Your Weekly Schadenfreude: Rio Ferdinand

Last week we in BFB nation openly and derisively mocked the “pain” inflicted upon Cristiano Ronaldo, because that’s how we roll. But it’s a new week, and it’s Veteran’s Day here in the States, and Remembrance Day in Canada and a few others, so let’s celebrate by openly mocking someone because of their pain.

Today’s guest of honor is Rio Ferdinand, stalwart of Old Trafford and magical defender of Sir Alex’s magic potions that somehow keep him a live and simultaneously drunk at all times. While conducting a search for a map to said potions, Ferdinand was the subject of the worst torture of all:

Argentina special

Now sure, this could be a random snapped picture that just looks like that, but come on, everyone knows Ferdinand likes rectal exams on the pitch from the Argentinean madman who won’t try to snort blow off your ass while doing it.

So relish this one friends. Also, there’s this!

Enjoy your holiday denizens.

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By Luke

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  1. OMG!! Does it just look like it or really it is!?

    Tevez on the receiving end and Rafael on the other end would have been perfect though

    1. I haven’t seen much of Nolito, but the difference maker for me is Injuries. Jeffren can’t stay healthy for a few games.

      I’d pick Nolito.

    2. i’d pick jeffrén over nolito at anytime.

      jeffrén is more the traditional fasty and tricky winger(which barça lacks at certrain times) with a nack of goalscoring..
      he is the fastest player right now unfortunatly he is an injuryprone 🙁

      nolito is like messi,pedro and his progression is comperable with pedros but i don’t think he will ever make it.
      saw him last year playing he didn’ impress me until the playoffs started thats where he showed his skills.

      i’m sure he’ll leave at the end of the season.

    3. nolito is ready IMO, he is twenty something, skilled, strong, determined and very agressive with the ball in his feet. I say give him at least this season to prove himself. jeffren has had some already. and let’s not talk about bojan. nolito as a fire starter is a great aquisition for the rest of the year. he can come in the 75th and raise hell in any game.

    4. David Silva



      If I had to pick one, Nolito. Just because he’s awesome at the moment and saying the right things as well.

    5. I honestly haven’t seen either of them play enough to choose. Jeffren is always either injured on benched in favour of Bojan. Nolito has been off and on. Right now he seems to be on. Plus he is cuter than Jeffren.

      I pick Nolito! 😀

    6. I stay by my opinion that if Nolito gets a good offer from a club he should take it.

      Jeffren also rocked at the CWC. Has Nolito really done more than that?

  2. “Barcelona could be interested in signing Porto forward Hulk (24) in the January transfer window.” via Barcastuff

    I’ve always liked him but he’s selfish and I remember him causing some locker room problems. We’ll have to wait and see.

    1. I like him, he’s a fantastic player and one of the main reasons Porto are on fire!

      With that being said, he will command a lot of $$$ that I don’t think we should dish out. He is strong, but not very tall IIRC..

    1. Hi Funky! If you are going to join our little community here you should know that although my name is Jose, everyone around here calls me Spaghetti.

    1. I just meant that if I don’t dislike the person, I can’t really take any sadistic pleasure in it. Now this pic here?


      THIS is schadenfreude! 😀

  3. OK, another Thiago question:

    Is there a limit to how many times he can be called up for first-team games in a row and still be considered part of the B team? If Pep keeps calling him up and he doesn’t play any B-team games, will they actually be required to promote him under the rules?

    1. I’m not sure that’s true, but it’s hard to say.

      Page 164 of the RFEF guidelines here (PDF) says:

      Los futbolistas podrán alinearse en cualquiera de los equipos que constituyen la cadena del patrocinador, siempre que hayan cumplido la edad requerida en la categoría y que se trate de un equipo superior al que estuvieren inscritos.

      Cuando se produzca la circunstancia prevista en el apartado anterior, el futbolista podrá retornar al club de origen salvo que hubiere intervenido en el superior en diez encuentros, de manera alterna o sucesiva, en cualesquiera de las competiciones oficiales en que éste participe, sea cual fuere el tiempo real que hubiesen actuado.

      Se exceptúan de este cómputo los futbolistas con licencia “P” en edad juvenil, “J”, “C”, “I”, “AL”, “B” y “PB”.


      That translates, for all of you, to roughly:

      The players will line up in any of the teams that make up the chain of the sponsor, provided they have met the required age category and it is a superior team to which they are enrolled.

      Upon the occurrence of the circumstances envisaged in the previous section, the player may return to the club of origin unless it intervened in the top ten games, alternatively or successively, in any official competitions in which it participates, regardless of real time that have acted.

      Excluded from this calculation licensed footballers “P” in youth, “J”, “C”, “I”, “AL”, “B” and “PB”.


      Of course I have no idea what falls into that last line about exclusions, so I’m not sure how much that helped. But it suggests 10 is the number of appearances in each competition and then a player would have to stay up. Thiago is on 3 in the league.

  4. Josep i answer in previous post that ceuta and barca b are playing in different groups in segunda b!

    1. What he meant was last season when they both were in the same league.
      Any idea on the score then?
      What I understand is that there are 4 leagues in the 3rd division, so the chance that they were in the same league is pretty slim, perhaps in the play-off rounds.

    2. Thanks to you both 🙂

      I just finished watching the match and Thiago is wow. He really is a young Ronaldinho in the making. One might call him RAWnaldinho, because the talent is there, he just needs some shaping.

      I venture to say Barca B could beat a lot of top flight teams across all of Europe, would you agree?

  5. Barca96 there are 4 leagues and barca was in 3d(catalonia,levante)and ceuta in 4 if i am right!They did not face each other in play-offs!I try a lot to find the Juvenil A squad but nothing so far.

  6. Well Josep i believe that barca b is a very good team.Defenders and midfielders are 18-19 years old and in attack there are more experience players like soriano,nolito or carmona.But they play in a very strong and competive league so next season they will be better.From what i have seen i like muniesa,romeu and rochina.Also i want to see more of planas and riverola.In juvenil A and B there are also talents like deulofeu,etock e.t.c

  7. Nice, Allas saved me loads of work to do!

    Thiago highlight:

    1. he is probably right not to do so because Thiago’s brilliance was written all over the pitch, nobody can’t recognize him. 🙂

  8. Finally, the official presentation of the Barca B and Juvenil A and some younger kids I think.

    Why has it been so quiet for the past 5-6hours?

    Let me re-post my old post to fill in the empty space then 🙂

    -I actually think that RM is going to pull off our 08/09 season(touch wood). They lost the league twice in a row but have a new coach now and are very hungry. Just like when Pep joined us. I think that they will at least win 2 trophies.
    I still think that we are better in any way though but they will have more luck and hunger and a deeper squad.

    -If we sign Affelay for winger position, I don’t mind but not to take minutes away from Thiago.

    -If that man-mountain didn’t move to the City, we wouldn’t be having any conversation about the need for a CB or Affelay. He would solve the problem at CB and the middle. F7yk!! It would’ve been so easy. But that’s life.

    1. -Well nothing is guaranteed yet, who knows how the season will finish. Last season Real Madrid were scoring loads of goals and pretty much everyone were writing them off as the winners mid-season and look how it ended.

      -There seems to be very heavy media coverage on this transfer rumor, but really I don’t see any reason why we should buy him other than only for financial reasons. If we want a winger then we already have one in Nolito who is good enough, still young, and still dedicated, best of all for free :D:D:D

      -Yaya Toure is far from being missed right now, he is a good player, but he wouldn’t have offered any more then we already have right now, other than maybe a few headaches for Pep.

      CB coverage is a little low, but tbh nearly every season there is always a point in the season where we run out of CBs. it happened last season and it happened the season before. It is something we can’t seem to find a solution to. But IMO this season we seem better off given how competent and ready the b-team defenders seem to be, and well, we shouldn’t worry too much about CB coverage anymore.

    2. Thanks.
      I don’t know man.
      They look better this year and Ronaldo looks calmer from the limited time that I’ve watched him play.

      Yaya could’ve filled in the gap at CM, DM or CB perfectly. But there’s no use now talking about him. But hey, there is always a possibility since he is so confident about coming back here although I wouldn’t want him back. As I don’t believe in reunions(not the correct word used here). 2nd marriages(again, wrong word) just doesn’t work( not from experience 🙂 )

      Last season we had loads of options at CB.
      Milito(2nd half), Yaya, Chiggy & Marquez.
      How is Marquez doing in MLS? Henry?
      Can the Americans give some updates on them please?
      It would be good to know their progress(degress) in their careers there.

    3. Marquez scored a cracker of a goal a couple months ago, and has been a great presence. However, his attitude was bad and they actually just got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs against the worst team remaining technically.

      As for Henry, he has been hampered with injuries. He came on in the 80th or so of their final playoff game and missed a point blank header inside the 8-yard box that would’ve extended the game to extra time.

      I saw him when they played the Fire, and he only played the first 45. It was the best 0-0 draw I ever watched though. :DDD

      Chiggy is having a good season at Shakhtar, but I’ve only seen their CL matches.

    4. Speaking of youth teams, I really hope that Etock kid becomes the new Eto’o. Have we ever produced a world class striker?

  9. *

    ronaldinho having fun in the training…at 2:05 min the interesting part starts 😉

  10. How come the 2nd half links from rojadirecta all don’t work?
    I tried the 200+ mb link and the single link, 700+mb.

    1. Do you mean the links don’t work, or that files don’t work once you have downloaded them? I just downloaded the second half last night but haven’t tried viewing it yet. I prefer using the fileserve links, I’ve never had a problem with them.

  11. LOL!

    I love Preciado ( Sporting Gijon’s trainer), he just said that Mourinho is a villain, a scoundrel, an asshole en some stuff. He’s still mad when his team played us and Mourinho said that he didn’t used his strongest team and rolled over.

    Link is in Dutch!


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