It Is Time to Destroy Espanyol: Saturday 2pmEST

The immovable object meets the unstoppable force. Twin 7-0-0 records get launched at each other tomorrow when Espanyol hosts city rivals Barcelona. Holy cow. Where there was once a Hand of God goal, there could now be a Foot of the Messias; where there are often red cards, there will probably be more. It is the Catalan Derby and it is, really, a battle between Good (us, obviously) and Parakeets.

I do not like Blue Parakeets and Ham, no I do not, Sam I Am. They’re like little brothers who always put up a serious fight (and sometimes win), but somewhere along the way you know you’re going to inherit the family business and they’re going to have to fend for themselves, the little dolts. Not that anyone is bitter about being a younger brother. I didn’t want to be in the olive oil importing business anyway.

Ivan de la Peña. I don’t like him. I mean, of course I like him because of his blaugrana past, but I think his soul is pretty white and blue these days. He’s now spent more time with Espanyol than with Barcelona’s youth, B, and first team combined (8 years vs 7) and the Little Buddha is always willing to smite his former club as he did a couple of years ago with a double in the match Keita was wrongly sent off in. I watched that match in the basement of Nevada Smiths, amongst the sticky floors and various odd patrons who seem to lurk down there.

We’ve totaled one former Espanyolista in Raul Tamudo with a 5-0 don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out send off into retirement, so why not de la Peña too? I mean, except this one would be even sweeter because it’s actual Espanyol and not historically a member of Espanyol. Not that my dislike of Tamudo and that one goal he scored that one time that we’re not going to talk about cause I don’t need to weep right now is diminished, but now it’s time to take out Espanyol, who have yet to play someone above 7th at home. And that was just Getafe.

Prediction: 1-3. They score, but so do we. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this!

More later when I’m done hanging with old HS buddies.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Not being from Barcelona I don’t have the hate thing for Espanyol. In fact, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for them as they are doomed to remain in the shadows and our success can’t be easy for them. That won’t stop them kicking lumps out of us I know. . . .

    I’m particularly curious to see the reception Iniesta gets at the start of the match given the jersey donation etc. It could be quite emotional, at least for Iniesta.

    1. Oh, snap! Jim, you just posted exactly what I was going to almost word for word, including the Iniesta thing.


    2. I had similar sentiments up until that-one-day-we-shan’t-speak-of a few years back.. The one that still feels like a bad dream.

  2. My prediction: 2-1. We take it in a squeaker, goals by Messi and Iniesta, plus one by Villa disallowed for offside.

  3. lineup prediction will be easy:

    Alves Pique Puyol Abidal
    Xavi Iniesta
    Messi Villa Pedro

    Pim Pam Pom. 0-5 Visca’l Barca!

    1. Wow! … I mean … a 5-0 trashing of Espanyol Barcelona IN THEIR FORTRESS, that would be the mostest crazy thing this Pep team has ever done!

      It’s not EE, it’s not Inter, it’s not Chelsea – a 5-0 against them would lift me into the highest spheres of happiness 😀

  4. Great. I was talking to myself on the previous thread.

    So, for the people who weren’t following my monologue, I’ll repost the important parts here:

    I’m uploading the first leg of the Arsenal-Barca tie from last season.I just finished uploading that first half and the video is being processed. I’ve decided to make it “unlisted”* and give people here the link.

    *“Unlisted” means that only people who know the link to the video can view it. The video will not appear in any of YouTube’s public spaces, such as search results, your channel, or the Browse page, but the link can be shared with anyone.

    I’ll link the video to my name when it’s done and ready. All you have to do is click on my name.

    The point of my doing this is for fellow cules can watch this match when they want.

    1. I was following it, but I have no experience with youtube either…
      I was wondering when the URL would be posted, but now I read about your bad luck 🙁
      Sorry for that.

  5. Sh*t. The video was removed because it was too long.


    This is why I don’t use YouTube.

    1. I shoulda continued reading… but thanks for the effort.

      And ya, YouTube sucks like that sometimes…

    2. if you can read chinese, they have their own version of youtube where you could post vids like 2 hours long… and… post and watch all movies you want like watchin it on tv…might help.=)

  6. This is the wrong thread now, but Dirty Tackle has a very funny take on the CL draw:


    1. Dunno where to find the video by itself, but he didn’t actually speak in Catalan, he spoke in Castellano.

  7. These Espanyol boys are talking reckless. Osvaldo calling Keita a dirty player, something that isn’t even remotely true. They seem a little too confident to me. I so hope we crush them, but it will be tough.

  8. I’ve only ever seen one Espanyol fan in Barcelona before. In the airport, and he wasnt exackly a sight for sore eyes. He was a full on biker looking dude, that you would think would be on Sons Of Anarchy, it was just his Perico shirt that gave him away. And what was worst of all, I had my Barca shirt on and had to shit next to him since there were no other seats in the gate for our flight…

    1. I’m sorry, that misspelling has me laughing out loud. I’m imagining a guy in a Barca jersey walking up to an Espanyol fan and defecating next to him in the terminal waiting area.

      I respect the Espanyol fans for their loyalty. It must be kind of hard to go cheer on Osvaldo day in and day out with FCB playing beautiful football 30 minutes away. Hmm…ok, on second thought, maybe I don’t respect them.

      Should be an exciting match though. I love the intensity of derbies!

    2. Hey man dont be hatin’ English is my second language. He smelled bad already though. But with the rest I agree.

  9. I’m downloading Home Movie Maker right now. Like hell I’m gonna give up after waiting that long.

    I’ll be back, Terminator-style! 🙂

    YouTube obviously doesn’t know the saying: hell hath no fury like a woman who get her first video rejected.

  10. isaiah, i know you have your HS buds in town, but let me help you start with your homework: ivan de la pena will not play. he is injured. at least, im pretty sure of that.

  11. Thanks for all the work your putting into this Kari. I also have the match and a hell of a PC I built myself So if there is anything I can do let me know.

    Did any one see this. It sucks I know

    1. The translation on the offiical site is:

      “Asked about him facing a Premier League challenge as a coach Guardiola added: “It was something I thought about as a player, but it was not to be. In the short-term as a coach I do not plan to go there, but one never knows further down the line. I will not be at Barça forever, but at the moment I cannot see it.” ”

      So…it might not mean anything.

  12. Hey all, I despise Espanyol and hope some day I see them relegated. There are many reasons, such as being in my view the representation of EE in Barcelona. Or perhaps the bitterness they have towards Barca, no doubt rooted in their inferiority complex. Also the very fact that even though they dislike Barca, they still have several ex Barca players. Added to this as Balague(who I’m not the biggest fan of)etc claim they hope to copy Barca’s philosophy. In the mean time they will continue to be dirty petulant cheats. And finally Luis Garcia , a creep who needs a good kick.

    Rant over

  13. I soooooooo hope we win tomorrow! And I hope the ref isn’t influenced by the fans like last season.

  14. First i hate espanyol as i hate EE.So i want to humiliate them.Then in just few hours i am already tired from what i read in the net.How arsenal can beat barca,how wenger will play blah,blah.Stupid draw.I want EE in the next round,i want EE in CDR i want them many times again,so we will live agains the orgasmic nights of monday 29 november.

  15. Barça is coming at this on a week of rest, with nothing to hold back for. The team is in top form. We rolled RM, we are going to roll Espanyol.

    0-4, my prediction.

  16. Holy freakin’ moly! It takes a billon years for one video to upload 😐

    Can click my name and tell me if the video they can see is okay?

    Because I didn’t want YouTube to reject the video again, I split the first half into 6 parts (I thought the longest the video could be was 10 min. so I kept the videos under 10 minutes).

    That was beyond stupid.

    It turns out the 15 minutes is the longest the video can be. Considering it takes an AGE for one measly video to upload, doing it five more times will take God knows how long…

    I don’t know how allas14 and other upload their videos so fast. If people have tips, let me know or you’ll have to wait a couple of days just to finish the first half :S

    1. I just noticed that, I don’t know why it redirected there :S

      I posted the link under my comment, jordi.

    2. Heh i realized after i posted.Stupid captcha delayed me.

      Well from what ive seen its excellent quality.

  17. I get what happened. Since I listed the video as “unlisted”, unless I give people the link, they won’t see it (hence the redirection to the Thong Boy video when you click my name.)

    Don’t click my name; go to the link I posted.

    So, can anyone tell me if they can see the video?

    1. So…. if we don’t follow your directions, we get thong boy-ed.

      That’s worse than getting rick rolled or hlebed. (does Isaiah use 2 “b”s in hlebed or 1?)

  18. Part 1 /

    Part 2 /

    Part 3 /

    And that’s about all I’ll do today. *Yawns*

  19. Great job, Kari. I have like 3 different broadcasts of that match on my external hard drive, but YouTube is always convenient.

  20. just watched the links kari, thanks.

    we dominated the opening of that game, and i remember how we all raved, but really i think we have seen better this season from our team. assuming we arrive healthy i think we will handle them even more easily than last time.

    1. I agree.
      I remember when we saw it for the first time, we thought that was probably the best we’d ever performed (ignoring the last 25 minutes of course).
      But after seeing what we’ve seen this season, and then watching it back, we’ve definitely put on better performances.

  21. Taking a look at the fair play table we will see that espanyol have 53 yellow cards in 15 league games, an average of 3.533 yellow cards per game, now this is a derby so we will expect more of that, i can see espanyol kicking the shit out of us .. literally and yes they might play some football too, but i wouldnt get my hopes high for that.
    Prediction, lots of yellow cards, possibly a red or 2, as for the score, if our players can still stand and run then we will win otherwise i dont know.

  22. btw , it would be a great idea to include registration here , so that members could avoid the captcha thingy!

  23. I will be at a wedding and the meal is at 6.30, the game starts at 7. I told them I will be in the bar watching it but you can never enjoy a game in a bar, not like you can at home. Maybe i’ll watch it tomorrow but then someone will tell me the score and i’ll erupt later. Christ what to do ?

  24. Yes mei but you can only be Catalan or your parents must be members of or have been a member before and that sort of thing.

    This captcha thing is a pain alright.

  25. I know what Guillem Balague face I want to see at midweek. And it is definitely not the proud -“insightful” – smirk face.

  26. Notes on Kari’s Arsenal v. Barca efforts:

    1-Kari rocks!

    2- Could you imagen that game being played with a healthy Iniesta and Abidal. Maxwell did a good job and Keita’s one of my favorites(just love his attitude) but we would have put on even more of a clinic than we did.

    3- As good as we were, we are better now!

    Can anyone do what Kari is doing for this game for the 2009 CL final? I wasn’t around for that one (meaning football meant NLF, the closest I got to soccer were my kids’ games, and I thought professional soccer was played by teams like DC United,ugh!)

    Finally- I want Kxevin back!

    1. It will be shocking not having kxevin around for the catalan derby.
      Meaning the catalans and the pretenders , thats more like it.

    2. I have the CL final game with me. But my internet is too slow to upload it. I will think of something.

  27. Great job Kari. Always wanted to watch that game again!

    So I was watching EE getting spanked again! I saw Pepe and Carvalho ahead of X.Alonso trying to mark Messi several times. Same thing happened to Vermaelen and Song in first leg of CL.

    I think being the Special coach he is Mou Mou could have done better there. Messi was creating mis match every where in the pitch in first half and EE defenders and midfield didn’t have a clue. I never saw someone playing a false 9 that effectively before. Great game 🙂

  28. What’s the weather like in Spain? Most of Europe is in snow “chaos”. As far down south as Florence, Italy.

  29. You mean Catalunya? Just messin’ with you, Nick.

    — says partly cloudy and aound 52°F during the day, going down to 39°F with light rain late tonight.

  30. Guys frank bagnack of our youth team suffered a horror injury in a friendly game.I hope he will be good soon.Sad.

    1. Wow its a nasty break,Not for the squeamish


    1. the website for GOLTV has it at 1:55.
      My DVR from Comcast says 1:55 EST

  31. Is there going to be a LiveBlog today? I’m guessing not, since all the mods seem to be MIA… 🙁

    1. Isaiah is almost assuredly watching the Kansas game right now. And Kevin isn’t around. So perhaps your best bet would be to make your own cover it live and put a link in this comments section?

    2. I sent them both an email, so hopefully that will work, but in the meantime I’ll look at other options

  32. I’m gonna help by staying well away Vicsoc, so I won’t cause you grief by playing hari-kari with my Liveblog connection every time I get excited 🙂

    1. Haha that only happened one time Jim. Besides it’s worth the little bit of extra work to have you around.

  33. Lineup: Valdes Alves Pique Puyol Abidal Xavi Busquets Iniesta Pedro Messi Villa

    Bench: Pinto Maxwell Adriano Mascherano Keita Thiago Bojan

  34. The liveblog is on. If neither Kxevin nor Isaiah get my email in the next 15 minutes, I’ll post a link that will open the liveblog in a different window.

    See you all soon.

  35. Does anyone know where I can find the picture about “What Pique tweets about”? I looked through the old comments but could not find it.

    1. The location of this picture probably reflects my extreme sadness, but here you go anyway.


  36. //″ target=”_blank

    That’s the link for the liveblog. You can also click on my name if you’re lazy and don’t want to copy paste.

    Not going live quite yet, probably approximately 1:53 45 secs.

    PS – I’m terrible at the CAPTCHA

  37. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Working stream: */ needs veetle

  38. /

    working feed, commentary in spanish. Pretty good picture.

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