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Barça: Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal, Mascherano, Busquets, Maxwell, Villa, Iniesta, Messi
Copenhagen: Wiland, Pospech, Zanka, Antonsson, Wendt, Vingaard, Kvist, Claudemir, Gronkjaer, N’Doye, Santin

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


    1. best stream i have found so far…its English btw


    isn’t it what the liveblog like? trying to emulate that.

  2. we are totally playing what Isaiah had suggested:


    with Pique and Puyol going forward alternatively and Abidal play the centerback while Maxwell shifts to the left back from time to time, but then go forward sometimes. Mascherano is the most stable position-wise.

    I think we are spectacular today.

    1. WOW 4-0 to Inter….what an easy game there are having!! Eto’o is just on fire these days!!!!

  3. Jesus. Yet another game we should be leading by 4 or 5 goals instead its still 1-0. I feel a bit bad for Villa at the moment it just wont happen for him, but saying that he has to learn to stay onside. There is no reason why he should have been offside for his dissalowed goal. A striker has to stay inline in situations like that. His shot that hit the post was sublime though…

  4. -This was one of those games where the other team really could’ve scored one back due to complacency. I disagree with Pep’s decision to play Maxwell though and putting Xavi in and WHERE IS THIAGO???
    I think the decision for Maxwell was for width but I still find him too weak.
    -At times today and against Valencia it looked as if we were playing with one striker upfront. There was only Villa in the box on numerous occasions.
    -There was absolutely no need to risk both Puyol & Xavi for this match. Abidal could’ve taken Puyol’s position and Maxwell at LB.

  5. Since when do we play 4-5-1?
    It’s supposed to be 4-3-3 but we freedom to move around but at all stages tonight we were playing 4-5-1 until Villa came off and we were playing 4-6-0.
    It seems like Pep Guardiola starts matches trying to make sure that we don’t lose rather trying to win. This was the first win in the last 5 that was by more than 1 goal, and that was a 92nd minute goal.
    We started with Busquets & Mascherano in a match where both should not have been needed and Maxwell playing in what seemed like a 4-man midfield.
    Why are we afraid to play two attacking midfielders? Why are we afraid to play 3 forwards?

    1. That’s what I thought too.It really looked like we play with 1 striker and when Pedro came in, I thought he would get in the box or Messi but instead both of them were deep. Messi in the middle and P! wide on the left.

  6. Great win tonight and great to see we have remembered how to keep possession. Villa needs to work on staying onside though.

    I think although Rosell is a toerag some of the deals done in the last few years need investigating such as Kerrison and the 10m lost on Dmytro to name just two. I also think Txiki needs investigation.

    Thank god we are broke and won’t be trying to bring super scumbag Rooney to Camp Nou too. The likes of him aren’t needed at the club.

    1. It was anything but a great win. We struggled through a second half against a third rate team.
      Busquets and Mascherano had no impact on the match as Copenhagen had no interest in attacking in the first 60mins.
      We finished the match with 3 defensive midfielders and a front three of Xavi, Messi & Pedro… you could say that we were holding what we had against a team that we would have put 6 goals past in the last few seasons

    2. Yeah, but in the last seasons most of our players had actually a presaison and were in a good state physically and mentally and I think we can not say this about some of the spanish world cup winners.I mean in the last games Pique made more mistakes than in the whole last season, the same for Puyol,… They are tired and so they make mistakes because they can not keep up concentration. So we must play save until the most of them are in a acceptable state again.

    3. Is the squad size not part of the problem.
      It is simply bad management by an inexperienced coach that couldn’t see how short our squad was after a hectic summer

    4. Maybe he just did not foresee the stupidness of the spanish association to organise meaningless friendlies at the other end of the world. And you could not be 100% sure that the spanish NT would win the world cup. A short squad is not per se a problem the combination of no pre saison, 3 years constant football for our key players and a short squad is the problem. We have to go through that without loosing points and be on the peak again in the knockout stages and the big games. I mean look at Arsenal: every year they dominate the group stages with goal records but do not win anything.

    5. That’s why Pep should rest the likes of Alves, Pique, Puyol, Xavi. Iniesta needs to play every match though, we have been missing him too much for the past 2 seasons.

  7. My biggest plus for this match goes to Pep for resting Xavi…
    and the biggest minus goes to Villa for once again showing a pathetic finishing – not to mention some of his miserable first touches!

  8. guys we play with fire.with no preseason and with W.C that.s the result.after christmas the team will rock.i hope we are close in la liga until then.

  9. I think its the right lineup. A bit surprised, but its correct. It is more correct when we look at how the team has played.

    We were utterly unplayable in the first half. We moved the ball so well as well as our off the ball movements. I particularly like the Busquets-Mascherano combo that keeps all the things in place for us in the midfield and have Iniesta and Messi floating around playing unpredictable football. That’s also how the first goal came.

    The withdrawal of Villa was more correct than anything to me. most of you were saying we had no striker up front after that! But we fielded Pedro who Pep says would always give us some extra movement. Its not new anymore, Villa is static, but when he is not, he is offside. So, when he made it to shoot the ball, he hit crossbar once, banged in a shot to the keeper once. In general, he was very indecisive to attack the goal. He is more and more like Torres to me now, and I don’t like it.

    To take him off at 73rd minutes, was about right. He was invisible in the second half. Not that he did totally nothing, but he wasn’t active (in other words, again, static) in any way, and to field a fast moving player like Pedro makes all the sense to me.

    1. If he’s the only person in the box it’s difficult for him to find space or others to find him. We needed more in the box not less. There were often balls played across the goal or balls going spare in the box but we had nobody there to score the easy goals. Villa suffered from us running out of ideas in the second half and they were happy for us to knock the ball wide as we weren’t providing great balls in and even if we did there was only Villa to aim at most of the time.

      How could we possibly need Busi and Masch for a game like this ? Add to that the fact that Maxwell was moved forward into midfield and we’re in danger of playing 6 or 7 non creative or non-offensive players. Although I’m not a particular Keita fan I think we could have used his ability to get forward tonight. I like to think Pep was in a spot and wanted to rest Xavi so was forced into the double DM. Otherwise, we are showing teams too much respect.

      It should also be another reminder that if you insist on playing Iniesta as a forward you lose an extra body in the box as he doesn’t naturally take up attacking positions in the box.

  10. It is really interesting to see Maxwell playing instead of Keita, really really interesting. Pep seems to trust Maxwell’s attacking quality a lot. and as a matter of fact, MAxwell attacked so much better without too much defensive worries in mind.

  11. Missed the game but the squad is too small- and someone should be accountable for this. Its depressing bcoz its Barca going backwards and not Madrid getting better.

    1. I dunno, Madrid’s 2 goals this week were just along the lines of luck as Messi’s first one.

  12. 3 signings are a must-forget the cantera for a year. Introducing young players in this stressful environment is bad for their development.

    1. “3 signings are a must-forget the cantera for a year.”

      LOL. It’s sad to see other Barcelona fans pick up RealMadriditis. Yeah, let’s spend money we don’t have on 3 players who will need time to adjust to the team, just as Ibra did, so we can completely ruin our season. LOL.

  13. Stoichov is coming back.I like that,hes energetic and doesn’t take any shit.Hopefully he will assist Pep and co in a Henk Ten Caat way although I don’t the team needing a disciplinarian

  14. I don’t think we should read too much into these early games in the season. People were slating the EE until the weekend and we are still winning games. Inter won it last year without looking good in the group stages. I think the mental fatigue of some of the players is obvious but that will pass if Pep can manage to rotate them around a little over the next few weeks. A win in Copenhagen and we can relax a little for qualification, we’ll not see many of the full team playing in the Copa and no more internationals for a while. Pep’ll get some time with the squad.

    We’ve also played blindingly good football in each of our last two matches, just not for the whole game. We’re not getting ourselves into position to coast so we’re not getting the rest and can’t give the youngsters some time.

    1. Agreed. I know it’s frustrating not seeing us click and put all our chances away, but I’ve enjoyed a lot of our matches.

      I’ve said a while ago that I was prepared and patient enough to bear all the frustrations this season, with Villa, sMasch, Bojan, Adriano etc. all struggling in some way and it being a WC year. I still am, dunno if others are

    2. 100% agree with you on that. You could see in the 2nd half against Valencia, against Atletico what this team can do, they just can not pull it off in every game due to the mentioned reason. Barca is paying the price for its phantastic players who were participating in the WC so long. If you watch Bundesliga you see the same with Bayern and their best players from last season like Lahm, Schweinsteiger and Mueller who look absolutly deflated just like our guyes. It is the price of too much success, but when they are back on track we will be sparkle for the whole game again and not just one half

    3. Completely agree that it is not the players fault… it’s Pep’s.
      Ibrahimovic had a full preseason and is kicking out the jams for Milan this season. We handed him to Milan for no reason.

      Tactics are proving to be an issue. We know how we want to play – 4-3-3 but for a 4-3-3 you need a central striker. Villa is not it.
      Messi is not the focal point of an attack, he needs to be given free license to roam and find whatever holes he wants. Iniesta is a central midfielder.

      Forget about form for a minute, if Iniesta|Busquets|Mascherano was our midfield trio and Messi|Bojan|Villa was our frontline would we have had more width and better ball movement? My answer is yes. I’m not saying that Bojan is the answer but the system is proven.
      When Bojan was given the no.9 at the end of the season, Messi and Xavi were at their best. Xavi got more room because Messi was drawing defenders wide right, Bojan had room to make runs and Xavi was finding him at will.

      With all of the talk of Maxwell’s attacking ability, is he any better than Abidal going forward?

    4. We should’ve continued where we left off last season. Like Ciaran said, with Bojan-Messi upfront with Villa.
      But I really thought that Villa should’ve stayed on when Keita came in. Villa needed support upfront and Keita can provide that.
      Pep should’ve rested Busi and played

    5. “Ibrahimovic had a full preseason and is kicking out the jams for Milan this season”

      Yep, Ibra sure showed how he’s “kicking out the jams” against Real Madrid yesterday. You know, Real Madrid — the team we beat on the reg. LOL.

    6. Of all the comments I read here, this one is one of the best.

      Most of you panic way too easy. Like, really, OMG, we didn’t win 6-0, so Pep must be an idiot and the team is in crisis. LOL. Get ahold of yourselves. Seriously…it’s annoying to read such pessimism.

  15. can you give the team time?or we will start say villa is a flop from october?pep is not god to make miracles.last season?we won in group stage dinamo kiev,inter and we lost by kazan.away one victory in kiev.and guess what!!we were one goal from final in the end.

    1. What? Who is saying that Villa is a flop. My blame for the recent performances lies firmly on Pep’s shoulders.
      He did not foresee the problems of such a small squad after a hard summer. That is down to inexperience. Not saying that he is a bad manager but he should have seen this issue.

      IMO Iniesta is not a winger. He is played as a winger when we are too cautious to play him in a midfield trio. Last season Iniesta was only played in the forward line against big teams where extra possession was important. This season he is always playing him further forward meaning that we are having 70% possession but scoring very little. And if we are being honest and objective, we are troubling our opposition a lot less than previous seasons.

      It too easy to point out where we would be if Messi wasn’t on the pitch

    2. My problem is our finishing. I think this year we are creating more chances than last season, we just aren’t putting the ball in the net.

  16. the team must be in full form in february when the nok-out games start.pep i am sure don.t want to push players now.he know that they are tired.i have faith in pep even i disagree with the transfers who made.but with experience he will be better in that area.i prefer a win 2-0 now than a kick out in the round of 16.

  17. Ciaran is spot-on. however, i’d also put part of the blame on the incoming management, president and technical director; all are equally guilty in leaving us with a serious dearth of options up front.

    the announcer for FSC was exactly right when he said repeatedly we simply weren’t getting enough bodies in the box, and that often we’d bring the ball up to a good position in the final third on the wing and the ONLY person in the box would be 5’9 David Villa, mashed into 4-5 opposing players. it doesn’t take a genius to see that that isn’t going to work, and someone really needs to shout in Guardiola’s ear “MAS LLEGADA!!!”

    1. Right, but that commentator continued to complain about Barcelona not having anyone in the box even while Busquets pulled off a pretty nice sombrero + pass. At least comment on the game in between the rants, I’d say!

    2. Forget that FSC guy. He continually hates on Dani Alves because of some his crosses, but ignores everything else about his game. He lost all credibility for me.

    3. i didn’t say the guy was right all the time, just that he caught onto that flaw in the system we were playing.

  18. look we have a small squad cause we were unlucky with hleb,keirison,henrique,caseres and ibra.what to do now?we spend 250m in last 3 summers.with that money the team must had now 23 players ready to play.we were unlucky.but we must go on.

  19. geesh I go away for a month and come back to a lot of pessimism… I don’t care about trophies this season. Maybe let’s take the league, beat EE in clasico, and more Thago and Thiago getting promoted. ha!

  20. So does anyone in here actually speak decent Catalan? I really need a good translation of the “Rosell” parts of this week’s Crackovia. I get the general gist, but I know I’m missing a lot. Highlights include Rosell stressing how absolutely absolutely absolutely neutral he is during the vote, and washing his hands a la Pontius Pilate. Oh, and there is a cross and crown of thorns involved.


    1. Haha, gotta love his neutrality.

      “Ok, so for the reasons not to go after Laporta….well…I can’t really read the font… eh, well, I guess he won quite a few titles? But meh,it wasn’t THAT many!”

      The Villa scene vs. Valencia was great too!

  21. Imagine the windfall of complaining if we drew the game.
    Like one of my favourite songs reminds :
    Shut up,be happy.Stop whining please.

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