5-0 = Sublime

It wasn’t just football.  It was bliss.

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  1. Jose
    November 29, 2010



  2. nikhil
    November 29, 2010

    First. My first manita that is. And sublime IS the word.

  3. moony
    November 29, 2010

    it was a freaking riot 😀

    never believed that a better scoreline than 6-2 was possible 😀

  4. Kari (TCH)
    November 29, 2010

    Wanna know what a comprehensive ass kicking looks like? IT LOOKS LIKE THAT.

  5. ooga aga
    November 29, 2010

    so satisfied. perma-grin in full effect.

  6. Josep
    November 29, 2010

    I love you all! Visca Barca!

  7. FP
    November 29, 2010

    Hey guys , I would like to say that your team is truly out of this world , I had all the confidence heading into this game I really did but you made us like look like Zaragoza out there no wait even zaragoza put up a better fight against you lot .
    This is the most embarassing defeat I have ever seen my team suffer , some of you would bring up the 2 – 6 but if you watch that game closely , although Barca were the better team that day as well , Madrid had some very good scoring chances but today I don’t remember as having a single chance worth writing home about , we were truly outclassed , out hustled , out thought , out farted you name it
    The two teams today didn’t belong on the same football pitch today and the scary thing is that Real Madrid aren’t a bad team , you guys are just that good , you truly have an amazing team enjoy it while you can because the likes of this team don’t come around very often

    • Josep
      November 29, 2010

      I love this. I love the humble Madridistas. You are a very quality person, FP. The reaction is actually similar to the 6-2 when Madrid fans had similar reactions.

      Class act, FP.

    • ooga aga
      November 29, 2010

      well FP i didnt like your other posts here (if that was you) but much respect for this post. i hope EE i mean RM regroups so we have another great spectacle again later this year. i know RM can do better than that and i look forward to it.

    • ML
      November 29, 2010

      FP, you have my respect.

  8. Whatever
    November 29, 2010

    This was orgasmic! We are the best team in the world, if not of all time.

    Thank you Barca for making me so fucking happy.

  9. Roz
    November 29, 2010

    Is this what bliss feels like? I like bliss

  10. Alex
    November 29, 2010

    Somebody please post links to postgame press conferences.


    • Kari (TCH)
      November 29, 2010

      Don’t have a link, but you can follow barcastuff that has the press conference in the form of tweets.


  11. simple_barcafan
    November 29, 2010

    Poor Jose..didnt have the chance to dance in front of the camp nou crowd once again..

    • ooga aga
      November 29, 2010

      hey never even came out onto the touchline to direct his team.

    • IS
      November 29, 2010

      worried about the pig’s head.. or jimmy jump’s red hat

  12. Euler
    November 29, 2010

    In January Barca will be adding another world class player to this squad in Afellay.

    • Buller
      November 29, 2010

      I know he is like a mini CR!!!! but he is going to be on our side! Gio made a big mistake leaving this beautiful team.

  13. BA
    November 29, 2010

    “fucking barbaric.”

    • ooga aga
      November 29, 2010

      una barbaridad

  14. messi-10
    November 29, 2010

    FP… You are a true madrid fan. My best friend was siting down next to me and we always battle every year and he was thinking the same as you. I was too busy cryin on the ground laughing. Madrid played with too much respect for Barca. When you pressure barca high it makes them not have full control of the game. When they force Valdez to dunk out, madrid must capitalize. Madrid was hopin Barca would miss pass and they would capitalize on the counter-attack. Plan failed miserably.Barca made real look like a segunda division team. I respect Madrid and I applaud them for the effort.

  15. Euler
    November 29, 2010

    Lionel Messi is the player with the most assists this season in the Liga: 8 #fcblive #elclasico [via @2010MisterChip]

    Via Pep

  16. gow
    November 29, 2010

    woowwww.. I cant believe i missed this game…im so pissed,,,
    it`s truly wonderful…ive been a barca fan for 7 years now and wow never in my life,,,I never thought i`d say this but i thought that ther treble year team would never be surpassed, but omg this is outta this world…( and for those who are wondering, im not a bandwagoner, i`ve been following this site for a long time and i`ve even commented on this site…) anyways we are something special…and it`s even funny because my madrid friends were talking s**t and i didnt say anything..OMG im so happy, its better than a gad damn orgasm… BARCA IS THE BEST AND NOBODY SHOULD EVER FORGET IT!!<
    FCK YOU MADRID,CRISTIANO, MURINHO, and RAMOS ( lost total respect for the man) disgusting assholes…anyways guys i gotta get back to work so later:D:D:D
    and guys…would i be allowed to send in a couple of articles that I have written ( I have an article on ronaldinho`s and rijkaard`s influence, as well as messi) if i am allowed who do i send it too@
    thank youuu

  17. Pyro
    November 29, 2010

    Today we showed the world how football is meant to be played. Today we humiliated the whites no matter what MouMou says in the post-match interview. We absolutely destroyed them and we managed to reduce their best player into a frustrated figure who could only manage to threaten from set pieces and not even that because he missed. I am absolutely proud to be a cule since I was 10 years old. This has to be one of the best Barcelona games I have watched in a long time and it is all so special because we crushed the eternal rival. I always knew Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos were bitches but that Clasico confirms it. None of our players touched their manager, none of our players kicked the shit out of their superstar on purpose, none of our players smacked three of their fellow national team mates in the face.

    • Buller
      November 29, 2010

      True that because barcelona is a team with class, and truly understands the aspect of what it takes to be the best. Absolute team unity!

  18. jordi(TM)
    November 29, 2010



    • Clue(less)
      November 29, 2010

      Love it!!!!Just reposted it on another “whiter & much sadder” blog

  19. Kevin O
    November 29, 2010

    Oh wow, I took 2 hours off studying for my bio end of terms to see this. Best fricking hour and a half ever spent… I’ve been an avid cule since the days of rivaldo and figo( 🙁 )
    but this is definitely right up there in special moments.. Hands down a perfect display. The passion was there, the intensity, and the all around barcaness. Cherish this team folks, cause we’re not seeing one like it again in a long time..

  20. Nobody
    November 29, 2010


    U r the Chosen ” Special One”.
    Salute U n contributin’ all of U. N thx to BFB guys.

    Jose, If U come n play U will get this 5-0 that U neva did wit Chelski n Inter because u always played 10 men behind the ball.
    Now U shoud kno wat it means to be ” inventor ” n translator.

    • Kari (TCH)
      November 29, 2010

      Aww, thanks!

  21. Clue(less)
    November 29, 2010

    Barca fans filling La Rambla..


    and possibly the best avatar ever…..


  22. jordi(TM)
    November 29, 2010

    Oh look humility personified.


    What ever he won last year hes not even close to our trio in quality or class.

  23. Clue(less)
    November 29, 2010

    From Pep’s twitter:

    “last official game madrid lost was against barcelona at the bernabeu last season”

  24. Nobody
    November 29, 2010

    Someone somewhere said ” Jose dint park the bus so he lost his specialty.” Goal.com ”
    Wat else he can do when he only knows parkin the bus the best.

    I always hate/d the arrogant bastards,,,,

  25. Clue(less)
    November 29, 2010

    Even Sid Lowe knows his boys were crushed….great writer none the less

  26. Clue(less)
    November 29, 2010

    El Fiasco for Madrid…. lol. A comment on Sid Lowe’s recap

  27. Nobody
    November 29, 2010

    Couple of things:

    Here’s a frightening realization for you: Things could have been a lot worse for Real Madrid in their 5-0 battering at the hands of Barcelona.

    It could have been worse if Lionel Messi’s early chip had gone in rather than clipped the post.

    It could have been worse if Messi had played the ball into the path of the wide-open David Villa shortly after Barca went up 2-0.

    It could have been worse if Xavi had played it square to the unmarked Messi or Villa rather than shanking the ball into the side netting from an impossible angle in the 53rd minute.
    // http://espn.go.com/sports/soccer/blog/_/name/schaerlaeckens_leander/id/5863817/it-worse-real-madrid

  28. Benj
    November 29, 2010

    So happy, and tired, and slightly tipsy, and its 8:00am…

    Worth every second!

  29. outerspacedout
    November 29, 2010

    @BarcaOwl and other people who were recent converts: I LOVE YOU GUYS, ISNT THIS SO SO AWESOME?!!!

    • BarcaOwl
      November 29, 2010

      My very first El Clasico and the team serves up a delicious victory and an amazing show. 😀

      It is so worth sacrificing sleep to watch them play.

      And I agree with you, Outerspacedout. It was one awesome game! Could have done with less squabbles though. But then, they started it. Obviously very poor losers. 😛

    • outerspacedout
      November 29, 2010

      The game finished 2.45am in Maldivian time, its 7.15 now and I still couldn’t sleep.

    • BarcaOwl
      November 29, 2010

      I know what you mean. 😀 I’m so wired I have to keep myself from bouncing off the walls at work.

  30. outerspacedout
    November 29, 2010

    You know one more reason I’m so happy, result aside? Is that we seem to have fixed all our major flaws in this game. No players getting into the box? We had four or five players in the box in occasions in this game. No long-distance shots? Messi hit a pretty hard shot from distance that was over, and Busquets barely missed with a shot from really really long range that almost caught Casillas out. Missing chances? We scored five goals from I think 6 shots on goal. Bojan looking inconfident? He looked lively, confident, and got an assist. Villa misfiring? He scored twice and I think also got an assist.

    It’s like all the worries I had about the season- poor finishing, possible lack of concentration, Villa’s form, Pique’s form, Bojan, not taking long-range shots on occasion, not getting players into the box, Real Madrid- have been dealt with in this one game, by players showing they can handle all those things if need be.

  31. Nobody
    November 30, 2010

    Jus realized 5-0 is 5 times in a row under Pep- home n away. Hope next time it will be 0-6 in white house.

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