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No LiveBlog today, kids, so chatter away here. Apologies from the management.

By Kxevin

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  1. Was the outcome at anytime in doubt? That’s why La Liga is sometimes so pointless, always a 2 horse race. Might as well just skip all the other matches and go straight to El Classico. It’s so dull even you guys have to talk about the Liverpool/Chelsea game in a post about Getafe vs Barca.

    1. The last five matches in La Liga between Getafe and Barcelona ended in 4 wins for Barcelona and 1 draw. Two of the wins were with one-goal margins. Two seasons ago, the two teams also met in the Copa del Rey, with Getafe beating Barcelona over two legs.

      Does Barcelona always beat Getafe? No, ergo, the outcome is in doubt before the match.

    2. I don’t want to delve too deeply into it, but the EPL is also a 2 horse race. Historically, it’s been Man Utd-Liverpool (I’d say the 70s and 80s), Man Utd-Arsenal ( ’00-04) and then the Man Utd-Chelski we have now.

      The only difference is we don’t have pretenders (sorry, but it’s true) like Arsenal that always say they’ll challenge for the league but always finish third, or shockingly of late, fourth(!). When Arsenal play Chelsea or Man Utd, does anyone really think Arsenal will win that game? Liverpool has “fallen”, but they’ll probably still make the top 6. Man Citeh’s billions have taken them to the top-ish.

      Everton/Aston Villa and Tottenham are always in the Europa League (aforementioned fall of Liverpool means pretenders Tottenham gets a shot at the CL for a season)

      At least in La Liga, the other two Champions League spots and Europa League races are wide open (EPL has the infamous “Top 4”). Sevilla, Valencia, Vilareal, and Pathetico duke it out for the CL . You have Espanyol(grr!) and Depor for the Europa…

      This has somehow turned into a rant, but the La Liga = SPL bullsh*t of late is sickening. It’s media garbage and English people know it (see the latest comments section of Sid Lowe’s latest article.)

    3. Oh! Another thing I forgot to mention is that Getafe was fielding a slightly weaker side because they are now in the Europa League. Because their squad/depth isn’t as awesome as ours and the players aren’t used to playing midweek, the rotation and fatigue negatively affected their team. Our dominance today, especially in the first half, was partly due to that.

    4. I would also mention that for the last eight years or so, the “Top 4” of England were relatively certain to get the CL spots, with the occasional hiccup. This meant that that there teams like Arsenal and Liverpool could reliably work out their upcoming budget depending on that cash.

      The 3-6th places in La Liga are jumbled up every year (with one of the top two sometimes falling into them). Sevilla, Valencia, ATM, Villareal, etc. are all good teams, but they don’t have a reliable stream of continental money like the English pretender do.

  2. Random question. What happens if the B team finishes top 3 in the Segunda? They cant both play in the same league… right?

    1. Yup!

      It sucks, but even if our awesome B team wins the Segunda, they can’t play with the big boys.

  3. Cindy,
    The B team cannot be in the same division as the A team. So 1st-3rd position will not get them promoted unless the A team were to be relegated at the same time.
    The B team also doesn’t play in the Spanish Cup either.

  4. So why even bother…. That must burn….. they are tied for points 3rd now and cant get rewarded for their efforts… that blows
    About the Copa del Rey… double burn….

    1. FCB wants experienced players, so that’s why they want the team.
      The players play the FCB way and they are already under contract.

      The players get experience and a paycheck for a big team. Thus they can either get promoted or go to another team as a Barca product.

    2. It’s all EE’s fault. There was once a Copa game where the A teams and B teams both made the final and the B team obviously rolled over for the A team. To prevent the same happening, the league banned the two from being in the same league.

      But the plus side is what Robert’s said. They get valuable experience and by playing at a higher level, they’ll be better players in the future.

  5. To piggyback on the “two horse race” thing is don’t people realize almost EVERY league is like this? Every single league has its historically big teams. and then once in a while a random team wins..
    like 00 deportivo.

    EPL was already noted, in Portugal its Porto, Benfica, or Sporting.
    In Netherlands its PSV, or Ajax. I guess or Feyenoord and once Alkmaar.
    Italy its Roma, Juve, Milans.
    France its OL or OM.
    Germany has a lot of parity though.
    SPL is Celtic/Rangers
    Even Norway has just Rosenborg (who hold the record for 15 straight championships)

    Its a dead horse, let it go.

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