Happy American Thanksgiving

Just a quick note to all our readers. Here in America we are celebrating Thanksgiving today. We are obviously all thankful for your support and comments, because without them it would just be Kevin, Isaiah, SoccerMom, and myself screaming at each other, while Euler occasionally shows up. Obviously we are also thankful for FC Barcelona. So enjoy it friends. Should have included this earlier, here is the Wikipedia link to American Thanksgiving as a holiday. Even though it is based on some myths about Pilgrims and Indians and everyone getting along, we still want to celebrate. While we all celebrate it for various reasons, from social to philosophical to even religious, we all show thanks.

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  1. Happy T-day to all. And a resounding thank you to you guys for running a great blog and giving people the opportunity to discuss soccer and the beautiful game that Barca plays. Cheers!

    1. Thanks are given all around, to the Highest and to the smallest, for what we have, and what we might be spared. We take a moment to gather our thoughts, take a deep breath, realize and recognize. I’ve a lot to be thankful for, not the least of which is that I’ve found a group of thoughtful people who enjoy sharing their interest in Barca. Happy Thanksgiving, all!

    2. Very well said. ^

      And also some Pilgrims and Indians are involved. πŸ˜€

      I’m just messing with you, K. Thanksgiving is basically a festival to celebrate the harvest, to give thanks for the bounty of the earth and for all the good things in your life, especially family and friends.

    3. They are no longer Indians, as I learned in my son’s kindergarten class, they are now officially recognized as … Native Americans.

    4. It’s like a holiday of general thankfulness. Supposedly it originates with the indigenous population teaching the early colonists how to survive in the New World. In gratitude, the colonists invited the natives to a turkey dinner. Later, they would gratefully evict the natives from their land and infect them with smallpox. Alas, ’tis another story.

    5. lol Thanks y’all for the history lesson..
      So basically its a harvest festival?
      we have lot of those where i come from!

    6. Are these Pilgrims synonymous to the British? If that’s the case then i get your point..otherwise i am not sure what you’re saying actually.

  2. *clap* *clap* *clap*

    Hearty thanks to our mods and to all the classy and insightful posters who make this the best FCB blog around.

    Just another working day for me, though!

  3. Watching the ’09 Clasic at their house. We’re a better team now, in betterr form. But man, did we have pace with Henry and Eto’o.

  4. JosΓ© Mourinho and four Real Madrid players charged with unsporting conduct

    β€’ Ramos and Alonso appeared to deliberately invite red cards
    β€’ Dudek and Casillas also charged, along with team-mates


    Why do I feel all of this basically works into Mou’s hands

    He revels in ‘Me against the Cruel Cruel World’ scenario

    1. Not looking like such a smart move now, eh?

      I would love it if Mourinho, Ramos, and Alonso were all given a 2-match ban for this, but I doubt it will happen. I smell a slap on the wrist.

      I can’t see anything being done to Dudek or Casillas, as they were just (allegedly) passing along instructions from their coach.

    2. I am thankful that when Barcelona did this they didn’t get punished at all. Thanks UEFA(!), maybe FCB should send a christmas card this year.

    3. Against Bayern 08/09. Could have easily been us.


  5. I just got Hectored !

    My thoughts on the match :

    – Villa needs to think faster and act faster, He should demand the ball more like Messi instead of waiting for the final ball.

    – Mascherano is awesome. In Big Matches, I can see him and Busquets starting applying the β€œNon Shall Pass” plan.

    – Pedro is improving, He is finally starting to score the goals he deserves.

    – Xavi replacement is no longer a worry, We have replacements for years to come, Iniesta, Messi, Busquets, Thiago, and JDS. After the match last night, I think Alves can play that role too.

    – Pique is still suffering from World Cup funk, Time to pick up his game.

    – CB is still a problem, Milito is injury prone and Pique is on 2 yellow cards in CL, with 4 in Liga, which means he only needs 1 more in any of them to miss the next match.

    – Adriano is good, We can’t judge him unless we see him against a La Liga side or an Attacking side.

    – We’re very Lucky to watch this team play the kind of football they do, We should enjoy it.

    – Our Players should expect a cross and get more in the box when a player is about to cross.

    – Pedro is more integrated and understanding with the team. If He should bench one, It should be Villa. Doubt that’ll happen though.

  6. In a week where Ohio State plays Michigan in college footballs best rivalry (what some consider the best rivalry in sports),I can truly see how big of a game El Clasico is. And I am from the states, grew up loving college football, 20 min from Columbus (Ohio St. campus) and I am a huge Buckeyes fan. Yet if I was given an option of sitting front row at the 50 yard line of a Michigan v. OSU game, with the teams being ranked #1 & #2 in the nation as they were in 2006, or had a ticket in the last seat in the top of the Nou Camp for a game between RM and FCB with both teams in the segunda division, I would be in Barcelona in a second. Truly a testament to the power of what us Barcelona fans and Madrid fans are so blessed to share!!!

    1. No offense, but that’s a regional bias. Down south, the Big 10 is a joke. You ask someone from Texas or Oklahoma, and they’ll tell you the Red River Shootout is the biggest rivalry. In fact, I’m sure that goes for any major school in-state/adjacent state rivalry.

      I know that’s beside the point that you’re trying to make… but just saying

    2. I don’t know if I agree with that, the red river shootout is consistently a lower rated nationally televised game that Michigan/OSU. Also OSU/Mich has its own 1 hour documentary on HBO along with Duke/Carolina (Basket Ball) & Sox/Yanks (Baseball).

      I am from Florida, orignally and my dad lives there, and I can tell you that the OSU/Michigan game battles to a near draw in the tv ratings in Florida with the annual Florida/Florida state game, which is played on the same day most years.

      Plus the SEC and Big 12 (at least 12 for now, as teams seem to be running away from your vaunted conference) dont really have one single standout rivalry, the SEC has many really good ones, Iron Bowl, Worlds largest cocktail party ect… and even the big 12 cant figure out if the bedlam game or the aforementioned R.R shootout is a bigger game. In the Big ten there is an undisputed #1 rivalry, which may enhance its national mystique.

      Finally you are much more likely to see Big 12 rivalry games played on ESPN while Mich/OSU is almost exclusivly the national game every year at noon or 3:30est around the country, excluding regional games that may trump it….just sayin.

    3. I get what your saying but the Michigan-Ohio State game does benefit from two things: 1) It’s played the last week of the regular season & 2) It usually serves as essentially the Conference Championship.

      And I’m sorry, it’s laughable that you think the Bedlam series competes at all with the RRS. Texas or Oklahoma has represented the Big 12 South in the Championship game every year since 1999 (And one of them has won the Championship 8 of the last 11 years). Basically whoever wins the RRS, goes on to win the Big 12 Championship. OSU has never even been to the Championship game. You tell me what game is more important.

    4. That 2006 game absolutely broke my heart. But yeah, I’d pick the Clasic over any other sporting event and probably most anything, really. Even if Michigan manages to somehow conjure up some semblance of a defense between now and Saturday…

    5. A girl once asked me whether, if Scarlett Johansson came over to my house on the night of El Clasico and said she wanted me right now, whether that’d be enough to make me not watch the game. I said if that happened I would tell her to wait until the match finished.

      This match > 99% of other possible daily activities.

  7. Happy thanksgiving folks. And thanks to the writers of this blog for all your hard work — you guys should know that you’re one of my most visited pages. I know because when I open a blank tab in Chrome you’re the first thumbnail.

  8. After checking out the EE off-sides blog, I really am starting to appreciate this blog so much more. Our posters have such a superior tactical knowledge of the game it is disgusting…..Seeing Hector, Euler, Blitzen, Soccerma, Kari and of course Kevin, Isaiah and Luke, along with others speak on formations, tactics and all else on the same level as college soccer coaches (which I interview on a near daily basis) is really amazing.

    Here is an example of a tactical post from the EE off sides (screen-name withheld)

    —–i agree with you di maria is going to be very influential. i also think that the fact that he is going to go up against abidal/maxwell neither of whom are as quick as him. if its maxwell he isn’t even that strong so that works to our favour. but with abidal he has to be quicker with his passes or shots, else he will get bullied out. there are just so many interesting matchups, i cant wait for monday either!——

    I am no tactical genius, I consider myself a mid level poster here, with maybe a bit more writing experience than others, but not much…here was my response.

    ——–I’m not sure how valid your argument is about DiMaria v the LB as wingers are almost always faster and have more pace than fullbacks. That’s why they are wingers, so what exactly are you saying???? Ramos is not nearly as fast as Pedro or Messi, would that not counter balance the other side. And not saying that your football knowledge is lacking, but defenders are defenders because of positional sense, most people who would comment on a blog like this understand that. Regardless of if you are a Barca or Madrid fan, this is clearly demonstrated in the Pique/Ronaldo match ups in prior Clasico’s. Ronaldo is no doubt much much faster than Pique, but the Masia products incredible positional sense and awareness of Ronaldo’s movements allowed him to OWN CR. Having said that, one look at the NANI/RONALD ALMOST GOAL over their international break shows that Ronaldo has the pace and ‘stop on the dime ability to contend with and even beat Pique cleanly. It is a simply a matter of who is ‘more on their game’ on Monday.——

    I love this BLOG!!!!!

    1. Never expected that someone could stop to such lowly comparsions and deductions. u r not only clueless but classless too.

    2. I am just calling a spade a spade, your blogs level of anaylisis comes nowhere near this blogs…..By the way, you saying you would ‘never expect anyone’ to do ‘anything’ so lowly during Clasico week is just naive.

  9. paradigmaguardiola subscribed my channel! wow! i feel loved.

    it’s thanksgiving time and i’d like to thank everyone because we share this space with the same love of this club and this blog! thanks bfb and all! also thanks for all kind words on my youtube videos as well!

  10. I always feel annoyed and sad when all these people get to eat big nice looking turkeys πŸ™

  11. Thanks for the praise, Clue(less)! It really made me smile to be included in The List of Greats, The BFB All-Stars, the -insert other cheesy name here-. Day is made. πŸ˜€ (Easy, right?)


    Personally, I’d prefer us appreciating our blog without us knocking down another. While I am grateful for the tactical know-how here, we don’t have to put other commenter from other blogs down. I’m not a tactical expert at all; I just learn my stuff mostly from reading this blog and learnt that way.

    It’s a free space and people are free to comment the way they think, because in the end, we’re all fans. We learn from each other, improving our knowledge and giving people the confidence to give their 2 cents without being judged. And that’s what’s cool about (this) blog(s).

    That being said, I’ve got my .gifs and…. Yeah. It’s on

    1. I know my teachers always told me that the best way to learn something was to find it out myself…but you want to share your .gifs Kari? I’ve seen the most excellent explanation for CRonaldo’s diving, but I don’t remember any others. πŸ™‚

    2. That’s why I kept the post nameless, cause I don’t want to put anyone out, I just saw it as it as a post that sought to be tactical and didn’t do to well when comparing it to this space.

    3. I saw that, and I totally understand your thought process <— Okay, lie. But you get what I mean. This space totally kicks all other blogs' asses, IMO. Fo' sho'.

      It's just that I think we can be awesome without having to point to someone else and say, "Ha! Look at 'im. He's trying to be as badass us, but it ain’t working.” It just doesn’t do us any favors, y’know? We’re cooler than that.

  12. And another thing…

    We can use bullets in the comments?! Or do we have yet another engineer in the ranks? How many engineers, software or otherwise, read this blog? Off the top of my head: Vj, Momo….Vj…Momo… My sister (she is one, but she doesn’t read this blog. To my knowledge.)

    Yeah. That’s about all I can think of.

    1. I was engineer when I passed my grad school 9 yrs back. Alas since then I did my MBA and can no longer honestly claim to be engineer though my degree says so.

    2. Oh, I don’t really care much for adding bullets–the dashes are fine–I’m just curious to see how many engineers there are. And it’s “software or otherwise” so you fit the bill, extreme barca fan. So we’re at 4 so far.

      -By the by, I just think it’s cool that we have different people who do such different things for a living all coming together for Barca. Students, journalist, professors, engineers, lawyers… Do we have any doctors out there too? Don’t be shy now; your profession rocks!

    3. Biochemist when I finish my Bachelor’s degree in three or four years, though seeing as I have yet to begin I wouldn’t qualify as one yet.

      My current job title is ‘research assistant’ though? Close enough? πŸ™‚

    4. Thanks for mentioning me twice, you must really be taking this seriously..


      And no, you cant use bullets like as in HTML, the only some tags are allowed while posting comments.

  13. One last thing (until I think of something else):

    Can I ask Tarun to get develop a word filter and apply it to this blog for a certain word. I really can’t stand it, so much so that I almost cringe when I even say the word. It’s becoming unhealthy…

    (Hint: word has to do with status. Or lack thereof.)

    1. *http://www.moon-blog.com/2007/11/wordpress-plugin-comment-filter.html

      Not to hard, assuming that plugin doesn’t stress the server or database in any ridiculous way.

    2. Status? What status? Us being ‘second’? Don’t worry that’ll change in a couple days

  14. Didn’t like Pique going down holding his face after the chest bump he got yesterday. Looks like TB’s (not tuberculosis!!) infection is contagious.

    Can’t wait for Monday. Starting to get really excited. Will surely let some steam out on Saturday during a futsal match.

    1. Dunno if it should be obvious or something but at the moment I just can’t figure out who TB is.

  15. Happy thanksgiving guys.
    Who’s buying electronics on Black Friday online from Amazon or Best Buy?

    1. Me too. Was planning to get something. But are they trust worthy or do they sell items that are having some defects?

  16. In due time, Pana, in due time. I’ve got a couple right now, minus the “Cuddly Assassin” and a Messi one for those who saw it. Currently, I’m thinking of good titles for them, which is harder than it looks.

    As a teaser (pun intended…you’ll see what I mean): I’ve leave it to the masses to think of title of this .gif:


  17. In the spirit of thanksgiving, i thank god for FC Barcelona and for this blog, happy thanksgiving to all.

  18. We need a nice looooooong tactical analysis for elclasico like the brilliant one we had for Villarreal.

  19. This is for the poor souls that have Liverpool as their “EPL team”. I don’t like them, but this is hilarious:


    1. Wouldn’t you like to know? πŸ˜€

      I can’t wait to whip them all out. Just gotta think of some titles…

    2. Teams i hate

      1. EE
      2. Man Utd
      3. Bayern Munich
      So Kari any team playing against these 3 is a team i like, for 90 min at least, so play nice now

    3. EE, Chelsea, Arsenal (used to like em, but hate em after the common phenomena of their fans spamming Barcelona threads and boards) are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head.

      Fans of every EPL team except Man Utd and Spurs seem to flood every La Liga and Barcelona forum on the internet bleating some ‘two-team league other teams suck Barcelona suck go to the EPL blah blah blah’ crap totally off-topic. Same, funnily enough, with Serie A fans (except Milan fans, there seems to be a general respect between Milan and Barcelona fans for some reason) going on about how Serie A is so much stronger cos its so much more competitive.

      I want Valencia to meet Roma, Barcelona to meet Arsenal (or Milan- much as I like them, I want to a) shut the Serie A fans hating on us up by hammering their league leaders, and b) stuff five or six goals past Ibrahimovic as revenge) or even United. And EE to meet either Chelsea (that way at least one team I hate will be eliminated- but if Chelsea win then the EPL brigade will go on about it, so I might even end up rooting for EE there) or any team who can knock them out in the R16 again.

  20. I’m not American but I’ve been watching the likes of Friends and How I Met Your Mother and Buffy and Big Bang Theory for a long time now (and have the Internet) so I know what Thanksgiving is (I think the closest holiday we celebrate here is Eid, which we celebrated a week or two ago- big special meal, visiting family members, etc). Well thanks to all you guys for being as Barcelona-crazy in my little online sphere when in the real world I am either surrounded by people either not into football at all or into Man Utd (people I know in Maldives) or EPL-crazy people (when I’m living in Malaysia) and don’t know a single Barcelona fan in real life except this one guy who isn’t INTO them as much to talk about them tactically or something but roots for them and occasionally watches their games. Thankful for FC Barcelona for playing such gorgeous, spellbinding football. And especially to Iniesta and Messi. Thanks to Real Madrid for providing us with such entertainment twice every year, especially the amusement of seeing all the pre-match bluster over the preceding six months for the past three matches being shot down. Thanks to a lot of other things very unrelated to football which I will thus not mention. Thank you Lord also for making me this good-looking.

    (Just joking with the last sentence)

    1. Barca96 you’re from Malaysia right? I used to study in IIS, thats the school bit of UIA (or IIUM, the International Islamic University). Now I’m back in the Maldives until I go to college (dunno where)

    2. Maldives! Didn’t you guys just have an underwater summit or something to highlight climate change/rising sea levels?

      I’ve looked at Maldives on Google Earth and it kind of freaks me out how close you all are to being underwater. Probably freaks you out more, I suppose? @@

    3. Yeah, apparently we’re gonna go underwater in fifty to sixty years or something, if sea level keeps on rising cos we’re only like a metre or two above sea level.. I get freaked out when I see those shows on Nat Geo where you see the polar ice melting and breaking off falling into the sea from the glaciers and stuff.

      Yeah the ministers had a cabinet meeting underwater. Probably the only good thing they’ve managed to do so far though to be honest, cos they’ve screwed us over in everything else.

      Haha, I actually wrote to the Fundacio FC Barcelona asking them to help with social development stuff in my country to fight against street crime and drugs or stuff? After bugging them a lot, they did reply saying they didn’t have the human or economic resources to help at the moment so very sorry. I want to ask them about helping in ways that won’t involve lots of money then, or money at all, like giving expertise on how to set up a youth sports system or some other stuff like that.

  21. Messi’s dribble vs Pana for those who missed it like me:

    Video from the ever brilliant allas11:


    He has our goals on his channel as well. With English commentary.

    1. Thanks Kari, I missed the match.
      Was that his only dribble? Cos I saw the posts in the match comments, it looked like he did a few of those mazy runs.

    2. There may have been others, I dunno– I missed the first half. I recommend watching the videos on his channel on that match. He has another “Messi never dives” video that was another run in the first half. Perhaps this is the other dribble the others were commenting on (besides the one I posted above).

  22. Guys, this video is going to hurt but I just don’t understand why tehy were showing Puyol in the beginning and then drawing a circle around the forgotten Gago.
    It was when we had to do a guard of honour.

    1. My spanish is pretty rubbish, but the circle around Gago is because he doesn’t greet any of the barcelona players…and I assume the focus on Puyol because he’s captain? I’ve never seen this before- why were we doing a guard of honour?

  23. Can I just say Ramzi owns? Yes? Okay.

    Ramzi, you freakin’ rule.


    1. You were asking permission to say he owns and the proceeded to say he rules. Hmmmm…

      But seriously that was ownage.

  24. New post up folks, speaking of stuff to be thankful for. Now I’m going to bed, so I can be fresh and ready to click away in 5 1/2 hours. I wants me a Clasic ticket!

  25. I am so jealous of anyone that gets to go to this. When I’m done with college (or when I’m IN college if I end up studying somewhere in Europe) I want to go to the Clasicos, even if its for one seat at the very back and the very top (though I feel a bit queasy seeing the view from the stands in cameras, its so steep and so so high).. hope we’re still as good and the rivalry is still as intense by then.

    Even the cheapest ticket for the Clasico Bernabeu game (the Nou Camp ticket price wasn’t on the page I checked) was 550 euros. So maybe not exact but I’m guessing the price range will be around 400-600 euros.. holy crap.

  26. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’d like to take this opportunity to say ‘Many thanks!’ to everyone who makes this blog the fun and informative place it is (and not too daunting for a football newbie like me). I’m sure it must have taken a great deal of time and effort.

    Being a newcomer to the world of football, I must say it can be quite confusing. Which league should I watch? Which team do I cheer for? Thank goodness those two questions were easily answered for me.

    I didn’t have any interest in football until the World Cup. Coincidence (perhaps?) led me to turn on the TV when Argentina was playing. By the time the World Cup was over, I was following a certain Argentinian player back to the club he plays for and reading anything on Barcelona that I could get my hands on.

    This blog has become one which I’ll check on a daily basis (and often several times day when match days approach). The previews are always filled with interesting information and I’ve come to look forward to Kevin’s reviews of the matches with almost as much enthusiasm as I do the matches themselves. Even the Liveblogs look like fun. It must be nice to be able to watch a match in the company of like-minded people.

    It’d be nice not to have to prop my eyelids open with matchsticks so that I can catch the live telecast of the matches on the TV but I guess sacrifices have to made. Really looking forward to the next match!

    1. Thanks for the welcome, outspacedout.

      I’m enjoying it so far but I get the feeling the boss would be a lot happier if I didn’t hog the coffeemaker on the morning after matches. πŸ˜‰

    2. So you’re from somewhere in Asia too then, right? If matches are in the middle of the night for you and you have to wake up for them?

    3. Yep. Living in Malaysia. Depending on the match,I either end up staying awake until 2am waiting for it to start or crawling out of bed at 5am. Either scenario resulting in a zombie shambling into work the next morning and the subsequent draining of coffee supplies in the office. πŸ˜›

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