Merry Christmas, BFB style

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Merry Christmas to all of you out there in BFBland, a diverse and wonderful place that no doubt has many non Christmas celebrators. It is, of course, a Saturday and a holiday here, so things are pretty well shut down and I’ll keep this brief so that you too can enjoy the lazy day, the vittles consumption with family, or however you choose to spend this cold and blustery day.

Our donation drive is over because you guys are made of awesomeness and beauty and you gave us nearly $600 in gifts! We love you all and just know that over the coming year there will be continued excellence, improvements, and, above all else, fewer server crashes! You will note, however, that the Donate page is still the home page not because we’re continuing to do the drive (I mean, feel free to continue to donate because every dollar does improve this site), but rather because I’m computerly incompetent so I haven’t been able to figure out how to stop the Donate page from being the main page of this here blogosphere.

Much more to come over the next few days as I consume the 4 pounds of M&Ms the Lady’s family gave me as a stocking stuffer. Hallelujah indeed.

Also see Luke’s post that I totally Hectored.

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  1. Three holiday cheers for all you generous BFBers who donated to keep this the best FCB blog around! Hope everyone has a great day.

    Visca Barca i Visca BFB!

  2. Looks like we know what Afellay’s trademark move is gonna be:


    at ~1:05

  3. I signed up to that avatar and uploaded a picture but theres still no sign of it, disaster. Whats all the atb about guys ?

  4. I was thinking to myself, great I got in before Eklavya on the last post and now this. I’m devastated.

    1. happy holidays! and now people , i got a lot of problems with and its time for you to know it! lets proceed with the feats of strength… 🙂

  5. If anybody wants some humor check out’s awards of the first half of the season for La Liga

    While they got best MID, ATT, PLAYER right (Iniesta, Messi, Messi) they listed Bojan as the #3 bust, while somehow leaving Forlan off.

    Oh, and the comments are just as funny. Benzema is listed as the #1 bust and EE fans come clammoring about his recent (meaningless) hat tricks. Also, some “barca fan” thinks sMasch should have been on that list. lol.

  6. PROGRAMA Informe Robinson: Campeones del Mundo 25/12/10


    1. Informe Robinson, a very good show on Canal Plus in Spain. Michael Robinson interviews players, coaches, etc and it really goes in depth.

      This one is about the Spain team that won the World Cup and it for us Barça fans, it gives us a lot of insight as to how much Iniesta was really suffering last season with his numerous injuries.

    2. I watched this on Saturday! So good. Love the focus on Iniesta and the part went they went over Puyi’s goal against Germany.

  7. Apologies for the late wishes.
    Was busy travelling.
    Merry X’mas to everyone who celebrates it.

    Btw, How come this post was up so quick after Luke posted his?
    Don’t the mods talk to each other and inform one another before posting a new post?

  8. YouTube user farmo1985 has posted the first part of the Informe Robinson special on the Spanish NT, with English subtitles. Check back later for the other segments. This one is mostly about Iniesta:


  9. You know I love this blog, but don’t you think it is about time you took a stand on one of the most important issues in modern football? They are sweeping through the Premier League. Ferguson has banned them. City wholeheartedly endorses them. Carlos Tevez has somehow become the poster boy for them.

    I am speaking, of course, of the snood.

    Practical neckwarmer? Fashion disaster? Or simply a good excuse to accuse other players of being unmanly?

    What say you?

    1. it’s funny because the snood has been around for years now, and anyone who watches Serie A games/highlights during the winter season can attest to its popularity in the boot. it’s only getting more media attention now that PL league players are wearing them.

      i’ve owned a snood for several years now, but I don’t use it when i play football. than again, i don’t usually play outside during the winter months. winter time = indoors for me.

    2. are you asking me?

      honestly i wouldn’t know who started the trend, but when I think about the players I originally associate the snood with, Totti and Buffon come to mind. and Gigi has been wearing them for a couple of years now.

    3. only when worn w/matching gloves ;^)

      it’s just a way to make fun of/discriminate against the newly arrived south americans/africans/iberians to the premier league. shit, i’d be rocking a parka in that fucking weather. how many games have been cancelled in the last couple of weeks due to snow? i’m built for southern californian climes.

  10. blitzen i enjoy your contributions about football as I’m sure we all do but I have to say your sense of humor is brilliant, I love it.

  11. From Barcastuff:

    Messi: “In 2011, I’d like to win my first trophy with the national team. That’s why I asked Santa for the Copa America.”

    Dawwwww! Whattacutie!

  12. I woke up, coughing out cold vapors, to change my lineup at 955 am in il gran finale. i removed matt forte, who scored 22 points. i replaced him with AP, who’s game is canceled. i have been nervous.

    I lead 134 – 90, she still has a WR and her kicker. I have AP on Tuesday. Hopefully, that will not matter.

    1. 44 points and you’re nervous? Do you have the lesser team during a TWO week championship? Otherwise, why are you nervous versus a kicker and wide receiver with AP still to play? There is no reason for that. Ever. Period.

  13. brian phillips has a knack for the aesthetic:
    “All Hail Barcelona
    The beauty and majesty of the world’s greatest soccer team”

    and my gift to all the bfb boys(nsfw):

  14. Ibra wants to play in the MLS:


    I don’t know why I find this so amusing. Maybe because he will find it such a huge comedown when nobody recognizes him on the street?

    1. i feel he would be recognized enough to keep him happy but still allow him to act like a normal person. he might enjoy that, who knows

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