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Yep, Baby Kxevin’s at the helm today people, and there aren’t many rules, as a matter of fact, only two: No cussin’, no spoilers, out of respect for your other, Barca-lovin’, DVR’in brethren. Get those links ready, since we have a Ray Ray and Phil show today, on GolTV up my way.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. the engish commentary is colorful, inventive, unique, and free of cliched/idiomatic language. they have a gentleman from the northeast of england, where deference to stymied proper speak is dismissed, named ray hudson. he makes the matches lyrical if somewhat silly, you ought complain to your cable company should u be deprived of his narration, and failing any success through that avenue:,,all stream consistently the us broadcast of shane and hudson, who compose a unique pair in sports narration not unlike when dennis miller plied his trade on monday night football. not dullards, not morons.

    1. you gotta put up with Phil to get Ray Ray- He’s rediculous at times- but he loves our team and our style

  2. In my Football Manager, Ghana just lost to Spain in penalties in the final of the 2014 World Cup. NOOOOOOOOOO. If it wasn’t for Iker, Spain would have lost by a couple of goals in regulation. Keep your heads high, boys, you made your country proud.

  3. Shirt sponsor commentary from the Guardian


  4. New Sid Lowe –

    La Liga: Played by geniuses, run by idiots


  5. Tweet Pique: “Oooohh!! My cab driver looks spectacular! I’d make a pic but I don’t want him to be distracted and cause an accident!”

    Huh ?!?!?!?!

    1. This oohing and aahing is getting on my nerves. I do not expect footballers to be philosophers (though pep might be one:)) but i also do not expect them to be simplering school girls.

    2. Or 22 years old boys? I dont know about you, but I know how I was that in age (without the oohing and aahing, though, but I had no twitter back then)…

    3. well that’s what makes Pique unique…

      like Iniesta said, he has a huge body but he acts like a little child… LOL… 😀

      but when he comes into the pitch, you know him… professional, responsible, and serious…

      even some people say he’s the future captain…

    1. The pre-match tension and preview is the starter.
      The match itself is the main course (Mmmm, steak!).
      The review is the desert! Mmmmmh!


  6. Just random, non-impressive Barça stats (yes, that was sarcasm):

    -Barça: attempted over 900 passes against Real Sociedad, according to Opta, the highest since stats started being recorded in 1993.
    -Barça: the only team in the last 49 years that has scored 46 goals in the first 15 league Rounds. They’ve done it in 3 seasons: 96-97, 08-09, 10-11.
    -Barça: won 26-0 in their last 6 competitive games (not counting the Copa Catalunya).
    -Puyol: 17 wins in his last 17 league games. He equals the record held by Sándor Kocsis and Leo Messi.

    This team is unbelievable. I’m so thankful that I’m around to see this team play.

  7. In other news, Mourinho is still a whiner:

    MADRID, Dec 12 (Reuters) – Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has accused La Liga officials of being more inclined to caution his players than their rivals and hit out at opposing fans for whistling forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Real have several players, including defender Sergio Ramos and striker Gonzalo Higuain, out injured and midfielder Xabi Alonso and left back Marcelo will be suspended for next weekend’s home game against Sevilla after picking up fifth yellow cards in Sunday’s 3-1 win at Real Zaragoza.

    “That’s football and it happens to us a lot,” Portuguese Mourinho, who has clashed with soccer authorities in his previous jobs in England and Italy, told a news conference.

    “It’s very easy to show yellow cards to Real Madrid players and not as many to others,” he added.

    “It annoys me that there are players from other clubs who can protest and we can’t.

    “In the same way that you have coaches who can leave their technical area and others not.”

    Mourinho said compatriot and La Liga top scorer Ronaldo, who scored a trademark free kick on Sunday to take his tally for the campaign to 17, deserved better treatment from rival fans.

    “Cristiano is a phenomenon and it’s hard to understand the way he is treated,” Mourinho said.

    “Treating a phenomenon so badly makes me think that the championship is not being protected.

    “He belongs to the league and to the fans, who can watch him every (weekend).

    “He puts on a show and he doesn’t get protection from the stadiums, from fans, opponents and referees.

    “Even so, he scored another goal today that was one of the best in his collection.”

    1. Oh, you almost got me there, Mou. I have pity on Crynaldo… NOT!!! 😀

      Xabi Alonso and Marceloa are heavy losses for Real, quite sad that Sevilla is having the worst run of their recent history 🙁

    2. Does he realize his usual victims “us against the world” mentality is ridiculous to have at arguably the biggest club in the world? You’d think he was coaching Atleti or something.Cant wait till he gets sacked.

    3. This isn’t Italy, all that ref whining isn’t going to change anything, nor will Pep respond to any of his pokes. STFU and go lie down somewhere.

      What’s also funny is that Marca is still playing the “We don’t know which phenomenon is better, Cristiano or Messi.” Please stop with the B.S.

  8. A gem from Tim Stannard in his blog LaLigaLoca:

    Tomás Roncero, writing in AS, realised that nothing of note happened in Sunday’s game and has instead gone through the entire Madrid eleven and decided which kind of dog or cat they would be. Which is as good a way to fill 400 words as any.
    “Benzema is a harmless kitty, Di María is a pit-bull, Özil is a German shepherd, Xabi Alonso a Siberian husky…” lists Roncero.
    LLL would argue that what the paper’s crackpot columnist failed to note is that Cristiano Ronaldo is an enormous pus… (Don’t go there – ed)


  9. And the rumours are already swirling that Barcelona is in the race to sign Carlos Tevez once he leaves City. From those all-knowing “Spanish sources,” naturally.

  10. Nice quote from Dani Alves after yesterday’s game:

    “The goalie starts the attack and the forwards start our defense.”

    And one from Pep:

    “It is a collective effort as over here there are no stars. We all play for each other.”

    (Take that, Ibra! 😀 )

    (Quotes taken from totalbarca.)

  11. ManUtd packing the midfield with 3 more or less defensive Mids against Arsenal. One reason more to cheer for Arsenal tonight!
    Who do you think will win? Compared to the top match of la Liga, how much can this battle live up to expectations? 🙂

    1. ManU would have a goal by now if they had more than 3 attack oriented players on the pitch.

      Arsenal looks horrible so far. Considering they are considered the closest thing to playing “barca style”, their ball control and passing is shockingly bad.

  12. SoMa4, it’s a big game for you today, isn’t it? A loss means endless ribbing from son/husband.

    English veetle: /

    Arsenal’s defense, or lack thereof, will be decisive.

  13. YES! Hubby likes Chelsea, son#1 loves Man U.
    We are an EPL house divided(The other 2 boys don’t care much- daughter likes ‘pool because of ‘nando(teenager)). Thankfully, we all agree on Barca.
    My big dilemma is:
    Do I pre-watch the game while hubby is at work or wait and watch DVRed game with him. I’m not a very patient girl.

    btw, Arsenal is in away kit (obviously), hard to follow when you’re used to rooting for the “other” red team.

    1. another btw @Kari,
      Catching some of the game (told you I wasn’t patient)—we would have SO much fun against Arsenal’s defence.

  14. @SoMa4, Tough call.

    Nani pisses me off. And Evra too.

    I noticed this last season when we played them at home, but Arsenal can get “stuck in” as well. They’ve had some pretty bad tackles in this game.

    Link I posted before has been taken down; English SkySports /

  15. Eww. I just saw Beckham and Neville in the stands. I’d love Arsenal to score so I could see another sneer from Mr. Posh


    1. I’m getting it on FSC, Kari, thanks.

      And I’m realizing that I AM ONE SPOILED ROTTEN FOOTBALL FAN!
      This game isn’t beautiful enough for me.

      oh crud. United scored

  16. am i watching the wrong match? those are some pretty poor passings and exchanges between the 2 best teams in EPL. either team play us will certain not have more than 30% possession.

    0-0 will certainly be typical, but i predict 2-1 utd.

  17. Announcers on ESPN2 (McManaman & Darke) just said that if Arsenal doesn’t win a trophy this year, that Cesc will be coming to Barcelona.

    Something the British press will surely run with now.

    1. said just about the same thing above–

      I guess we are spoiled—we are as Ray Ray would say, priveledged to be watching the football we watch

  18. lol, it was sooo clear.

    Bad match, lucky deflected ball, Park is not even controlling the header, but it is lifted over the keeper. ManU leads, ManU will win, Arsenal say bye bye to the title once again 😀

  19. Park Park wherever you may be
    You eat dogs in your home country
    It could be worse
    You could be scouse
    Eating rats in your council house

    lol epic chant

    1. Are the Mancurians singing this in Old Trafford? I’ve been listening to Kanye during the match…

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