Liga Liveblog: Atleti – Barça

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. I guess it just shocks me that a player would deliberately injure another player. That’s someone’s livelihood. If you’re a dimwitted thug that’s fine, but you still have to consider the reality of someone returning the favor one day. For me, it’s (or I thought it was) one of the tenets of the professional players’ code.

  2. 9/22 Gijon
    9/25 @ Bilbao
    9/29 @ Rubin Kazan
    10/3 Mallorca
    10/17 Valencia

    Let’s hope Messi can be fully fit again to play against Mallorca.

    1. Not a bad schedule. That’s a month of matches. We should be able to take Gijon, at Bilbao will be a dogfight even with Messi. Rubin’s in a down phase right now. Mallorca? Depends on which Mallorca shows up. Ditto for Valencia. Thankfully, three of those five are at home, and only one away match is in the Liga.

    2. We will need a Villa who is really a goal machine instead of this lackluster one today. Really should have buried some more and get Messi out of the pitch for some rest. But to hell with Ujfa-lucy, if Messi were to get injured, he will get it anyway in any time. We just need the rest of the squad to play better to make up for the absence of Messi.

      It really is the time Bojan need to perform. We have no choice but to play him, no choice.

      by the by, any news from Jeffren, where the heck did he go? injured?

  3. What happened to Messi today was unfortunate. But we, like the team must remain calm. We have a squad, and we can’t let trolls take satisfaction at seeing us weep for Messi. We’ll make it. In Pep We Trust.

    1. For me it isn’t a question of weeping. It’s a question of a player transgressing the bounds of reasonable behavior with a deliberate attempt to injure another player. If we can’t win without Messi then we don’t deserve to win. But Ujfalusi’s behavior is shameful and cowardly. And he didn’t even care about the player that he injured, instead having a go at the referee about some other transgression, real or imagined.

    2. To be honest the whole team played dirty and I blame the ref for letting it continue. It was ridiculous.

    3. Yeah, what makes me really sad/pissed is that this is completely avoidable. Messi didn’t just tweak a hamstring or strain a calf muscle or anything aciddental like that–he was injured. Deliberately. A guy came in, not even going for the ball, and STOMPS on his ankle.


    4. True. Also, the referee did let this game get out of hand early in the second half. At least he didn’t go about awarding Patetico penalties left and right. I get so sick of seeing teams resort to fouling the crap out of us in order to stop us. Have some class, Patetico, after all, Dr. House is your coach!

    5. Stay Positive .. What Ufjalusi did is something that he’ll have to live with .. We On the other hand have to prove that we can win without Messi

  4. If Ujfalusi wants to play in that manner and feels justified in doing so then he should have absolutely no problem or qualms about Mascherano doing the exact same thing to Forlan or Aguerro.

    If Mascherano happens to get frustrated by the next match against Atleti either because he’s unhappy with the result or with a refereeing decision Ujflausi should have no argument in principle against Mascherano or Puyol or whoever injuring Forlan just because they feel aggrieved.

    Ujfalusi could have no way of knowing that his actions wouldn’t break Messi’s ankle. It’s only due related to some luck that he didn’t. If his own striker’s ankle were to be broken through retribution then he’d have to just live with it.

    But in the end he knows Barca has isn’t going to sink to that level.

  5. Ujfalusi went down to Barcelona’s dressing room to get to know about Messi’s health status and apologized for his bad tackle.

    1. Well, a good gesture but hard to forgive the guy right now.

      As some one said above, it is much easier to accept if player gets injured due to bad luck. But this guy deliberately stomped on messi’s ankle. It was not as if Messi was in full flight as well. So screw him. I hope we freaking give the sob a taste of his own medicine next time round.

    2. I thought it was at least good to hear he’s sorry about it. Temporary moment of madness.

      P.S. Jnice, if this blog community ever gets even half as juvenile and petty as the Real Madrid Offside blog, I am so leaving BFB forever. “That injury to Messi brought a smile to my face!”? Appalling.

  6. The schedule of Barca over the next 2 months looks like

    Sporting (h)
    Bilbao (a)
    Rubin Kazan (a)
    Mallorca (h)
    Valencia (h)
    Copenhagen (h)
    Zaragoza (a)
    Sevilla (h)
    Copenhagen (a)
    Getafe (a)
    Villareal (h)
    Almeria (a)
    Panathiniakos (a)
    Real Madrid (h)

    1. Bilbao is always hard even when Messi is there .. Kazan will park the bus and Sporting and Mallorca both got defeated by us last year without Messi .. Hope He gets back as soon as possible .. Not because of barcelona .. But because He’s a great player and we enjoy watching him

  7. *

    clearer image.What gets me is how it swelled instantly, that means it probably looks worse now.Tomas will get his some day, karma being a bitch and all that.

  8. Ok, I just Can’t wait to say it again already, we need a better David Villa for the next few matches without Messi.

    Not that he didn’t do well, but he lacked the finishing we desperately needed. It’s true that he is still not 100%, but we bought him with bunch of millions, he just has to repay us with goals, whether he is ready or not, he needs to deal with it. He did all he could and was denied or missed target. It is not acceptable because we played a pretty decent if not good game in our midfield to pass you the damn ball and send you one-on-one with keepers and all, and you still can’t give us another goal cushion. I was seriously disappointed. To be fair, I have to say the same thing for Messi. He should have finished bunch of chances as well. But Messi is Messi, he did more than scoring. Villa did something, but he didn’t score. We NEED him to score.

    1. please don’t start, this is exactly the mentality we had with Henry and Ibra and it never helped.

      Never talk about money and goals! its not like that

  9. @euler.
    Having a small squad is not against the idea of being able το replace someone in case of injury.
    You might be in trouble if αν injury plague comes along ,but one player injured is hardly that.

    Having a small squad indicate that you may be short of options at some injury crisis, or having several key players off form.

    Short doesnt equal nonexistant. most probably it means of a better quality than having several fringe players just adding up to the number registered with the first team and most notably highly motivated ones.

  10. btw, what do you think about calling up either Nolito or Soriano as a back-up for our attack?
    They seem to be doing quite a good job with Barca B, are already 23+ years of age and I feel they are more lethal in front of goal than Krkic, for instance.

    1. no, Krkic will start ahead of the youths any day. Youths can’t move as good as a player who has been in the first team for so long. Bojan just needs to find his rhythm back. The boy has skills and fire power, but not in good form. He will definitely start on Wednesday. He will need to score to find his confidence back and hopefully that will be the beginning of his form rediscovery as well as a true growth as a full 9.

  11. Pep has t be thinking something like this:





    Maybe maxwell for Abidal to spark the offense with Messi out, but it seems that Maxwell plays best with messi on the field. Also I agree that it i time for Keita and Masc to step up big

    Sub list


    1. I would really love to see this line-up, and I trust a lot in Piqué as a striker 🙂
      But I don’t think we will see it, unless Pedro or Villa get injured before Jeffren is back to 100%.

    1. Wow, that commentator was ridiculously happy for a league game against a mid-table side.

      That said, stop…he’s gone and a lot of us are over missing him…he’s never coming back.

  12. The problem at the moment is that neither Villa nor Pedro nor Bojan are putting the goals away. However, I take heart from the number of chances we created today. In the last two games we’ve created a barrowload.

    The defence seemed to take a panning during the liveblog but I reckon they did a great job. Was Forlan playing ? 68% possession and only three saves to make suggests a pretty competent performance. Much better from Alves as well. Puyol and Pique were immense although I still feel maybe Pique could have at least challenged on their goal.

  13. From the official site:

    The first examinations by Barca’s medical team suggest that Leo Messi has suffered ligament damage to his right ankle, but there is no evidence of a broken bone. More tests will be carried out on Monday to assess the full extent of the injury.

    The dramatic images of the world’s best player clearly in great pain being stretchered off after a vicious 92nd minute foul by Ujfalusi, who received a straight red, were quickly followed by initial medical explorations that showed ligament damage in the Argentinean’s right ankle, but no apparent break, as many fans watching the game must have feared.

    Guardiola: “he’s in tears”

    Pep Guardiola spoke of his star’s injury after the game: “he’ll be having more tests tomorrow, but in principle a break has been ruled out. He’s injured and the doctors will tell us how he is. Let’s hope the first diagnosis is correct and we can help get him fit again. He’s very said and in tears. These things happen in football”.

    Guardiola was tight lipped about Ujfalusi’s foul and called on reporters to show responsibility: “the pictures of the incident speak for themselves I imagine. I’d ask you to show responsibility about these kinds of things. This isn’t something new, it’s been going on for a while – look, if there is proof and it looks suspicious…”.

    1. I often, quietly, question Pep’s decisions but he is a class act and I have nothing but respect for his professionalism.

    2. To be selfishly honest, I rather us draw the match rather than losing Messi..The win today really didn’t feel like a win.

  14. I haven’t seen the match yet, all i know is the result and that Messi is injured unfortunately.

    Things like this happened. Unfortunately for Ujfalusi, Kxevin is right for saying that he has to live with it for the rest of his life. Its best if he probably doesn’t turn up at the Camp Nou anymore, it could get more ugly than what Figo received.

    Messi’s injury seems to strike worry and uncertainty with everyone, which is normal because THAT IS HOW GOOD MESSI IS.

    no team can ever live the same way without Messi. because really, could we ever have bought a player just as good?

    Further more, I think that the team are more than capable to keep on marching. I believe Pep would say the same thing. Right now our priorities are to build up our team for another successful season. We are not a team that is obsessively compulsive to how many goals messi gets or how many games we win in a row. Our team is built under the very best of players who train hard and work hard.

    There is no such thing as a small squad. There are always players who can fill in the squad. that is what they are there for.

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