Barça – Ceuta Match Comments Post

Starting lineups:

Barça: Pinto, Adriano, Bartra, Milito, Maxwell, Mascherano, Keita, Thiago, Nolito, Bojan, Pedro
Ceuta: Fock, Vitor Moreno, Cañas, Zamora, Pepe Marti­nez, Sandro, Ormazabal; Seguro, Guzman, David Torres

Bojan is the captain, just so you know.

Barça lead 2-0 on aggregate going into this match.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. I absolutely loved the second half of this game. I was smiling so much my cheeks hurt, particularly after Bojan’s goal and his celebration THAT WAS FULL OF WIN.

    Thiago was a straight up beast. *swoons* His link ups with Messi *faints*

  2. Satisfying match in the end. First half left a lot to be desired for me and the injury to Milito didn’t help. Second half we looked better and I’m glad we finished our chances.

    Thiago was excellent. I love that kid. (but y’all know that already).

    Bartra showed a few times that he still isn’t ready and I believe Fontas will probably be the one on the bench against Villareal. Bartra made a couple of nice forays forward, though.

    Nolito played well and showed the confidence he has when he goes at players.

    Unfortunately, JDS didn’t get in, but like Jordi said, I’m glad Sergi Roberto got in because he has been great for Barça B over the past couple of seasons.

    I was a little bit surprised Messi came on, but in the end it was positive.

    Glad Bojan got the goal, hope his confidence improves a bit as well as his decision making in the final 3rd. Also, he needs to stop slipping so much.

    Great match from Mascherano, too.

    1. I knew Messi was gonna come on (I’ll stop gloating now)

      Agreed on all points, especially the last point on sMasch. I’m enjoying my humble pie and drinking the Kool Aid. Dude’s for real.

    2. Bojan has been playing like a 2.25

      Sell Jeffren and Promote Nolito

      Almeria is gonna be tough because we may risk Pique as Milito won’t be ready.

  3. Between halves, the JSC Cup game host had this to say

    He said while laughing “Bojan can’t even score from a penalty.” Then, he made a sad serious face “I hope he goes through this rough patch.”

  4. The goal by Miltio was oh so familiar with Maxwell’s goal. Didn’t Ceuta’s GK learn his lesson by now?

    Check out the Catalan/Spanish babe at the end of this highlight at 1.42. Mamma mia.

  5. Guardiola: “My happiness in the 5th goal? That was for Messi, Thiago doesn’t deserve that yet (laughs).” (via barcastuff)

    Pep sure knows how to keep players grounded lol.

    1. Thiago: “I’m sweating more now, giving interviews, than during the whole game out there on the pitch.”

      That’s what he’s up against.

    2. LOL. Please Thiago, if there is anything that could derail his potential, it’s your cockiness/confidence. The confidence he shows is great, but there’s a line he shouldn’t cross.

      I hope Pep doesn’t read his comments otherwise I fear he could be sent back to the B team for a reality check.

    3. LOL true. But remember, Pep is the same guy that told Thiago off for running to celebrate with Jonathan on the bench after he scored against Racing last year.

  6. Guardiola: “Milito? He’s feeling bad. Now B-players as centre-back? We have no option, we don’t have anyone else, we’ll use them.”

    Is he serious ? I believe Mascherano would be a better option, Abidal will be too risky. Fontas and Bartra better be up to the challenge.

    1. Maybe Busquets and Puyol is also an option, with Mascherano playing the DM part. Busquets dropped back to the center of defence in many matches lately, he’s probably more used to it than Masch, right?

  7. FAIL :

    2′ Nolito

    7′ Marc Bartra Aregall

    50′ Pedro

    63′ Bojan Krkic

    68′ Lionel Messi Editors also chose Bojan as Top of the Match.

  8. Question: Does Messi know English?

    I ask this because his twitter has English posts. Very good ones at that. /

    1. Yeah, he doesn’t have twitter.

      I’m pretty sure he can’t speak a word of English and even if he could, he would be too shy to use it. I mean he understands and knows how to speak Catalan, but always says he is too shy to speak it.

    2. The only Barca players that have confirmed twitters that I am aware of are Puyol and Iniesta. Pique has a Facebook page, as do Iniesta and David Villa.

    1. Didn’t impress me to be honest. Best thing he did was be a constant outlet for Mascherano to play the long ball.

  9. Nice highlight reel here. How did we ever live before YouTube?


  10. And here are Pique and Puyi acting like 5-year-olds in the stands:



  11. I find it amusing how how in the first leg Nolito trying to make solo runs into the box, at defenders, was reminiscent of Betty White running a crossing pattern in that Snickers commercial. But his first run of the second leg, he does the same thing and scores a beauty. Having said that, he goes back to his old ways one minute later on our very next attack.

    Clearly JDS is in the dog house with Pep for some reason, but I see no reason he is not getting at least 25 min in matches like this. I mean think about it, if we love Thiago, and JDS will become expendable in the summer, if we bring in Douglas Costa Afellay, Cesc, Pastore, or any combination of midfielders, shouldn’t we be showcasing his talent in games like this.

    I really feel that if we are to keep him, surly he is higher up in the Barca B progression list than Sergio Roberto, who I like by the way. Clearly Thiago is about to burst into the squad, as he should, and he should be upgraded from Copa matches to playing significant minutes against weaker Primer a teams, like EE lol.

    Maybe Pep is gun shy about allowing any youngster to make the leap to first team in a whirlwind type way, instead opting to bring them along slowly. But the one player he had made the transition with, Busquets, has worked out terrifically. But seeing Bojan struggle has probably given him reservations about promoting yoyng guys so early, and quickly.

    If Pep was the first team coach instead of Rijkaard when Bojan was coming through, I am positive he would placed many more restrictions on CT’s playing time, bringing him us Thiago style, letting him hop back and forth with Barca B for a year or so. Who is to say what the right decision would be.

    ***** I know this is a Barca blog, but we have some really astute football fans here so I want to vent about an EPL team for a few second, hopefully someone can tell me if I am crazy for my thoughts on Oasis’s favorite team.

    Also a few thoughts on Manchester City. I want to pull my hair out when watching that tea,. I have never seen a team with so much talent play so negatively, aside from Chelsea in the CL semis in 09′. At least Chelsea were a deadly team on the counter, especially in the second leg, city routinely field a team with no side whatsoever, an still try to play an English style ‘rout one’ football. They have players our size, but can’t play anything like us.

    I cringe every time they roll out their über-defensive 4-3-2-1 hybrid catastrophe of a formation with # defensive mids (kind of). This team bought ( and are paying €300k/week) for one of the top three defensive mids in the world, a player that does the work of two holding players, and all of the sudden the thy to play him in a Gerrard or Messi world cup esque false 9 position. Now no doubt that Yaya is athletic enough to play that role (for 60 min or so till the tires), but he goes from the best player in the world at the DM position to maybe a top 20-30 player at this new position.

    There is a solution to this problem of course, be more offensive!!! As those of you who watched the Manchester derby can attest, the blue side of Manchester has a really good defense, and don’t necessarily need to play with 2-3 defensive minded mids at the same time (Barry ‘terrible and overrated’, De Jong, nice but no Yaya, and of course Yaya, the best and most obscenly overpriced of the lot). What you will lack in midfield dominance, you can surly make up for in ‘defense through offense’.

    Another serious issue that I have with that team is their insistence on trying to pass this James Milner guy off as a winger. Mancini has England’s future starting RW, and maybe one day Barcelona winger Adam Johnson chomping at the bit to bring some semblance of ‘on the ball class’ to a team that seems to have no identity whatsoever. How he and classy ass David Silva get so little time is beyond me. This team has so much talent sitting on the bench acting as spectators, it is sickening. If I were the Sheik would pay some serious money to bring over Luis Enrique or someone over who can implement the Barca system over this summer.

    If I were in charge at city I would use the following as my base starting lineup, starting it in cup matches to get them gelling, and slowly implementing the team as your full on league and European first choice squad.

    —————-Joe Hart

    ———-Kompany——K. Toure



    -Adam Johnson—————————-Silva



    This lineup has a dominant DM, who players for 2, a solid defensive RB, an offensively capable LB, two great lingers, a tricky false 9′ who works like a dog, and two skilled strikers. Aside from us, and Madrid, this team has as much talent as any squad in the world. Then in January I would sell SWP, Lescott, Wayne Bridge, Lescott and Richards.

    With any proceeds I would either either buy Pastore, allowing him to play the false 9 and rotate Tevez in with the aforementioned strikers, or Bale, sticking him at RW, moving Johnson to the false 9 and again moving Tevez into a striker rotation. The could also sell Addy and move for Pato, which would secure their striker spots for years to come. Regardless, of what they do, watching City is like watching an American football team with Peyton Manning at CB, and the coach running the ball 50 times a game. (Enough with the city rant)

    As Kevin has not wrote an ‘In the News’ segment in a bit, I will jot down a few things that have hit the wire lately.

    *Barcastuff (Pep) and Goal (a true beacon of journalistic integrity) are reporting that Gabby is looking at 6 weeks, time to see Busquets at CB and Masch it DM…I think so, but Pep don’t, he said we will be looking to the B team for a CB.

    **Thiago was quoted as saying his future is right here at Barca, well duh!!!

    ***Today’s goal gives Leo 102 under Pep in something like 800 days, Greg Louganis has 72 in that same time frame, just sayin’.

    ****Antonio Cassano may have is contract recinded for Sampdoria, essentially making him a free agent (no transfer fee). Great player with a bad attitude, someone Pep would surly ‘have a feeling about within a year’. He is tempting though.

    *****That journalistic gold standard Goal quotes CT agent Zoran Vekic saying the following:

    “He is happy with his current situation, but we will re-evaluate the situation once the season is over.”

    Conclusion: Quote seems legit, but I am not thinking to much into it, this is standard agent speak, but our golden boy is Jeter-esque to our club and it’s weird to think of his agent posturing in front of the media. Goal reports that Arsenal, Juve and England are in on him. I think we could use him as a make weight in a Van Der Wiel deal as a loan. he would score a bunch in Holland and get a good amount of playing time, hopefully linking up wit Suarez.

    ******Speaking of transfers,Pastore is dreaming of us and dissing EE, but Palermo are dreaming if they think we will shell out €50 million for the kid. If we can get Cesc for less, it is a no brainier, especially with the love fest tha Sandro and Pep have for Fabs.

    *******The past 48 hours has seen the heat turned up on a potential Afellay deal, something I don’t think we can afford to pass up. Sure he may be free in seven months, but I have no issues paying €5 million for a young, big midfielder, with a bright future, who would not command starting time, but has the potential to earn it.

    ********West Ham are hot to trot for Bojan….And I am hot to trot for Messi’s girlfriend.

    *********Things seem to be slowing down on the Van Der Wiel front, but dhould heat back up in early January, especially if this €34 million Man City bid comes to fruition.

    **********Finally Chelsea want Sergio Busquets, but if Alves at 27 is worth (a super inflated) €34 million, then Busi, who we mortgaged our DM future on with the sale of Yaya, is worth at least that much at 22, most likely more.

    Thanks for letting me vent; )

    1. Wow!
      You gotta have some connection to ManCity, right? Otherwise I can’t imagine why someone should think so much about a team…
      The Manchester Derby was horrific, defensive play from both sides. But I agree, looking at the potential of ManCity, they should play a lot more offensive and attractive than they actually do. Adam Johnson is in my opinion the best dribbler of all English players, he’s not as fast as Theo or Gareth, but his technical abilities are way beyond theirs. I would always start Silva and Johnson, once there is a blind understanding between them, they could rock the EPL.

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