Barca v Real Sociedad LiveBlog

Yep, Baby Kxevin’s at the helm today people, and there aren’t many rules, as a matter of fact, only two: No cussin’, no spoilers, out of respect for your other, Barca-lovin’, DVR’in brethren. Get those links ready, since we have a Ray Ray and Phil show today, on GolTV up my way.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. “Guardiola: “Pedro? If your dad works at a gas station, you can’t be a bad player. He’s an angel. We’re happy to have him, they all love him” [barcastuff]

    Like Xavi and the mushrooms.

    And this is why I love Graham Hunter.


    1. WOW…
      “Has a team ever won so much and with such unbelievable skill, passion and creativity? I’m saying no, and if you disagree, let me know. But I won’t care, because I’m off to watch Barca give another recital.”

      brilliant article, written with full admiration and confidence…love it…

  2. By the way, I take back all the trash I used to say about GolTV CANADA. It’s legit. For all Canadians that don’t have it–get it! It shows, without fail, all of Barca’s matches, EE’s matches, and AC Milan’s games because they play AC Milan’s channel (so that includes the CL games surprisingly-Milan/Ajax played.)

    All the other league that GolTV US has (i.e. Colombian and Brazilian League), GolTV Canada also has. It’s awesome! No MLS games either!

    I now hope we get Milan or Arsenal (Inter, like tutomate said, would mean that Mourinho would get arse-kissed some more).

  3. No Pique! Or Busi! sMasch is in da house!

    Alves Puyol Abidal Maxwell
    Xavi Mascherano Iniesta
    Pedro Messi Villa

    1. Good, Pique will be available for the derby.
      My prediction:
      5-0 Messi (3), Pedro, Alves —-why not?!——dream big!——

  4. Darn it, so this means it’s not on Deportes in the US? My TV Guide shows a La Liga game on at 2pm (Central) but it doesn’t have teams listed.

  5. Barcelona line-up (official): Valdes – Alves Puyol Abidal Maxwell – Xavi Mascherano Iniesta – Pedro Messi Villa
    via Pep @ Barcastuff..

  6. “Enjoy them while you can, people, they’re an entirely special breed”–Ray Ray Hudson

    Amazing. They blew away all the negative feelings from the QF deal in a 90 minute masterclass.

    God, I love this team. Villa, P!, Messi GOLAZO + another goal AND Bojangles?! Day. is. made.

    1. For some reason, I typed P! instead. Maybe it was because Iniesta is usually the one doing the deft, subtle pass with the side of the foot in the area with a defender on him and P! with that kind of finish. 😀

      Seeing Ghostface score is like two birds singing in my ribcage to borrow a Ray Ray simile.

  7. From barcastuff
    Despite playing only 67 mins, Xavi made 120 passes vs Sociedad, the most by a player in a Liga match this season


    1. if Pep let him play 90 minutes,
      I think he will reach 200 passes in a game… LOL…

      what a maestro midfield… I’m so grateful to be a Cule… 😀

    1. “debatable” Crynaldo according to Marca has a goal accredited to him but really Pepe scored it, I believe they are tied now.

    2. According to the Spanish Football Federation the goal was credited to Pepe – but according to Marca, the goal was given to Crynaldo. Only problem is, Marca are the ones keeping records for awarding the Pichichi.

    3. TB (to whom my daughter and her friends refer as PT (pompous twit) scored today so Messi should be tied with him.

  8. Kxevin during the LB: Krkic can’t even hold on to the ball, much less score a goal.

    Heh heh heh… 😀

    (Just joking with ya, Kxevin. We all know you want to see Bojangles do well.)

    1. He scored, still doesn’t undo all the bad 🙂 I’m with you Kevin, AND if you give Villa another 6-7 rating for holding on to the ball for TOO LONG !

  9. Ray Ray Commentary:

    1-0 Villa: *

    2-0 Pedro! Iniesta(!): *

    3-0 Messi: *

    4-0 Messi: *

    5-0 Bojan: *

  10. Haha.We know the score against zaragoza now at home.They also are(REAL).But i hope for a manita against the real.s lovers in barcelona(Espanyol)

  11. Bojan is starting to find some form. Since the start of November he has played in 6 games, 2 as a starter (Ceuta and Rubin Kazan) and 4 as a sub (Almeria min 55, Real Madrid min 76, Osasuna min 87, Real Sociedad min 63). In that time he has scored 4 goals, and had at least 1 assist.

    Considering that he was knocked out of the Kazan game at 34 minutes, he is averaging a goal every 50.75 minutes on the field since the beginning of November. Not bad at all for a 20 year old fourth choice forward.

  12. From Julian of the Italy WC Blog:

    “Barca are like smoke: effervescent, ever-present, impossible to escape from, constantly choking those in their path”

  13. So sad. A player in Nigeria collapsed during a game and died. Why does this happen so often?

    1. considering the poor medical monitoring of athletes , it doesnt happen often at all I think.
      Afterall there are medical conditions close to impossible to detect via the standard tests.
      Some of these people will not be aware of the problem they are carrying , and will find out about it the hard way : during a collapse. And they can only hope to that theres a knowledgable doctor close , because hes gonna save their lives.

      A kid in my hometown died because of such problem.
      His condition was almost undetectalbe: his heart was almost twice the size it should be.

  14. Off-topic, but..

    Has anyone read “Value creation and sport management” written by Sandalio Gómez?

    I was in my schools library just doing a general search for anything Barcelona and this came up. From the description on the database, I believe it’s a book about the huge growth (financially) of EE and our beloved club from 2000-2006.

    I was just wondering if anyone has read it and your thoughts on thoughts on it.

  15. This is my only comment about the sponsor deal:If our club is a whore because he has a sponsor,then i am a whore because i sell my time,my mind and my life to my boss to make money and live.There are so much important things in life than this.Many of you said:Why puyol or xavi are silents?Because they have their lives.When a country attack to another and kill womens and childs who blame?The president or the people who vote for him?just ask

    1. after watching today’s game I realised that why would anyone not want to witness this barcelona team week in week out? if this shirt sponser does as little as to keep this gem of a team last as long as possible then it is worth it.

  16. Unbelievable stuff again, from an unbelievable team. They are getting better and better. Thumbs up for Pedro!!!!, Big Eric, the “pale assassinin” and the one and only Leo Messi.

    1. I think they produced better performances against some poor ones that they had earlier this season.
      Kxevin is only grading them and providing us with a summary of their wrongdoings ,or of a job well done.

  17. given Bojan was in hospital a few days ago, it feels good to see him grab a goal. It also shows that he isn’t as mentaly fragile as we think he is.

  18. Tweet Pique: “Great victory! We keep the great form! Now we should prepare the game against Espanyol! It will be a great derby! Oooooohhh!”

    It was a good/decent tweet untill he said “Ooooooohhh”.

    1. The “Oooohhhh” seems to be some kind of in-joke with him and Cesc and Puyi. Making fun of fangirls I think. 🙂

  19. A great thing right now is that it doesnt matter who plays or not ; the result , and most of all the style and its efficiency while following it remains the same.
    Put abidal in for pique or fontas, use mascherano instead of busquets , sub xavi from the 60th minute for keita or get bojan in for pedro, we still get two goals in reserve mode .
    These players are not supposed to be equal to the ones of our “best eleven” but they work so hard and put a performance good enough so that the team overall does not lose a step.

    1. 3.07 goals per game in La Liga (46 in 15 games)

      3.5 in Copa Del Rey (7 in 2)

      2.33 in the Champions League (14 in 6)

      Overall: 2.91 goals per game (67 in 23)

  20. What I’m really loving right now is that they seem to have rediscovered their killer instinct from ’08-’09. Last season there were a lot of games where they would take their foot off the gas if they were up a goal or two in the second half. They haven’t been doing that anymore, and it is unbelievable that I tuned into the game in the 85th minute with the game 3-0, and I still got to see two goals.

    On a side note, I’m looking to download the game, and would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

    1. rojadirecta is always the place for me to download a match
      their posts have plenty of options for languages(spanish, catalan , english) and variations in quality.

  21. I haven’t been following Barcelona for very long, and after reading that article by Graham Hunter (and having heard reference to it before), I was looking for an explanation for the guard of honour that Barcelona formed for Madrid in ’08. I know that the game was at the Bernabeau, but ultimately, who decided that it had to be done? Is it some sort of a tradiiton? I know this isn’t related to the sociedad match, but wondered if anyone could answer my question.

    1. I believe it is simply tradition, when you’ve won the league with games to spare the teams you play form a guard of honour as a sign of respect.

      I’m subject to correction.

  22. Caption This! 😀


    1. The referee looks really surprised.
      Those 3 must’ve been speaking in some Alien language or spitting out numbers Matrix style.

    2. I love how it looks like Andres’ hands are glowing and Xavi and Messi are just staring intensely at them.

      I think Andres is attempting to annihilate the Ref using ancient Fuentealbilla arts and explaining his methods with a small, sinister smirk on his face.

      Xavi and Messi are like O.O “Iniesta? The sweet, sweet Iniesta? Holy sh*t!”

  23. “two birds singing in my ribcage?” rayray’s a player. you’re nuts kari.

    onward to los pericos!

  24. Video game FAIL:



    1. a link on the side of that page reads: “guess the football wag’s arse!”

      i gotta add that to my bookmarks ;^)

  25. watching this team inspires me to get up and run half marathons. truly inspiring displays this season, barca way better than they were with ibra. iniesta and xavi are awesome, but if messi doesn’t win the golden ball from this year to 2015, the award is fraudulently awarded.

    1. and “international relations,” bullshit multinational polysci this australian egomaniac assange has destroyed as a discipline on the route to covering his hands with the blood of arab informants, russian whistleblowers, chinese dissidents, and any koreans mentioned

  26. Okay… so can somebody explain this for me?

    I have Goltv and I live in the US. However, the casters are ALWAYS en espanol instead of English.

    Why???? How do I fix it?

  27. I have Goltv and I live in the US. However, the casters are ALWAYS en espanol instead of English.

    Try the SAP button on your remote.

  28. So we are averaging 2.91 goals per game.(thanks Visco! )
    But that includes our rough patch earlier in the season when we just couldn’t buy a goal.
    If you look at the number of goals we have scored in November and December, it’s frightening.

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