Osasuna v Barca LiveBlog

It had to happen. This is a big one, folks. So let’s GO!!!!

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Pep explaining the travel saga via barcastuff on twitter

    Guardiola: “The federation promised us that if we wouldn’t fly, the game would be suspended.”

    “If some media want to manipulate the people, that’s not our responsibility.” (That’s directed at you As and Marca. Idiots.)

    Guardiola (to a journalist): “Look me in the eyes when I’m explaining to you what happened.”

    “We’re coming from a land called Catalunya and we have little to say here.”

    “We won’t change our habits of travelling the same day.”

    Stupid Madrid press man, talking about this is a form of villarato and Pep thinks he so special and he disrespected Osasuna and yadda yadda because we weren’t prepared to take the train/bus. No you idiots, the federation told us one thing then changed their mind with only hours to spare.

  2. Whoa! Pep was FURIOUS at the press conference! He claimed there was some manipulation by the Madrid media..

  3. Given all that happened before the match 3-0 is simply awesome, so happy for the team 😀
    Other than Iniesta everyone looked tired. I don’t understand why Pep didn’t make subs right after the penalty. Bojan/Jeffren should have got at least 15+ minutes.

  4. I still can’t believe we actually got a penalty! Given by Teixeira Vitienes of all referees in Osasuna of all places. Whoa.

    Pep pissed = awesome. Tell it like it is, Pep!

    1. I like that Pep isn’t one of those who coaches who bitches constantly, so when he is rightly angry it comes off even more effectively. You know?

      But you know the Madrid press is gonna have a field day with the press conference. Haters gonna hate!

    2. “I like that Pep isn’t one of those who coaches who bitches constantly, so when he is rightly angry it comes off even more effectively. You know?”

      Es la verdad.

  5. Well I started watching the Madrid game because I really believed that Valencia could do something, but so far it seems to be the same old story; Madrid play like shit, the oppositions squanders chance after chance and I bet Madrid get a goal now.

    When do they play Villareal? I would like to think that at least they could take some points off Madrid. Surely we just showed the league that Madrid are really not all that.

    1. Actually, the story is changing a bit. EE would have scored by now–it’s still 0-0…As I type this though, Albelda’s been sent off.

      Baby steps and all that.

    2. Why. are. you. watching?

      😛 😀

      Anyway that was a very dodgy 2nd yellow for Albelda.. The ball hit his shoulder – shouldn’t have been sent off..

    3. Yes, no watching Kari!

      Hmph. I wish Valencia could pull out a surprise win. But its okay, we gots the win. 😀

    4. Just think of what it will do to them if they still draw or lose against a ten-man Valencia?

  6. HAHAHA. Villarato my ass. Albelda just get sent off for a ball to the shoulder. So typical. I guess thats my queue to stop watching the game. Should have known better really..

  7. Sending off against Valencia. Now Real will prolly win… I’ll check back when the match is over.

    PS: Pep’s press conference was pure class, nothing else. It was about time to tell the truth and to assume a more offensive position towards to the Madrid-based media!

  8. Gross. Thong Boy scored. Turned the game off, did he celebrate like he scored the winning goal at the World Cup? >_<

    1. So you watched the game knowing that they would win?

      You should’ve known better Kari!

      Anyway, they looked like scoring from what I saw, but the sending off was pure BS..

  9. Albelda got straight red for using shoulder, he was even miles away from the box, very poor referring. Never gonna watch an EE match this year, yikes!

    1. LOL one day Thongboy will finally score against us.Itll be 4-1 for us but he’ll still go berserk.Weirdo.

    2. haha, I truly loathe that ******* *****.

      We just have to keep on winning, and everything’s fine. Next match is against another Basque side, and then maybe the toughest match of the first part of the season, @ Espanyol.
      Madrid meanwhile goes to Zaragoza and then welcomes Sevilla at the Bernabeu. It would be amazing to still be in first place after those 2 matches!

  10. I don.t care what they do.We played them,we humiliated them.End of story.Until april i don.t care what they do.We are top.

  11. I fear, although we’ve shown that Real can be beaten, all the other teams are just too scared by them and don’t have the required confidence to beat them. There’s one exception: Villarreal CF.

  12. See, that’s exactly what I meant in my little rant earlier. Pedro’s challenge on Juanfran in the box was, to the Madrid rags, a “clear penalty” and thus explains the “villarato”. Meanwhile, Albelda gets a red for hitting the ball with his shoulder, and they say nothing. Their hypocrisy is just f*cking infuriating.

    But whatever, to hell with them. We’re the leaders, they aren’t. If they wanna cry about el “villarato” to make themselves feel better about being in SECOND, then they can go right ahead.

    Excellent win in Pamplona, especially considering they had to take a bus there. And good on Pep for having a go at those sh*theads in Madrid. I swear, I love that man. Congrats, my fellow culés, on a good win.


    1. Oh, they are indeed infuriating. but let them throw their toys. We kicked their precious Madrid–“the symbol of truth and purity”– asses. And there is nothing they can do about it.

  13. Osasuna v Barcelona Sky Sports Broadcast

    First half:


    or *http://www.fileserve.com/file/38xTVHv/First Half – La Liga – Osasuna v. Barcelona – 04-12-10.avi

    or *http://bitshare.com/files/0llmscjw/First-Half—La-Liga—Osasuna-v.-Barcelona—04-12-10.avi.html

    Second half:


    or *http://www.fileserve.com/file/VSE93K5/Second Half – La Liga – Osasuna v. Barcelona – 04-12-10.avi

    or *http://bitshare.com/files/3jdcmrjq/Second-Half—La-Liga—Osasuna-v.-Barcelona—04-12-10.avi.html

    Courtesy of Pakman at fbtz.com

  14. Feature on As: A decade of federation favors for Barça.



  15. Apparently Valdes hasn’t lost his ability to give us heart attacks. That blunder could have cost Barca dearly. But, I’ll forget it tomorrow for all the great saves he pulls out almost regularly 🙂

  16. The club has released an official statement regarding the whole mess. It doesn’t explain much, and I wish we could know all the gritty details about it. I trust Sport and MD will come out with interesting stories tomorrow.


  17. Can’t wait till Revista when Balague sides with his paper As and Graham Hunter gives us the real truth. Graham Hunter FTW!

  18. Anyone have a link to Pep’s press conference?

    BTW, nothing more clearly demonstrates the real difference between TB and Messi more than the differences in the way they celebrate a goal!

    1. Nope. barcastuff has relayed it on his twitter page that Jnice reposted above. It might be uploaded on YouTube.

  19. Here are some excerpts of Pep’s press conference:

    I would love to see it from the beginning till end, though – he really looks angry and for a good reason.

  20. I’m watching the Sky Sports broadcast of the match now and the color guy is the man who rarely has anything nice to say about Alves. Considering how poorly Alves played today, I fear for the words this man will have for him.

    1. At the moment I’m downloading an English version of the match from

      But it doesn’t look like Sky.
      And the 2nd half is not uploaded yet or is just missing.
      If you get Sky, pass me the link.
      Just don’t give me a link to a >1gb file.
      I’m on 20gb monthly cap here.

    2. I’m assuming you haven’t read the comments in this post then? The links are on the page…

    3. Haha. Yeah he’s always ragging on Alves. He always gets so frustrated with Alves’ crossing, not that we have the players to really get on the end of them. However I do agree with the commentator that a player as attacking as Alves should really work on his crossing ability. Pretty much everything else about his game is top notch. I swear I remember him crossing so much better in his first season with us…. wonder what happened.

    1. My dad has that look on his face when he’s about to unleash a good old fashion lecture on me.

  21. &#@*&*&@#*&@*#
    I checked the status of the match 5 hours before it was supposed to start and it said that the match was postponed till Sunday 17.00pm.
    Why on earth did they play anyways?
    No wonder I didn’t have a good sleep.
    Now I have to download the match.Sigh

  22. LOL. Balague is doing anything he can so “MouMou” doesn’t get criticized. Even if it means praising us.


    “There has inevitably been some criticism of Jose Mourinho following the humiliating defeat at the Camp Nou.”

    “But how much of that is unfair?”

    Umm, none of it?

    –Secondly, how the hell did Bale make the UEFA Champions League Team of THE YEAR (Yeah. Year, not two games!) Bale is a good player, but really? I mean, really?

    I know he’s just been nominated but still.

    1. The English overhype the shit out of their players. Not saying Bale isn’t good — but I think he’s a bit overrated at this point.

  23. JNice, are these files from Sky or Goltv?
    “I have HD ones in the previous post, but I’ll post more convenient ones.”

    First Half: *http://hotfile.com/dl/85853376/890d4ca/twb22mg20101129barcreal1st.part1.rar.html

    1. You’re referring to El Clasico, right?

      Those are Goltv. The ones above that comment are Sky.

    2. Thanks J.
      I think I’l download GolTv next month cause at this rate Im going above my 20gb cap limit.
      I prefer Sky.
      What other channel did the Clasico which is in English?

  24. Are these photos from the match against Osasuna?

    These 2 guys seem so close to each other for the past 2 months.
    The way they celebrate with each other looks like Villa has been around from La Masia. Very nice..

    1. yup those pix are from pamplona. villa didnt have a great match, but he assisted on messis first goal and he always seems to be 1st to congratulate little lionel. in fact i think he was into the box too soon on the PK, he was hugging messi immediately after he struck the ball, but the ref didnt call for a re-take

  25. wow Messi and Ronaldo are really trying to one-up each other..at this rate both of ’em are going to score 40 league goals this season.. Incredible!

  26. From the Revista twitter:
    Barca win despite their travel problems. Real win despite not playing too well.

    I am tempted to say, so what’s new?

  27. Where’s the review?
    I’ve never seen a review so late up?
    Not complaining but just wondering.
    I’ma head to bed soon. My day would be incomplete without a new post.

    1. In my time zone I watch a good match, have dinner, go to sleep and wake up the next morning to find a fresh review waiting for me 😛

  28. it must have something to do with the air traffic controllers strike :p
    oh and btw sorry for dropping out of the liveblog yesterday but my stream had a slight delay of ~10 secs and you guys were ruining it for me!

  29. I said it in tht rm we were gonna get our 1st pen and we did. Someone just made some dosh.. Thanks Messi and ref

  30. Saw this comment over at Yahoo.
    “Will agree with this. Terry Henry comes to the States and is 10 times the player Beckham is was or ever will be and no fan fare was made for him. While I love Soccer Beckham maybe the most overrated player in any sport”
    THis guy was obviously referring to our Thiery, not Terry: lol: He was replying to a guy talking about how over-rated Beckham is.

    1. You know, I have honestly no idea how Thierry Henry is doing? And I’m nominally a fan of the NY Red Bulls. All I know is that they lost the cup and that Rafa Marquez has supposedly done a lot to improve the club’s culture.

  31. Rosell is really getting better and better.
    He is not taking all the blame for the chaos.

    1. //http://www.fcbarcelona.com/web/english/noticies/club/temporada10-11/12/05/n101205114410.html

      The link!
      Huge of Rossel to put himself out on a limb and accepting all responsibility there..Clever move though!

  32. Wow, ‘la Gazzetta dello Sport’ reports that the Top3 of the FIFA Balon d’Or will all be Barca – Iniesta, Messi and Xavi (in no particular order). That would be awesome!

    As far as I know, the Top3 will already be released officially by tomorrow.

    1. *http://www.gazzetta.it/Calcio/Estero/05-12-2010/pallone-d-oro-2010-712045319183.shtml

      Pep’s twitter is also referring to this link. Obviously, they do even claim to know that Iniesta will be 1st (for me, both Xavi and Messi were better in this year… whatever!)

    2. Thanks Helge!

      for me I’ll be absolutely over the moon if 3 Barça players form the Balon D’or Top 3.

      I want Xavi to win it badly but a XavIniesta 1-2 would be fine too.. 🙂
      I feel for Messi..inspite of having an awesome season of club football, the WC ‘performance’ will count against him, inspite of him being Argentina’s best player by far!

    3. Well, plus Messi got the award last year, didn’t he? I mean he could certainly stand to let one of his teammates have it.

      As for the article, I haven’t been able to find any corroborating press. Any idea when FIFA is going to make their official announcement about this?

    4. @jhargrid:
      On January 10, 2011.
      BUT I think that I’ve read somewhere the top3 will be announced tomorrow, as I’ve already stated above.

    5. I agree about Messi and Xavi being better this year because most of the spring Iniesta wasn’t able to play. But during/ since the world cup, Iniesta has been phenomenal.
      I just started watching this sport during the Confederations Cup (my kids have always played soccer mind you—we just never watched it on tv). We were vacationing with a family who got us hooked. They love Barca and had all this praise for Iniesta (and the rest of course). All last season I saw brief glimpses of what the fuss about this Iniesta was all about. Now that he’s fully fit, I just sit amazed. (I’m forever grateful to our friends for introducing me to my new obsession that vacation).

  33. Anyone knows Ruel Fox?

    He’s the best footballer ever, according to wikipedia’s FIFA WPotY list 😀

    1. That Pic is Edited, The Original Site lists the real players.

      Ruel Fox is a legend, He changes his club and Nationality every year, yet He wins the Ballon d’Or. In ten years, He hasn’t lost a step.

    2. No, I swear I didn’t edit that pic. The wikipedia entry was updated at December 5, 13:08 CET, then it was modified again on 14:51.
      I was just visiting it inbetween and though I should make a screenshot of it.

  34. We call this pressing as a team!


    The guys pressing on the Osasuna player are ABidal, Busquets, Villa and Iniesta.

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