Barca v Sevilla LiveBlog

Oh. Yes. Baby Kxevin will be running this one, so check your negativity at the door. Or should I say, “All your negativity are belong to us!” Or something like that. So get those quality links/streams ready, because we’ll hit the ground running, 10 mins. before match start.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. And I don’t know about all of the chronological questions that folks were having, but ESPN Deportes says 2:55 p.m. kickoff, CDT. See everyone later.

  2. Thanks for running the liveblog! I wonder if I should keep count of all the negative comments…But with me also counting the number of Villa offsides, that might be a bit too much πŸ˜€

    So, we’ll see what the Manzano Effect has on Sevilla today. I hope their backup keeper doesn’t have the game of his life against us and Caceres better concede a penalty or 3! Hopefully we can take some of our chances and Villa scores some goals.

  3. hi guys!what s up??i hope for a great perfomance tonight!i am watching valencia-zaragoza now!well zaragoza is not so bad team!

  4. In 2010, Barca vs Sevilla was starting.
    Grammar from Admins was ending.


    1. I’m having issues with it to; it seemed to stop workin this morning, then worked in the afternoon, and now it won’t open any more.

    2. I use Veetle, so I’m not affected. You guys should use it too.

      Come. Join me. The present is overrated and the future scares people. The past is where it’s at.

      You know you waaaaaaaaant too…

  5. we have a very good record against Seville with guardiola as coach (4 wins in the league, no losses)we only lost to them in the cup last season and in the super cup this year. but the manzano effect is to be considered he is a very good and experienced coach.
    however is still think we will emerge victorious. visca El barca

  6. I don’t understand the negativity really. We are winning games and have been improving. We’ve also been getting goals from all over the field, we have some promising youngsters, and our squad players have really been stepping up.

    1. I know! I for one have really been enjoying this season, alot more than last. Having Iniesta as a full time member again translates to alot of fun on the pitch. Of course there is nothing more fun than goals, bags full, but I learnt a long time ago not to rely on that too much.

  7. It’ll be interesting to see what happens tonight Most of the first team have had a week to prepare as they didn’t play midweek. I have a feeling this could be good and tbh any win will be a good result against Sevilla.

    Still like to see Bojan start although its maybe not likely. It would keep Villa towards the left and make sure Iniesta is in the heart of the midfield. However, Pedro also deserves his spot so it’s no big deal.

  8. What a save from the Hercules ‘keeper! I thought it’d go through his legs or to the far post or defect off his leg into the net for sure

    DARN IT!! Trezeguet almost with a second!

  9. Muhahaha! Looking at the EE bench is hilarious right now.

    I can’t shake the feeling that Hercules is not going to take advantage of the number of chances they are getting and then EE is gonna score soon and Hercules is going to lose concentration…

    Argggggh. I need to stop watching…

    1. Yeah, you’re a jinx, right? Go take a bath or something so Hercules can hang onto their lead. πŸ˜€

    2. And then go out and buy junk from Metro to eat during the game? Done and done.

      Thong Boy just a shot blocked in the penalty box.

      ….I’m outta here πŸ˜€

  10. Don’t think I’ll be able to make the liveblog (Halloween preparations going on), but I will definitely be keeping an eye on the game. Have fun guys. Visca Barca!

    Random comment : For those who haven’t had a chance to play FIFA 11, I highly recommend it. I find that this year’s version is much more fun to play than previous versions. Had an awesome game yesterday playing as BarΓ§a against a friend playing as Manchester United. I went down twice to crosses (my fault for pressing up too far) but responded each time to equalize. Kept moving the ball around and finally scored the match winner with Pedro after a sweet passing sequence in the 90th minute. Awesomeness.

    1. BTW- Kxevin, did you get your BarΓ§a jacket yet? Got mine in the mail yesterday. It’s a bit thinner than I thought it would be, but it’s still pretty nice. I wore it proudly to dinner and got a not so friendly comment from a Real Madrid fan haha.

  11. sup yall. does anyone have links for the game? for some reason i cant get the game on tv (even though it is scheduled to be) and the link i saw on rojadirecta earlier has mysteriously disappeared

  12. oh it hasn’t, but it shows 15h30….mmmm is this EST or Chavez time? My tv says it should have started at 13h30, Kxev wrote 14h55, rojadirecta 15h30. Right now it is 14h35 where I live. ME CONFUSED

  13. Valdez
    Alves Pique Puyol Abidal
    Xavi Busquets Iniesta
    Pedro Messi Villa

    Bench: Pinto Adriano Maxwell Keita Macherano Thiago Bojan

  14. winner for the EE. You have to say they get a lot of players in the box. We need to do a bit more of that. Still rotten defending and goalkeeping.

    1. I was watching and the second I walked away from the computer, they scored. Also, can I say both Mou and Carvahlo make EE even more hateful. Really Carvahlo, you HAD to kick an injured player’s shoe away?


    2. You probably were watching when they scored their 3 goals but didn’t see Herclues’ goal , weren’t you ?

    3. [I already looked down ashamed! It’s just not enough for you is it? Just had to rub it in, eh?]

  15. “un dominio bestial por parte del barcelona”

    the announcer said near the end of the first half


    —Messi was such a beast. I feel like buying his jersey again. Just because.

    –No negativity from the liveblog! What a week off and a big game can do for the boys, eh?

    –I was just about to post that we needed another goal because we’ve been destroying Sevilla 4-0 too much and 5-0 would be a nice change, and lo and behold, Villa scores his second πŸ˜€

    –This match will be downloaded and subject of much drooling for the next couple of days

    –Last thing: That was a home game people. Awesome.

    1. Kari, I think you should ignore all EE matches and then, during BarΓ§a matches, wear a turban and say stuff like “another two goals will be great” or “Hmmm, I’d like an Iniestazo now.” That type of stuff.

      I have to fix my old laptop so I can download the match! So good!

  17. That was amazing. BEst game of the season so far. We controlled the game from beginning to end.

    So happy Villa scored two. That should do his confidence a world of good! Lets hope the goals keep coming!

  18. Absolute dismantling. Great team performance, but the biggest take away for me is that Villa broke his scoring rut. πŸ˜€

  19. loved that horn in the stands today. reminded me of this…


  20. Destruction, that was. So nice to see. And we didn’t even need Xavi, really, which was interesting.

    1. That is was; so beautiful.

      I think part of the reason (in regards to Xavi) is because Messi’s dominance is starting to take over the midfield as well (so, so scary!) and Iniesta is finally on a Messi-esque training/fitness regiment.

      I know it’s just one game, but Pedro! seems to have finally gotten used to being marked–and learning to take advantage when he sees he isn’t.

      Honestly, I think our problem were down to fitness issues/fatigue. But anyway, let’s take our momentum to Denmark, the Copenhagen match is going to be HUGE.

  21. Bojan gets a rating of 1 I guess .. I only saw him when he received the ball in the area then tried to cross only for the ball to go out.

    1. He made a great run that confused defenders for Messi’s 2nd goal. I think Pep gave him a thumbs up for that.

  22. I missed the first half, but I saw the highlights and what a goal by Villa! amazing, there you go, at his most deadliest he can smoke you from any angle.

    inch by inch guys, inch by inch! EE may be flashy right now, but don’t be fooled, our campaign of ass whooping is just warming up.

    Bojan did well with the little amount of touches he had, but he wasn’t in any good mood unfortunately. Every player has those moods, even Messi does. We’ll see what happens in next couple of games.

    surprisingly Iniesta could of gone straight to a ten out of ten, if he didn’t hesitate everytime he made it in the box. just shoot or cross!!!!!!!!

  23. Villa’s GOLAZO (the first one) English Commentary:


    1. and as messi sped
      and dodged two guys
      villa cut in on his “unfavored side”
      he looked at goal and said
      “ill try my luck”
      2 seconds later the sevilla goalie was like
      “what the f***?

  24. Damn and I missed it.. Watching a crappy feed really killed the experience.. Glad to see Villa up and running..

    Though I wonder what’d be the scoreline if Sevilla were full strength..
    (I know, 4-0 :P)

    1. Even if Sevilla were at full strength
      Even if they were on crystal meth
      it wouldn’t change the fact that they
      witnessed the rebirth of a certain El Guaje
      trust me… you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world Vj..

  25. O.O

    I just found this guy on YouTube that’s downloaded some full matches of us, and in English too!


    Some games include: 2-6 Clasico, 1-0 Clasico (Ibra’s goal), that Zaragoza match, Atleti loss at Calderon last season, Atleti win this season, Hercules loss, Valencia game this season…

    I dunno if he’s uploading all of our matches this season, but he’s got a chuck of them (and he even put the dates!!)

    I think I’m in love *faints* πŸ˜€

    1. And he even put them in playlists

      Someone invite the man over here. He’s a Barca hero.

      (Gotta take a deep breath now.)

  26. for me it.s the same as the game against atletico madrid in 09.the the result who we needed then to start destroy every team.the same now.a psychology result.

  27. Sky Sports Broadcast

    First Half (Single links)


    or *

    or * Half – La Liga – Barcelona v. Sevilla – 30-10-10.avi

    Second Half:


    or *

    or * Half – La Liga – Barcelona v. Sevilla – 30-10-10.avi

    Credit to Pakman at for the upload.

  28. Sky Sports Broadcast

    First Half (Single links)


    or *

    or * Half – La Liga – Barcelona v. Sevilla – 30-10-10.avi

    Second Half:


    or *

    or * Half – La Liga – Barcelona v. Sevilla – 30-10-10.avi

    Credit to Pakman at for the upload.

  29. Just watching that first Messi goal again. Villa could totally have put his foot on it as it crossed the line and claimed it as his, but he didn’t. That’s class.

  30. busquets must be on smth, where from his alves – like engine, he was everywhere.
    He must have gotten about 8 steals in the first half alone!

  31. precaution. he actually said he felt no pain after the game. guardiola made it sound like xavi had recovered.

  32. can anybody give me a link of 2 -6 against EE with english commentary.

    high quality will be appreciated very much

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