The argument for selling Dani Alves, aka “Baby Kxevin done lost his mind!” UPDATE w/poll

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So here’s what we know about the Dani Alves situation:

1. His contract extension is being negotiated.
2. We have made a “final” offer, that was rejected.

Everything else is up for grabs, and there has already been much discussion. I got to writing a comment that got to be pretty long, one of those “Ramzi back in the day” suckers. 😀 So it’s now a post, give people a non match review-related opportunity to call me crazy.


For a moment, let’s leave aside the philosophical objection of a player holding a club hostage. Here are my main reasons why this summer should be the time to sell, if Alves doesn’t want the piddling money that we’ve offered him.

1. His first year for us, for me, was his best.

2. Now that clubs are figuring out how to play us, his attacking instincts are making him more of a defensive liability. It’s one reason that we concede more when Abidal goes out. Our back line’s pace deficiency becomes even more so.

3. We don’t really have an aerial target, making his crosses, when they are on target these days, all but meaningless. This has been noted time and again in match review comment threads and during LiveBlogs, rarely by me.

4. He can’t seem to take free kicks any more. None of us can, but he’s the worst, and this is notable because it’s a big part of his game. I recall the huzzahs when we was signed, because it meant that in the wake of Ronaldinho, we still had someone to threaten off of set pieces. It used to be that fouling one of our guys near the box meant serious danger. Not any longer.

5. His defense has improved, but he isn’t that good of a defender, nor is he a stand-up guy who will shut down someone’s attacker. If Mourinho shifts Thong Boy to the right in El Clasic, for example, you can forget about Alves being a significant part of the offense. Some of why he isn’t that good a defender is because he’s frequently chasing the play.

Now before anyone reminds me, Dani Alves is one of the best right backs in the world who has slotted into, and enlivened our tika-taka system. He teams with Messi to raise hell, and gives us a constant offensive threat on the right side of the pitch. But look at that second goal against Villarreal, and tell me that two years ago that tika-taka sequence wouldn’t have been with Alves instead of Pedro!.

I won’t deny Alves’ brilliance, not for a second. Nor his energy, nor his value in driving the other team inSANE. But I also won’t deny that just as our system copes when he is suspended or injured, it will cope when he is gone. The attacking right (and left, for that matter) back is becoming all the rage. Look at Fabio Coentrao as one example of the modern wing back. This increasing trend makes Alves increasingly less rare and extraordinary.

Guardiola is asking him to do more, but our system is also coming to life despite his deficiencies. P!, with his increased maturity, is really opening up the right side. And with the addition (hopefully) of the likes of Afellay, not to mention what Villa already brings to the left side, it’s easy to see a system where our backs are used more as overlaps, rather than integral parts of the offense. So Abidal becomes the template on both sides, though the right-side back would get forward more because of Messi’s fondness for playing to that side of the pitch.

This contract business also makes me start to wonder why we purchased Adriano. Has he been spectacular when he was in the side? Nope. But give him reps, and what will he be? Good question. Is it hard to envision his being the kind of right back who could work in that reimagined Alves position? Another good question. He has the pace, ball skills and attacking ability to function as the right-leaning attacking mid that Alves is, in reality. Is it a question of just getting him reps? Hmmm ….

If we go out in the world, a world that contains a few attacking right backs of high quality such as Gregory Van der Wiel, who could be purchased, and still leave change after an Alves sale, what then? Lord, I’m full of questions, aren’t I?

If we are going to sell, the time is now, because you can’t just sell Alves to anyone. He’s going to command north of 30m, which greatly limits his (and the club’s) fiscal worldview. If he’s wanting Xavi money, putting him around 8m per season, that too limits who can buy and satisfy him. There are only two clubs I see who can and would: Chelsea and Citeh. Both have fairly urgent needs for an RB of Alves’ quality. Neither will be willing to wait a year for him to come. We won’t sell in January, because that’s just crazy. But this summer, if I were running the good ship Barca, the first 30m would take him home. As with The Yaya, his value is never going to be higher.

P.S. Alves could come to his senses, realize the cool deal that he has in this team with this club and reopen negotiations, in an attempt to find a compromise that will allow both sides to save face. He’s on record as wanting to stay with the club. But right now that desire is on his terms, just as the club wants him to stay on their terms. Both have a right to seek what they want. Now we see who wins this game of fiscal Chicken.

Ready …. set …. discuss!

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  1. Vj
    November 19, 2010

    Can you guys throw a poll to take the popular opinion? Would like to see where everyone stands..

    • November 19, 2010


    • Vj
      November 19, 2010

      That was quick!

    • Kxevin
      November 19, 2010

      Never let it be said that we ain’t responsive around here. Just don’t go asking for a sandwich or anything! 😀

    • tutomate
      November 19, 2010

      French Dip please!

    • Vj
      November 19, 2010

      Great work! Great blog!

    • Kxevin
      November 19, 2010

      The results are overwhelmingly in favor of keeping him, in case anyone is shocked by that news.

    • SoccerMom
      November 19, 2010

      To quote RayRay

      Are you KIDDING me ?!?!

      I just figured out how to put in a *&%$# video and now you people are tossing in polls hither and thither?

      Well at least now I get to click ‘Keep’ about 50 million times for my DannyBoy.

  2. cliu
    November 19, 2010

    Tuna melt! I’m with Kxevin on this one. I think Dani’s trading price is high. I think his movement has gotten predictable, his crosses are not. I agree with y’all that he is high energy and motivational and even motivated, but I just haven’t been that impressed this season. H

  3. Auld Super
    November 19, 2010

    How could Barca survive without his almost 100% scoring rate from free kicks ?

    Sell him for 35m, buy Bale for 30 and pay 5 off the 450m debt. See people it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

    • November 19, 2010

      Wait few weeks, and Bale price will drop to the half. Thats less complicated 😀

    • Kxevin
      November 19, 2010

      Whew! Not on the Bale bandwagon, I regret to inform, but I assume Auld Super is kidding. 😀

    • Kari
      November 19, 2010

      I hope he’s kidding.

  4. Helge
    November 19, 2010

    I have always been a pundit of Dani Alves for his crosses. There’s obviously nothing that you could criticize about his energetic runs down the wings, BUT when you have so much space on the wing, consequently so much time to put in a brilliant cross, you have to make more of it than Dani Alves. He’s the best in generating space on the wing, but he is at best average in using that space for succesful crosses. Compare his crosses to the ones of Bale, for instance.
    If we get 35m or even more for him, sell him!

    Btw, is this the first ever poll on BFB?

  5. Philo Barca
    November 19, 2010

    Is there anything remotely reliable out there about how much Dani is asking for? To me, the abstract question, “sell or keep?” is really kind of meaningless without knowing what it would cost to keep him on board. If he wants to be the second-best paid player on the team or have a contract that guarantees him big money until he’s 33, then sell him. If he’s asking for more than Xavi and Iniesta but less than Villa, then we’ve got a real live question (this is just a hypothetical; I actually don’t know how their respective salaries rank).

    What we should not do, IMO, is bow to a player who says, “Man City is willing to pay me X; so if you want me to stay, pay me X.” Man City should not be our standard for what to spend.

  6. Dr. J
    November 20, 2010

    Papers say he is asking to be in the same group as Xavi, Iniesta, Villa. The Club is offering him the third group, and it’s supposedly 1.5 million difference (Villa has 7.5 mio, so they’re probably offering Dani around 6).

    He could probably get 8 mio easily at Citeh or Chelski, but we gotta watch our pay-structure. I do think they could offer him about 7 and he would probably accept. Otherwise it’s Van der Wiel time. He is the same profile and we would get him for less money than we would get for Alves. His wages would also be much lower.

  7. Nill-Zone
    December 7, 2010

    We do not need another right back to replace Dani, Puyol can replace that position and Fontas could take puyol’s position his a great defender did u see him defend good on the 8-0 against Almeria and just saw him score the 1-0 against Rubin Kansan

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