pts), F. Llorente (3.00pts), Luis Fabiano (0.00pts)

I’m considering a switch to a 3-5-2 or a 4-4-2 in order to incorporate more players into the midfield while being able to afford some good strikers up top, but it will depend a bit on who is injured/expected to start as to which system I ultimately go with (and I might stick with the 4-3-3 if it works out right. I chose Lux and Albiol because they cost 1.00 each and for absolutely no other reason.

Thoughts: In a couple of weeks, after he’s served his suspension, Freddie Kanoute might be a “bargain” at 14.50 (might be lower by the time he’s eligible to play again). Sergio Aguero could be a pretty good deal at 19.88 if you’ve got a few bucks to spend on a striker, but if you have fewer, maybe Bojan at 12.68 is worth the money. Juan Valeron could be a pretty good buy at 5.66, especially if he can put away goals at any sort of a steady rate.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. i really would like to know why the yaya is so friggin cheap on FF

    same with lass, he’s only 1.00

  2. because, while they are gret footy players, they dont rack up points in the Fantasy Football point system

  3. Damn. It appears that my last team save did not process and as a result I received 0 points. Unfortunate.

  4. I ended in 8th with FCBlaugranaSanDiego

    and i went with:

    (Lux: 0.0, DNP)
    (Botia: 0.00) (Metzelder: 0.00 DNP) (Pique: 7.00) (Capdevila: 4.5)
    (Iniesta: 0.00 DNP) (Busquets: 3.5) (YAYA: 0.00 DNP)
    (Pedro!: 6) (BANGSTA: 23.5) (Rossi: 2)

    Zlatan was the my highest earner of points. Pique and Pedro! hit good numbers, Busi and Rossi got me enugh to edge out Isaiah!

    Obviously leaving Iniesta in was stupid since i knew he wasn’t going to play. i could have instead gotten Keita for cheaper and racked up 21 points. Bojan would have been a better option that Rossi, but i was epecting Henry to play.

    Not to sound unambitious, but since this is my first attempt, a top-10 finish is all i am looking for.

  5. Ok iv kept trying and trying and I understand fantasy but plz help me join the link you provided only comes up with an error written in spanish. Why can’t I join is it because I don’t live in spain or the US

  6. Achraf, hopefully this helps:

    Maximus, on August 22nd, 2009 at 8:16 pm Said:

    OK, if you are english speaking do the following:

    1. Click the Spanish link (not the Google translate link)
    2. At the bottom of the page to the right click United Kingdom
    3. Sign in/Register and then Sign in
    4. Click Create Team
    5. Enter some basic information (no player selection at this point)
    6. Click ‘join a group’ after you have successfully registered.
    7. Group ID: 1037, password (as stated in the post) barcelona

    Click home and then manager your team and away you go.

  7. Thx Aeneas I got it now and i got my team made up of barcelona backline and messi + the opponents of tenerife and xerex. Bully the minnow to get maximum points. but do they tell you if one of your players is injured or not selected

  8. in my other team, i stupidly picked up 4 atletico madrid players;

    their points:

    Juanito: -2.5
    Raul Garcia: 0.5
    Cleber Santana: 2.5
    Diego forlan: 3.5

    weak… add to that that Henry on my line-up who DNP.

    My only real source of points there was Almeria’s Juanma Ortiz with 8 points. A real bargain if looking for a midfielder under 5 million.

  9. say athletic madrid manager gets stoned and doesn’t play banega does that mean i get 0 points just cuz he wasn’t selected

  10. //

    uhu… and after he leaves we’ll buy Raul…

  11. yeah but surely lass scores more points than, lets say, a backup midfielder for xerez. at 1.00 he was the cheapest player in the whole league. but i see that his price has gone up now

    i’m also playing premier league FF on the official site and using howard as my keeper for the first few weeks really ruined me. got shay given in there now 😛

  12. OMG! i have Mata in my front line and he scored a goal on his debut. but i forgot to save my lineup so i got no points for anyone. do you guys think i still got a shot at the top even after this disaster?

  13. YAY, i was able to watch the last 30 mins of the Gijon game and see Ibras first goal in literally the middle of the freagin jungle!!!!!!!!!! [Matapalo on the Osa Peninsula]. My wife wasn’t too pleased, but she eventually understood. Just wanted to say watsup, I thought Ibra looked great from what I saw. Still in Costa Rica, loving it and cant wait to see BARCA in HD when I get bakc, holyfeakingcrapifeel like crapping my pants.

  14. i got marchena and albelda for 1 each and put up those number for a MONSTER front line of Aguero – Mata – Luis Fabiano. i hope it pays off. i also got Pique for 6 earlier, now THATS a bargain

  15. Damn you Asenjo!!

    Yes, i’m theyayaisonebadassbeastofaman, but considering that none of my best players played, I’m not fretting.

    Plus, I’ve already wrapped up the best name contest. Does that get me a t-shirt?

    Speaking of which, Corrine we need you to get-a-printin’!

  16. is anyone else as excited as i am to see Messi vs. Alves in the Classico? the universe faces obliteration…..

  17. Glad my input could help out someone in the community, after the week I have had…that made for a good moment.

    Moving on…Jnice…dude you rock; I got boned by choosing Asenjo on the rational that Atletico’s back line sucks so he will get to make lots of saves…I didn’t expect him to turn in a minus 9 (I’m with you JeffP). Also got a DNP on Toure and Susaeta (is he injured?). On the other hand Valdes, who I swapped at the last ‘minute’, for Asenjo and used the cash to beef up the front line… pwned it.

    As you can guess..FC_Maximus would be me, in at 6th.

  18. And now there’s a problem with Marquez’ contract duration? He wants long-term security (can’t blame him). We don’t want to offer that, really (can’t blame us).

    Stand by, but with the signing of Chygnasty, kind of a bummer to be a defender, messing about with your contract.

    And Champions League tix are on sale for socis. Got my Inter ticket for November. In a way, I’m hoping that the group won’t still be in play, but it probably will be.

  19. Barca is one of the most competitive teams in the world. Unfortunately few are allowed to finish their careers with us. Although Marquez is a great player and great for our system, our Captain should definitely have preference and should be allowed to retire with the club. Puyol has been part of Barca for like 14 years and is our captain!!!! I would be severly disappointed if he did not finish his career in Barca; the same goes for Xavi, and Messi and Iniesta for that matter.

  20. *severely on Thursday’s session:
    “Josep Guardiola and assistant coach Tito Vilanova took an active part in the session. Guardiola also gave Pinto some stopping practice and exchanged passes with Iniesta.”

    damn i wish i could see that

  21. have you guys seen this video? pep’s halftime pep talk at the supercup

    he kinda just says the usual stuff about keeping the ball, applying pressure up high, ‘do what you always do’, etc

    but it’s just the way he executes it that gets a player sooo pumped. well at least i’m pumped, just by watching it! what a man

  22. i don’t think puyol & marquez are mutually exclusive. marquez, pique, & chygnizzy might be. i don’t think pairing up two slow defenders, albeit great passers & readers of the game, is an awesome idea. it seems retarded to me though, however you choose to look at it, not to renew marquez for that extra year.

    first of all i don’t see chyggy starting before a healthy marquez, nor pique for that matter. i’m sure chyg the impaler ‘ll be given plenty of time on the pitch, especially due to his hefty price tag, but the dude’s gotta learn barca’s game let alone the spanish/catalan language. both txiki & pep’s judgment on transfers is gonna be measured by that dude’s performance.

    secondly, there’s no questioning marquez will be useful in some sort of way for the next year or two. giving him that extra year1)makes him happy at the chance of being able to retire at the club, although not very likely 2) ensures, if he is to be sold, a transfer fee for the guy. if anything it hurts his chances of getting a baller ass salary if he were to be picked up by someone else. i, for one, am tired of seeing barca’s surplus players leaving for free or for peanuts.

    p.s. do i have to open up a yahoo acct to play that fantasy futbol league? ughh. too many barriers. this isn’t really enabling my barca dependency.

  23. Well Vilanova did say Shaktar is the closest to our playing style in Europe so I hope that would help Chygnasty adapt faster. and we do have another 60 games to play, enough for everyone.

  24. Damn, I’m getting nervous about saturday’s clash of the South American giants…

    First of all, look at Maradona’s comments about Messi:

    I really hate to see how much pressure he puts on Messi. Guardiola NEVER says such things and that’s also a reason for Messi being the best player of the world when he is playing for Barca. He is a rather quiet and timid character and applying so much pressure on him is counterproductive imo.

    Then, there are the comments from Robinho who is referring to the match as a “war” and the whole Argentinian press supports (or maybe even makes up) this aggressive climate.

    Guess it’s time for me to start praying for Messi’s health…

  25. Seriously. It’s hard to pay attention when Oregon – Boise State is lulling you to sleep before punching you in the face. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Now you do. PS if you’re a college football fan and you don’t read EDSBS, you should, along with Dr. Saturday. I’ve heard Hey Jenny Slater is good, too, but I’ve just added it to Google Reader so we’ll find out soon.

    I need to put together a reading list for this website, don’t I? Currently I read all the rags (Sport, EMD, Marca–I avoid AS like the plague) as well as several Guardian bloggers (Sid Lowe, Amy Lawrence, Jonathan Wilson), La Liga Loca and Brian Phillips’ Run of Play (the Pro Vercelli stuff is well-written, but entirely meaningless). In the purely Barcelona realm, there’s actually not a whole lot going on, content-wise, but I do follow All About FCB on GReader.

    Feel free to suggest other things I should read with in the sports world. Since I RSS everything, I generally get around to reading most of what I follow, unless the site posts like 8000 things a day (looking at you FCB transfers!), in which case I take a casual glance now and again to see if anything sticks out.

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