Barca 5, Evil Empire 0, aka “Thong Boy was right. We DIDN’T score 8. See?”

Pep Morata/El Mundo Deportivo

While watching this match, I was speechless. While trying to find verbiage to adequately characterize what I watched twice, I couldn’t really do it. I still can’t. And in thinking about what I, what we all witnessed today, the tears flow.

It’s times like this when doing a match review is kind of absurd. I hope that we all realize how special, how amazing this club that we are seeing is. Week after week we get to witness it all. We got to see the buildup, from an egg-faced loss to Hercules to the dismantling of Sevilla, of a team rounding into form. And after the last round of matches, they were ready for this. How ready, nobody really knew.

Now we do, in what was one hell of a way for the club to fete its 111th birthday.

Rolling into this El Clasic was a monstrous mass of complexities: Mourinho, Thong Boy with willing accomplices, Puyol and Pique in a little bit of a purple patch, tendinitis, mind games and anticipation. Nobody knew what was going to happen. As someone noted in one of the comments posts in the zillion El Clasic buildup posts that rained down, things could be 4-0 either way.

But who in their right mind predicted 5-0? Perhaps someone who had a lot more faith in this club, this team, than the typical querrulous cule could have seen what happened every time this club faced a test this season, every time we matched up against a club that was going to have the stuff to do us in. Spines stiffened, contentration focussed and they played like lions. Perhaps that same faith-drenched soul, knowing that this would be the sternest test of them all against a club and a coach, a Svengali-like 12th man, could have predicted that our best football would be on display.

I sure wasn’t that person. I was worried as hell.

Guardiola rolled out with his best lineup of Valdes, Alves, Pique, Puyol, Abidal, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Pedro! and Villa. He also made a liar out of fools like me who had the temerity to suggest that Mascherano might be a better fit for the battle that was to come than Busquets who, like the rest of his teammates, stunned and amazed.

I noted over at the EE Offside that the differences in this match might be that Abidal and Iniesta were fit and healthy, something that hasn’t been the case the past two seasons. But it was more than that.

–The constant attack was devastating. We treated the ball, when they got it, as if their possession was a sin.
–This was one of Messi’s best matches in the colors, despite his not scoring a goal.
–Pedro! was a difference maker, with his constant motion.
–The ball still moves faster than any man. It takes a disciplined defense not to chase.
–An attacking Xavi was exceptionally destabilizing.
–We had too many points of attack to successfully deal with.

It was almost as if the club read Euler’s dissection of what we had to do to dismantle EE, then went out and did it.

They were showing faces before the match, and Messi had the killer eyes that he often has before bit matches. And when he thugged the ball off of DiMaria in the box, he was sending a clear message that he was ready, and everybody else had better be, as well. He underscored that message with a crazy, audacious curling chip that just hit the woodwork, that had Casillas beaten. We were blasting shots from every angle, all over them as we clearly wanted to demonstrate that this was an exorcism, that Mourinho’s demons would be cast out like rancid cava. And the first goal wasn’t long in coming.

Recall the post I put up about our players and the demands that they place upon each other. So when Iniesta took a pass and spanked it exactly as hard as he needed to into a gap for an attacking(!) Xavi, Marcelo tried the sliding tackle off a ball that was a stunner, a pass that couldn’t be made into that space with that much pace, that sure as hell couldn’t be controlled by any player on the pitch. And his tackle just missed, deflecting the ball neatly for Xavi, who one-time chipped it over a lunging Casillas. It was 1-0, we had the early goal and first blood.

Some will claim that EE sat back and watched us pass the ball, that they should have pressed us like so many teams have tried to do, with aggressive, physical play that pushed us back up the pitch. The reason that wasn’t going to work today, was width. Note how many times Villa or Pedro! got the ball on the wing with acres of space, as the defense and midfield compressed to control the likes of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. You have to pick your poison with us now. So when Xavi popped an inch-perfect pass across the midfield to Villa, Sergio Ramos was caught out of position. Villa dive-bombed toward the end line and spanked another rock-hard cross into the box. It deflected off Casillas’ hands right to P!, who volleyed home.

Just like that it was 2-0, and EE got the bit between their teeth, to play their best spell of football of the match so far, pressing and pressuring with dynamic, possession football, forcing some key interventions from Puyol and Abidal, who were monsters today. Then we got the ball back, and returned to work. Messi justmissed Iniesta with a long pass, that should have alerted the EE defenders that maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t be playing him for the run. Abidal worked the beginnings of an enticing 1-2 with Villa, bombing up the pitch like a greyhound unbound, shortly after that outrunning an EE defender for a pass up the wing. The attack was about width, about making the field too wide to be played, attacking from as many different points as possible. It was pressure, tempo, passing, pressure, repeat, as we could play very differently with a 2-0 lead, with defense through possession.

It’s also worth noting that as with a lot of lopsided results, there was some luck involved. If Marcelo moves a bit more quickly to intercept Iniesta’s pass, if Casillas doesn’t deflect the ball directly to P!, it’s a very different match, one balanced on the typical Clasic knife edge. Yes, quality created the openings for our players to exploit, but make no mistake, some of the reason for this result was also that it was a team against a collection of high-priced talent. You could see it in the passes that they were missing, or that players had to reach for versus the way we just pinged the ball around, with every player having multiple options and always making the right decision with the ball. It was that quickness of thought that the Champions League commentators were talking about as we destroyed Panathinaikos.

And the passes needed to be perfect, because as we saw, they were a dangerous team with the ball, on a rainy, crazed night that followed Catalan elections, in which the fervor of the fans was at a frenetic pitch. They screamed, they whistled, they made the cavernous Camp Nou feel like a clasustrophobic Tercera home pitch, and the players responded.

The third goal was one of those Messi Moments again, as Alves hesitated to hit a streaking Villa with the pass but Messi didn’t, showing Alves how it’s done. His beautiful, defense splitting ball found Villa in perfect stride, and he spanked a shot that he barely needed to control into the far corner of the goal. 3-0, and that crucial third goal went the wrong way for the visitors.

This might be our Villa World, as he is offside four times, then onside once, but that once finds the back of the net. And again, the pass asked a question of Villa: “Can you handle this?”

Then the same duo did it again, this time more dynamically as Messi made one of those crazy-quilt runs of his, riding a trip attempt to continue across the pitch, moving the defense with him before slapping another ball to a just onside Villa, who finished with a slow roller for the 4-0 lead to effectively end a match, but begin a show of passing possession football. The flicks, backheels, close control and overlapping, integrated runs was amazing to see as we monopolized possession for what seemed like an eternity, periods interrupted by Arbeloa hard fouls. Then Diarra joined in, and we seemed to suddenly pass the ball with a bit more purpose, scoring a fifth goal that I like to think someone said afterward, “That was for you, Arbeloa!”

Bojan Krkic made a pace-y, slashing run up the pitch, snookering his defender and smoking a cross that missed a hard-charging Iniesta but fell right to Jeffren, who did a tidy flip finish to make it 5-0, and then it got messy. Sergio Ramos, trying to one up Arbeloa, came in hard, and viciously on Messi. When Puyol charged up to defend Messi, Ramos shoved him to the pitch, completely losing his cool in a display that he will be ashamed of tomorrow. Phil Schoen said that he could understand it, after the humiliation that EE had suffered, one of the more idiotic statements studding a broadcast history filled with them.

There was, and will never be an excuse for Ramos’ behavior. The red card was deserved, and I would expect an extension to the automatic one-match ban. But even that brouhaha couldn’t detract in any way from what was an amazing display, that showed that this football club is fully capable of. It was awe-inspiring and joyous. People will say that EE played poorly. I say that like any side that faces us, they really weren’t allowed to play. We have the ball, and the rare times that we cede possession means that you have a very few chances with which to threaten our goal. And those odds are in our favor.

Team: 10. A collective that was stronger than any individual, we demonstrated the effectiveness of a team playing a system at its highest level. Great players+a great system+form=destruction.

Guardiola: 10. Right lineup, right modifications of the roles. A more aggressive Xavi and a more selfish Iniesta meant that suddenly, we had, in effect 5 direct attackers, not counting the two wing backs who were constantly coming up.

Valdes: 8. Strong when he needed to be, but a major communication problem with Puyol almost cost us dearly.

Alves: 8. We can’t sell him. Again, I know that it makes sense right now, but we just can’t. His defense was as effective as his offense today. He does need to be quicker with the passes, however.

Pique: 7. Our weakest defender today. Puyol bailed him out a couple of times, and full-on Piquenbauer still isn’t back. But a strong match.

Puyol: 9. An absolute lion, from whistle to whistle. He won balls in the air, defended corners stoutly and raised hell in general.

Abidal: 10. He was a difference maker today, as Di Maria must have been thinking “This game isn’t so easy now. I sure wish this dude would leave me alone so I could do my thing.” He headed away, cut balls off, stole, intercepted, attacked and did everything his club required and more. Brilliant match.

Busquets: 9. Had a couple of ineffective periods, but came into his own when we started to tika-taka the match away. In his own way, he makes life almost as difficult as Mascherano does, gumming up the works and frustrating opponents.

Xavi: 10. Pass after unerring pass, and even a goal. He’s getting rather fond of leading defenders in that dancing game, He did it again today, in between running his offense with metronomic perfection.

Iniesta: 8. Except for a period of invisibility, he was massive today, and another key to the match. A fit, aggressive Ghostface is devastating. And what a pass for that first goal.

Messi: 9. He, like everyone else who does it, loses a point for that dive. He deseved the yellow. Yes, Carvalho’s arm came up, but still. It shouldn’t have happened. Now. He worked harder, ran harder, played defense like a defender and possession like a midfielder. He even attacked like a striker, stole balls and was an absolute dynamo today. He did everything except score a goal, the absence of which doesn’t keep him from being Man of the Match.

Pedro!: 8. The Random Chaos Generator isn’t so random any longer. He plays a very focussed game of almost unrelenting aggression that brings real danger to the wing. And it’s nice to have his scoring touch back.

Villa: 7. Two goals and an assist and excellent movement brought him back from the ratings damage done by the offsides, lost balls and misdirected passes. He’s still feeling his way, and will have matches that are up and down. Both his goals were beauties, as was the assist. He’s still learning the system, and next season he should be the player that people were expecting this season.


Krkic (for Villa): 8. Massive, and another strong performance. He played like the confident, aggressive attacker that everyone has been expecting, and actually looked better in the overall system than Villa did. And what an assist for the final goal.

Keita (for Xavi): incomplete. Insufficient time to evaluate him fully.

Jeffren (for Pedro!): incomplete. Again, despite his scoring a goal, insufficient time. I can say that this was the first time that I saw the skills that got him promoted. He wasn’t a driverless Ferrari toay, and what a well-taken goal.

Finally, the league isn’t over. We have only a two-point lead, a gap that could evaporate instantly with a poor display by us and a strong one by them. Remember Hercules, and keep those heads on straight.

Hee, hee! Under your skin, am I, Thong Boy?”

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Hey Jnice, cheers for uploading these files.How do you open them once there downloaded, what program supports them???? Thanks in advance

    1. Winrar for exracting/unzipping (this is for when the files are in parts). I used either VLC player and/or DivX for viewing. If it’s your first time, VLC player is your best bet to start with IMO.

    2. BS Player is another nice one. It doesn’t support as many files as VLC (which supports practically everything) but it’s nice for rewinding just a bit since you can use the arrow keys

  2. I’m going to spend the next couple of days downloading the 1080p file of the game that some awesome poster uploaded at Roja Directa. 11+ gigs (!) will take me a while to download, but the effort will be worth it.

  3. Posted above, but really have to get this off my chest

    Balague is a complete crony. Hes up his own arse, self publicist.Hell his website looks like Argos selling this shit and that. He writes for papers that have a subscription story ie the english Times and directs people to this. He acted as an mouth piece for Benitez his best friend saying this and that to the press mostly threats like Benitez wasn’t being funded by the board.
    Most galling is his predictions. Some gather round him like hes some Oracle reader- to me hes a joke. He’s like Nostradamus whose supporters go on and on about his great predictions forgetting of course that for every correct prediction theres probably ten wrong ones.
    The guys also a real sickener when it comes to licking ass. For instance getting an interview with Mourinho means he now loves him. Also he bangs on and on about Ronaldo defending his shitty attitude. I know the world of journalism is murky, back handers here and there to make connections and networks but he takes the piss.
    We must remember he works for the same paper as the demented Fred Hermel and Tomas Roncero.Says it all really.
    I despise him as an individual, a real grease ball. All hot air really. One can’t go past Graham Hunter. Then Sid Lowe and the iconoclast Tim Stannard. Top Journos


    1. I feel you. Funny thing is, I know Graham Hunter must feel the same way. Like in previous Revistas where he tells the audience “don’t be fooled, Messi cares about being the best in the world as much as Cristiano.” Graham tried to shut him down and say that he’s spoken to Messi many times and those who know Messi know that he isn’t like that, but of course Balague has more information than anyone in the world. His newspaper AS have all the inside news to everything in the football world and he always has inside info. GTFO

  4. The Inter Offside page is miserable. I’m sorry, but it truly is. They hate on us for everything we do and even when we play as well as we did yesterday, it’s watered down by talking about Barça players always diving, Messi being a cheat, Valdes, Pique and you name it being assholes. Pep not being classy, Pep being the one who told the grounds crew to turn the sprinklers on and last but not least, joy at seeing Ramos kick lumps out of Messi.

    Every time I visit that page I see whining, complaining about everything, usually referees, conspiracy theories, hating of Barcelona, and fighting with trolls. Truly miserable I have to say.

    I may be talking reckless, but even though fans of other teams don’t want to admit it, jealousy is a powerful force. We are hated by so many because deep down they can’t play like we do.

    Incidentally Dave, your disclaimer would also be appropriate underneath my post.

    These fans annoy the hell out of me.

    1. Honestly, who cares? The club you support is playing arguably the best football ever played and may as well be redefining how the game should be played. Their club recently lost to an aging ac milan, who were embarrassingly outclassed by madrid, who we just absolutely wiped the floor with. So save your time and breath mate; just sit back and soak in the majestic perfection that is barcelona.

    2. if we don’t get to knock them out in the CL, we can at least take solace in the fact that Xavi will (rightfully) nab the Ballon d’Or over Sneijder (who, like inter, hasn’t had a good start to the season at all).

      i’m also a milan fan, so i have no love for them. everyone in italy hates em’ too.

    3. They aren’t an Italian team I guess.. I can only name two Italians – Santon and Materazzi off the top of my head in their team, and even they don’t figure regularly in the starting XI..

    4. Inter are scum.A rich oil magnate funding them,they were only champions bcoz of the scandals. They’ve an aging team and Benitez will run them into the ground

    5. I feel ya, Jnice, but wouldn’t you be miserable if you had to watch Italian football every unbearable weekend. 😛

    6. Usually supporters of a Champions League winning team are proud, arrogant (to a certain extent) but not bitter – Interistas (or whatever you call them) are none of that..

      Its like, they just got lucky, and immediately after the ‘act’, their partner leaves them for someone else.. I don’t know who wouldn’t be bitter after that..

      Or maybe they don’t like the way we play.. Or to quote one of them, they don’t like the fact that the sun shines out of our ass.. Bitter, bitter lot.. Gotta feel sorry for them (any team that plays for Benitez is applicable)..

    7. Probably due to the fact that they won’t get a 6 trophy season, and Sneider might not win the POY…but above all else they just came out from a triplete season yet people still consider their win against us a big fluke…but more likely deep down inside they know it too.

    8. I got hectored last time I posted this comment up, but it’s pretty much in line with what you saw on the Inter offside, except it was the lovely EE offside. Just thought I’d repost my experience over there:
      Everyday I find myself more and more appreciative of this blog. A few days ago I visited the EE offside for the first time and decided to comment on one of their posts.

      My comment was simple and in no way insulting – on the contrary, I was giving a few points on what I feel RM is missing. Anyway, next thing I know, one of their regulars responds to my comment, basically calling it out as BS. Hmmmm – so, luckily, that same day Salgado had come out in the press and made comments that supported my point 100%. So, I responded to ‘AJ’, with direct quotes from Salgado. All seemed ok… until today. I visited their blog and surprise surprise, they deleted both AJ’s response as well as my clarification! WTF!

      Very sad to see other blogs stooping so low as to cleanse their comments of anything that conclusively goes against its views.

      One more thing, in the euphoria of this win, I went on the EE offside again, this time to simply read through the transcript of their Liveblog. And this once again made me so happy with our own little community over here. I couldn’t believe how vile and vindictive some of their comments were. They went on half an hour about Messi’s dive (obviously), then went on to call us ‘class-less’ when Pep was shoved by Crynaldo, then a couple of them started wishing career ending injuries for Messi (even if they resulted in cards), and to top it all off – they pretty much skipped the Ramos incident, with one poster saying that ‘Puyol always gets slapped’ (i guess referring to the tunnel incident with Mou back in his chelski days). WTF!

      Anyway, I know this isn’t the most appropriate time/post for this rant. But I had to get it off my chest – and what better place.

      Thanks for this blog guys, it really is a gem.

  5. Arsène Nearly Hurt In Tesco Tragedy

    “Why did he spend his money on these lazy indulgences when he could buy raw ingredients and fashion them into something wonderful? Ah, the simple joys of a handmade ‘Boeuf aux Chamakh’, a deliciously spicy peasant dish from Morocco, cheap to make, delicate yet exciting. Or a ‘Jambe de Cesc au Catalonia’, where the tiny legs of a guinea fowl are snapped in half to prevent it migrating to the warmer climate, before poaching it in a jus of its own tears? Cruel? Perhaps. But intoxicating.”

  6. I really think this was the very best performance I’ve seen in my four or so years of watching Barca.

    I found myself shocked–shocked!–to be thinking “my lord, they STILL have the ball?!?! OMFGOMFGOMFG” You’d think I’d be used to it.

  7. LOL! I didn’t think my day could get any better but I was wrong. Mou Busters indeed.


    credit to barcastuff


    1. It’s a shame.
      He viciously kicked Messi with an intend to injure Messi and if it wasn’t enough, the d**k head put his hands on 2 players.
      You know what Drogba would’ve said right? ;

    2. From a comment on – Con Franco la justicia se hacia desde madrid y por cohones, ahora 35 años despues se sigue haciendo desde madrid y sigue siendo por cohones, eso si “respetando la legalidad vigente” tanto deportivamente como politicamente

  9. Due to the beauty of downloads and the fact that I spent every waking hour since Monday night obsessing over our game I have finally come upon certain points as regard to our win…El Clasico Manita over ‘them’

    1. Pressure: Pressure, pressure, pressure. The amount of stifling exerted on the EE players by ours was insane and it was till the final minute..Every time any of their players had the ball at least two of ours were on him..working the first general hounding him and stopping his play. This also involved extensive tracking back by our wide players. Both Pedro and Villa were as much involved in defense as they were in attack. Case in point is how Villa tracked all the way back to get a foul on Khedira near our box..That is the ‘Left Winger’ tackling the opposing ‘Holding Midfielder’. The level of commitment and passion shown by our players was unbelievable. It gave me immense pride in seeing this performance. It was vintage..absolutely vintage.

    2. Passing and Tempo: The speed of passing and movement we had in this game was insane. I believe that other than Messi, none of our midfielders ever took more than 1 (max 2) touches of the ball before passing. Before the game I had a mad madridista explain to me how he despised our ‘senior citizen’ play with ‘700 lateral passes’. I would have loved to rub this performance in his face but it is in our best interests as fans of a Classy team to be gracious in victory (and what a victory). I am a part of that minority who preferred the 0-2 at the Bernebeau last season to the 2-6 the season before last. Mainly it was due to the fact how the EE team was effectively anaesthesized in that 0-2 game. Now, like then, the EE never had a chance. From the first whistle, they were on the backfoot and were being slowly pushed towards the abyss.

    3. The Goals: The first one was classic XavIniesta. They have scored like this before (the one against Russia with the Spanish NT comes to my immediate attention). The run by Xavi into the box due to the space left by the CF (Messi) was something that has not been seen much this season and there is a reason why it has to. Amazing play by Iniesta and what control and composure shown by Xavi. Messi has his fingerprints all over this one as he was the one who played the ball to Iniesta’s feet through a crowd of defenders.
    The second goal was a combination of amateurish defending by them and strong running by us. Pedro gets taken out by Marcelo and instead of writhing about (as a certain greaseball would do), he gets up and starts running again. Xavi finds Villa in space and Villa does his best Henry impression, running towards the touchline and spanking a cutback that is too much for both Ramos and Casillas for a tap for Pedro with Marcelo looking lost. Shite defending by someone who was suggested to being in the best form of his life (deluded much?)
    The third and fourth goals I count as a single entity..the creations of a potent attacking force called Lionel Messi. The conversion of Messi from a wing attacker to this False 9, Laudrup-esque player is a tactical masterstroke. Opposition defenders don’t know how to mark him anymore. He shows up everywhere and links up play, acting as a midfielder, a winger and a centreforward depending on how he feels like. His two passes set up Villa’s brace were both beautifully weighted (specially the second one and our fourth goal). Magnificent play by Messi and great finishing by Villa, the kind of ruthless finishing he was bought for and now he’s in double figures for the season with 10 goals. Not a bad start at all.
    The fifth goal is all Bojan. Taking a pass from Iniesta in midfield to running all the way to the touchline and crossing it in at such a location that both Iniesta and Jeffren could’ve scored. A goal for Iniesta would’ve capped his MotM performance but as it is the young canterano with the weird haircut got it. And the celebrations were amazing all emphasized with the ‘Open Palm’- the Manita.

    Tactically, we essentially bitchslapped them. They had no chance, no clear openings in this game. It was clear that there was only going to be one winner in this Clasico of all Clasicos and it was the Blaugrana.
    I have never been prouder of being a fanatic of this team. It is an honour to be a absolute honour.

  10. This just in: Manuel Preciado Rebolledo, Sporting Gijon coach, has accused Jose Mourinho of handing Barcelona the Liga crown by intentionally fielding a weak team on monday.


    via a friend @ FB..

  11. Great times my dear friends…great times! I cant soak myself enough in this glory! My hearty wishes to all of Barca family!

    Wish I can play my role (in my organization) at least a fraction like they do 🙂

    I cant be motivated and inspired more. Barca has become more than just entertainment (possibly for all of its fans). I think they are giving ‘hope’, something the world is seriously lacking at this moment!

    1. lol how full of shit can you get
      “The Whites continued to play hard with the match all but in the books, but everything went Barcelona’s way. ”
      Patronising BS..can you just not admit you were “OUTPLAYED”

    2. That’s the most biased shit I have EVER read. I’m laughing out loud at this report. They make it seem as if this epic defeat was due to an amazing amount of luck from our part and poor finishing from their ‘glorious galacticos’. When we lose, we at least have the decency to write an objective match report(as far as that is possible).

      Thanks for sharing!

    3. Haha, I just read a couple of their other match reviews from the drop-down menu on that page. First the 5-1 win against Bilbao, which was also pretty funny, as was the one against Hercules. Their match reviews are hilarious, I’m visiting their site after every one of their games now. Every opposition goal seems to be a fluke or offside, every substitution a work of genius by Mourinho, every period of opposition dominance being the match as a whole getting chaotic (read: the review of the Real Sociedad match, where it seems like Sociedad got lucky and Real stood strong in a crazy hard match).

      Ah, too funny.

    4. suppose u watched the match from ten action.

      that carlton palmer BS is such a MOU and CHRISTINA licker

    5. I watched it there and each of the Pundits voted for a EE win and at HT they were gobsmacked lol..
      fun times

  12. sup y’all
    just a few points:

    1. mwahahahahahhahahahahaha
    2. great review kxev and previews Isaiah and Euler!
    3. Ligas are not won in November. hopefully this humiliation will effect Madrid psychologically and they will drop some points over the next few weeks.
    4a. but even if we do not win the league it does not really matter cause we will always remember la manita!!!!
    4b. which makes me fear that the only thing that could ruin the manita is if we somehow meet EE in the CL final and lose.
    4c. who wants to bet that next time round MErinho is going to park the bus again?
    4d. then again we might have broken the bus

  13. Jorge Valdano:
    “”Barcelona were superb, playing consistently and with confidence from the start. They scored with their first chance and we found it tough to overcome that.”

    yeah, our first chance……AFTER Messi hit the post, that is. LOL

  14. I had internet problems for the last couple of days. I’ll post my comments on the match later. Kari should do all the heavy live-blogging from now on. The Best Live-Blog Debut EVER !!

    Due to Internet trouble, I have no pictures from the Classico. Any Gallery Links would be highly appreciated. I want a picture of Pique doing the 5 sign. 😀

    1. //


      For Pique’s 5 sign
      Although for a bigger pic you can download the game through Jnice’s excellent (thanks again Jnice!) links and then do a printscreen

  15. LOL so epic this was. Carlton Parmer said before the game that Guardiola just asks to play football and Mourinho sets his team up for wins. I truly enjoyed their post match reaction.

    They were struggling for an excuse for the special one.

    Oh Xavi+Iniesta midfield = Epic thrashing

  16. Great to find a site where Barca faithfuls gist. Good to read from Kxevin agaim after a long while, good to see Ramzi also. Do we have a live chat section during games?

  17. People in here say that Villa needs to get used to Barcelona’s attacking (and defending) system and that’s true… while Villa knows Xavi and Iniesta from the national team… he isn’t really adapted to Barcelona’s system. Although, obviously, I have seen progress from him… in these 4 months… and he has 5 assists… although, admittedly, this last one was bit lucky (it seems to me that he wanted to score himself, not to make a pass) but still, Villa – up to this season – wasn’t really someone to rely for assists… so, there’s progress there.

    And while he has been Barcelona’s “weakest link” at the Champions League, he has made good passes (specially to Pedro) for scoring opportunities. 3 or 4 good passes for scoring opportunities that sadly got missed, but it is important to see that.

    The question is: will Guardiola be patient with him?

    Ibrahimovic just had a season to adapt to Barcelona’s system and, while he lost balls and didn’t move that much, he scored many goals… another season would, perhaps, make him adapt better to Barcelona. Yet, Guardiola decided to take him off.

    I just hope that the same won’t happen with Villa. Mainly because he is certainly different that Ibrahimovic (Villa is more dynamic and plays as a wing), but also because it would be kinda frustrating to see the same pattern repeating and repeating again… forwards just playing one season with Pep… Eto’o, Ibrahimovic… and I hope that the same won’t happen with Villa.

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