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It’s Monday and La Liga is idle until January. Yeah, there’s Copa del Rey tomorrow (a preview is coming) and there’s the fantastic donation page you could visit! Yay that. But also there’re a couple of things to talk about. First, just to get this out of the way, I didn’t see much of the Madrid game, just that last 10 minutes when both teams were kicking out as hard as possible and di Maria was trying to find the most comfortable place on the field to lie down. So the list of 13 things Clos Gomez did wrong isn’t something I can really talk about. I wasn’t actually watching during any of those moments (the last of which took place in the 78th, apparently, with Ozil getting a yellow).

But it’s also Bon Nadal to Bojan Krkic, our wee 12-year old tot who is signing a contract extension. Oh, he’s actually 20? You lie. He is in 6th grade and I know it. I’ve seen him carrying around Social Studies books and overheard him trying to spell Hatshepsut for his test in the morning. He spells it “Hapshetsut”…it’s adorable! So his contract now runs until 2015 and has a €100m buyout clause (up from €80m). I’m not sure where it puts him on the payscale, but probably at the same level as a Busi or a Pedro–and perhaps even keeps him at the same salary as before. The official site has word here, along with his goal tally: 146 matches, 38 goals. Argue about this in the comments, but I’m totally geeked about him staying. He’s only 20 and he’ll continue to mature and become a very good squad player and perhaps a lights out striker. He’s also been called up by Cruyff for a Dec 28 friendly between Catalunya and Honduras, which is just fun.

Apparently Fernando Llorente is out of the match tomorrow with an injury, so that’s good news if you’re 5’3 and would like headers. So, basically, if you’re not Pique.

Xavi is apparently fit enough to play at full tilt, which is wonderful news. Wait, he’s been injured during this absurd streak of ours? Um…what will he be like completely healed? Prepare the OMGs for launch.

It has come to my attention that there’s a break going on now in Spain, so I should get out a State of the Liga, which I’m hoping to do this weekend while I’m fattening up on Christmas ham and Hannukah pudding and Kwanzaa rolls and, uh, did I cover all of my bases? Also I’ve done some research on Russia (WC2018) which I’ll publish soon-ish and maybe a few other treats because you guys have been so nice this holiday season.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Alessandro an Argentine coach who regularly is on Punto Pelota said something quite true. This whole 13 things the ref did wrong and the meeting with florentino is just Mouface’s way of making people forget about how poor the teams play was.

    1. Absolutely. And don’t forget “Why am I the only one to defend my team? The fans should support us.” Well, Mou the reason the fans aren’t giving you unconditional support is that they don’t like your football. It’s ugly and boring, you admitted as much yourself.

      Have some more whine, Mou.

    2. Yes if we’re going to gossip let’s keep it soccer-related!

      Okay, so Mou then totally called upon Valdano to ‘protect’ his team because that’s what an ‘organization’ is for. So now it’s not the fans, and it’s not the refs, it’s the Prez. Youch! Is that something you really put out there at a presser?

      And *then* Iker WAG Sara Carbonero went on ‘The Ana Rosa Show’ which is kind of like ‘Oprah’ meets ‘Steve Wilkos’, for us Americans, and said that CRonaldo is egotistical and selfish, but RM knew that when they hired him … so then Cronaldo got totally mad at Iker, so then Iker had to come out and say that o.k., he’s selfish, but, like, in a good way? ‘Cause he just wants to score goals? And, like, make you play better?

      Also, from last ’round, I think that Dani A. has been ‘tapped’ to sass MouMou from the Barça pressers. That way Pep can stay silent, Xavi can stay gracious and Andrés can remain Spain’s Sweetheart but we can still get a zinger in there every once in a while.

      ‘Cause let’s face it, the fact of the matter is that Barça is playing so well — so celestially, as RayRay might say — right now that there is a certain risk of losing general public interest. As the musical goes, ‘Another night, another show’. If you love Barça, you’re in Heaven. If you don’t, you eat your sombrero. But if you’re indifferent, then … what’s on ‘Ana Rosa’?

      Right now the drama keeping everyone glued to the idiot box is the ‘What Will Mou Do Now Show’? Everyone knows his game is dull. If he had the personality of say, Capello, he wouldn’t be here. But for a coach who’s game is so dull to say such outrageous things … that’s interesting. Now the interest is RM playing so poorly, how will he get out of this one? Accuse the President?!? Tune in next week!

      That’s why Dani’s statements are useful. You don’t want to reward Mou’s bad behavior, like buying off a toddler with a chocolate bar at the grocery store (who does THAT? One is never good enough …) but you don’t want to seem so above it all that La Liga fans have no compelling reason to pay attention to your ring at the circus. So when Mou gives himself an 11 as a coach, you give your team a 12 … or a 16, if you add in the ‘manita’. Hahaha.

      So I’m going to gamble the euros I’ve saved for my boys’ Christmas presents (and BFB Donation, too!) and gamble them odds that Iker thinks that Mou and Cronaldo are the ruin of Madrid, and that Mou is in 2nd place by season’s end he will go to Germany.

    3. Apparently, Valencia coach unai emery called moumou a (cry baby), we all know what preciado had to say about him, so i guess all is going according to plan for moumou, that is get as many enemies as you can.
      In other news eto’o won the African player of the year award for a 4th time, ROCK on samoooooooooooooo.

    4. Couple of other things:

      Not only his team is playing bad at home (a comical red card decided the game against valencia), at the same time Barca continues to play amazingly with Canteranos being the main contributors. Another thing that doesn’t sit well in the Capitol.

      Plus, you know how mourinho is trying to build this (false) image how he is allegedly so vital for any team’s success that when he leaves the club is going to suffer a decline? Well Inter just won the FIFA Club World Cup without any help from this 11/10 loudmouth.

  2. Former Egyptologist gives a big thumbs-up for the Hatshepsut reference! This is definitely the most literate Barca blog around. I may just have to make a donation to make sure it stays around.


  3. Rumors are circulating that Israel is trying to convince Barcelona to drop their agreement with the Qatar Foundation, and that they may be going so far as to try to get the “Union of Good” group, which the Qatar Foundation is part of, classified as a terrorist organization.

    Note that this is probably just wild internet rumor as I have yet to see any reputable news groups carrying the story.

    Whether it turns out to be true or not, let’s remember that the complications with Israel in the Middle East date back to before the first World War, and are extremely convoluted. This probably isn’t the best forum to discuss the nuances of the conflict.

    1. Not cool, guys. We’ve got people from all over around here and from all different ethnic,religious, and political views. RESPECT!

    2. I’m about a 172% certain that’s total and utter BS. Probably about as accurate as us selling Iniesta for a 100mil to Man City.

      Also knowing that let us drop this topic from here on, or at least delay it until we get any real proof- I’m sick of seeing sniping on these forums, let’s all just talk about football, unless any real proof comes up of that in which case then we can discuss it.

    3. Israel’s embassy has denied any pressure on Barcelona because Qatar Foundation has no known links to Hamas. As per barcastuff.

      Whew. Politics will be the death of football yet… but not today.

    1. I don’t have a credit card either, ill give some money to a friend who has one, he will pay

  4. **


    It is highly unclear to me how come a Special one didn’t foresee that Spain is not Italy? He will go down by the press, if he does not go down on the press 🙂

    1. Brilliant. If even Marca has turned against him, there is something seriously wrong with how he is managing that team.


    2. To be honest, the press in Italy also hated him a lot. Hahaha. I think that that’s what he wants. That’s the way he manages things, let the media attention center on him and not on the players. He did it at Inter, and he’s doing it at Madrid.

  5. Is anyone else as excited as I am about the young, talented, Dutch Christmas gift we have coming?

  6. A really good article about Bojan, don’t know if it has been posted before.


    1. Sigh. That article had a link to the video of his disallowed goal.
      Its still so depressing to watch.

    1. There must be. Im also interested in it, as my country does not have Paypal 🙁

      We need a bank account, the name of the company/person and a Bank details.

  7. A little old but have you guys seen this?
    Tika-Taka Basketball mode

    Amazing thread on barcaforum: /!/page19

    And RayRay mentioned allas’ vid in the derbi match

  8. *

    Look at Messi’s smirk.

    Deportes Cuatro vid about our reception and how Iniesta was treated.


  9. I spent last christmas in barcelona. That was a really cool experience. Weather definitely feels like christmas time and isnt too cold in spain, so have a lot of fun over there. WIsh i could spend every holiday over there.

    1. I was there at the 05-06 new year. Champagne flying everywhere, la rambla street was packed and ambulance was there in less than 5 mins after midnight. Some dude cut by the champagne glass…blood everywhere.

      Not exactly as memory one would like to remembee though lol.

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