International Match Day comments post

Sorry for the lateness of this here post. The games that I find interesting are:

Brazil-Argentina (12pm EST)
South Africa-USA (2pm EST)
Portugal-Spain (4pm EST)

Have at it in the comments and I’ll be back tomorrow with some serious writing. Apologies for not being more voluminous in my posting recently, but hey, that’s how it goes now and then, eh? We’re almost a third of the way through the season, so I think I’ll write something about how that’s true. Probably.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Though, I kinda feel bad for Thong Boy. Heck of a goal–too bad this teammates (read: Nani) messed it up.

    I feel annoyed now, but it gives Thong Boy fan boys more ammunition.

    1. Yeah.

      BTW, the last sentence should have read:

      “I feel annoyed now, because it gives Thong Boy fanboys more ammunition”

  2. Wow Danny just stole a goal from Cristiano! After a brilliant move he chips into the corner of the goal, looks like it crossed the goalline though.. Danny out of nowhere heads the goal which is already going in…

    And he was offsides.
    Goal line save by Pique!

  3. Wow Danny just stole a goal from Cristiano! After a brilliant move he chips into the corner of the goal, looks like it crossed the goalline though.. Danny out of nowhere heads the goal which is already going in…

    And he was offsides.

  4. That was a rocket of a shot. Portugal are playing their hearts out
    Spain don;t really care it seems heh

  5. Fair scoreline.

    Spain are in “I’m just gonna back away slowly” mode, while Portugal are going all out. Thong Boy admittedly got robbed a golazo (ball was already in before an offside Nani headed it). Xavi and Iniesta aren’t injured. El Chino looks good.

    1. Yeah was it Pique that dove on the ground for no reason during that goal?

      Argentina v Brazil was an example of a rivalry friendly. Its just a 90 minute runabout.

      This one is one team looking to avenge a WC loss and one knowing its a friendly.

  6. everyone seems very eager to beat spain … in friendlies.
    Xavi is misplacing balls , busquets same.
    I wont speak for the madrid players because most of them arent really expected to be precise passers anyway.
    Spain is having some problems against such sides with no width coming from both sides, and crowded midfield that doesnt serve much of a defence purpose.

  7. Graham Hunter is saying Dani is being offered 60% salary now and 40% in bonuses as will every player signing or renewing contracts with the club. In fairness to Hunter he’s very close to the club and rarely wrong about these things.

  8. Marchena is on. He looks like some actor but I can’t put my finger on it… Ben Stiller maybe?

    Ewww. I just saw the greasy slicked back hair of Figo Judas!

  9. I can’t stop laughing.

    Some will say the ball crossed the line. Some will say Pique on the ground covered Nani. I will just Laugh.

    Ramos scoring against Casillas. Never thought I’d see that.

  10. Spain deserves it. Playing a Barcelona midfield and a line of non-Barcelona defense means suicide.

    1. Except its not even fully a Barcelona midfield, Xabi is kind of mucking things up and Cesc is no Xavi.

      Also, Spain need to finish their chances.

    2. right, in fact, there is only Iniesta Busquets and Puyol left on. So, if you play Barcelona football without Barcelona players, then you are killing yourself.

      oh great, even Ghostface came off too.

  11. Well, it’s all good. Xavi is off at HT (yesh!) and so is Thong Boy (coach knows he won’t pass to his teammates again)

  12. Casillas totally looked like he was gonna save that second goal only to see Ramos killed it off. That goal wouldn’t have happened if Valdes was out there because Valdes would have cut off that thru ball.

    1. I wouldn’t say that. It was a good save by Casillas, no fault on him. If it’s on anyone, it’d be on Ramos.

    2. It’s all Ramos, of course. But only that sweeper keeper Valdes would have that thru ball swept away long before the cross came in.

  13. Spain lost 4-1 to Argentina. I wouldn’t read much into it.

    A classic case of “One-team-thinking-it’s-a-friendly-The-other-taking-it-too-seriously-emia”

    1. Still, I couldn’t have told you after Spain won the World Cup that they’d go on to lose two matches before the end of the year. Quite unexpected.

    2. Really? Exact opposite for me; it’d be more than mildly surprised if they beat Argentina and Portugal on their own turf.

    3. Beat them, maybe not. But definitely not concede 7 goals to them after conceding none in the knockouts at the World Cup.

    4. 8 goals actually πŸ˜€

      Yeah, I know what you mean. It doesn’t help that the starters of the teams play for us (we tend to wear out all players not named Dani Alves)

  14. we ruined our world image in two friendly games vs argentina and portugal, not nice rivals to loose against for a spaniard. why??

    1. Spain’s ridiculous unbeaten record didn’t do a whole lot of good in the Confederations Cup. I much rather have these ups and downs in the friendlies and win the actual games.

  15. Kevin must be happy. Looks like France is back. Even better, looks like France is back, and Nasri is at the center of their team–delicious!

  16. I didn’t watch the match but I saw that Messi scored in the injury time against Brazil. So does that mean that he played the whole profanity match?

  17. ONLY 128 comments and only ONE mentions the United States, and not even that they WON the game!

    It was even mentioned in the original post, people!

    1. To build on that…regardless of what I just said, how is USA-SA mentioned, but not England-France as an “interesting” match? You should have read the commentary I was following, and how frustrated that poor Englishman was getting!

    2. I was the one who mentioned it! yay me!

      I was pretty impressed with 3 debuts. Teal Bunbury, Juan Agudelo and Mikkel Diskerud.

      Lichaj had a great match too.

    3. The US and footy do not compute. And, I’m going to stop watching this match. It’s terrible. Only plus is Crissy was denied a goal, time to get some work done!

  18. I hope Ramos plays like this when he plays against us in a few weeks time. Boy is he having a stinker!

  19. Urgh. The Spain match is too depressing to watch (even for a friendly). I’ll keep watching Messi’s goal and the video of he and Ronaldinho on barcastuff to cheer myself up.

    1. Here’s that video of them chatting for all those who didn’t see. (via barcastuff)


    1. I refuse to believe I jinxed him

      You can score headers, right David? I mean you scored an awesome one not too long ago against a team I don’t remember so I can’t post the link.

  20. Ugh, Spanish players can’t even shoot on target, most of Portugal’s attacks ended up as goals.

  21. Whaattttt?
    We have an agreement for Borja Valero.
    Do we really need another midfielder?
    What about Thiago? JDS? CESC???

    1. Well I mean Cesc isn’t even a part of the team – and the chances of him joining have been diminishing. Thiago and JDS are future prospects (though Thiago looks like he’ll be on the first team soon). Valero adds another midfield option if Xavi or Iniesta are out of commission.

      I don’t really know Borja Valero’s playing style well enough to comment on what role he could play at BarΓ§a or how well he’d integrate. But nonetheless, I think this helps deal with our squad thinness. The price looks right too.

    2. But midfield was not really a department where we lack cover especially now that Afellay is coming.

  22. from @barcastuff: Barcelona has an agreement on the transfer of Villarreal midfielder Borja Valero (25) for 16M. The deal would be announced in May [interviu]


    1. barcastuff is accurate on forwarding news, but whether that news is accurate is another thing. I’d call bs on that Borja transfer as well.

    1. Yes. West Brom failure but he did great at Mallorca I read.
      From the youtube videos, he looked no better than JDS. He has JDS/Xavi kind of style.

  23. I love it how our duo took the result:


  24. Borja Valero was just signed by Villareal in the summer 😐

    Why did Leo get a yellow after he scored his goal?

    1. This could just be the transfer rumour mill spinning up again.

      No idea why Messi got a yellow — he didn’t even take off his shirt.

  25. To add to the discussion above: wow, that was a killer goal from Agudelo, and only 17! Let’s not overhype the guy, but this is a good development.

    Not that I’m much of a USA fan, but I like seeing them do well πŸ˜›

    1. What happened to Ade or Adu or Edu or something?
      The 15 year old kid who migrated from Ghana.
      He was supposed to be the saviour or American soccer I thought

    2. What happens to a lot of young talent: their apparent potential is never fulfilled. Which is why I shake my head any time I hear about a 16 year old exploding onto the scene and prophesied as the next big thing in football.

    3. Exactly! But he really was special. It’s not everyday or more precisely, not ever you hear or see an American kid so talented at such an age so I understand why he was hyped.
      He just couldn’t handle it as expected. Poor kid. He was ok IMO.

    4. he was only hyped because he was america’s savior.

      Hes just a mid level Ghana player if he had stayed there but because he was American he was blown out of proportion.

      He couldn’t even make the World Cup squad..
      Its my belief though, that since he is something like 21, he still has time to become a player for the next TWO world cup squads for the U.S.A.

      He’s mostly gotten screwed by all the loan deals gone bad he’d get loaned places, and the coach who wants to play him would get sacked and he ride the bench.

  26. Also, I hope to see some post here nearing Dec. 2nd on the host selection for the 2018/2022 World Cups. Be nice to see what our community here thinks of the bid.

  27. Just checked the score for the Spain-Portugal game. Yikes! Guess I won’t bother downloading it. I blame the new shirts.

    On the plus side, Ronaldo didn’t score. That must really piss him off. πŸ™‚

    I guess I can only remember that it was a friendly and not get too upset. And I hope Casillas has the same kind of game in two weeks at Camp Nou. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yah, it would have been a great goal, but that makes it even sweeter to see the goal being disallowed due to a stupid move by Nani πŸ˜€
      This time, CR met another big ego, remember how Villa acted on the goal from Messi, he stayed away. Nani is kind of the same player type as Crynaldo, and I suppose they don’t come along that well. Nani probably was happy when CR left MasnUtd, cuz now he is the trick master at Old Trafford.
      I gotta admit it would have been a hell of a goal, and Nani is usually a very great player, but it was pure fun to see those two big egos clash. CR’s reaction was pure rage, and I beliebe that was the reason for him not returning after half-tinme. Maybe he still had some words with Nani during half-time? πŸ™‚

  28. I stopped watching when iniesta came out or so… 4-0??? omg
    that’s way too much. at least ronaldo didn’t score right?

  29. While everyone is talking about about a Pastore transfer, for me the revelation was David Luiz. His composure and skill with the ball would make him a great future partner for Pique.

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