Club news, December 27, 2010

Posted without comment, just to catch everyone up.

Johann Cruijff was one of the instigators of the Eto’o/Ibrahimovic deal, he reveals in his El Periodico column: “We convinced [Laporta] of the sale of Eto’o, and the wisdom of the change to Ibrahimovic, and when we realized that we were wrong, we supported the sale of the Swedish player. And we also supported the purchase of Villa. We took a step back to make two steps forward.”

–Speaking of Cruijff, he is claiming that the club owes his Foundation EUR100,000. The dispute between he and Sandro Rosell continues.

Nolito says that if EE wants to buy him, he will go there.

Luis Suarez says that he wants to go to Spain, but did not specify a club.

–The Internet’s most popular Spanish athlete is Andres Iniesta. The remaining 5 were Iker Casillas, David Villa, Rafa Nadal and Fernando Alonso.

–Under consideration by UEFA is the club’s petition to move the UNICEF logo to the back of the shirt. The matter is pending.

–Finally, the club has said that is it coming to America in 2011, but that dates and opponents are unconfirmed.

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By Kxevin

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  1. Óscar Serrano, Marc Bartra & Sergio González all come in place of Javi Márquez, Carles Puyol & Ferran Corominas respectively.

  2. Bojan for Man of the Match!

    I think Pep should consider starting him against Levante. He will still be a high from this and will probably do really well.

    1. With Messi not playing, Bojan can play in the centre, which is his natural position. It’s also Villa’s natural position, but he does just as well on the left wing. Pedro is the only natural winger we have right now. hence Afellay.

  3. Pep need to two things:

    1) Give Bojan a snood and demand he never take it off. Even when he’s sleeping.

    2) Tell him it’s a friendly and he’s playing for the Catalunya NT

    (“Barca represents Catalunya. So you see, Bojan, it’s like the pseudo-NT. Go out there and represent your country!”

    1. Thanks SoMo4! *takes virual tissue* I knew we had to part at some point, but I never thought it would be so soon! 🙁 😛

  4. Standing ovation for Cuddly. *insert scene of proud mother crying*

    I knew it would happen someday!

  5. not official, right???!


    it can’t be right to have white, not even an away shirt.

  6. Soccermom:

    Barcelona vs Manchester United CL Final 2009

    First Half:


    Second Half:




    Credit to ali_cdaman at

    No need to download and the quality isn’t bad.

    1. Wow thank you Jnice!!!! this makes my day considering I’m trapped inside in NY due to snow….

      BTW after watching over the Home leg against Chelsea in 08/09 season as well I Noticed Bojan missed an open header similar to the one against Inter……..Hoping this run ends…

  7. Ok, 4-0! We didn’t want to teach those Espanyol players how to pull off a manita anyway.

    @Kari—it would have been 5-0 had Bojan been allowed to get his hat trick 😉

  8. Jnice is a True Cule Hero. But we already knew that.

    @SoMo4, shhhh! The Cuddy Toy Hate Brigade might hear you! 😀

  9. Sky Sport’s Goles y Goles y Goles presented by Guillem Balague

    Here’s what the program covers. *,20144,12385_6606503_12385,00.html




    * De La Liga – 21-12-10.avi



    Courtesy of Pakman at

  10. I didn’t watch the match, but Bojan always plays well for Catalunya. Did Crujff play him differently than he plays for Barcelona, or did he just have a dominant day?

    1. It was the power of the snood. And because his mom was in the stands (see: 0:50 of the video ooga aga posted. She’s the one on the right with the glasses)

      Honestly though, I’m not really surprised he did so well with Catalunya. It was the absence of pressure amongst other things. Cruijff didn’t do anything particularly special–he only called him up to the NT. Bojan’s position looked to be the same as Barca to me.

      Actually, the only difference–if you can even call it that– was Bojan was on the LW as opposed to the RW.

  11. Thank God for friendlies, because I’m going through a really bad Barca withdrawal which may not end on Jan 2. Does anyone have news on whether games on that day will push through? Because I still have 5 days of nothing better to do than watch old Barca games.

    Bojan just made me feel like a proud parent, and I’m not a lot older than him.

    Also sharing this: ‘I don’t think describing Barcelona`s play as having a “better movement than Sophia Loren in her heyday, walking up a flight of stairs in high heels and a tight leather skirt” is being overly descriptive… is it?’ I bet you can all guess who said that. His interview here: .

  12. May I be the first member of the Kxevin Fairness Commitee? (KFC <–NOT intended, but it is now 😀 . Big Sam will be the second member) Yes? Alright then.

    KFC-ites, unite!

    — Something really important to remember: This blog wouldn't be the same if we didn't have people disagree with each other. We'd all be mindless sheep just going with what other people say otherwise. No matter how poor your English is, or how little you know about football (my own knowledge has vastly improved since becoming a Cule), you should be able to give your opinion.

    I started posting on BFB because I thought it was a really cool and accepting blog. Everyone was so familiar with each other and it was like a family. The level of football knowledge was also astounding, I've learnt, and still am learning, so much from this blog alone.

    All that is asked is that you back up your claim and do it politely. Sometimes a person doesn’t mean to be harsh, but as Kxevin very correctly said above, little nuances we’d understand if it were a discussion face-to-face, are lost on online blogs. You may not mean it that way but the other person may take it that way. Sometimes Kxevin or Luke or Isaiah might sound “aggressive” or “matter of fact” to some people, but I sincerely doubt they mean to. Likewise to some other posters that have commented before. Tone is difficult to manage.

    I happen to agree with a lot of Kxevin match reviews, not because it’s Kxevin and I’m “afraid” to “stand up to him” but because I agree with him gasp!. There are plenty of other things I don’t agree with, prima facie being Bojan and Villa to an extent–I’m pretty sure that’s well known by now–but I don’t call him a “high and mighty biased idiot” when he says Bojan should go on loan. First and foremost I know he’s defending his view NOT attack yours, or at least not you personally.

    Lastly, English isn’t the first language for some people here. Let me be the first to say: I seriously respect that. I really do. I’ve taken some Spanish classes, but can’t speak it to save my life (I wish I did!) I wouldn’t post on a comment board of, err, -insert popular Spanish online blog here-, because I’d be way too shy on the face of so many great other posters whose Spanish is far more superior.

    Therefore, when there is a comment that seems very “blunt” I take it in stride, because not everyone here is a English major and defending an opinion is much harder when English isn’t your first language. I bet if this blog were in Spanish, Catalan, Swedish, Hindi, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Arabic, etc. etc. there would be plenty of people who could be just as eloquent as SoMa and have as much football knowledge as Euler/Hector.

    Good grammar and excellent vocabulary are greatly appreciated (especially to learn English from) because that’s just a privilege we have on this board and not the standard.

    … I think that just about covers everything. (Stop attacking Kxevin? Check. ESL-people rule? Check. We’re all passionate and should respect each other? Kinda check…?) Ah wait I forgot one thing:

    This rant isn’t really directed at anyone in particular. I just hope people keep posting and I’m sure it’ll get back to normal once Barca start playing again. We all love Barca and want a place to discuss it without “your stupid”, “ur no nothing about football”, “are you even a fan” etc. etc.

    So yeah, let’s remember that.

    (This comments is so going to get Hectored)

    1. ^ This.

      We all love Barca, so let’s just stop hating on each other (should be BFB’s 2011 new year’s resolution.) Let’s agree to disagree, as disagreement lends itself to excellent conversation as long as we don’t start attacking each other personally.

    2. BTW what ever happened to Hector…Since i don’t visit as much as I used to it seems to me he just vanished from our space or did he say he was leaving??!?!?

    3. We wondered the same thing, Tajh. Dude just vanished. I tried Googling him to see if anything odd happened. Couldn’t turn anything up. And contrary to popular belief, Euler isn’t a reincarnated Hector. 😀

    4. lolz…there’s always Facebook as a resource to use…I just joined and found so many of my lost friends from a decade ago.

  13. Wow.

    “He also never ceases to offend with his crude remarks, denigrating assessments, nasty counter attacks on opposing views, but most of all from his high and mighty view point as he considers the best players, team and coaches of our generation and quite probably of all time.

    If you are wounded it comes from your own arrogance. Working yourself into a lather doesn’t make you right. You could be really great with a little humility.

    Now you return with a mea culpa but add that you want every one to register? For what purpose? Cordial arguments are the center of makes the discussions interesting. Not lapdog tongue waggers saying how awesome your crap is. And especially not with the most malignant mouth here holding the censure button!”

    “Crude remarks?” Surely you jest. “Nasty counter attacks on opposing views?” Come on. Really? Find the evidence, and post it. The archive of my posts and comments is right here. You can even go back to The Offside if you’d like to go way back in time for fodder. And good luck doing so. But know this: I don’t do affirmation, and I don’t expect anyone to kiss my butt, or be a lapdog. And I don’t say anything I don’t believe and am willing to support.

    Heck, more people here disagree with me than agree with me. That’s their right, and part of what makes this space work. We all learn from the discussion and debate. We don’t learn from baseless personal attacks.

    And BFB isn’t me. It’s a team. Isaiah is the father, so to speak. We ALL (Isaiah, Euler, Luke, SoMa and Tarun) have discussed registration, in response to the unloved, post-eating Captcha. Finally, nobody is forcing you to visit this space. If it’s so onerous, don’t come. Things such as this are voluntary. They always are, and always will be.

    –Now, for registration. It means that you’ll all be able to post URLs without resorting to slashes, or asterisks. It will work like any other space that requires it, except you won’t need to be under the age of 14, or Catalan.

    Registration is, first and foremost, a way to control the spammers and trollers. As we have grown, this has become a major problem. Nobody sees it because they aren’t our IT guy, or don’t log in to the system to see the ever-increasing numbers of comments that are caught by the spam filter, which sometimes snags innocent posters.

    Registration is a very effective way of dealing with that. Registration is not a means of control. That’s rather a strange kind of paranoia that, again, has no basis in fact.

    We’re not sure when it’s going to happen, but most everyone seems to be for it, so it will happen sooner, rather than later.

    Thanks, everyone.

    P.S. Until registration arrives, it’s a good idea to copy your post. Captcha has been acting funny of late.

    1. Am I the only one who looked at this sentence:

      “He also never ceases to offend with his crude remarks, denigrating assessments, nasty counter attacks on opposing views”

      And immediately disregarded it as one of the most hypocritical statements ever made on this blog?

      Thank you Kari for your post of reason, because it’s really sad to see this level of disrespect around this space.

  14. And now, for Krkic:

    It was against Honduras, in a friendly. It was against the 57th-ranked FIFA side that finished last in its World Cup group. If Catalunya were a country that could field a side and grab a FIFA ranking, it would almost certainly be a whole lot higher than 57.

    I want to see Krkic do it in a match that matters, against real competition. I know that some feel his performance today will help his head. I hope that’s true, because we need him. The talent is there. On that we all agree. But there’s something else hindering him. I think of us being one wrong Villa foot plant away from having 4.5 as our 9, and shudder.

    Ade over at the Barca Offside makes a case for Krkic having a bright, shining future. (I’d post a link, but their site’s acting funky right now.) And the answer is time. We’re giving him until 2015. Four years. He’ll be 24, and by then we will know.

    For now, I guess we wait.

    1. On Bojan’s contract extension: I’d rather have him at Barca, training with the best and learning from them, than on loan anywhere else even if he can get more playing time. Loaning him will shatter his confidence, and we all know how seemingly fragile that is. Plus, no one else on our team brings out the parental instincts in me quite like he does. He grabs a brace and provides a couple of assists, and I’m like a proud soccer mom – and I’m just several years older than him.

      I feel compelled to post this again, after captcha ate it all up the first time: ‘I don’t think describing Barcelona`s play as having a “better movement than Sophia Loren in her heyday, walking up a flight of stairs in high heels and a tight leather skirt” is being overly descriptive… is it?’ His head says he’s a Barca fan, too.

      His interview here: *

    2. It wasn’t Ade who came up with that post, it was a guest blogger, Ethan Dean-Richards who wrote that post..


    3. Kxevin, you biased idiot! (how I’ve missed saying that) You just can’t give Bojan his due, can you? He played a terrific game. Admit it. Yes, it was against Honduras, a low-ranked side. But you should remember that he was playing with a team that hardly ever plays together, that doesn’t have anywhere near the same level of flow and confidence in each other that Barcelona does. Honduras’ defending was pretty lousy, but that doesn’t take anything away from Bojan’s performance. His runs were brilliant, perfectly timed, his awareness of where everyone was on the pitch was unimpeachable. The boy done good.

      Good to have you back. 😀

  15. Ummm, what else? Oh, yeah. News within the news ….

    –Busquets is a done deal. Total agreement for a renewal until 2015. Expect an announcement very soon.

    El Mundo Deportivo conducted a poll, and found that people approve of Rosell and his team’s steerage of the ship, think that Alves should be renewed, we should sign Fabregas, the 5-0 was better than the 6-2 and Pellegrini is better than Mourinho.

    1. HA!
    2. Absolutely
    3. HA!
    4. Disagree. The 6-2 was an annhilation in their house.
    5. In Pellegrini’s dreams

    –Guardiola and Rosell have agreed (bet that was hard) to a one-year renewal, that will be announced soon, so as to avoid media hoopla.

    In case anyone missed this:

    It’s a hilarious bit about Guardiola’s new fragrance, “Filoso’feau.” Hey, it was Spanish April Fool’s Day, so what do you expect?

    –Afellay can’t play against Levante, because he won’t be official until the Liga opens for business on Monday. The match is on Sunday. But he will be eligible for the Copa return leg against Bilbao.

    –The United States Sports Academy named David Villa its male athlete of the year. That and 3 Euros will get you a cup of xocolata in downtown Barcelona.

    1. Call me a Mou-hater, but I can’t see how he’s any better than Pellegrini.. EE were playing much better football last year than now and even had us pinned in the first Clasico..

      I dunno what would’ve happened if Thong Boy had scored in that 1v1 against VV and Higuain hadn’t missed that sitter vs. Lyon, but they certainly weren’t Pellegrini’s fault. And he was a decent guy to boot, mind you he got a lot of boots by the Spanish rags in their effort to shield FloFlo..

      True, Mou has had more success, but in context to EE, I definitely feel Pellegrini was better than him..

  16. Whoa! Via Twitter @Barcastuff

    Barcelona B central defender Andreu Fontas has said on Facebook that he will start the Liga game against Levante on Sunday. [via @jenfer27]

    1. speaking of ways to disseminate information on the internet… Barcastuff’s twitter is stuck on this message for me:

      “In 15 minutes, at 7pm local time, Catalonia plays an international friendly against Honduras at the Olympic stadium in Barcelona #fcblive”

      And no matter how many times I refresh that shows as the newest tweet. Has anyone encountered a problem like this before?

    2. Straight up twitter. I only use twitter to check barcastuff… so I’ve never seen a reason to use tweetdeck

    3. I had this problem when I didn’t log in to my twitter account. After I logged in, I can see the new updates.

    4. Hoping he had Pep’s permission! Usually we never know who’s playing ’til they’re almost taking the field.

    5. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does start. Pique has some kind of sciatica problem, and Milito is still not 100%.

  17. Anyone who missed the Bojan show with Catalonia can check this video for the highlights *!

    Its been such a slow week for me..Been re-watching over all our important over the past 2 years. Noticed that last season we could have easily won everything and repeat that Treble if only for a few individual mistakes in certain key matches i.e Sevilla and inter but what was so viewable was that the luck we had in the 08/09 season was just not present for us last season…

    Watching those 08 games really showed me how spectacular that year was in both terms winning and entertainment. Every thing went our way that year..every call, every ball deflection, every pass was just on point for us..

    That BLACK CAT that showed up earlier in the year in the Nou Camp really s put some bad mojo on the team last season…specifically talking about Ibra really as he didnt score as much after it showed up….lolzzz don’t judge me I’m bored!!!!! Doing everything to keep myself occupied!!!!!

    1. No, I think you’re right. It came down to two mediocre matches: first legs against Sevilla and Inter. I think that good teams make their own luck. When Ibrahimovic went south, we didn’t have a reliable backup option. What’s interesting is that we haven’t learned from that mistake.

      Some of last season was fatigue, and the accumulation of minutes in the legs. Without the various pre and post-season things, World Cup notwithstanding, the players were fresher this season, and we’re seeing that in their performances.

    2. I believe what fatigued the players more last season than this one was that we were adjusting to a new player and trying much harder in making him fit in than playing naturally.

      The good results early in that season made it even harder and tiring for the team eventually on as I strongly believe if our players faced those obstacles earlier on in the season we could have sorted out all those problems that followed us when the key matches started. IMO those early results formed the belief in fans and players alike (maybe) that we would play the same as in the 08 season and all will be like old. But as we all know its in the past…Just a thought

      p.s-Guys I find its easier to type in the Captcha before you type your comment out.Makes life so much easier 🙂

    3. We certainly could’ve won everything last season…

      But I will continue to argue that the main thing that distinguishes last season with the treble season and with this season is tactics.

      I’m a firm believer that you make your own luck, and in the treble season I believe we made the luck we got by playing a flowing attractive style where all the parts of the team fit seamlessly. When you play that style and always put yourself in the position to win games, you will win games. I think this season while the tactics are very different from the treble season, they have the same sense of all the pieces fitting together seamlessly.

      The difference I saw last year is that the pieces didn’t fit together seamlessly. Ibrahimovic is a fantastic player, but unfortunately he placed a burden on the team tactically – he forced the team to alter their tactics to fit his style of play and as a result the team didn’t fit together seamlessly.

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Villa may not necessarily be playing better than Ibrahimovic as an individual this season, but the team is playing better as a whole with him in the lineup because of how he adapts to the tactics that gets the best out of all of the players.

      Finally – Guardiola is a fantastic tactician. I firmly believe that he will find the Bojan solution over the next couple of years. But for now I think Bojan is performing his role fairly well – be a willing and hard working sub and put in strong performances against weaker teams.

    4. Spot on. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that when Ibrahimovic really made an effort to work within the team’s tactical constraints (first half of the season), he was wonderful. As he started to play to his default settings, his performance tailed off, and so did the club’s. Now, I know this will shock people who think that I love him, but it’s true.

      The Villa comments are also true, by the by. Again, a shocker for those convinced that I hate him. Villa excels because he’s comfortable in the Henry space, which allows Messi the freedom necessary. But he can also shift to the middle if needed.

      Now note early-season Ibrahimovic, and how much you’d see him frolicking on the wings, playing 1-2s in midfield and dashing toward the box, as contrasted with later-season Ibrahimovic.

    5. The Problem I noticed with Ibra is that he tends to revert to his “comfort zone” when things doesn’t go right for him. Like when he stopped scoring as much it seemed to me he just reverted to the Ibra of Italy and waited for the play to come to him. I guess Pep saw that as well and benched him instead of re-teaching him what he learnt & forgot from pre and early season…

      Ibra IMO was becoming a frustrated person on the pitch which I’m guessing altered the personality he portrayed to us and Pep.

    6. It’s also interesting to note that Ibra didn’t fit tactically largely because of the emergence of Messi in the unprecedented “false-nine, playmaker, striker, etc, etc” role he plays now.

      Even though Pep watches Messi play every day, I have a feeling that even he didn’t realize exactly how dangerous Messi would become and how quickly it would happen. It’s been said before in this space by people with better tactical minds than my own, but Messi is inventing his own position, something very few players have had the quality and intelligence to do – he is the modern day Beckenbauer.

      This is another reason Ibra struggled. He may well have been the correct purchase, but then Messi stepped his game up to unprecedented levels and completely changed Pep’s preferred tactics.

    7. which is why i had always suggested playing ibra on the left wing a la villa’s postition right now. zlatan would have had a definite role & definitive responsibilities(hugging the touch line keeping defenses wide) while messi could’ve provided the link up play; something ibra was way too eager & way too slow to do. our pressing would’ve been as good as it is this year or in the year of the treble & his skill set would’ve been that much more appreciated there. i also think he would’ve been offside far less often. but this just my opinion & i’m perfectly aware that there’s no way of proving that. whatev.

    8. Ibra is a fantastic player. From a tactical point of view(Total football) I think he was not able to exploit space by moving. He is very good at exploiting space with a pass but not with moving to space. Moving to space and shifting play is very crucial for a team employ Total football. It comes as a surprise because he was from Ajax!

  18. Oh. As an aside, the Authentic shirts are niiiiiiicccccceeee! A lot nicer than the replicas. I now have one of each, and will probably get another Authentic, since it’s the last shirt I’ll be buying for a while. Anyhow. Nicer fabric, more vibrant colors. They run a bit smaller, though. I take a replica L and an Authentic XL, which is worth noting. Just a note for anyone on the fence.

    Comes in a nifty-keen presentation box, too.

  19. 150 to 100 for the good guys in the final, to the fourth seed who staggered their way into the playoffs with one lung, no eyes, half an arm, but two juevos and the verdad, to be damn sure.

  20. I am not following the comment session and I didnt read everything. So apologies on advance as I am not sure what was said already. One of Kxevin’s responds led me to a comment that worth commenting on.


    If you are a coach, I definitely don’t want you to coach my team. What you mentioned above doesn’t fit a coaching profile. Neither the rational opinion about Barca issues nor the mental balance while dealing with others who do not agree with you. Especially when they are the hosts and you are a visitor at their own place. I think while reading your comments, we like you to show your quality as a person more than your records as a coach. That’s if you want us to take you seriously.

    I’m avoiding arguments lately, but it worth noting the bragging and arrogance in your comment where you try to overestimate the value of your own opinion while -obviously- it is barely a view of a casual observer.

    On Ibra’s topic, and regardless of different opinions about it, You (Mr. coach) failed to understand the case in hand, and you failed to think as a coach that approach the game from a different perspective than an emotional fan who build hindsight reactions based on events (which is valid for a fan) rather than an opinion based on a framework(As coaches are always instructed to do). I recommend that you get some coaching education. If you feel it is that prestigious to be a coach, do your homework to reserve the value of the position.

    The canteros are the reason why this team is where it is. I had to deal with people telling me that Iniesta is not a world class midfielder but a super sub, and there is a need to buy a midfielder to replace Deco-two years ago. Then there were people who attacked me in comments session on another blog I used to write for, when I repeatedly said “we dont need an Arshavin nor (another Brazilian left wing who was getting people crazy back then and now I forgot his name), I trust canteros and I put my bet on Pedro” and the respond was the same as yours: “you cant count on canteros.” . Do I have to remind you of the times when “Busquets was playing just because he is a Cantero and Pep is bias toward La Masia”?

    But it was all fine, as none of the opposing opinions came to the space waving a coaching CV and claiming exclusive knowledge that gives him the right to preach. With you, it is different. Based on your thorough coaching experience, name the best five players in the squad and tell us: how many Canteros you got there?

    So I have to say -though may sound like bragging as well:”Sir, I cant care less what kind of school teams you were babysitting in US so far, but you are wrong.” And it is coming from someone who has more coaching knowledge and football experience than you.

    Look…there are people who spent time and effort creating a space to exchange views and share experience. There was a clear vision for how it will be done since day one and step by step it progressed. The strings were pulled accordingly. There were always an awareness how far to go in a certain argument balancing between being informative and keeping the flow of opinions -regardless of its validity- free to express itself without getting slaughters by insults. We all learn by experience not only what to say but most importantly HOW to say it. You are more than welcomed to share your opinion as long as you are aware it is just another opinion that carries exactly the same value as Any.Other.Opinion. Or else, save your permanent judgments for yourself. I don’t know how far you think the world revolve around you, but really, no one care to know the absolute truth you like to preach about.

    We, mortals, enjoy being wrong and like to be treated as if we are right regardless of the fact that only fortunate prophets like you hold the keys of wisdom. Leave us living our own ignorance and denial on a blog. Greats like you will always have more important things to do than nitpicking our flaws by staging their perfection. What about exploring some supernatural secrets that only gods like you can approach?

    And mi Appologize fur aniwan if ther iz anysing rong wiz mai gramer or sbelling!

    1. I’ve followed Ramzi since the fcbtransfers days and am amazed by his level of English nowadays.. I believe some people think that English is his first language now, which is amazing!

      Oh and as always, Ramzi layeth down the law!!

    2. (on the passage about youth players)

      It is not that simple. The impact/contribution of a youth player is different over time. The moment when he is introduced vs the later stages of development. As we all know, it always takes some time for that development to occur.

      In this particular case, Deco had at least as good ball handling skills and vision but more experience, physical presence, and a significantly better defensive contribution as a result. I repeat, at that moment. Nobody is able enough to see the future.

      The same goes for Busquets. The ability to move the ball faster was his only advantage over Yaya. The Ivorian was, at the time, better overall player and, more importantly, more productive for the team. It took time for Busquets to reach the level he is currently playing at. Pep, or his advisor, decided back then it would be wise to start this process.

      Pedro spends most of his playing time on the right side. That is where the bulk of his production is coming from. Rarely he is effective on the left. We still need that player that is both physical and fast enough to stretch the defense to the left (and cross it with his left foot) instead of cutting to the middle “9/10” times.

      The gamble we took on Jeffren and Bojan didn’t work out as the one we took on Pedro.

  21. SO off topic guys anyone seeing the noise Malaga is making this January transfer window. Signing players like Julio Baptista,Demichelis, Asenjo and Ignacio Camacho and with Pellegrini at the helm they can only get better….

    Doubt they will get relegated this season now with all these movements but its about GOD-DAMN time that a Qatari businessman invested in a La Liga…Their owners might not be as rich as the others but they can surely help build a competitive team out of Malaga…

  22. Whoa.
    No internet connection for 5 days and I missed this blog so much.
    Almost dropped a tear after seeing Kxevin’s name again.
    Welcome back bad boy.
    Happy holidays guys!

  23. From barcastuff:

    Villa: “Pedro is an example for me when it comes down to defending. He knows the system and has helped me a lot since I’m here.” [sport]

    Nice. 😀

  24. In other news, Royston Drenthe is apparently on strike due to his wages not being paid by Hercules:


    And we should hear within the next 24 hours whether the January 2nd fixtures will go on as planned. I sure hope so, the last thing La Liga needs is a disruption to the game schedule.

    1. it’s true.

      “Players’ union set for court over schedule”

  25. Crackovia has a special edition up, all the best musical performances:


  26. @ Ramzi, Kxevin fair enough… however to clear up

    My reference to the Ibra and Cantero discussions was not to elucidate my position but to reference the direct threat and, at the time ( I thought ) a done deal of full censorship. Chime in the witnesses

    My soccer experience doesn’t qualify me to sharpen the pencils of the pencil suppliers on this team. Deleted from my first post as too larky; but implied and lost on you is the fact that the vast majority are in the same boat.

    Purpose of registration? my misunderstanding and over reaction.

    Being defensive and offended on the treatment of the players in Kxevins petulant style? my mental instability

    calling Iniesta a ghost faced midget is way over the line. I’ll spare you the insolent return on Keita. You say your evolving, well that there is pretty basic.

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