Andres Iniesta and the Bear

So, our very own Andres Iniesta is making quite a name for himself as a pitchman. He’s on air, pitching a television football package in a sequence of brilliant advertisements. It’s apparently a real bear, but we’re told that Carles Puyol is in the background, in case the bear gets a bit frisky with the future of our midfield.

Here are the videos, and they are brilliant. We’re posting them here for posterity, so that when people want to have an “Awwwww!” moment, they can come here:

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By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, Iโ€™m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, Iโ€™m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ๐Ÿ™ . I will stop watching Champions League altogether if that thing happens again this year ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  1. We should have a poll before the draw tomorrow!

    “Who do you want in the R16”?


    1. You might expect me to say anyone but Arsenal but at this point in time (especially after Monday (UGH! YUK!)) …….BUT…..

      I’m re-posting my rant from after the Man U v Arsenal game:
      “At this point, I donโ€™t care anymore. Give me a Barca v. Arsenal round of 16 and I will gladly cheer my head off for Barca against my second team. Barca goes through 10-0 on aggregate (2 manitas- weโ€™re good at that). Then I want to play against United in the quarter finals because they didnโ€™t show me much today either- Barca goes through 10-0 on aggragate(see above reason!).”

      Ofcourse, knocking BANGS out of it in the round of 16 could be satisfying (in a mean, vindictive, should-be-beneath-me-but-isn’t)way.


      This unnecessary rivalry, sparked by the Fabregas thing and fueled entirely by pissed-off fans on both sides to an extent I’ve never seen before, has to END.

  2. You know actually I wouldn’t have minded playing ManU in the Round of 16 (R16 doesn’t work for me, it sounds to similar to R10!).

  3. I’m walking the Hectored tightrope, but whatever!


    Who cares if it’s an obvious and innocuous statement! It is so on, Ibra!

    —Ek, another variation of Round of 16 is Rof16 (that looks too much like “ROFL 6” to me.)

    –As for Inter, I don’t really want them anymore, simply because if (I really want the say when) we beat them, MouMou’s arse will be kissed (i.e. he’ll be used as an excuse.)

  4. Kxevin, in his ill timed rant and subsequent “break” has highlighted some of the reasons I have been much less active here than only a little while ago (besides of course the fact that I’m in my first year of medical school).

    I started posting on this blog for three reasons. 1. I love Barcelona 2. The writing of the authors is generally great (although they are human like any of us, and we shouldnt forget it) 3. The comment area was a close knit and tightly bonded community.

    Without pointing fingers, I think some of the “specialness” of the community is in serious danger of being lost. Many delicate and deep topics have always been discussed on this blog, but in the past they have always been discussed with the understanding that although people may differ in opinions, the commenters on this blog respected each other and would act accordingly.

    Recently I’ve seen all too often commenters dismissing the opinions of others as stupid, resorting to petty personal “attacks”, and either being unable or unwilling to discuss things in a mature and responsible way. Saying: “well, you just don’t like so-and-so” or “well you’re just Biased” is in no way productive to discussion on this forum.

    While I’m not talking about everyone, or even most people, I entreat you to remember why you come to this blog. We are like a small little family of very intense Barcelona fans. We are going to disagree, and that is ok. But when we do disagree we should use constructive arguments to back up our own position and never stop respecting the other bloggers here.

    The fact is that although only a small portion of us are writers on this blog, we are all responsible for the atmosphere of the blog. This blog was built in part on respect for your fellow posters, and I urge everyone to try to uphold this ideal.

    Sorry for Lecturing

    1. Agreed.

      Recently, the blog has changed a bit. The tone of some of the posts as well as the comments have been kind of a turn off. After the last post, I debated whether I should stop posting comments altogether, but thought against it. Although, I’m probably going to post a little less now.

    2. Don’t do that! I have my last final of the semester tomorrow morning, so that means I can post like the rabid fan I am very soon, and it wouldn’t be the same without you!

    3. When I first started commenting here this blog felt like family, but yeah recently with the overall bitterness- mostly after the Qatar WC announcement- and all the stuff Vicsoc said has kinda changed my feelings about it, somehow it doesn’t feel as much like family ish anymore.

      It’ll be nice when all that blows over and we go back to before, cos this was a really, really quality blog.

      Kari: Don’t leave the forums! You’re one of my favorites here!

      The Kevin thing- Kevin is a fantastic writer and I can understand getting pissed sometimes, mod or not, and I look forward to him coming back and hopefully we give Espanyol such a wonderful battering this weekend that Kevin just feels the need to HAVE to write a match review about it.

  5. I must apologize to kxevin and all here.I am sorry for my comment.It sounds like a personal attack.The fact is i disagree with kxevin in specific subjects.But again it was my mistake.I feel what i say now,i am not try to be nice.

  6. 20 years ago today since the Pepster made his debut for the first team. I fear nobody but agree with whoever wrote recently that AC Milan would be a good game for us as they are average at best at the moment and it would be nice to put Zlatan back in his box for the blasphemy against the mighty Pep.

  7. @vicsoc


    Recently, the blog has changed a bit. The tone of some of the posts as well as the comments have been kind of a turn off. After the last post, I debated whether I should stop posting comments altogether, but thought against it. Although, Iโ€™m probably going to post a little less now.

    And it’s not because this is the second time my comment has been in moderation. (I saw the Kangaroo Boots by the way blitzen. That is so awesome–I want one! Maybe I’ll get it during the holidays…)

  8. Guys c,mon. We’re all grown up here and we all lose it at times. So we post and apologise and move on. Tbh, Kxevin, a break is no bad idea. Imagine being able to watch and rewatch a Barca game on that huge TV of yours without the pressure of having to comment in the liveblog or write a review immediately afterwards. You could enjoy this unique moment in Barca’s history.

    However, that’s not gonna happen because we need our reviews ! What am I gonna do if we get a new reviewer and he gives Abidal a 3 and Villa a 9? I’ve nowhere to go. We might all come under pressure to write reviews and show ourselves up when compared with your crafted pieces.

    Finally, i think we’ve all got to remember that Greece Barca is writing in a language which isn’t his main one. As such nuances are lost and things tend to be stated more bluntly than you maybe intend.

    Just as, although Kxevin and Isaiah are probably mortified, those two posts are classics and will live on in this blog to be alluded to whenever we feel a little low ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Whats all this, your comment is awaiting moderation stuff about ? And whats the CAPTCHA Code about ? Whats going on ?

  10. Completely agree. My reasons for following and contributing here are pretty much identical to those above and the thing I cherish most about this space is the community – writers and commenters.

    In my mind, this blog has etched its place in the blogosphere as the premiere Barca blog. While most other blogs are focused on the delivery of news/rumors, this special place of ours is one of the few (if not, only) hubs of respectful, intellectual discussion where members of the community generally display an extraordinary level of maturity, tolerance and understanding.

    That is by far the hardest thing to maintain in such a passion filled environment where new issues and new members are cropping up on a daily (hourly) basis. I also believe that the general vibe of this space – which we are all responsible for – is a key reason as to why we’re not regularly faced with the Boixos Nois of the blogging world (ie. the rude, angry, intimidating, etc). Reading any other fan blog – be it a Barca, EE, EPL, Serie A or whatever blog – makes the differences abundantly clear.

    So, I’d like to suggest that we cherish this space just as we do our team, because both of them truly are precious.

    And Kxev, I, like everyone else, will be eagerly awaiting your return. A couple days off (or less?) are, if nothing else, a well earned mental break after these past few weeks.

    1. Hmmm “Awaiting moderation” – I’m not entirely sure if this^ was
      posted as a response to Vicsoc8’s comment. Hope it was…

  11. my caps button is poppin’ & lockin’…

    “Tw Pique: ‘I’m driving home… I like to put on the radio and listen to the derby talk! I feel people look forward to a good game!'” -barcastuffagain

    gerard is such an egomaniac. i love it! tis what twitter’s for, though, i guess.

    1. Tweeting and driving? That’s so dangerous, Pique! What if you crash and sprain your typing thumbs?

  12. back to the original comment I too believe it is shocking that we will have a $50 yearly transfer budget…Would have very much preferred to use that budget to clear up our debts than our shirt…Heartbreaking, really.

  13. My take on this news is: we don’t need 50 million worth of signings next summer.

    With the team we have and some moderately intelligent investing, we should be able to get away with 10-20 million in signings for the next five years.

  14. Some observations:
    -whoever writes under “Kxevin” was absolutely wrong (not sure unprofessional is appropriate due to the nature of this blog) to introduce words like ‘shit’ and ‘stupid’ to these pages

    -being a moderator makes it that much worse. However, it can happen to any of us and the apology was a very good step in the right direction.

    -He (kexevin) was genuinely excited (like the most of us were) at the time of Zlatan’s signing but, more importantly, he (kxevin) had strong support for him when his performances dropped and Guardiola moved him to the bench. The general sentiment was that kxevin (and the likes) were very sure that Zlatan will not only stay but perform so much better with season under his belt. Could it be that the author has a hard time admitting misjudgment so much that when it is brought up it creates a passionate reaction?

    -The “debt” (or the interpretation of it by rosell’s team) is not nearly as dramatic especially when compared to the other clubs of similar stature and on-field success. The cash flow is what matters so much more short-term.

    1. @ Tom_Johnson (in case this doesn’t work as a reply)

      Everyone is human. Sure Kxevin was a bit out of line, but I don’t think this incident really had anything to do with him being insecure about a “personal misjudgement.” Rather, I think it was a knee-jerk response to whether or not Kxevin was right or wrong about Ibra.

      The issue at hand is more that Kxevin expressed his displeasure on the selling of the shirt, and he the response he got was an attack on his judgement which frankly had absolutely nothing to do with the current conversation. Bringing up where Kxevin stood on the Ibra signing really has no relevance to the discussion of the selling of the shirt. The way the comment was presented made me say “ok, theres an attack for no reason.”

      So, no, I don’t think this had anything whatsoever to do with Kxevin being insecure about his position on Ibra or his position on anything else. Rather, it was a response to a comment that attacked him about something completely irrelevant to the topic at hand.

      It’s like you saying “I think Man Utd. will win the Premier League this season” and me responding “Well, you also think that Anderson is a better player than Xavi.”

    2. @viscoc8 (yeah, the reply might skip sometime)

      By no means am I qualified to say with a 100% certainty what is in someone else’s head (consciously or subconsciously). I merely suggested an option to consider.

      “Bringing up where Kxevin stood on the Ibra signing really has no relevance to the discussion of the selling of the shirt.”

      It can be relevant if you are trying to establish credibility or the expertise. If somebody has made misjudgments in the past, it is valid to suggest that he/she is “highly likely” be wrong again (on the issue at hand). If he/she was wrong trying to guess an outcome or had overlooked the relevant facts for the previous analysis, now that we have another situation his/her analysis might be distorted again drawing wrong conclusions.

    3. Fair enough. I’m of the opinion that Kxevin’s response was precipitated by the tone taken against him, but like you said I can’t be certain what he was thinking.

      Bringing up examples that put into doubt a person’s credibility is certainly a way to win an argument in the court of law, but if that is how arguments are going to be conducted here then I won’t be posting anymore.

      Either way, probably best to let it lie now.

  15. I realise that this isn’t the topic of discussion at the moment, but since the CL draw is tomorrow, and the only post on this about a week old, I hope it’s okay that I post this here:

    “Oh yeah. Just a quick perusal of even the ESPN boards will tell you that. Like you say, all clubs, particularly big clubs, will have a large distribution of fans of every attitude and maturity. To paint fans of a global club as anything other than a diverse and heterogeneous mass is just dumb.”

    Truer words by Jose have never been spoken. All clubs have daft fans. I’m really looking forward to the draw and I hope we get you guys. As much as I despise some of the things that happened over the summer, I understand why they did, and while I’m sure you think it’s just an excuse, I’d love to see how a fully fit (or almost fully fit) Arsenal team would do against you guys, our injury problems last year made the CL a real bummer.

    I do believe you have the stronger team, but I believe that on our day we can beat you. I have to admit I don’t like most of the Barca team, but I love the way you play, and how can you not like Messi and Pep? Failing you, I hope we draw Real, just so I can see the look on Mourinho’s face when his team is plastered again.

    1. Yeah.
      I really don’t like how some Barca fans(not on this blog) were taunting Arsenal last season. Many of you players were injured and we were near our best 11.
      So it wasn’t that fair but so wasn’t our match against Inter. That’s life.

    2. It indeed would be great to see both sides at their best playing each other. We’ve been fortunate with injuries this year, so hopefully you guys catch a break as well.

      Be aware though that most of the English magazine interviews involving Barcelona players were fabricated, in case that is why you don’t like most of the Barca team.

    3. It’s so complicated, I really dug the Barca team until the summer of Cesc, and I do understand WHY a lot of them would want to see Barca back, and why Cesc would want to go back, but what happened with the Barca shirt during the World Cup celebrations kind of tipped me over the edge.

      That said, the win against Real came some way to making up for it, I was PRAYING for even more goals (it could have been).

    4. Well, Shobo, I hope we don’t get Arsenal in the draw because I am also a bit of an Arsenal fan and would prefer to beat you later rather than sooner. ๐Ÿ˜€

      I’m sorry Cesc is still not 100% fit because I think he is a great player. I’m in the minority in this blog in hoping that he’ll still end up at Barca, but I completely understand why you don’t want to lose him.

      And I hope that you realize that a LOT of those so-called “interviews” with Barcelona players that showed up in the British press over the summer and invariably contained a quote about Cesc were completely made up. FC Barcelona even released a statement about them not long ago.

      Cheers and good luck to your club.

  16. In a perfect world I would rather have them spending max. US20-25million and keep the rest for the player’s salaries increment’s & to slowly pay off debts but I don’t think that’s possible as we always need to improve since the competition is getting stronger & stronger.
    Like someone mentioned earlier, our bench players alone wouldn’t make a bad team, but it is definitely not enough for us to win the league.

    Anyways, I do think that we need to get a striker, a Plan B striker.
    No need for a star striker, just a tall & strong player who doesn’t mind sitting on the bench.
    We are well covered on all the other areas.
    Just a secondary #9.

    It’s ok for you to take a rest. It’s well deserved.
    I guess it’s a blessing in disguise( Greece Barca”s comments) ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. When will the winter break start btw?
    I fear that it’s nearing.
    I’m already downloading old matches now to keep myself busy and entertained during that period.

    See Kxevin, another good reason for you to rest;
    Winter break!

    1. Winter break begins after our Tuesday game against Athletic Bilbao (Copa Del Rey).

      Play resumes January 2, so we will only be without Barca for two weeks.

    2. January 8th isn’t so bad as I tend to be drunk from about the 25th to the 1st of January anyway. It will be nice to have a game to cheer me up after the christmas drinking binge.

    3. Don’t forget, the Catalan national team is playing their game on December 28th against….um…can’t remember. It will be fun, anyway.

  18. I’m going to disagree. I really am hoping we don’t draw Arsenal, although they are mainly personal reasons. My brother is an Arsenal fan and they are my favorite Premier League team to watch, and so I hope they go far in the tournament.

    To not sound arrogant, I’ll just say I’d like to see both Arsenal and Barcelona move beyond the Round of 16, and therefore I don’t want to draw Arsenal.

    1. They are my favorite EPL team too. But they were so incredibly inept on Monday and I’m not ready to forgive them yet (I live with a Man U fan and a Chelsea fan (son and hubby respectively) so there’s an embarrassment factor for me to overcome).

      As for the Kxevin/ Greece Barca thing—time to move on folks. Things got out of hand for a BRIEF time and apologies have already been made.

      Don’t rest too long Kxevin. There’s an important game coming and we need you.

    2. But he loves Barca. Barca is everybody’s favorite team in the house. We watch some EPL to pass away the rest of the time and the three of us gravitated to different teams. Daughter’s favorite EPL team is Liverpool but that has very little to do with football and a lot to do with Torres (um…teenager!). Other two kids don’t care much.

      Besides, we were married for almost 20 years before we know Chelsea existed.

    3. Don’t get me wrong, my comment was meant more as a reflection on the craziness of my family when it comes to football. My brother is an Arsenal fan, my dad is a Man United fan, and all three of us feel sorry for Liverpool.

      However, we all hate Chelsea with a passion. I’m pretty sure if my mom started supporting Chelsea my dad would consider it suitable grounds for divorce.

  19. tomorrow, a preview del derbi? looking forward to it. 7-0-0 at home vs 7-0-0 on the road. somethings gotta give. might we get some eulerian analysis on why/how espanyol are in the CL spots? i know they have like 5 kids from La Masia…

  20. we will draw roma. i dont care who we draw, im just saying, that is who we will draw. my prediction.

    1. I’ve learned not to go against your predictions.

      What do you predict the score will be this Saturday against Espanyol? I fear a draw…

  21. Cruyff criticized Messi because he doesnโ€™t speak English: โ€œHeโ€™s the best player of the world but he canโ€™t speak with half of it.โ€

    What do you guys make of it?
    I think it’s really disrespectful and completely unnecessary of Cruyff to say it in public but the old man is right. But please say it to him in private or at least through Pep.

    1. He doesn’t need to speak English. As long as he can comfortably speak the language that is most commonly used in the country he lives in, there is no problem.

      I also don’t think this was criticism, probably was just a joke.

    2. Cruyff is a barca legend , but simply comments on many things he should keep his distance from.
      Stay away from subjects like history , economics etc if you dont have enough knowledge to support your claims, or if your claims are really ridiculous like this one.
      Messi is a footballer , not a spokesperson.
      He doenst need to speak a widespread language to be able to reach to people , like artists , he speaks through his art.

  22. “Stay away from subjects like history , economics etc if you dont have enough knowledge to support your claims”

    And what exactly have you based on the conclusion that Mr. Cruyff lacks knowledge in regard to these topics?

    For some reason, quite a few (internet) fans have attached some sort of offensive tone to Mr. Cruyff’s statements of late. That was simply not the case. Perhaps the moderators should start adding a disclaimer about the “tone” Mr. Cruyff used while making a statement to help an average fan put things into context.

    What the Dutchman was trying to say is that Messi is becoming a “global icon” reaching a far greater number of people in process. With that kind of attention come certain responsibilities. It would be very helpful for the club if Messi can project a more positive, more sophisticated message about FCB and allow more people to relate easier to him (and the club).

    The same goes for Mr. Cruyff “conflicting” himself few days ago. He merely suggested that $150M+ will make less of a difference now than it would back in 2003-05. He also made it clear (only to some of us apparently) that he is not against the deal per se rather that the management should have done more to explore some other venues for increasing the revenue before picking an easy solution.

    1. I couldn’t understand why people were so adamant that Cruyff was contradicting himself on the shirt deal either.

      The context of the deal is a lot different than it would have been in 2005. The club is in a completely different place, and that makes a difference on how you approach a situation.

      Also, that was 5 years ago. Are people not allowed to change their mind in five years?

    2. Like I said, I agree with Cruyff but he shouldn’t have said it to a journalist( some Catalan paper). He should’ve adviced Messi personally or through Pep.

      About Cruyff’s comments on the shirt, I would really love to believe that his dislike for Rosell didn’t play a factor in his criticism but I really doubt it.
      I really love the man as my whole family(especially my Dad) but I really doubt him on this one for once.

    3. I actually think you’re right… but I for one can’t blame Cruyff for disliking Rosell. Rosell has treated him very poorly – stripping of his honorary presidency without even letting the assembly discuss it/vote on it, and generally trying to distance trying to distance the club from Cruyff (which in my opinion is due to the fact that Laporta relied heavily on Cruyff’s advice, and Rosell’s hatred of Laporta is fueling his poor treatment of Cruyff).

      Whether Cruyff’s comments have been influenced by Rosell or not, I still find some of his arguments and comments extremely compelling.

    4. To me, it is not so much a personal thing (rosell vs cruyff) as is the widely accepted level of respect and way of doing things.

      The whole Honorary President issue could have been handled with a lot less attention being drawn to it. It would render the same result (cruyff being stripped due to the violation of the statute) without bruising any egos and fueling future feuds.

      My main beef is with the way Rosell’s team presented the financial situation the club is currently in. Anyone with a decent background in finance and accounting has to feel that his/her intelligence has been insulted. It is very much a bs.

      Although Laporta had some questionable personal expenses (last year of presidency syndrome I guess) the income statement and balance sheet were comprised by the certified accounting firm. If the data is truly false (it is not since there is a lot of gray area in the accounting practices left to free interpretation/estimates) why is that only Laporta is accused of wrongdoing and not the accounting firm too?

    5. I can see how the ‘public announcement’ as opposed to more subtle suggestion can rub some people the wrong way.

      But I don’t think the issue is that sensitive at all. It is not some private matter where the emotions are involved or someone’s credibility is being questioned. He simply suggested the way Messi can improve on. It is no different than suggesting him to use his right foot more and hit the free-kicks with more power rather than spin.

      I highly doubt Mr. Cruyff has any problems saying it to Messi’s face. Come to think of it, he probably already did it before the article was published.

    6. It’s not really a big deal Tom but the thing is, nowadays, something innocent like that can be interpreted as an internal problem by some media and we don’t need these unnecessary things.
      you should comment more Tom.

  23. *

    World Cup In Winter……riiiiiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhhhhtttttt

    1. I would love for the World Cup in Qatar to be staged during winter.
      That would be perfect. The conditions during winter in the Gulf is perfect for footballing conditions.
      However, it will require some major re-scheduelling of the football calender to have it staged in the middle of the European season.
      They(FIFA) should’ve thought about all that before voting. Idiots!!

  24. UK footie site The Spoiler is asking the question, “Who is more important for Barcelona, Xavi or Iniesta?”



    1. I’d say Xavi.

      Iniesta is very important too in that last season if he was healthy, I think we would’ve been in the CL finals. And when fully healthy and in form like he is this season, he gives us an extra dimension.

      But Xavi is Xavi, 120 passes in 67 minutes? Come on.

    2. Right now, I would have to agree. Iniesta is a more flexible, complete player, able to play in different positions, and IMO has more raw natural talent. But Xavi–no one can do what do what Xavi does right now. No one comes even close. The entire Barca game hinges on him, and when he isn’t on the field it is obvious in a way it isn’t when Iniesta is on the bench.

  25. Xavi definately! But they are two different types of midfielders.

    That being said Xavieniesta>>>>>> Xavi + Iniesta.
    The sum is greater than the parts.

  26. don’t get too reflective. the level of discourse on this blog amongst fans and occasional lurkers is honestly tops in english i have found, and for an iberian team? impressive lot you guys, very genial and intelligent topics. i think it’s because more of you are americans, and therefore unspoilt of mind by the tribal fealty to the so called mythology of the particular european team(s) you support. level of distance that makes the conversations less throaty, and no knives or pigs’ heads.

    anyway, please don’t break cesc’s leg again. good night.

    1. Only some of the people- though admittedly most of the writers- are American; we have commenters from all over the world. Personally I’m Maldivian and we have people from India, Greece, Spain, Malaysia etc from the people who did say their home countries that I remember

  27. Messi is a son, brother, boyfriend, uncle, nephew, friend, teammate, footballer (club and country), goodwill ambassador, children’s advocate, etc. before he is someone’s ideal of “the world’s best player”. He already has too many obligations to fulfill and expectations to live up to. Unless he lived in a native English-speaking environment, he won’t learn it because he simply doesn’t have the time (right now). In the long haul, it would benefit him to pick it up, especially if he wants to become a coach one day. Yikes. It hurts to even think about Messi’s retirement…

  28. messi should learn english, because then he could displace kobe as the world’s most recognized and admired athlete. he is a patriotic argentine however, and i would not be at all surprised if his insistence to adhere exclusively to his motherland’s tongue was due in significant proportion to his parents’ indignation, which would have been raw during his youth, at the Malvinas/Falklands dispute, and their attribution of blame to baroness thatcher rather than that dipshit midget galtieri.

    1. I believe Messi has taken English lessons before, but they didn’t seem to improve his English much. It seems that he’s even shy to speak Catalan, though he clearly understands it.

      Why can’t Messi and Kobe be the most recognized and admired athleteS in the world? They certainly have enough admiration for each other. (If it isn’t obvious, I’m a huge Kobe fan.)

    2. assuredly true that they do my friend. the problem is that people of my persuasion (indians), and other asians, are geared towards preferentially regarding english language figures. we are colonized by england, and our attention goes there.

      to a desi, someone speaking spanish is an alien. an english speaker however we have been conditioned to expect and accept. we all speak english alongside our native tongues, and hindi. it is a part of who we are, and given how the 2010 Finals MVP was greeted in Beijing by the fans in 2008, we are not unique in asia. we indians like our heroes to speak: hindi, gujarati(the mahatma), or english. como se dice en espanol? mi no hablo:

    3. also, just for the hell of it. this will be replayed next year.

      i lost 500 USD on this game, and i was happier to do so than i have ever been in my life. revenge! vujacich will be missed.

    4. He is too shy( which is so cute! ) to speak Catalan which he learned for 10 years already, I can’t imagine him attempting to speak English to the media ๐Ÿ˜†

    5. Messi taped a little tribute to Xavi in Catalan that was played at the recent ceremony where Xavi won the award for Catalan Sports Figure of the Year. It was very sweet.

    6. Messi spoke about wanting to take English lessons, but I don’t think he has yet.

      He understands Catalan perfectly and can speak it, but says he is too shy to, so I doubt we will see him speaking English anytime soon.

    7. Kobe? Really? Tiger was undisputed until the truth came out but I don’t think Kobe might be no.1..

      As far as popularity goes, David Beckham may still rule the roost, followed by Federer, Messi, Thong Boy, Nadal and so on..

      Not many people would pick out Kobe in a lineup (if it were possible), Spice Boy would easily get picked out by most of the people in the world..

      I doubt Gujarati is a preference for us as far as choosing heroes are concerned, Mahatma did most of his public speaking in Hindi I think (I may be wrong).

      Lastly, if you care about Cesc’s legs so much, why not hire some decent medical staff.. Put that record profit to some use.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    8. our unknown shareholders who evidently do not take dividends are reluctant to issue us transfer cash, trusting us to live on the cheap while they hobknob with billionaire sex traffickers in west london. j/k. i don’t think we can use our cash tho…

      liger? he was a curiosity, now, well…

      mahatma spoke mostly in hindi, i speak mostly in english. we are both gujarati. the rest of india doesn’t like it, or us, but they will accept it. and learn our language! or learn arabic…

      and as for cesc’s legs, well, the best argument for him returning to you lot is they could use a tan. and if barca played stoke or wolves week in, week out, iniesta would be crippled, and messi would be dead. thank god they don’t.

    9. Oh I forgot to mention I love Gujju’s and Gujarati.. I’m living in my Gujju friend’s room in the hostel as we speak.. He’s kind enough to let me stay there.. One has to say, you guys a one tightly knit community..

  29. Stream for the CL draw starting in 3 minutes: *

  30. Well, it looks like we face off against Arsenal yet again!

    And the EE get to try their luck again vs. Lyon.

    And Bayern play Inter as well…dejavu all over the place!

  31. arsenal again. bring on the cesc brigade. i hope this time trolling is bit less.

    considering the captcha, it might be though:).

  32. I didn’t want arsenal, now I feel sorry for them. Barca will win this. EE vs Lyon that should be fun.

  33. don’t feel sorry for them. they were 3 for 3 in the group stages, +12 goal difference, yet managed to end 2nd…the team has been lacking some serious balls for some time now

  34. I’m kind of glad we didn’t get either of the Milans. Call me a coward, but I wouldn’t have wanted to face them. At least not yet.

  35. Do you guys realize we are the only team to have beaten Arsenal in the last 10 years that didn’t cause Wenger to blame the pitch / referee / diving / rough play / weather / hotel room / injuries / butterfly in Tokyo ?

    I hope we’re gonna go Playstation on them again!

    1. Apparently Wenger even expected (and for some odd reason, wanted) to get us in the CL draw… something which, as an Arsenal fan, I can hardly understand.

  36. Cue the Gooner invasion..

    Hopefully this time it won’t be too bad considering they’ll have to deal with the Captcha first ๐Ÿ˜›

  37. Oh yeah, this will be fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I definitely prefer facing Arsenal over Inter or Milan. Arsenal is the big matches flop team of the last years, they are neither defensive nor aggressive, prepare for two further glorious football masterpieces!
    I am anticipating this match soo eagerly, hope time passes fast ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Hi all
    Can anyone tell me when was the last time that arsenal beat us in a competitive game???

  39. Arsenal! wow! I am happy and I am not, because we can’t beat the Milanese teams! Oh wait, then I wanna beat Arsenal too! Can they all come at once so that we can beat them all???

    It’s not gonna be too complicated, we’d shown them how this game is played and Wenger won’t have a clue what to do once more. They should consider themselves lucky because they get training from us 2 years in a row. They should improve by a lot now. But looking at their performance against United, I don’t think they stand the least bit of chance to beat us.

    They won’t troll this year, they have zero bragging right in front of us now.

    1. Couldn’t agree more cliveee, and i’ll use that line about the training too, i’ll use it good.

  40. Maybe this time Cesc can play at the Camp Nou? The never-ending transfer drama continues.

    Other than our match with Arsenal, I also wanna see Inter-Bayern, Milan-Tottenham, and of course, Lyon beating EE. But then again that would ruin my dream Barca-EE CL final.

    1. uuuuuh call me a chicken but I do not want to face EE in the CL final…rather not face them in the CL at all to be honest

    2. Agreed, Lev. The only way they could properly get revenge on us for the manita is by booting us out of the CL. And we all know that Mourinho knows how to do that.

    3. Signed. I also have a lot more respect for Real Madrid in the CL than la Liga.
      I think Lyon will lose to EE this time, also Spurs could be slight favourites against AC Milan (since Bale and Lennon can simply run past the whole defense of Milan^^).

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