Liga Liveblog: Barça-Villarreal

Thank you to Patrick for running the liveblog today. Should be a wonderful match some come ready to get LIVEBLOGGED THE MESS OUT OF…yourself. Or something. Thing itself after the jump.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. gotta point out that dribble iniesta did to two defenders in the front-right side of the little box, only he can do that IMO. he misplaced the pass though 🙁

    saw the game again (didn’t watch it like it deserved) and we played so well it’s hard to believe the score. Like pep said, vilareal are the only team that stood against us when we play in THAT way. respect to them

  2. Cleareyesfullhearts-

    I value your comments and am happy to see that you feel comfortable enough to participate in this space even though you support another club.

    But your comments specifically about Afellay are off the mark (and I’m being very specific regarding Afellay – not the myriad of other issues you’ve mixed in with this one transfer).

    Your comments don’t fully take into consideration what Afellay may want as an individual for himself. It’s as if he’s just some widget who should be pushed around by the clubs who can incorporate him to maximize their own utility. To be honest, your comments come off as rather patronizing as you’re arguing that he himself can’t decide what’s best for him nor should he even have the rights to do so. That’s nonsense.

    By far the primary reason Afellay is coming to Barcelona is because he wants to. A player on an expiring contract is perhaps the worst example with which to make the kinds of arguments you are regarding financial issues in La Liga. An enormous range of clubs could afford Afellay – as you yourself point out Sevilla could of afforded him. Liverpool could have. Juve could have.

    This was not a deal driven by the economic resources of the club because no club had leverage here. The player had leverage and he acquired that leverage by subjecting himself to risk.

    Afellay assumed significant personal risk to himself by turning down multiple contract extension requests from PSV. He placed his entire future in potential jeopardy in doing so. If he gets injured and ruins his knee his career very well could end and he only gets paid for another few months. That’s it. Over.

    Why would he do this? Why assume this risk? It’s because he as an individual wanted to be able to make his own decision on where to play and who to play for. And it seems like this is what you are bitter about. How dare a player decide for himself where he works!

    Compare this to Fabergas. Fabergas didn’t want to expose himself to risk so he signed a long term contract with a club he didn’t want to be at long term. He did that to make sure he would get paid for 6 years guaranteed. He didn’t want to assume any risk. And in the end because of that desire to minimize his own risk he had no substantive ability to control where he would work. He signed that right away.

    Afellay did the exact opposite. He did the only thing a player can to give himself the ability to decide for himself where he works. He traded long term financial security for autonomy.

    Afellay could have walked on and started at Liverpool, for example. He knew this. But he didn’t want to do that.

    Given how he took the risk to play on an expiring contract he put himself in position to play for nearly any team he wanted to in the entire world. He was the one making the decision here, he had all the leverage – not the selling club and certainly not the buying club. He elected himself to play for a certain employer.

    Why? Let’s let him answer that question in his own words:

    Afellay: “For every little boy, it’s a dream to play for Barcelona.” #fcblive [eredivisie live]

    Afellay: “If you ask all footballers what their dream club is, 99 out of 100 will say Barcelona. It can’t get better than that.” [el]

    -Both quotes above via barcastuff.

  3. Anyone watching the RM – Sporting Heehaw game? It’s scoreless at the half.

    RM don’t look great — their passing is terrible and they are playing a bit dirty, although to be fair the Sporting players are diving quite a lot. Even Xabi Alonso is having an uncharacteristically poor game. They just don’t know how to keep the ball.

    If they play like this at El Clasico, it will be good for us!

  4. OK, 20 more minutes, just keep it up for 20 more minutes. *crossing fingers*

    Apparently Oezil is one the field somewhere, but I haven’t seen him. He’s been practically invisible this game.

    Mourinho must be dying of frustration right now! 😀

  5. If Sporting manage to draw people will say we should get Botia back but then as the season will go on, people will forget again and think that Muniesa is more ready…

  6. WOW, I turned the match on and they scored. I don’t believe this.

    I am the new Kari! 😯 Nooooooooo! XD

  7. Sporting pressed very effectively all match in their own half. Then they fail to close out Ramos and give him the time and space on the ball to deliver an accurate cross to Benzema in the box.

    Botia played very well and he would be useful depth for Barca right now. He was very strong today. RM couldn’t generate much through the middle and that’s why they struggled to score.

    1. But would calling Botia back be good for him? Wouldn’t it be better for him to keep on playing where he gets constant reps. Once one of our defenders leaves or someone gets injured we could get him back. Until then Fontas or Barta…?

  8. Why do you guys watch Madrid play? You all know that they are going to win, your just torturing yourselves. Let me guess, they played mediocre for tha majority of the game, Sporting had a bunch of chances they didnt take and then Madrid scored right at the death. Its typical and its why I dont watch them. All we have to worry about is ourselves…

    1. Actually this is the first EE match I’m seeing this season. And I only saw 5 mins. And I was bored.

      You think I would like to see EE play for fun? 😛

    2. Agreed 100%. I don’t watch them anymore because I just end up being frustrated. We can worry about them in a couple of weeks.

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