Liga Liveblog: Athletic – Barça

Ethan comes through with the livebloggin’. Three cheers for him and three cheers for Barça: hip-hip-hooray! (x3).

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Whoever watch the game again need to check how Xavi and Keita synchronized their roles in this game. Just like someone love to see. Talking about Keita, the players need to read his movement into the box faster. He could have scored at least two more goals. He almost cried many times when he was running out there seeking a pass, or a cross.

    For the record: The first game I like so far this season.

    1. I mean: Panathinaikos. I wasnt impressed. I dont care about results as it depend both on your quality and thats of the opponent’s. The ideas applied on the field through tactical functionality interest me more.

    2. I agree. This was definitely our best game so far, ignoring the last few minutes.

      The thing that impressed me the most was the effort and workrate put in by every single player on the pitch. It is truly a wonder that Pep can keep such successful players so hungry and willing to fight, scrap and die for the colours. You usually see this kind of unrelenting passion from lesser sides who need it because they lack quality. To have both is so amazing.

    3. Imagine, someone from just yesterday on this very blog said Keita was not “Barca Quality”.

      Busquets was so awesome today. So composed, so smart, direct, simple etc. etc. almost perfect.

      My MOTM was Keita/Busi.

  2. I am not at all a basketball fan, but I feel I should note that Barcelona beat Valencia 83-63 today for the the Spanish Supercup.

  3. hey guys, can someone supply me with a dwnld link? i missed the match cause i was watching spain under 17s play :-O… please and thank ya

  4. Adriano was total crap, xavi was crap too in the first half, our only source of creativity was coming from iniesta.

    Hats off to Pedro for sheer effort and fight alone despite his limitations.

    And David Villa, all i can say is Kxevin have mercy.
    Really the guy was shit even by my generous analysis. Id give him 1 for keeping the defence on their toes bt dat aint gud enuf.

    1. What about the assist that unlocked the Athletic defense? Not to mention he stayed onside and made that brilliant run only to slam the ball onto the post? Decent game if he didn’t lose composure at the end..

    2. I’m sorry but Villa did not have a half way decent game. He was way to anxious to score. And the red card was just so stupid of him. Now all we have is Pedro and Bojan for the front in the next Liga match. Man I hope Messi is back by then cause I just don’t think the two will cut it by themselves.

  5. Nah, im still not convinced, I was gonna give him credit for keeping his head up in spite of all his misses bt the read card jus blew all dat away.

    Pep couldnt even look at him.

  6. btw, anybody wants to bet against Villa getting banned for at least 2 matches?
    I’m quite sure the committee will penalize this red card as much as Ujfalusi’s… ridiculous!

  7. yes, never expect the league committee to go lightly on us. Though even though Villa was provoked it is maybe worthy of a two match ban. But again, it should be one match because the Bilbao player obviously provoked it and it wasn’t the first time he was doing it in the match.

    Unfortunately Villa chose to do something terrible stupid. But he was having very hard time. Not because of his performance, by all means he put in the effort, but I think he maybe didn’t get any rewards today. I don’t really think he deserved to have such a shit day, but he still is getting used to how things roll over here, and well its normal that these situations happen, hopefully he learns from it.

    I thought people on the live blog got a little too much on Bojan’s back after only a few minutes. Where as Pedro had 90 minutes and he screwed up a lot of chances created. Though his work rate and effort was good. But I think we are going back to that old mindset with certain players.

    We should relax and be patient, its still early in the season and we shouldn’t jump on anyone just yet.

  8. bojan was literally getting run over by the Athletic players. it looked like he put some mass on this summer, but so far i ain’t impressed.

    now Thiago. this guy is a different story. excited to see more of this guy for sure. as a busquets fan and general appreciator of defenders and DMFs in particular, i hope to see some more Romeu in Copa matches.

  9. Amazing performance of the non-invisible variety from Keita today. We needed him big time on both OFF and DEF and he came through. With Busi locking it down and XavIniesta passing it up, he was able to contribute smoothly. What about those chipped passes!!? They were so Xavi-like with great precision and timing. Spectacular, Keita. Also, in case no one noticed, Busi had been trying the chip the first few games, before he was pushed back to Central Def. I like that the whole midfield now is doing it, ’cause it will be very useful for the 38+ buses we have to break this year.

    If I was to abide by the general standard here that our mega-millions strikers are judged by, I would say David Villa is shittastic and a complete and utter failure. 2 goals in 5 matches? Offsides? Red card? Missing sitters? Static? Check all of the above. If Ibra’s 5 goals in 5 games, no reds, converted easy goals, and few offsides matched up with Villa’s, what would it look like? Just some insight to people who think Ibra was not only a “failure”, but a “complete failure”. No one will ever meet those standards without giving someone else a lotta more rope.

    1. There’s one crucial difference though. We’ve played well even when Villa has not finished his chances. His willingness to move, make runs, play out left means at least he’s not a hindrance to the rest of the team. When Ibrahimovic played like garbage he brought the whole team down because he clogged up the middle and was extremely predictable with his complete lack of movement. He’s the type of player that will not make an empty run to open up space for his fellow attackers. He will only make a run if he thinks he can get the ball from it. Plus his downer attitude wore on the team. Do you remember the game where Pedro had to console him after Messi scored? What kind of a sh*t teammate has to be consoled because his own teammate scored and he didn’t? Pedro was in his first full season in the first team for Christ’s sake, and he had to coddle our 65 million euro striker. When Villa starts doing sh*t like that you can pull all the rope from him.

  10. anybody wants to bet against Villa getting banned for at least 2 matches?

    It’s the standard for a direct red for violent conduct. The adjustment can be for more, not less.

  11. Son of a bitch. After this Wednesday in Russia, Villa doesn’t play another match with us until October 20th.

  12. I don’t understand why there’s this always this targeted attack on Bojan while Thiago can make two crisp passes and get praised for how promising he looks.

    Everyone knows Thiago can pass, but in the few minutes he was on he wasn’t moving nearly as much as he should have. He’d make a nice pass and just stand still and his recipient wouldn’t have a target to pass back to. It’s not like he was playing the pivot.

    Bojan made that great run on the left and was fouled at least twice, but he gets criticized for being run over because the referee didn’t award the foul. The other play that he lost the ball being run out of bounds, it was 1 on 4. He looked up half way to see if he had a target and nobody else made a run to support him, what’s he supposed to do?

    Pedro’s touch was terrible, partly due to the pitch, but almost every touch was heavy. Even the play he assisted Busquets he pushed the ball way too far ahead on the second touch and couldn’t make the early pass to a wide open Thiago instead opting to cut back blindly to Busquets. It worked out in the end due to Busquets’ nice finish and good control but it could have been another very obvious chance spurned.

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