CL Liveblog: Rubin-Barça

It appears that this match kicks off at 12:30pmEST instead of 12:45. APOLOGIESOMG (thank you ooga aga)

Maginator with the livebloggin’. Oh baby it’s on now.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. I’ve said it before ooga ooga 🙂

    Helge says:
    September 28, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    PPS: Something must be wrong about your time, because the match starts at 6.30 pm CET.

    Mascherano, Busi and Xavi in MF, Messi, Abidal and Bojan on the bench.

  2. Barcelona line-up (official): Valdés – Alves Piqué Puyol Maxwell – Xavi Mascherano Busquets – Iniesta Villa Pedro

    Line-up Rubin Kazan: Ryzhikov – Ansaldi Bocchetti Navas Saluvkadze – Kaleshin Ryanzansev Murawski Noboa Karadeniv – Kornilenko


  3. ok Live blog will start in 15 minutes so get your links ready. I won’t be doing too much commenting since I’m watching it on TV and don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

  4. No idea what to do but if you let me know I can try. If you’re fine to do it carry on. I’m a gibbering wreck once the game starts.

  5. Special thanks to Jnice (and me) for helping out with the LiveBlog. Thank god we have a reliable people! 🙂

    1. how do you transfer control during a liveblog?

      Not that I’d ever do it if I was running the liveblog… but maybe a liveblog coup someday?

  6. Jeez.. a bad night to oversleep.. And Eklavya hosted the Liveblog?

    Dunno if I’m still sleeping, but the first penalty looked like a dive..

    1. It was a multiple hosted LiveBlog, Vj.

      Tutomate, Jnice and Me kept juggling lol. But we have good coordination. 🙂


  7. can please we have a break for a month?i am tired watching xavi play every game..imagine how tired he is..and pedro!!man what do you want to score 3 easy goals?

  8. So is the match worth downloading to watch? Doesn’t really sound like it from the commentary. Should I bother?

    1. My issue is how we use possesion, fine they are nearly impossible to break down when set but when they broke on the counter with 3 or 4 players and lost possession where was our equally aggressive counter?

      In the first half it was just “meh, I’ll just pass backwards and let them get settled.” The passing and movement when they come out their shell to me has be much greater if we are to unsettle these defensive squads.

    2. That’s where we miss the speedy player breaking up the wing, a la Henry. Does that mean the likes of Jeffren get some time against those kinds of squads? Good question. He’s healthy and hasn’t featured, which means he isn’t earning a spot.

      Speed on the attack is a problem. Counterattacking goals were a feature of the Henry years. These days, not so much, not as much because we can’t counterattack as there isn’t anybody making that killer run that rewards the through ball. We saw P! and Busquets pull it off (sort of) against Bilbao.

      I think that speed in attack is one deficiency in this squad. Everybody is great with the ball, can pass well and is elusive. But a player like Henry would outrun everybody up the wing, take a pass and try to beat a defender, if there was one fast enough to run with him. Speed changes the dimension of an attack in a very good way.

    3. I hope its something of a consideration among the coaching staff, none of our wingers are va va voom fast.

      Yet another reason to hold out hope we bring Kierisson back from loan and give him a chance? Its a bit odd we have a 5’11” CF with speed and a bit of strength and he is wandering the globe on loan while Bojan fails to impress.

    4. Without starting anything, could Keirrison be any less fraught with complexities than Krkic? Both are young, both are talented. We’re only seeing what one can do, and I don’t know if that’s because Guardiola didn’t want the other, or because he has evinced some deficiency. Though I don’t see how the latter is true, because he’s never played for us.

    5. I agree he may not work but for 15m euros and all his talent he should at least get a shot. From what I’ve seen he isn’t quite Henry fast but he has good sprint speed.

      He was just one example though, even with the 11 we had out there today we could have been more aggressive when we broke down their counter attacks.

  9. i am not tired watching xavi man!i am tired watching him playing every minute.he need rest.i hope against magiorka tiago starts.

    1. it’s too way early to talk abour tiredness… right now he needs to regain his form,confidence and fitness and therefor he needs to play regurly 😉

  10. line-up for magiorka:valdez,adriano,milito,pique,abidal,mache,tiago,iniesta,messi,bogan,pedro.

  11. Snap! 1-1 Draw? And it was Villa from a penalty…

    How was the team? From what I understand from Kxevin’s post, it looks like we missed a lot of chances. Did Messi play?

    1. Or I could just, y’know, wait for LuKxevin’s review (see what I did there? See what I did there?)

      That’s cool too.

  12. Played okay, made some chances but didn’t stick them away. Two penalties – both probably deserved. They had a great chance at the death. Messi came on and lifted the game and looked fit.

    1. Dunno if that was directed at me, but thanks for the info.

      That means Messi’ll start the Mallorca game then, eh? Nice to Villa get on the scoresheet, though.

    1. I’m not sure how Valencia didn’t convert any of their chances. The left back was having one heck of a game tho, aside from the one time Nani got by him and crossed for a Chicharito goal. 😛

    1. Because he was on the last year of his contract and was being difficult in every sense of the word. And we wanted a plan B

      C’mon, dude, I know we’ve never talked about The Eto’o Sale, but he’s history now 😀

    2. Sorry but I disagree. We were being difficult, meaning Pep didn’t want him anymore.
      Eto’o and everyone else wanted to stay. He would have been worth the renewal money anyway.

    3. Disagree. He was holding the club hostage and kept saying over the course of the season “I’ll start the talks after the season’s over” and “We won’t take about it now” and other types of vague statement. And he say that when he KNOWS it’s the last years of his contract.

      I love Sammmy, and I was on Team Stay Eto’o before the Swap thing (which pissed me off as well), but no player is bigger than the club IMO (although if Messi or Xavi or Iniesta o.o … Yeah, I’ll just stop that train of thought.)

    4. He said that he would talk it over at the end of the season but also stated many times that he wants to stay. He wanted to wait till the end because he obviously wanted money, which frankly, would have been freakin’ worth it.
      Later on, the club tried to renew his contract by sending his SMSs at I don’t know what time in the morning and what not.
      It wasn’t until things got serious that other players said that they wanted him to stay but then Eto’o decided to leave because of the way he was treated.

      Anyway, I don’t wanna go into this convo.

    5. If he wanted to stay he would have signed his contract early like all the other players with winding down contracts that season.When was he going to sign? 2 months from the end?I hate discussing this by now however so ill just say i agree to disagree.

  13. Do you think Defoe will fit in Our system ? Personally, I want Suarez but Ajax will probably ask for a lot of money.

  14. Talking of forwards, Luis Suarez:

    “Ajax’s financial position is the only reason I’m even thinking of a transfer,” confessed the 23-year-old.

    “But if I leave Ajax, I will go to a club where real football is played. I have never asked for a transfer.

    Hinting or what? I like the look of him and we need forward cover. Mind you, is he more of the same?

    1. He plays LW but can also play CF. I guess Villa and Suarez can keep changing their places and one of them will take the defenders off the other (Torres/Villa). He said he’d like to play for Barcelona (Like Pastore) and his agent is Pep’s brother. It all comes down to How Much Money we’re willing to pay and Does Pep want him or not.

    2. But then he would be like Villa. A LW who can play CF but is better of when playing with a true CF.

    3. Ya but Villa is only good with a no.9 playing beside him.
      Not that Bojan is the best option but we would be better with Villa coming from the left and Messi playing just off Bojan like the tail-end of last year.

    4. Damn, Diego. That’s cold.

      Suarez isn’t a starter for us. The only thing he does in my opinion is complicate the life of P!. And he isn’t going to be cheap. He’s also more of the same. I’d lobby for something fundamentally different. There has to be a striker somewhere, a for-real, back to the defense striker who isn’t batshit crazy, right?

  15. Right now, this is Group D:

    Copenhagen-6 (surprise?)
    Rubin Kazan-1 (explains why they played their hearts out today)
    Panathinaikos-0 (the whipping boys take another one)

    We haven’t played Copenhagen yet, but anybody who doesn’t anticipate us getting in that ass is sorely mistaken. Basically, for us there are 12 points still available, as we play Copenhagen twice, then Rubin and Panathinaikos one more time each. I’m feeling pretty good about our odds of advancing.

    1. I agree that we look good for advancing, but it behooves us to be first. We want to aim to avoid the group winners in the draw.

      Then again, slip-ups in the group stage these last few years has made it common for dangerous teams to be in the runner-up pot. In fact, last year being runner-up had no effect on who the quarterfinalists were: half of the runner-ups advanced to the Quarter final round (Inter, CSKA Moscow, Bayern and Lyon).

      Hmm.. So how important is it to get first in your group in the UCL?

    2. Well, that would mean tracking the eventual CL winners and where they finished in their group, and stuff that requires a big brain and research skills and stuff. I’m just trying to get out of the office so I can watch a match and file a review so that people can call me a biased idiot. 😀

      Who has time for research?

    3. I might not get online much tomorrow, so I’ll just call you a biased idiot now, if that’s OK? 😉

  16. Just thinking out loud here–I’m trying to imagine Peter Crouch in blau grana colors. Wouldn’t that be quite a stretch of spearmint? He’s not starting material, but he could do some damage off the bench to those parked buses (but he’s no Ibra).

  17. I have a feeling that the striker we are going to sign in the summer is going to be Torres. Not sure whether he fits into our style of play or if he is too injury prone, but its just a feeling that I have. He will definitely leave but I dont see him going to a rival English club or to Madrid so that leaves Barca or somewhere in Italy. I remember reading that Sandro wanted him and I think if he could choose to come that he would.

    I have always found him a bit overrated but I know a lot of people who think he is the best striker in the world. On paper he certainly has all the attributes..

  18. Sky Sports Broadcast

    First Half:


    Second Half:


    Courtesy of Pakman at


    Russian commentary

    First Half:


    Second Half:


    Credit to foxxer666 at

  19. you know something?fuck them.they don.t want to play football.i am sick with every team playing us with 11 behind the ball.i don.t want torres or ibra or a plan b.we have the team to win s just the start of season.the team will find the way to score more.i respect teams like verder bremen only.attacking without dirty tricks.

  20. I can’t be arsed to download the whole thing. Anyone have a link just for highlights?

    Also, if you haven’t seen this week’s Crackovia, the scene between C!Ibra and C!Eto’o is pretty funny. 🙂

  21. what do you guys think about Dzeko? Tall, strong, technical, young, scores a lot (with his head too).

  22. What never gets old?: Teams celebrating a draw against us. Celebrating a draw should be banned. Did they even play to win? Seeing them acting like they just won the whole Cup makes me wanna vomit.

    1. why? isn’t it the ultimate compliment for a team to celebrate a draw against us? Personally I don’t mind if a team like Rubin Kazan park the bus – it is a legitimate tactic and if they feel it is the best way of getting a result against the mighty Barça, hey, more power to them. We had out chances but didn’t take them, while Rubin defended us well and fairly. I congratulate them on their draw.

      I guess it is also a compliment for a top team containing star players deciding to park the bus (Inter, Chelsea), yet at this point I find that same legitimate tactic somewhat more than nauseating and when successful significantly less worthy of congratulations.

  23. and btw – Eto’o showed last night he still has the goods as a CF, congrats with your hat trick Sami, we miss you!

  24. Just some thoughts about parking bus tactic. Yes, it’s a effective technic when a inferior team play against a superior team. But isn’t this getting too common nowadays? If every match teams park the bus against each other. Then neither will initiate attack and the match becomes a borefest. If continue like that, nobody will be interested in the beautiful game anymore. Might as well go and watch golf.

    Some of the recent Barca matches I’ve watched are so boring because of conservative style from us ( passing passing shoot, passing passing shoot, repeat 10X ) and opposing team just contend to parking the bus. Think I will skip watching this one as well.

  25. I am happy with 1 point away at Rubin Kazan.

    I watched the whole game and well, we did make a handful of real chances and we were pretty unlucky not to take some of those. But the promising side was that we didnt look terrible, we weren’t really struggling, we just misfired here and there.

    It would be helpful if we have a taller forward, someone with a bit of strength to hold their ground and not only have a heading threat, but be able to make room for little balls into the box rather then rubin players sticking out a foot and blocking them.

    I was happy with Pedro and Mascherano today. Pedro was always in the game and played very well in the little space we had. Mascherano can actually manage not get a yellow, he definetly has toned down his tackling and his passing is as if he has been playing for barca for a few seasons.

    If we are to sign someone for CF, I would have to go with Llorente, because we want a player who is good but would not cause trouble demanding a guarantee starting spot, we want someone opposite to Ibra and Torres in terms of status.

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