Your Weekly Schadenfreude: C Ronaldo Fail

Starting… now, I am starting your weekly BFB Schadenfreude where we openly take pleasure in the misfortune or stupidity of others. Remember when Busquets made that horrific dive against Inter, inspiring internet meme win? And we were roundly mocked by numerous opposing fans, stating that Busquets is a diver and that he should be suspended? You know, this one:

The Pain

Our good friends who are fans of Real Madrid were especially merciless during the process. So, I present this. I mean, it’s not like we couldn’t find this stuff anyway, but we might as well post it here for all to see. Well, I give you this:

Revel away friends.

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By Luke

We calls 'em likes we sees 'em.


  1. I went to EE Offsides after their game, just to see the review (i’ve never been there) and there wasn’t much mention of this.

    However, I watched it live and was extremely mad once it happened. Abate did look to go high, and shove with some force, but that was his neck and CR9 immediately grabbed at his face. C’mon man, and people say Iniesta dives. Its the worst when people say players like Keita, Xavi, or Messi dive. They clearly prove they know nothing.

    1. Yeah, I cannot understand how anyone who has seen Messi practically kill himself to stay on his feet and bull his way through defenders who are literally trying to drag him down can still call him a diver. Ridiculous.

    2. errrrr, i am one of the contributers to the real madrid offside, and if I am not mistaken, the posters ripped CR7 a new asshole.

    3. It’s true, Bassam! I also think you need to put the dive in the context of the game. I was embarassed at the play acting of some of the Milan players. I’ve seen many games recently where CR7 just got on with the game after being kicked or dragged down. This game seemed to bring out the worst diving on both sides.

  2. Some EE fans acknowlege that Thong Boy is a diver. Unlike his MU days where the fans would kill anybody for calling him a diver.

  3. As sad as it is to say, I think this is the least egregious in Cr7’s body of work. He has done much worse. Having said that, Abate should really have punched him in the face for his actions. He deserved that. Running aggressively to Abate when the play was over is just jackassery of the highest order!

  4. Well i don’t like to fight fire with fire. a lot of people know that Thong boy is a petulant S.O.B. JOMO to be a complete a..hole (now i Have to brush my teeth and use a mouth wash) and the whole EE to be Very close the RFEF and how they affect the scheduling of the games And get favorable refereeing decisions.
    Having said that we have our own EMD and SPORT who fight Marca Bullshit with their own made up bullshit. so i say leave it to them And let us enjoy being fans for the best club in the world

  5. agree, not the worse of his dives, but shameful enough.

    yes, EE fans acknowledges he is a diver and they laugh it off as if it is ok.

  6. Hey guys, I am not trying to find the “worst” per say, this is just this week’s edition.

  7. Did Ibra just say he prefers to play with Inzaghi than the brazillians? Lmao. He is a gift that keeps on giving.

    1. Seriously, though, if you look at his quote from this story:

      “Plus, I feel more freedom when I play with him, whereas with the Brazilians I am forced to play inside the box more.”

      It looks like it is the same problem he had with Barca…the Brazilians are creative with their movement and less dependent on him being the lone striker up front.

  8. i am all for the Afellay (24) deal if he could really come in for 2-3M. the way he tries and able to shoot is what we need right now. could see him as a super sub to inject hyper energy. he is the taller version of Pedro (180cm), which I like.

    1. He’s a still at that price, and since we’d be saving him 6 months with PSV he might even collect a cheaper contract than he would’ve in July. But if he comes Pedro MUST start on the week. No more Iniesta.

  9. the worst thing about this dive, is that he tries to get abate kicked out of the game. at least when somebody dives in the box they are trying to get a pk.

    1. Well I thought he should’ve been booked if not for the dive then for going after Abate, about 10 feet out of bounds. I mean he sprints at him for no reason. Not even going for the ball. Pretty classless.

  10. Guess who’s the Most Valuable Youngster in Football (for 2010)…?

    That’s ri~ght!


    Not Bojan! (But he is seventh)

    1. So according to this list, Krkic has a higher value than Gareth Bale? Um …. okay. Let’s just do a swap, then!

    2. Hell no! I wouldn’t swap Bojan for anyone, not even Pato, much less Bale. Be patient Kxevin or when Bojan comes good, you will be forced to eat you words with just salt, I wouldn’t even allow you to have water with it!

    3. Bojan will be great, but Pato is amazing and is getting better. You know you’d straight swap them, you’re crazy if you wouldn’t.

    4. i dunno, i watch a lot of milan, it seems like pato is getting worse. hes really only got one move and that is try to kick the ball around a guy then beat him to it. also i bet most people (us included) could pass better then him. ive seen him fail at attempting easy passes of less then 5 feet…consistently

    5. I’m with Kxevin when it comes to Bojan. Just losing faith game by game.

      There’s a gut instinct you have to have about a player when you watch him, that tells you what to expect. I’ve had three years of opportunities to see Bojan, and I just don’t feel like I expect that much more.

  11. Hey Kxevin (or anybody else), did you ever make a picture of a ticket for el Clasico?

    A friend of mine has won a poker trip to Barcelona on the weekend of el Clasico, and he would love to buy a ticket (supposedly on the black market). But he doesn’t know how the original tickets look like and fears getting betrayed. A link to a ticket would also do.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. The look of the ticket changes from season to season, and the past two seasons, has included a hologram deal on the left side of official tickets. The Clasic is one match that I would never buy outside official channels. Riding the train to the match, you see people with stacks of fake season passes (the bar-coded card types), dozens of tickets, etc. And none of them are genuine, so the purchaser is out of money and more importantly, outside, as FCB doesn’t care a whit that you’ve purchased a counterfeit ticket.

      For what it’s worth, tell your friend he’s crazy.

  12. As much as we don’t want to remember that game especially the result, this is just too awesome not to post:


  13. Reports are that Ibra and U.S.A. CB Oguchi Onyewu got into a fight at the training grounds.

    Apparently Zlatan went in late on Gooch, and he didn’t like it. He got up and grabbed him by the throat.

    1. Was just going to report this. There is video, apparently. Trying to track it down. Ibrahimovic has said that there are some players he would prefer to play with, and some that he wouldn’t. The cynical will note that this is the second black player he’s had a run-in with. Recall the kick to the back of the head of Rodney Strasser.

      I just think the dude is a giant dick. By reports, the challenge wasn’t really anything that crazy, so who knows what the root cause of the contretemps was. Training ended early. Milan sources are saying the bout was “lively,” and that it is now over.

      Hmmm …. no purchase obligation, eh? Uh, oh ….

    2. I was also going to mention Strasser. Apparently about 30 fans saw the scuffle as well so maybe we’ll get video.

      Is Ibra racist? Surely he can’t be right? He, just can’t be? I mean this is probably just two coincidences.. I still can’t believe he kicked Strasser and then went and hung out with Robinho I think it was like nothing happened it was sickening.

    3. I’m sure he’s not a racist. I recall Abidal saying in an interview that he had a very good relationship with Ibra, bantering and joking with each other.

      I think he’s just a jerk.

    4. Only bright side I can see to the situation where Milan decides to kick his ass out after this year is that we can use him in a deal to get one of our targets. That’s about the only good thing would come out of him coming back to us, because we all know he nuked any goodwill between him and the organization on his way out.

    5. I’ve seen the interview with Ibra, and he didn’t say he preferred to play with some players over others. He simply praised Pippo and said he deserved to play more because he was doing so well and working so hard. Other than that he commented on his preferred position on the field, and from that some journalists made some assumptions. This happens all the time, with Barca players as well, as I’m sure you know.

      About the transfer, did you know that Barca put an anti-Madrid clause in the contract with Milan? It’s a story in Sport today. Do anybody know if Barca usually do this?

    6. Onyewu quoted Kant on good will and inherent goodness, and Ibrahimovic snapped. “More damned philosophy!” he snarled, before going in hard with the challenge.

    7. To be clear, the Strasser thing was a joke.. We could see Ronnie laughing it up with Ibra..

      But yeah, he was never like this here.. And I can’t care less about what he’s doing there..

  14. Oguchi Onyewu picked the wrong fight too, i supposed? trying to look at both sides… but history tells us Ibra is indeed the bigger dick than Onyewu.

  15. //

    Ibra as peacekeeper- he aint so bad! ha.
    ON serious note I cant stand the guy. A big ego will show up when it is threatened and this is so true for Ibra

  16. There’s nothing a real futbol lover hates than people defacing the beautiful game by diving. If Pinto gets a 2 game ban for an unconfirmed whistle then CR7’s diving deserves even more because it’s blatant unsportsmanlike like conduct. Will ref’s ever ban together and come down on this type of despicable behavior with consistent yellow cards to discourage this ugly manipulation of the game? I hope so, but I don’t think so and that makes me both sad and mad. I mean, really … by now the ref’s know who the known divers are … just yellow card them at the first sign of shenanigans to put a swift stop to all the ridiculous diving.

  17. As a Barca fan I read and enjoy this blog for it’s quality content, but I have to say that a lot of the time you base your discussion on maybe not the best of facts… Google translate seems to be the preferred tool for many journalists who wants a story out quickly these days, and when e.g. barcastuff only posts snippets of those stories, a lot of context is lost.

    So Ibra tackles a guy in training, a tackle that the press describes as not so bad, the guy then grabs him by the neck or puts him in a choke hold (different sources, different story), they then fight, and you suggest that Ibra is a racist? Because the guy that attacked him is black?
    Never mind that he’s got lots of friends that are black, and is himself subject to racism in his home country.

    I know to some fans it’s all black and white (no pun attended), “us” versus “them”, and they don’t consider him one of “us” anymore, but still I think he deserves to be judged by facts not by fiction. If you want to know how he is as a person why don’t you listen to what his team mates say about him instead.

    1. Nobody here branded Ibra a racist.. people were only wondering if he were so – considering the fact that he hit Strasser for no reason other than it being a joke and now this – which I’m sure he isn’t..

      People here have wondered whether Pep was racist when he had ‘feelings’ about Eto’o. Heck, someone even accused Kxevin of being racist towards blacks.. But you can’t color an entire community just because of a few people..

    2. I think you are wrong on this one.
      Ibra tackled a guy alright , but i happened to just read several media outlets that report that the other guy lashed out on ibra and that the coach had to abandon the training.
      Same media report that a big fine is expected to be applied to both of those.
      Not that the media are always accurate but I dont think thats google translate per se.

    3. I suggest that you read my comment more carefully, for the “cynics will note” preface.

      Also note that I said that I don’t think he’s a racist, but is most definitely a dick.

      Finally, Strasser’s reaction sure wasn’t “Hee, hee” initially. Ibrahimovic is a bully. Pick on expendable players? Sure.

      His immense talent aside, there do appear to be character issues that are worth notimg.

    4. That Onyew guy just came back from a long injury, that’s why he reacted a bit aggresive. I would to if I just came back from an injury..

  18. Just arrived from Denmark. I wasnt able to get a ticket for the match -and I had people with me who didnt make it easy either. But I have to say, Danish were crazy about this game.

    I passed on the match review, and let me make a shocking remark: Abidal had a horrible match. Only one stupid moment from Alves in the second half gave the Brazilian the edge to be the worst player of the match over the french. Especially in the first half where the french barely made one right pass and damaged the buildup throughout the 45 minutes. Beside poor positioning, and fragile defense. Shocking performance,to say the least…

    But I noticed lot of comments praising him, which is weird but still fair enough for all the good reputation he made game in game out so far.

    More later…

  19. Ibrahimovic is awesome…
    haters gonna hate.

    I bet all of them were waiting for Villa’s bucketful of goals to come in to say “see! we shoulda got Villa last year to begin with”…

    Don’t worry guy’s 😉 i’m still waiting for Villa’s goals too…

  20. I too was waiting to see a great performance from Abidal cause I didn’t get to see the match live so I read the review here first. He did nothing special. Just regular stuff. Like I said earlier, everyone had just an average match. Even Pique didn’t have such a bad match.

    Ramzi, why on earth did you travel all the way to Denmark without a ticket? Isn’t it better to book a ticket first and then go? I feel sorry for you man, go all the way there and didn’t get to see the match.

    Luke, Alves dove too ya know last week against Seville. But of course this is far mroe worse. Just saying, our team isn’t full of angels either 🙂

  21. Who would’ve won the fight you guys think? Onyewu doesn’t look like a push over you know. Onyewu grabbed Ibra’s neck first so that suggests to me that they were close to each other, so Ibra didn’t have much space to kick him(Ibra’s strength & tae-kwan do). They would’ve probably been punching each other on the ground.

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