This week’s Xavi Moment, aka “Shall we dance?”

This has to be here, just so that it is preserved for posterity. Why the poor Getafe player didn’t foul the hell out of Xavi is beyond me.

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By Kxevin

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  1. Got some more videos from that match:

    Messi staying on his feet (take that Thong Boy!) : *

    Messi goal + build up: /

    Busi build up and Messi’s miss: /

    Other skills (the part I felt should have been extended further was the counter attack when Iniesta turned on the wing, passed to Messi for an offside goal)


    1. He did? I think it was cuz used his videos in one of there feature things and that exposed him. Such b.s.

    2. Oh, I thought you were talking about allas. Yeah, looks like EmperorAtahaulpa did get shutdown. That sucks.

    3. For good full Barca matches’ highlights the best is: VahnerLaLiga.

      The dude uploads starting XI plus all the good oportunities etc. Not just the goal + 5 mins of replay of the same goal.

      PS: I hope its not your jinx Kari lol

    4. Sorry! Looks like I posted the Busi buildup/Messi miss (see what I did there? Alliteration baby!) under Other skills.

      Here’s the real Other Skills : /

  2. Did anyone get Iniesta’s lovely bit of skill on the far touchline in the second half when he left the Getafe defenderfor dead?

    1. Totalmente! I think in every game Don Andres has some magic goin’ on by the touchline… And i love it, and he cannot stop to amaze me with the skills…just how quick and inteligent he is.

  3. That Getafe player wanted to foul Xavi so badly in fact, he grabbed Xavi’s shirt already, but I think he is not fouling out of respect for the greatest playmaker in the world.

  4. Interesting thing I just noticed, we only have 5 nationalities on the first team:
    1 Frenchman
    1 Malian
    3 Brazilians
    3 Argentinians
    11 Spaniards

    1. As I noted in the “Expendables” post, folks like Rosell or Laporta would say 5 Spaniards and 6 Catalans. (I know, I know ….)

      The Catalans, btw, are Xavi, Busquets, Valdes, Puyol, Krkic and Pique.

    2. What do you think, is it only a flirt with the masses, or it is a true wish? Have they thought of the future of the club if Catalunya became independent? What will it mean from sports and financial aspect? Maybe it is not a bad idea to have some of you folks “investigate” and write something about this…

      I know of the Laporta’s wannabe-plan of some “Pirinean league”… but it’s impossible to happen at least in the next decade, let’s say… As long as EU exists, it will not happen.

    3. Neither Pedro, nor Reina 🙂 I kept counting Reina as a Catalan whilst counting the catalan influence in the Spain squad besides the Blaugrana expedition (Capdevilla, for instance), and i then understood that Pepe Reina is born in Madrid, and i believe that his favorite team is Atleti.

    4. pepe reina was born in Madrid but he is (feels like) cordobés, from Córdoba … Andalucía.

  5. I’ve recently been wondering where Adriano fits in this team, and it’s had for me to see where he fits long term. He has only played in 7 games so far this season, and really only seems to be a backup for Alves at the moment. Assuming Alves stays, in a year or two I might prefer to see Bartra acting as Alves deputy. Bartra is young, but he likes to centigrade and has performed well at right back before. He could also step in some games at center back, possibly when Pique is out. I just can’t really figure out where Adriano fits in the clubs plans.

    As for Afellay, if we can get him for as cheap as I’ve been hearing (3-5 million) I say get him. He could be an asset to the club, especially if he can play on the wings. Our from line could use some reinforcement. He would be a risk, but his low price would make it a worthwhile gamble. Who knows, he may be the type o player to explode under a coach like Pep.

    1. Holy mobile mess-up.

      Not sure if Bartra likes to centigrade. Meant to say he likes to go forward.

    2. At 3-5m, we’re stupid beyond belief if we don’t buy him. I’d guess more like 10. Wherever he goes it will happen in January, because he wants the club to get something for him, which won’t happen by summer.

      I think that Adriano makes Maxwell superfluous, once he works into the squad. I think that he’s also that plug-and-play defender who can slot in almost anywhere on the pitch. People like that are always valuable.

    3. I gueseras see Maxwells role in he team differently. I think he is a player I can see staying at the club for a long time as a sub at left back. I see him as the replacement for Sylvinho, a selfless player who is a good locker room presence and is willing to play a backup role. He is fairly consistent, and generally gives solid games when he plays.

      But then again, who knows? He may want to follow Ibra to Milan

    4. Hope you’re right. I like Maxwell and what he does. Very solid, and helps in a big way with midfield possession. I just don’t see it in the tea leaves, but I’ve love to be wrong. If he had more pace, he’d be a lead-pipe cinch.

    5. Can’t disagree that his lack o pace hurts. I’m just dreaming that because he has no pace now, he has none to lose and so he will age well.

  6. This may have already been discussed, but I saw that as is reporting that we are tyin up a deal to continue wearing UNICEF on our shirts until 2016. That’s some great news if it is true

    1. Yep, was reported a while back that we were going to continue the deal. I count that on the “Good” side of the Rosell ledger.

  7. Players who are expendable right now are Keita, Abidal, Maxwell, Milito, and Villa. They’re all over 30 or approaching. It’s the only time we can get some decent money from the sale. Over the next 2 seasons I see them leaving one by one. Abidal and Milito perhaps this Summer, with Keita and Maxwell following next season. Villa’s case will depend on his form.

  8. have you heard what happened between Muniesa and Luis Enrique via twitter?


    I personally think xavi doesn’t do much there 🙂 iniesta does more with his little toe.

    1. Luis Enrique was discussing tactics with the wrong Marc Muniesa via Twitter. Nothing at all serious.

    2. some young girl took muniesa’s place in twitter and spoke to luis enrique. the club was even concerned after finding out and even thought about some investigation with the police and all… the girl personally apologised to muniesa END OF STORY.

  9. Awwww! Iniesta is about to watch “The Book of Eli” with his favorite actor, Denzel Washington.

    “En casa a punto de ver El libro de Eli de Denzel Washington, mi actor favorito”

    Damn, Ghostface. That movie sucked! 😀

    1. ghostface doesn’t seem to have much cultural criteria. when asked about a favourite song he answered “No se, cualquiera de estopa” — “I don’t know, any by Estopa” … when asked for a favourite movie he said “Cualquiera de Denzel Washington, John Q, El fuego de la venganza” — “Any with denzel washington on it, John Q , Man of Fire” …. OMG, like those are answers.

      could it be because denzel has a lot of what he lacks, a little colour? no offense I’m as white as andres I have a photo with him and I’m whiter in that one xD

  10. So, according to Balague on Revista this week, Barca are currently negotiating with PSV over Afellay and of all the names being mentioned in the press he is the most likely Jan transfer. I cant say i know too much about him but a quick look on youtube returned some impressive clips. He definitely has a turn of pace and a wicked shot. Would i be mistaken in thinking he is a more direct attacking mid than any of our current options?

    If we can get him on the cheap, and it seems like we can, this could be a very good buy, esp for Jan..

    1. Good news if it’s true. Balague’s been wrong before. I think he’d be a very good fit just based on skill set. He’s something that we don’t have right now, and with his ability to also play the wing. And Euler was saying that he was two-footed?

    2. I would take him in an instance too. But that would mean less playing time for our dear Thiago.
      This guy reminds me of Ronaldo with his silly step overs 10 metres away from his opponent=is not SKILL!

  11. Interesting post by moBbad on the Sid Lowe’s Guardian page (someone needs to invite that guy on here. Brilliant poster.) I’ve suggested before that JDS could be a DM and not a Xavi:

    “JDS is a pivot trapped in a volante’s body.

    he never gives the ball away (but rarely advances it with any real gusto) and is pretty good at screening the defence and making interceptions. he needs to hit the weights hard; if he bulks up he could be a very good player at DM.

    as for the centre-forward issue, I think it goes in cycles. I mean it was usually a given that Barca couldn’t produce top defenders (Puyol and Piqué being exceptions spread 10 years apart) but right now the cantera is chock-full of promising young CB’s – so much so that one of them (Muniesa) is playing at LB and may well make that “his” position (he scores a belter in the video linked earlier, too).”

    1. I don’t know.
      I still prefer Thiago-JDS combo at CM with Busi protecting them(once Xavi retires of course and Iniesta out for some reason, not at LW!!)

  12. HAHAHAHA! This is hilarious! Watch it, people. Watch it and laugh your asses off. 0:18 seconds in and I’m already laughing.

    Video: Ray Hudson Unleashes on England’s 2010 WC Debacle

    The first 0:18s :

    Said in a straight, matter-of-fact voice:

    “…And so, England lurch from on colossal failure to another. A team that failed to even qualify for the European Championships 2 years ago produced another monument to their mediocrity.

    “This total failure of England’s comes to no surprise whatsoever to me.”

    L to the O to the ‘effing L

    1. In less than 5 min. he summed up exactly what I feel about English players, NT and football in general.

      RayRay for the win!

  13. Where are all the people who chose a Gareth Bale avatar after the Inter matches?
    He just had another rather invisible match in the EPL. Let the EE, ManCity or whoever else pay 50m € for him, but not us!

    1. I’ve always felt that way about Bale (that he was overrated and not needed at all)

      However, he was the shiznit for a week because he owned Inter who I despise.

  14. Revista De La Liga 11-09-10


    Courtesy of Pakman at

  15. A question to all North Americans :

    When does Barcelona play by your timing ? If Barcelona plays at 10pm GMT on a Sunday, What time is it there ?

    1. *Warning, unnecessarily long explanation below. Inner Geo Nerd has been released. For shorter explanations, please refer to someone who’s posted before or after this comment 😀 *

      Well, it depends on location. Canada by itself has 5 timezones: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern and Atlantic Standard time (PST, MST, EST, AST). To my knowledge, US has 5 timezones (all of the aforementioned except AST, but Alaska has it’s own timezone…I think)

      AST is only in Canada to my knowledge. Looking at Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (Newfoundland is by itself.)

      EST is for the people leaving on the East coast in the US ( New York, Maryland, Florida) and Ontario and Quebec in Canada.

      CST is for the middle-ish/right-ish states like, err, Texas and, umm, Illinois? (I’m a fail at US Geo, but I’m killer in Canadian Geography and Geography in general…not that anyone cares). Saskatchewan, Manitoba and a small part of Ontario.

      MST is also the middle-ish/left-ish states like (…why am I doing this to myself?) Texas…? Alberta and Northwest Territories in Canada.

      PST is west coast in US (California) and British Columbia in Canada

      For explanation sake, I’ll use EST as the base time and leave out AST (sorry Newfies!) and Alaska (sorry Sarah Palin!). So the order will be: EST, MST, CST, PST

      PST is always 3 hours behind EST, MST is 2 hours behind and CST is 1 hour behind. This is because you subtract an hour for the timezones to the left of EST timezone

      If it’s 10pm in Barcelona, it’s 4pm EST, 3pm CST, 2pm MST and 1pm PST

      *AST is different and is one hour ahead of EST because it’s to the right of the timezone (you add 1 hour every time you go right of the EST timezone)

      Oh, and the same applies to Mexico, but I’m ignorant of their geographical location…timezone wise. If I’m going by memory of their location on a map, I’d say they only have CST and MST, but I’ll have to check.

    2. You forgot to mention that Saskatchewan doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time, so is on Central Time in the winter and Mountain Time in the summer.

    3. Oh, I remembered. In fact, there’s a lot I left out for simplicity’s sake.

      Unless you want me to make seriously test the character limit on this space, it’s better left unsaid. 😀 Besides, there are additional comments like yours to add to it anyway.

    4. Depends on the area of North America. Where do you have in mind? (East Coast, West Coast, somewhere in between?)

  16. What do you guys think of Victor Ruiz of Espanyol and Borja Valero from Villareal? I heard good things from them.
    And did anyone else saw Ronaldo’s back pass with his back? I didn’t but he now claims that he is a creative maestro(YUKK).
    The Atletico players are not happy with that move.

    1. Psh! Ronaldinho used to do that all the time and Ibra did that last season against Mallorca which was way better and would have been an assist if the Mallorca keeper didn’t save the bullet shot from Messi


    2. And Dinho actually had an assist to Guily with it.

      I found nothing wrong with Ronaldo doing it, though. Atletico’s players were just pissed they were losing.

    3. what is wrong with passing the ball to another player in probably the most efficient way given the situation? it’s not like he started to juggle and placed the ball in the ball in forehead to run like those crazy brazilian dudes, this one in the link is not the 1st IMO

      but wait who was it? thong boy??? red card and 5 games

  17. …again… 🙁

    what is wrong with passing the ball to another player in probably the most efficient way given the situation? it’s not like he started to juggle and placed the ball in the ball in his forehead to run with it, like that crazy kerlon brazilian dude


    but wait who was it you said? thong boy??? red card and 5 games

  18. Why haven’t I seen this before!!! thong boy’s best trick ever


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