It Is Time to Destroy Espanyol: Saturday 2pmEST

The immovable object meets the unstoppable force. Twin 7-0-0 records get launched at each other tomorrow when Espanyol hosts city rivals Barcelona. Holy cow. Where there was once a Hand of God goal, there could now be a Foot of the Messias; where there are often red cards, there will probably be more. It is the Catalan Derby and it is, really, a battle between Good (us, obviously) and Parakeets.

I do not like Blue Parakeets and Ham, no I do not, Sam I Am. They’re like little brothers who always put up a serious fight (and sometimes win), but somewhere along the way you know you’re going to inherit the family business and they’re going to have to fend for themselves, the little dolts. Not that anyone is bitter about being a younger brother. I didn’t want to be in the olive oil importing business anyway.

Ivan de la Peña. I don’t like him. I mean, of course I like him because of his blaugrana past, but I think his soul is pretty white and blue these days. He’s now spent more time with Espanyol than with Barcelona’s youth, B, and first team combined (8 years vs 7) and the Little Buddha is always willing to smite his former club as he did a couple of years ago with a double in the match Keita was wrongly sent off in. I watched that match in the basement of Nevada Smiths, amongst the sticky floors and various odd patrons who seem to lurk down there.

We’ve totaled one former Espanyolista in Raul Tamudo with a 5-0 don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out send off into retirement, so why not de la Peña too? I mean, except this one would be even sweeter because it’s actual Espanyol and not historically a member of Espanyol. Not that my dislike of Tamudo and that one goal he scored that one time that we’re not going to talk about cause I don’t need to weep right now is diminished, but now it’s time to take out Espanyol, who have yet to play someone above 7th at home. And that was just Getafe.

Prediction: 1-3. They score, but so do we. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this!

More later when I’m done hanging with old HS buddies.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


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  3. Ugh, whenever Villa has the ball on the left, Abidal makes a great run outside of him, and Villa doesn’t even see the option. Use the wing!

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    If anyone is still looking for the right link, that’s it

    1. This one worked for me

  5. Another 5 goals. Wow. Just hope Messi bounces back and doesn’t wallow. But by god what a playmaker he is turning into.

    1. When were the chants? Throughout the whole match. Even Sid Lowe mentioned it after the game. Pathetic.

    2. And brought signs thanking Iniesta and ‘lo coreaban’ (In-yeeees-ta) and applauded him going off the field.

      There is no balance sheet for fan behavior,

      But that was gracious.

    3. Yeah that was nice, but still the chants and all the stuff they threw on to the pitch were disgusting.

    1. I predicted a manita, not 1-5 (boo hoo). So I changed my manita gravatar. It will come back when, not if, we get another manita.
      Other than that, and Messi not scoring, it’s been a great day. Now if my Ravens can win tomorrow, it will be a great weekend.

  6. I enjoyed every one of those 5 goals.

    F*** you, Espanyol. May you rot in the Segunda for the end of time.

  7. 8 – Barcelona have scored more than two goals in eight consecutive games for the first time ever in La LigaBBVA. Mutants [OptaJose]


  8. Wow I’m so happy I loved every single goal. 1-5 WOW. How many manitas in the last 30 days? like 4?

    Too bad Messi did not score. But he is so good at being a classic 10 too, which makes him basically impossible to play against will kill you with a pass or will he score you to death?

    1. yes, too bad Messi and Bojan didnt score too…
      and too bad Valdes lose his cleans sheet…. 🙁

      I’m getting tired of this FIVE things…I want SIX nest time… 😛

      Barca has spoiled us, eh? 😀
      it’s a 5-1 and we still complain…hahaha…

      IF we maintain this form until May, I have no doubt we will take our “stolen” crown from Inter… 🙂

  9. On Barcastuff:

    Guardiola: “What’s the secret? The players are really good and they run a lot.”

    What a legend.

    1. Speaking of which, is there somewhere I can look at a breakdown of game stats by player/team? Not just goals/fouls/cards, etc, but also running distances and things like that?

  10. I still love me some Andres but I feel like Pedro! is becoming my favourite player. I have no words to describe his game or his attitude, just out-of-this-world… So I wanted to note than many many people here, those EPL followers I guess, prefered some frech retired guy named titi over the monster, even when the monster had already scored in all competitions 😀 they even said that titi was better than p! because he was the one “tiring the defense” … p! tires, defends, puts crazy pressure, recovers balls, scores, passes, dribbles EVERYTHING and even smiles!!!!! D

    dios salve a pedro!

    1. Speaking of beating a dead horse..

      I like Pedrito to, he’s becoming a very important player to us. But Henry did gave us a lot in his second year, so show some respect..

    2. I mean, that stuff was so disrespectful to p!, comparing him to a dead horse 😀 and even putting the dead horse over him just ’cause he earns more money.!now.

      I remember my dad asking me why the f… p! was starting vs Germany in the semifinals, that it was a bad decision by del bosque. Or the many who said titi was a better player and p! should be his back-up… those things keep coming to my mind when I see the kid play. he’s pure gold!!!!!!!! dinamita

      the 2nd goal he scored today (I believe) or the one in el clasico when after being slapped by marcelo he sprints like a horse on coke are only reachable by pedro! himself. he’s got me all the way I’ve never seen a player like him I love the guy, the persona the player everything. What can I say other that I’m a fanboy.

      Same goes for busi (and yaya) — I’m not the only fanboy I guess

    3. Haha was Titi on the squad list? Was he on the bench? Ow that’s right, he’s playing for the New York redbulls!

      He must have gave you a good impression in his 3 years for Barca if you’re still talking about him:-D!

      You Titi-lover!

      Ps: Just kidding Poipoi, I love Pedrito as much as you do..

  11. Is it still a manita if we get 5 and they score? I thought it meant 5-0. Can I put my gravatar back up??????

  12. I was just looking at some stats, and poor Jeffren has only played 52 minutes this season.

    That’s less than Victor Vasquez, Sergi Gomez, Ruben Mino, Oriol Romeu, Jonathon Dos Santos, Nolito, Bartra, Fontas, and Thiago.

    PS – players are listed above in ascending order of minutes played.

  13. what are your thoughts on thiago? hasn’t he been a little dissapointing this season at least? I’m starting to smell bojan but let’s hope not. Xavi and Iniesta are the highest of the standards

    1. How has he been disappointing? He has barely played, but when he has, he has put in more good performance than bad.

      Don’t even think it’s a talking point.

    2. very non-constant , which is the antithesis of xaviniesta. that is ALL I am saying. He is a hell of a player “a priori” lotta class. Very very good player please don’t get me wrong, but those tatoos…. 😉

      Everyone laughed when EE threw in some videos of Mata when Bojan airfutbol videos appeared. Mata’s progress has been better IMO.

    3. The only disappointing thing has been that he hasnt played more.Im starting develop a personal grudge against keita 😀

  14. Why do strikers always lose their sharpness when they join us, I know Villa scored 2 (second one very lucky to go in) but he needed like 5 or 6 opportunities..

    I always rememberd Villa as a cool finisher..

    Pedro and Messi (execpt this game) are the most clinical finishers ever!

    1. The links from fbtz are a bit too big for non-premium members today, so go here *

  15. **

    Read how rated Our Players especially his explanations for the ratings. Very Funny.:D

  16. The goals:


    With Ray Ray commentary. “He’s running like he has a lobster down his shorts.” 😀

  17. Ray Ray gave allas14 a shout out today! During the first half he told everyone to go search for ‘Messi never dives’. Brilliant video.

    Visca allas14! Spread the word people.

    1. That was one awesome video!

      Ray Ray moment of the game was when he said( and I paraphrase beacuse I don’t remember it exactly)” The Martians tune in to watch Barca play and they are in awe.”

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