El Clasico Liveblog

It is a Liveblog. It is about El Clásico. That makes it the…(drum roll, please) EL CLÁSICO LIVEBLOG!!!!!! And it is brought to you by the lovely, gorgeous, and True Cule Hero, Kari. Get ready to have your socks completely rocked off!

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. Most? You need more beer. I’d give it to you if I could. I have a lot left to loan out. *burp*

  1. I feel so happy. We were simply too good. Madrid will have to do more to put up a fight in april. I am just simply so so happy!!!

  2. Everyday I find myself more and more appreciative of this blog. A few days ago I visited the EE offside for the first time and decided to comment on one of their posts.

    My comment was simple and in no way insulting – on the contrary, I was giving a few points on what I feel RM is missing. Anyway, next thing I know, one of their regulars responds to my comment, basically calling it out as BS. Hmmmm – so, luckily, that same day Salgado had come out in the press and made comments that supported my point 100%. So, I responded to ‘AJ’, with direct quotes from Salgado. All seemed ok… until today. I visited their blog and surprise surprise, they deleted both AJ’s response as well as my clarification! WTF!

    Very sad to see other blogs stooping so low as to cleanse their comments of anything that conclusively goes against its views.

    One more thing, in the euphoria of this win, I went on the EE offside again, this time to simply read through the transcript of their Liveblog. And this once again made me so happy with our own little community over here. I couldn’t believe how vile and vindictive some of their comments were. They went on half an hour about Messi’s dive (obviously), then went on to call us ‘class-less’ when Pep was shoved by Crynaldo, then a couple of them started wishing career ending injuries for Messi (even if they resulted in cards), and to top it all off – they pretty much skipped the Ramos incident, with one poster saying that ‘Puyol always gets slapped’ (i guess referring to the tunnel incident with Mou back in his chelski days). WTF!

    Anyway, I know this isn’t the most appropriate time/post for this rant. But I had to get it off my chest – and what better place.

    Thanks for this blog guys, it really is a gem.

    Finally… 5-0 Baaabbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I’m off to party.

  3. We put on a spectacle in Camp Nou. We should be proud! I am SO PROUD OF OUR TEAM! They didn’t even stand a chance. We outclassed them in every way.


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