Liga Liveblog: BarΓ§a – Valencia (2pmEST)

Are you ready to get crazy? It’s liveblog insanity up in this piece, thanks to VicSoc.

Available players: the whole team. Expect awesome. Expect tiki-taka. Expect golaaaazooooos.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Our Barca babies are playing a couple of hours before our big boys. Are we liveblogging that game too?

  2. My Unofficial linup






    I Guess Im looking for a surprise from pep playing with 3 in the back while on defense (Puyol, Pique, Busi) with Busi playing as a sweeper in a 3 CB formation, whole moving a bit forward while on the ball.

    Ovbiously Alves and Abidal will have to be responsible and track back to keep those bat wingers in check, but mostly they can provide some with during a period where the club is falling in love with play through the middle.
    Clearly Iniesta will have to pulling some strings on offense, with Messi/ kieta switching roles a lot so Kieta can make those runs he makes darting in the box, am

  3. sorry contd**** anyways kieta can make those runs while messi can drop back to help as a falls 9/ attacking play maker. Villa, Bojan and Messi upfront makes sense as Bojan may be able to make som nice runs t help clea out for the other 2. MY SUBS ARE OINTO, JEFFEREN, thiago, nolito, JDS ect.

    what does everyone else think!!!!!!
    ohhhh and thank god we are back from this stupid int break. ManU and West Brom are on ESPN as well right no

  4. and Chicharito (a fucking Beast) scores in less that 5 min!!!!
    Rooney to EE or Barca this summer While torres goes to the other, book it. The question is, what about Nani, sure he looks like a bug eyed Michale Jackson, but a hell of a LW

  5. Will there be a post about the general assembly?
    There’s a lot stuff going on, I’m checking regularly although I don’t understand much Spanish.

  6. I know it’s game day and rah rah and all but the socios have just voted to bring legal charges against Laporta for financial mismanagement

    1. Yeah! I just read that. It basically means that they’re taking Laporta to court and he could, essentially, be made to pay 47m Euros of Barca debt.

      Hoo boy. This is just as sad as it is depressing. Barca should play every day to make the pain go away!

  7. T_T This is all getting out of hand

    I’ve also read somewhere that we currently pay more than 300m € in salaries. This cannot turn out well.

  8. one more option would be








    jeffern/Nolito for bojan, who will move out to the wing right away, allowing messi to slide to the #9 then thiago for masch, which allows Busi his regain his DM role, which would allow us have a bit more with our wing backs who would be playing in the more offensive poisitions

    If somehow our bous take a nice lead i change it up this aw





    1st one full on, second is a more a relaxed lookng side.

  9. yo guysss….
    can you guysss please do me a favor…
    whoever lives in canada can u guys please text me the scores if u have unlimited text messaging…PLZZZZ
    i wont be able to catch the game:(
    stupid soccer practice….
    my number is 514 654 9198…

  10. sorry if this is a re post but i got it from pep;s twitter…

    At the request of the staff, Barcelona will make clear they don’t want Bojan to leave by offering him a contract renewal and extension. [md]

    Sorry Kev not loan in the cards pal. something i was actually warming up to.

    As for this United game, they were 2-2 up now level at 2 with w5 to go, time for Rooney an Macheda please

  11. an arsenal victory!

    on the subject of mu, they have drawn 4 times after they have led 2 0. it looks worrying for them.

    1. Ugh, I slept in and missed pretty much all of the EPL games (although I tend to just watch them to kill time) Looks like Birmingham got Hlebbed. Do you know if Hleb played, ariston?

  12. Half time for the B team. 1-1 is the score with Nolito scoring.

    I think Nolito and Thiago are Our go-to-guys.

    Any Links to the Match ?

    1. Yes. Yes, I do.

      Man, they’re just ruining everything, even the things I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed or cared about.

    2. well i do like the Interviews and press conference that are now offered by the official site, which has English voice overs.

  13. Whoa. There’s some guy on Chievo whose last name is Constant.

    Ohh, the puns and joke that can with a name like that

  14. our whole team is out off touch, why why did we have such a long fifa break????? its so obviously affecting us.

    Where was Messi? and step it up Maxwell.

  15. If we could maintain this kind of spirit and finish our chances, Things can be a lot more easier.

  16. Iniesta and Caveman score and I win with my prediction. Too bad Messi was basically invisible and Villa is still in his funk.

    On to Copenhagen!

    1. He was injured i think.It will work out in the end , remember initially Maxwell hardly played at first then abidal got injured.It would be good if it doesn’t take an injury to incorporate him though.

  17. I guess the question of the hour was what the hell did Pep say at half time??????

    apparently some say that Pep promised them Maccas after if they win.

    1. I heard he told them they weren’t going out for ice cream after the game if they didn’t win.

      You know how Iniesta likes his vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.

  18. I’m just going to block the first half from my memory. πŸ™‚ We WON! At home! Iniesta scored! πŸ˜€

    Now I’m going to watch EE vs Malaga and send them some evil mojo.

  19. David needs a goal badly πŸ™ just one non penalty and he should be sorted.Second half was great, its always fun when the fans and players get fired up.Today’s ref is now on my hate list.Iniesta was everywhere today

    1. He wasn’t on your hate list ? He is responsible for the last 3 red cards on el Nou Camp.

  20. Whew, that game was too intense on my nerves. I love that Iniesta has finally broken the forcefield, but we really need Villa and Messi back on form. But hey, a win with the Fifa virus is no small thing!

  21. Iniesta! Since he is becoming a father he is really rocking the pitch. Go, Don Andres. And Xavi; simple the best, welcome back Humphrey, we dearly missed you

    1. Yeah, hope he gets a boy and then they can give him a contract straight away (like Atletico with Benj, the son from El Kun) I mean with this dad I think we have a future star lining up

  22. Villa was persistant and involved which was the positive, Messi was in his home sickness funk thanks to the fifa break, but he opened up near the end. give him time.

    is it just a coincidence that the number of mistakes in defence has reduced to almost null. Could it be the new pitch?

    Defence was solid fo sho!

    Second half we played as if we came off a 10 match winning treak.

  23. Dude over at Valencia offside claiming we are pathetic because we lied about the injuries to Pedro and Xavi just so they wouldn’t play with Spain. Clueless.

    1. Are you serious? Have they no idea how much we have all been fretting about the possibility of Xavi being permanently impaired? About whether Pedro will be fit for the Copenhagen game? Ugh. Just ugh.

    2. well being almost our entire team is spain, and we won all our qualifiers, who really gives a shit. everyone knows how well our technical staff does with our players when injured, so who could really have doubted them being able to come back after that long of a break. so yes, clueless fan.

    3. Meh, if they want to lay blame on anyone, put it on the Valencia team for not scoring more in the first half when they had us on the ropes.

  24. Yeah, never mind that P&P as well as Sergio and Don Andres played both games and their player just some minutes

  25. That second half was epic. we should’ve opened the floodgates. But to be honest, i saw flashes of what came in the second, in the first. That’s why i was so confident at halftime during the liveblog. i knew we could turn it around based on what was happening, and knew pep would be able to get us on track. if we can get back to playing how we finished, we can get back to our true form and destroying teams. we have all the weapons, we just need work on the finishing, but seeing us begin to shoot more and attack better, i have high hopes.

    1. I focus all my hate on this eternal enemy, but right now it doesn’t help. Anyway, let’s see what happens when they face real opponents like Valencia, Villarreal or AC Milan on Tuesday!!!

  26. Jnice, man, I wouldn’t even bother. You’ll find that most fans like to take their team blogs to be their own private community to say stupid, hateful things. And I’m not talking about calling that other team “EE” or ragging on Mourinho’s mind games.

    Realized this over several attempts that went sort of like this “OMG did you see that picture, Ibra and Pique are both GAY jajaja just like all Barca players, lololol” / “Well no, excuse me, they both actually have girlfriend, and even if they were, there’s nothing wrong with that” / “MM get out of here YOU TROLL, this page is for MADRID not Barca FANBOYS, get a life”.


    1. True dat, Jose.

      I don’t bother ragging on what other people say on their blog; as long as they don’t come here with their nonsense, I don’t really care.

      The guy on the Valencia offside who posted that is more partial to EE anyway, so double boo to him.

  27. Dani Alves: “Yeah, Vicente was waiting for me, people had to calm him down. But it was nothing bad, those things happen.”

    Sure, Dani, sure.

  28. Oh, and I should say that they’re some cool people at the Valencia offside; Javier de Roque is a dedicated blogger and Nithin in particular really knows his/her/their stuff.

  29. Have watched 1.5 times, and might start from the beginning again, just to witness how people can sleepwalk with a football.

    Keita came off limping and holding his groin. Hope it’s nothing serious, but I wouldn’t expect to see him for a while.

  30. Lots of news from the club business, including that Rosell announced that the board is going to review the decision of the other day, to make the club “by us, for us.” It is suggested that something less radical might be in the offing.

    Looks like collective scorn can have an effect. I hope.

  31. Good news on the injury front. Both Xavi and Keita are fine. And Rosell is still loathsome.

    Back to the match, so I can bang out a review that will piss everybody off. πŸ˜€

    1. Let me guess: Villa gets a 0, Messi a 2, and Bojan a -12 — oh, wait did he even play? πŸ˜€

  32. Oh, and thank you again to VicSoc for hosting the LiveBlog. It’s a thankless job and those of us who can’t really appreciate it.

  33. Commentator: ‘Its almost like hes… captain caveman!!!’

    Carles Puyol IS captain caveman. idiots.

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