Mmmm! View to a thrill, aka “It’s still SO good to watch!”

Enjoy, my people. Not sure if it will get taken down, but it’s about the best highlights package I’ve seen. (And go to the break for a soul-stirring kinda thang).

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By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, Iโ€™m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, Iโ€™m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Oh and I just saw it..thanks ooga aga for the translation of the paradigmaguardiola blog..many thanks!

    its worth to download this video btw
    218 MB on HD if you download mp4 format from keepvid(dot)com like i did

    1. You can find some (a few scenes) translated over at *

      It’s a Madrid blog, but she’s pretty cool.

  2. Guys i noticed a trend that happens in the Classicos since guardiola took over (other than we won all of them), its like this, in the treble season we won 2-0 at home and 2-6 away. last season 1-0 at home and 0-2 away, so obviously we score more on their ground
    That makes the results this year look like this: home 5-0 away (0-10)
    God that would be ridiculous.

    1. Apparently the EE media was blaming Valdes for “injuring” Crynaldo
      and minutes later he was included in the match list so that story disappeared

    1. I don’t think anyone has said this but smashing name choice mate..But the point I see your name the character that pops into my head is Mojo Jojo form the Powerpuff Girls cartoon for some reason lol

      Oh and Happy Birthday Guaje etc!

  3. I know this is off topic but what does it mean “fiscal dictatorship”??Is any connection with the “fake democracy” in U.S.A?

    1. A “fiscal dictatorship” is pretty much as it sounds. The money people can get stuff done without worrying about taxation, bond issues of such things being debated in public forums. Stuff just happens.

  4. Money talks everywhere in our happy capitalistic(unhuman) world..Happy birthday to david villa!I hope he stay for many seasons here!

  5. So it seems that Argentina and Messi will be in Seattle for the friendly against the U.S. in March. Anyone planning on being there?

    1. ME! i live in seattle, and i saw barca play the sounders a couple summers back, messi had a brace.

    2. I’ve never been to Seattle before, but I think I’ll make a weekend trip there in March. Who knows when I’ll get another opportunity to see Messi and Co?

    3. though, the idea of messi having to fly round trip barcelona-seattle is not good…thats a lot of miles in an intense part of the football season…

    4. Friendly in February against Portugal in London, against USA in Seattle in March… sorry but I HATE those friendlies, Bayern’s Uli Hoeness and many other chairmen from bigger clubs are absolutely right when they demand an end of these useless friendlies!

    5. agreed. of course i will go to the match to see messi, but i would feel better if he rested and didnt travel. send di maria instead, i will heckle him and tell him to leave Real…

    6. How else would FIFA generate money during non-WC years? I just try to look on the bright side – that it’ll be good practice in terms of team dynamics and prepare Argentina for the Copa America this summer.

  6. Villa turns 29 and a Chicago sporting legend, Ron Santo dies at 70 today. ๐Ÿ˜

    “My Barรงa B team is niceeeeee. They won the league just now. I may have helped them out with several signings lol but still.”

    @JNice How?!
    I left a lot of good players there, JDS, Romeu, Fontas, etc. They sucked. Is Enrique a terrible coach? I don’t like that on the Barca B team you can’t set them on your own training schedule. JDS didn’t improve at all, he got promoted and on a training schedule I set and his stats started improving massively.

    A few notes from my first season in FM11:
    1. If you have a player out on loan, and injured, they make a comment like “It sure will be hard to win this match with Zlatan out injured.” Bro, he’s not even with the squad.
    2. I won the treble, Adriano wanted to be transfer listed and sucked terribly. Bought Hazard, and a bunch of youngsters for free. Among the transfer listed stars were Balotelli, Rossi (Might still get him), Hazard, Montolivo, and a couple others. Mancini got fired and I’m contemplating signing for City just to make a huge team.
    3. M. Caceres won defender of the year, heh. Villa Spanish Player, Bojan best young spanish player (a lot due to injuries to Villa), I was not in the top three of manager voting, Atletic Bilbao finished 3rd and their manager won.

    Anyways, are me and JNice the only FM managers here? I’ve got a good tweaked tactic that controls a lot of possession and pushes play really hard, similar as possible to Barca. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Well, first season they almost got relegated lol so I said F it and bought some payers for them. Yaya Sanogo, Eduardo Salvio, Christian Eriksen, a better keeper, etc.

      I’m in the summer of 2013, about to be on my 4th season. The only players still on my team who are on Barรงa in real life are… Bojan, Villa, Iniesta, Messi, Thiago, Xavi as a player/coach, Puyol as a player/coach, Dani Alves, Pique, Valdes, Fontas, Pedro (who I’m about to sell), and Busquets.

      Bartra and Muniesa are still on B along with JDS and Romeu.

      Oh yeah, Pep is the manager of Man City after Hiddink retired. Wenger has been the manager of Madrid for a couple of seasons now. Jose has no job lol.

    2. Heh. I think I’m going to do the same, I’m signing a bunch of young Brazilians. I wish the first team in Barca B was as valuable as it actually is in real life!

      Gonna sell Maxwell (underrated a lot in game), Milito maybe, not sure who else.

      Thiago I made a -10 so he got a lot of first team time, Etienne Capoue I got for 550k and I spent on Rossi. I’ll demote Romeu, Makengo, and make sure they’re set. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thats my problem with FM, its somewhat unrealistic. I brought in De Gea he can be my B keeper. This year so many good players get listed, I just want to buy a bunch but try not to. ๐Ÿ˜€

      What was your B team’s happiness? Most the players were poor and very poor, I wish you could set their formation for them.

    1. I know, we’ve been rumored with him but so has a ton of teams. I don’t see us in a bidding war for another backup player for us. He’s really good though and his skill set would work very well and give us a different option in attack.

  7. Hey guys, off topic, but can anyone tell me how you guys get avatars for your comments? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. *

    Osasuna (12th) v Barcelona (1st)

    Quality is not exactly a word that is generally associated with the Osasuna side. Violence certainly is though. And thatโ€™s going to be the tactics against visiting Barcelona claims midfielder, Fernando Soriano. โ€œBoot, knees, elbows. It has to be a hard, physical game,โ€ predicted the former Almerรญa man. โ€œI believe and hope they wonโ€™t find it so easy here.โ€

    LLL, for one, has been fooled by this tantalising trash talk.

    LLL Prediction – Draw

  9. anybody hear about this? eric cantona trying to start a bank run…wtf. are you sure?


    1. Legend. Love the spirit of: Revolution through chaos. I just wish there was such a thing as a ‘Day 2 Plan’ being proposed..

  10. Can someone please translate what the Camp Nou sang about Mourinho on this glorious night? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. “mourinho sal del banquillo” to the tune of “guantanamera”, right? it translates to: mourinho get off the bench/get out of the dug out.


    2. They sang a couple of different things…

      “Mourinho sal del banquillo.” Mourinho come out of the bench.

      “Mourinho vete al teatro.” Mourinho go to the theater.

    3. Thanks a lot for the answers, guys. I’ll be watching the match for a 4th time this evening and pay attention to it

  11. Jnice, you got links for this week’s Revista de La Liga?

    The one where they’ll discuss El Clasico?

    A million thanks in advance.

    1. Revista De La Liga 11-30-10


      or * De La Liga โ€“ 30-11-10.avi

      or *โ€”30-11-10.avi.html

      Credit to Pakman at

    2. Thanks Jnice.

      You’re unbelievable. Brilliant!

      What percentage of your waking hours do yo spend online?


    3. I’m always online LOL. Always. Even when I’m asleep, me and my computer are one with each other.

  12. I believe it was something “this is act mourinio”.Back in 2006 when del orno made that foul to leo,after the match mourinio told that” in barcelona they know about act”

    1. But in my previous comment I was praising your sarcastic comment. (Good thing). But never-mind me, breathing oxygen get me drunk. The big secret/problem of my life…

  13. The next game is a tricky one. But our kids are aware of that, so I have no big concerns.

    Besides, we didnt only defeat RM, but we also suspended some of their players. If they lose against Valencia, it means that we contributed in taking 6 points from their way. Though I prefer that they draw, so that they lose only 5 points. I like to have number 5 in every transaction we make with them.

    1. Oh yeah, that would be orgasmic, to keep the language of RayRay from Monday ๐Ÿ˜€

      If Valencia, if they really show up with a good performance, they should at least draw against a Madrid without Pipita, Ramos and Carvalho. But seeinf the comments of Dino Costa, who’s already scared by Ronaldo’s skill and calls him a ‘machine’, I can imagine an intimidated presentation from the bats. And this will play into Real’s cards.
      I somehow feel that with the right attitude and confidence, every middle-class team has a realistic chance to stop Real, independent of Real’s shape, whereas we are nearly unbeatable if we play to our very best ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Haha i was so sure that you will unterstand what i was trying to say..btw your post in footballmood blog about W.C was so fair.nice.

  15. I watched the game again because I thought with a perspective in time and not being as nervous about the game, maybe I would see that RM played better than I thought they had. I was just having a hard time imagining that the 1st place team could have been so dominated. A second watching proved without much doubt that we were phenomenal.
    When we lost the ball (which was not very often) it’s like a barrage of blaugrana’s attacking one player. We would just not let them have the ball and I think that was a big difference. When we had the ball, they would attack one on one, and we would just pass to another player. Looks easy, but it’s not and we did it full tilt for 90+ minutes with a firework of fancy, backpassing to finish the nite.

  16. now thats mean ramzi.
    Btw I think that mourinho sat the whole 2nd half on their bench thinking about the crap that he blurted out in the press conference.
    Yea 5-0 is not a humiliation , its a common thing for a big team against another big team.
    Unless he said that having alcocorn on his mind! ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. Keeping my fingers crossed that the team won’t have to travel to Pamplona by train and bus. BLAH.

  18. Jnice: What is the difference between the three sites? Is any one of them better than the others? Why does the download from hotfile take 1 hour while the other 2 take 10-12 minutes?

    Also, are there safety concerns with downloading from these sites?

    1. I use fileserve and have never had a problem. I avoid hotfile because it triggered a warning from my security software. JMO.

    2. Well, I have a Hotfile premium account, so I don’t know why non-premium takes that long. Fileserve is pretty fast for single files, I guess. I don’t know much about the other one, but I’ve never had a problem security wise. Again, that could be because I’m on a Mac, I’m not sure.

  19. That first video literally gave me chills, I’ll be watching that a few times more for sure.

    Nice to see this is a Barcelona blog again.

    The worst thing about being in small-town Saskatchewan isn’t so much missing the FCB games, I can always download them later, it’s that I have no one to talk about football with because no one here cares! Or if they do, they only care about the Premier League. Thank goodness for this blog, it’s a lifeline! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I have the same problem and I live in NYC. At some point in the future I’m just going to pack my bags and move to Barcelona.

    2. Well lucky for me, I’m only here on vacation. Normal service will be resumed by next week.

    3. Oh man that would be like heaven. Some day, hopefully in near future, I’m going for “the pilgrimage” (el classico at Nou Camp).

    4. hey! there are a bunch of us here in NYC. including Isaiah, myself and about 5 or 6 of us. we usually watch each week at a bar in Brooklyn called woodwork.

      join us!

  20. Does anyone have a download link of the video “Ray Hudson does El Claisco.” It seems to have been removed from youtube.

    1. Is it a compilation of al Clasico’s best scenes, commentated by Ray Hudson? That would be awesome, but I’ve never even heard of it :/

  21. has anyone checked uefa best team of 2010 awards…? well i did and mind my screaming but…WHY ON EARTH IS KHEDIRA NOMINATED FOR BEST CENTER MIDFIEDER AND BUSQUETS AIN’T?!…arghhh…not mention the absence of Pedro on either left or right midlfied…while the likes of di maria and adam johnson (who?) are there…I’m so pissed! I won’t even bother to vote…

    1. I lost whatever little faith I had in UEFA when they handed Inter players all the title’s for being the best in each position during last season’s CL. When we won, VV didn’t get squat.. still feel bad for the dude.

    2. I still voted for all Barca players that are available on this partially poor selection of players. We owe it to them!

  22. –Air traffic controllers’ strike means potentially bus travel to Pamplona, most likely. So AVE (high-speed train …. very nice) to Zaragoza, then bus the rest of the way to Pamplona.

    –According to Guardiola, Messi practiced “with some difficulty.” As if I didn’t already hate Ramos enough, now I have to find an annex in my room of hate. Recall that he also took out Henry with a cheap shot in the 2-6 Clasic whipping. He should have gotten at least as many matches off as Ujfalusi.

    –The club is trying all kinds of funky stuff to make up the Alves salary differences, up to and including new sponsors/affiliates. Guardiola wants him, he wants to stay, the club wants him to stay. There’s just that whole salary structure thing. Alves’ contract, should it happen, is expected to be a template for how other contracts will be structured in the future.

    The club took the first step in reaching out to Alves and his agent, making it clear that we want to keep him. Such “creative” financing plans might include something from a new shoe sponsor (at present, we don’t have one). We also want to significantly support a charity foundation that Alves has, that benefits children.

    I think that with the commitment from all parties to get this thing done, we should have confidence that our Energizer Bunny will by plying his trade with us for the rest of his top-level career.

    –David Villa is up for the male athlete of the year award, sponsored by the U.S. Sports Federation. The list of the other nominees, however, make me doubtful about his chances: Drew Brees, Kobe Bryant, Ashton Eaton, Roy Halladay, Jimmie Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Rafael Nadal, Cameron Newton, Manny Pacquiao, David Rudisha and Shaun White. We will wish him the best of luck, however, cuz that’s how we roll.

    1. Jimmie Johnson?

      Although I did get sweet VIP hot access to a NASCAR race this year. Cool, but he’s not an athlete.

  23. Scene: The Bernabeu, 11/29/10

    Carvalho: “I don’t like you either. You just watch yourself. We’re wanted men. I have the death sentence on twelve systems.”

    Messi: “I’ll be careful.”

    Carvalho: “You’ll be dead!”

  24. I dare you not to laugh.
    We have to keep this guy.

  25. hey for all your xbox360 owners. Espn 3 is now on it for free. meaning if barca is playing on deportes, you can stream the game in hd. You can thank me later.


    1. isnt Larm the punk band that preceded Seein’ Red? from europe like holland or something. if so kudos for a good name

    2. Not only streaming the games, but you can watch ’em later too! I’ve already watched el Classico twice since. ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Ah! Now that’s what I call highlights!

    Wow it looked like Xavi really controlled that backheel for the first goal. Something I thought was 80% luck on the live view…percentage reversed in my mind now.

    Can’t savour this one enough.

  27. I also saw the video earlier today. Very nice and I wonder how Mr. Perez felt hugging Rosell at the end.
    I am already looking for Ticketsss for Argy vs Portugal. Messi needs to nail the coffin. and I am taking my mates who have all suffered at Messis hand to the game. A ManUTd and Arsenal fan.

  28. I don’t know whether this has been posted or not but please vote for our guys.


    For the athlete of the year, please choose Kim-Yuna.

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