La Liga Weekly Podcast, Week 5

So, as usual, I have done a La Liga Weekly Podcast in which I correctly predicted Depor would not score. You can call me a genius if you’d like, but I prefer to think of myself as the Miss Cleo of the football world. Would that be Mr. Leo?

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. I already listened to it yesterday, yay!

    If Valencia-Sporting is a high scoring match from both sides, then you will get to have a nickname.

  2. Seeing how you are Queen for a while, Miss Cleo until you become your regular self. Podcasts are great.
    Only one thing, sometimes it does sound like you are in the can. Thanks for repping barça well.

    1. I know! I can’t figure out why I’m super clear sometimes and like sitting in a cave 300 fee from the mic other times. I wear a headset, I speak loudly and clearly. I have no idea what’s wrong. Does anyone have suggestions?

  3. if you except barca scoring 5-6 goals in every game..then forget about it.players are tired.ramzi said that we werent satisfying in any game until know.that.s good for me..i will take any 1-0 win now until we wil be in form..and a question?when tiago,santos e.t.c will play?in copa?

    1. I’m guessing Thiago, JDS, and the rest will get a lot of minutes in the Copa. I’m also sure they will get a few games in the league too.

      In Thiago’s case, the number of matches he plays with the first team ties directly into his contract.

  4. our problem is not in in midfield.keita is no barca quality.only xavi can produce.let.s pray be ok all year.

  5. i am ok with the team until now.and against atletic will play the same be nice with them.they are humans no machines.


    I will be getting FIFA earlier than the Tuesday release date. Tomorrow, in fact. Hooray!

    Couple that with a win in San Mames and tomorrow could be a special day.

    1. And if Thiago plays on top of that, it should be a international holiday.

      Because we’re cool like that, and everyone should have equal rights to celebrate the awesomeness, even EE fans. Equality, people!

  7. Shouldn’t nested replies be of the x.y format (x – serial no. of parent, y that of child). It would be much easier to read..

    And I don’t know what all the fuss was about my avatar.. As SoMa correctly noted, it’s just A-Style.. Oh! D’Oh!!

  8. and a prediction even it s start of season:we will win C.L(offcourse without any serious injury like iniesta last season who cost us the trophy)

  9. let me say that I don’t think we necessarily have a problem, but it’s beginning to surface as an issue. anyone who says Keita isn’t Barca quality isn’t paying close enough attention. Keita does more through positioning and just simply being in the right place at the right time than Bojan probably does in a two week period.

    Anyways, thats not my point. What I feel is that right now we only have two starting strikers – Messi and Villa. Obviously both of the are top world class and arguably a dream combo. But now take out one of them and it becomes very easy to shut the other down, because pedro and bojan aren’t going to draw as many defenders as an Ibra or Henry or an Eto’o would. I’m not urging we had all those players or going to say any of them leaving was a bad idea. The bottomline is none of those people play anymore and we are left with Bojan and Pedro. Now both are extremely talented, but I’m not sure either of them are starters. I mean do we want to go up against E.E. with a Bojan Villa Pedro, or Chelsea or Inter or any of the other top teams??? I’ll tell you what will happen, Villa will probably get triple teamed and bojan and pedro will be shut down by a defender quickly. Sure we can’t be mid-low tier La Liga teams with that lineup, but you take Messi out of the equation and we start to show how thin we are up front. I think to let Ibra leave and not sign a proven starter as a replacement was a mistake and hopefully something we can correct in the winter transfer season.

    Now once again, I am not denying the quality or talent of Bojan or Pedro. They are both amazing players who have time and time again scored amazing goals. But I don’t think they are starters. I don’t think they strike fear into defender’s hearts and this could hurt us down the line.

    1. Right there with ya, Tyler. P! is a super sub, our modern-day Giuly. And I don’t think that it’s denying his talent to say that. Messi is better when everything can’t focus on him. But we have what we have, and will have to trust that Guardiola can make the most of it.

      Sorry, but the comment that Keita isn’t Barca quality is pretty astounding to me.

    2. “Sorry, but the comment that Keita isn’t Barca quality is pretty astounding to me.”

      exactly. just cause it don’t glitter don’t mean it ain’t gold.

    3. Or just cause the sun’s out don’t mean it ain’t cold.

      Ooooooooooh (crowd is going nuts). I’m too nice for this.

  10. podcast : great listen.
    I think it would be great guys if you could analyze a little bit more about the expected tactics of each team , especially the way they will be used to exploit the opponent team’s lines and which player could serve each tactic better. Keita and iniesta in barcelona have very interesting implications according to the role they are used because they are much different to the rest of the team.
    With mourinho tactical approach and pep’s barca super interchanging position system it could provide great insights ot each game.

    1. It would pretty much appeal to me , for sure.
      It can also be organized very easily , as far as the writers of this blog are concerned.
      You made a great la liga season preview some weeks ago , and you can always use it as a guide to see if it plays out and reference to it when talking about teams other than the big two.( teams/players live up to their potential , or come out of nowhere to make an impact.)

      I realize that commenting on every single team is impossible , but I m pretty sure you can pick the most “standing out” ones that you had the time and luck to watch.

  11. Not only do I disagree that Keita isn’t Barca quality, I would go so far to say that I think the game tomorrow is one he has to start in.

  12. yeah keita is not barca s my opinion as yours when you said the same about others players!i respect yours,respect mine.ok??it s easy to attack to bojan..what do you want from him?miracles?only messi and villa will score?where is goals from midfield?where?come on can.t you see the problem?our midfielders can.t score.

  13. against the basques


    use bojan as a sub if necessary. we need a physical lineup against the basques.

    you guys have to accept the truth, greecebarca knows more than pep guardiola, keita is not barca quality and pep guardiola obviously does not know football, as evidenced by the fact that he keeps keita on the team and actually allows him to play.

    1. Hey now. I’m going to let the bottom of this post stand for now, but I’m going to point something out: Don’t attack anyone else for no reason. Greece Barca made a very valid point: He does not believe Keita is Barça quality and he respects opinions on Bojan that he disagrees with, so please do respect his. It’s not okay to level accusations at other members of the community here.

      You’re better than this. You all are.

      I disagree pretty strongly with Kevin about Bojan, but it doesn’t make me think he’s an idiot or want to attack him. He has his points and it’s better to learn from him and improve my own way of thinking than to be right from the get-go and, when challenged, to lash out and learn nothing.

  14. I don’t like the numbering of the comments, it’s ugly. Just my opinion.

    I think ooga aga’s lineup is the right one, but I’ve pretty much given up trying to guess what Pep will do. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Pique in the front line and Iniesta in goal at this point. 😉

  15. haha!pep is the coach not me!that.s good for barca!but i just said that keita is good but now not that good for us..ok kill me!

  16. and about pedro and bojan.without them last season we never would won la liga..anri was shit and ibra the same in end of season..this boys deserve our love and support.

    1. All of our players deserve our love and support though, not just ones that fans deem worthy. Not that this means we can’t call them out when they don’t meet standards. I love the club. The players are part of that club. If they hinder the club with poor performance, I will let them have it, no matter who they are, from Messi to Xavi to Krkic.

  17. -broken record has begun-

    Basque Country scares me. Cuddly loves him some Bilbao.

    Numbering system will annoy me in due time,like Organic Chemistry. Wouldn’t surprise me if SMasch started this match; Bilbao are big and physical–I think they would quickly become the team he will salivate at the thought of playing, like Boo!Weligton when he sees Bojan, Iniesta and Messi all in the same lineup.

    We’re all one big happy family that likes to beat dead horses and form fairness committees of past players ( 😀 ) although they have legitimate reasons for doing so (most of the time). Family in fighting is always messy (pun may or may not have been intended). Let’s keep it -no, not that word! Anything but that word– fresh, people.

  18. So GreeceBarca, do you include Xavi and Iniesta in your not being good enough bag? After all, they are midfielders, and they don’t score either, right?

    Ah, but Xavi and Iniesta contribute in other ways, right? So, too, does Keita. I had to educate myself on him, thanks in part to Remzi’s advocacy of his qualities. So in addition to reminding you that he scored last year, and even had a hat trick in one match, I will point out some of his other virtues:

    –Linkup play. He is often that intermediate step between offense and defense, when life is tight for Xavi

    –Safety valve. Note his constant availability for the pressure-relieving pass

    –Box crasher. We have the ball and when called for, he’s often the first one in the opposition box. This creates space for others.

    –Defensive link. As Alves or Maxwell bomb forward, notice who stops attacks in that intermediate zone

    –Physical presence, with pace. He outruns people to balls, makes plays that get his body in the way, and is always willing to take one for the team.

    Those are just a few of Keita’s attributes. He’s worth watching for a spell, if he plays vs Bilbao.

    1. Is there a video of Keita’s hat trick anywhere? I’d love to see it again. I just remember grinning all over my face. 😀

    2. And that’s what I get for taking too long to post a comment. Meh, if anyone else wants/wanted to see a Keiteee hatrick, it’s there.

    3. I had forgotten that Chyggy played in that match. Also forgot how pissed off Messi was that everyone else was scoring but him, until he finally got his goal. Interesting.

    4. Thanks for that link, Kari. Jesus, what a rocket of a free kick from Ibrahimovic! I’d forgotten about that one.

      Notice how Keita watches the ball as he makes his runs. He even notched an assist to Ibrahimovic! His goals are all effort, in that he makes that lung-busting run to get into position. Wow.

    5. No prob. Keita really knocked me out that match; before that game, I’d always wondered if Keita was one of those “good player, just not for us” kind of buys we tend to make because he was benched often during the Treble year, but man, did my eyes fly open during that match.


    6. Also, I’m pretty sure Keita has played a very small percentage of minutes compared to the rest of the team during this very early season. Therefore, you would be hard pressed to blame a guy for poor play, when he simply has hardly played thus far. Even my E.E. buddies who know a lot about soccer know the quality that is Keita.

    7. Keita played a huge part in the preseason, where it was just him, Ibra, Bojan, and a bunch of B team players, and he pretty much carried the team on his back. The kids were talented, to be sure, but they weren’t a team, and Keita was the one holding everything together. He was, and is, immense. I have a lot of time for Keita.

  19. I don’t think we’ll see it, but my lineup would be:

    Alves ——— Pique ——— Puyol (is he recovered?) —- Maxwell

    ——————– Masch

    ——— Xavi ————— Busquets

    Pedro ———— Villa ————– Iniesta

  20. The team is short; they’re all too short; so many games cuts training short; we’re short on strikers; we’re short some goals; Bojan’s time is running short.

    It is what is, and what there is not … isn’t.

    The whole *world* is short some Messis, some Xavis, some Iniestas.

    If Messi’s in Asia or Xavi is injured or Iniesta gets a bad burn, they’re out. And we’re short-staffed.

    So P! shoots wide or Villa’s offside, and Bojan forgets he’s the 9. Who else would you sign? There’s no more contracts to buy!

    Don’t give our fellas the short stick. It’s not fair to measure by Messi. Don’t count our lost Copas before even October.

    And one more side plato, sólo para picar:

    Lots of photos and fears and fury over The Ankle.
    But what about Pep then popping in Masch? A message?
    I happen to not mind; sometimes the beautiful game needs an ugly, for every light touch it’s good to have a heavy.
    Recommended by Messi (help?) and Milito (I’ve gotcher man?)
    It’s not as if Pep wouldn’t know, without scrolling through trolls, the man is and I quote a ‘great player but what a disruptive TWAT’.
    If so, what say you all? Too little, too late?

    1. Bloody hell SoMa.. How do you do this? Muy fantastico!!!!
      *this comment of yours should be a mini-post so everyone can see it in the open* 🙂

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