Liga Liveblog: Atleti – Barça

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Euler even if we score 5 leo doesnt come off.The last time number 10 came up on the board proactively as opposed to reactionary was probably 2008.He always wants to play.

    1. But Jordi part of the point I’m trying to make is that this needs to change.

      The team has 5 forwards, two of who are Bojan and Jeffren. This isn’t like years past. They can’t just afford to play Messi 90 minutes every match and not sub him out when it makes sense.

      He was the entire attack today. Villa and Pedro were either poor or invisible. Messi played as a false 9 and not only dropped deep to collect the ball but also tracked back defensively.

      At some point playing 90 minutes becomes completely impractical and harmful.

    2. Im not saying its right.I always scream for him to get rested,though Even when he gets rested he comes on at 55 minutes :).I was just saying realistically if we had taken our chances he wouldnt have come off.hopefully it will change but i wouldnt hold my breath even if we had 6 world class forwards some day.

  2. Not having more depth at striker is now an enormous problem. It’s great to talk about small squad’s but the team is now down to 4 true forwards two of whom are Bojan and Jeffren.

    The team should be able to get by with Villa, Pedro, and Iniesta up top as long as Villa is productive.

    But it is far from inconceivable for Villa or Pedro or Iniesta to pick up a knock while Messi is out.

    It is completely true that there is no way to “replace” Messi. But at this point in time they hardly have enough bodies to play up front with any meaningful depth at all.

    If Bojan doesn’t step up and really turn into this year’s Pedro the club could struggle greatly. As it is so far this season too much of their offense has depended on Messi. That problem was even worse than last season.

    1. Although there’s no way I would want this, in a strange way it could take the pressure off the likes of Bojan and Pedro if they are assured a few starts. Then it’s up to them if they can hack it. Probably better finding out now though, if we have to.

      If it is a bad one I’m sure the team will adopt a “get it done for Leo” approach.

    2. euler , if bojan steps up , or even if villa and pedro combine better without messi since they will be the focal points of attack for the near future , then this will all look like trying to stress the bad guess.
      Messi would get an injury eventually and we must have been ready for such.
      Having a small squad does not even at the slightest mean that the coach and the director responsible isnt anticipating injuries , and has not also planned whats gonna happen when they come beforehands.
      Its not a matter of if the injuries come , its always a matter of when will they come.

    3. if bojan steps up , or even if villa and pedro combine better without messi since they will be the focal points of attack for the near future , then this will all look like trying to stress the bad guess.

      Consider the magnitude of the “ifs” you just posed.

      “If Bojan steps up, …” Ok. That’s a huge if.

      “If villa and pedro combinge better without messi…” It seems overly optimistic to think that the front line will be better without one of the greatest players in history but it’s theoretically possible. But theoretically possible doesn’t make it probably in any way.

      Its not a matter of if the injuries come , its always a matter of when will they come.

      I completely agree with this and have posted the same thought several times before.

      But this statement completely goes against the notion of the small squad. The small squad is accepts risk from injury as a sufficient trade off to reap some benefit from everyone playing more and avoiding unhappy players.

      If you feel that injuries are inevitable then the small squad makes less sense, not more.

    4. We’ll see how lucky we are with Villa. For our sakes, I hope he can be really productive, but as history as shown, it (usually) takes time for a new signing to really gel within a system, especially ours.

      Here’s to hoping that the players step up in the coming steps.

  3. I think that the Liga should take steps. This, to me, is a clear-cut case of intent to injure. He deliberately stomped on his foot/ankle. It’s appalling.

  4. Guardiola: “Hand balls? Well, if you want to believe we win with the help of the referee, you can. If you’re happier that way…” #fcblive.

    thanx cluelesss

  5. Oh my God… I’m paralyzed. I feel more shocked right now than I did after the CL exit to Inter.
    Now is the first time that I recognize how lucky we’ve been to see Messi play without any serious injuries for more than 2 years.

    David Villa was aweful today, imo. He will have to regain his Valencia shape now that Messi will be gone for at least one month (that’s just my personal guess, not a fact).
    Now the sell of Ibra might backfire. We could really have needed him now. Krkic will not be an appropiate option in attack 🙁
    And to be honest, I don’t think that Villa has been any better compared to Ibra’s first weeks at Barca.

    I will start praying for Messi now, all the Barca and Messi fans of the world should transmit their energy and best wishes to him now. Get well soon, Leo!

  6. For me, the most shameful part of all of it is that Ujfalusi knew exactly what he was doing, and the potential consequences. I don’t know how he feels right now, but if he is anything approaching a professional, he should feel like absolute shit.

    First report: Dislocated ligaments of the ankle (from Pep). Sprain?

  7. Wonder what GoonerInBarca would say about this?

    I would be more upset, but once upon a time, my man Robin van Persie got hurt on international duty at an early point in last season when he was scoring or setting up about 3/4 of the goals for Arsenal. They said he’d be out for a few weeks, then it turned out he’d be out for five months–he was out from about late October until May.

    Arsenal had a LOT more injuries than that, for various times, but usually 2-4 weeks if I could put an average on all of them, and they were in all areas of the pitch.

    They still finished in third place, an improvement from the last season.

    Messi is huge to the team, and no one will completely replace him. But these things happen, and if the outlook is ONLY a month (and really I expect about six weeks), we should consider ourselves lucky. Hey, he’ll get a nice little rest and come back a pretty rusty, but fresh. And unlike van Persie, he’s not had a ton of injuries, he’s very young, and there is NO break, according to Pep. This means that not only will he come back 100%, but compared to a lot of professional players in the world, he’s relatively unlikely to get sucked into an endless cycle of re-injuries.

    Visca el Barca!

  8. agree with u euler.nobody can replace messi.but look @ our options pedro,villa.i m not going to count bojan and jeffren coz they r still inexperienced.

    wt bout 4 2 3 1.

    busi xavi

    ini thiago pedro


    included thiago by all the recommendations u have made here.does it work

  9. barcastuff :

    first medical report messi: nothing is broken, ligaments of the right ankle dislocated


  10. Pep’s tweets: Dislocated ligaments. Don’t know what that means, BUT better than broken…
    Great game today, Expensive to say the least. Vital three points.

  11. i m thinking may be this is a boon in disguise.might what be needed 2 spur villa and bojan on.

    may be i m way 2 optimistic

  12. @alexinho

    with all due respect arsenal is optimistic of winning something and barca is expected 2 win everything

    1. I hear you. But just three years ago, Barca finished third place. Four (five?) years ago, both teams were together in the CL final. In 2000-2001, Arsenal came second in the Premier League and made it to the CL quarter-finals; Barca came in fourth in La Liga and was eliminated in the CL group stages.

      Good things happen and bad things happen. Times change, expectations change; and over time, some things change, and other things stay the same. So what? Sport is sport, and let’s just be happy we’re so hot right now.

      When Arsenal comes in third, I can still be happy because they play pretty ball (except when they played Barca…jeez!). When Barca comes in first, I can say I’m happy because they won, and because they play pretty ball.

      Let’s not all get sucked into despair over a single injury, and a state of panic because we might not win. We’ve won a LOT over the last two years, and when that happens, it becomes difficult to expect any less. But if we don’t win, we’ll adjust our expectations, and continue to be happy most of the time, because Barca plays pretty ball.

      Let’s just be happy, shall we?

  13. A side point. I was always taught that if some one had torn ligaments you left their boot on to prevent excessive swelling until you could get them to some ice. Starting to feel I’ve been misinformed all my life . . . . .

  14. From the club, via Twitter:

    Messi pateix una distensió al lligament lateral intern del turmell dret. Es descarta lesió òssea. Demà se li faran més proves.

    In short, pulled right ankle ligaments, will know more tomorrow.

    Other folks are Tweeting that Messi isn’t that serious, probably 2-3 weeks.

  15. nxt six liga games


    and i think probably 2 CL games.

  16. Official medical report: “Messi strained the internal lateral ligament of the right ankle. No bone injury. Test tomorrow” [@fcbarcelona_cat]

    1. Strained is not as bad as torn. For sure. I think that some of the swelling is cleat damage. That will resolve itself fairly quickly.

  17. Thought there was a lot of negativity in the liveblog today, but really Athletico is a very strong team and considering our last couple of games at their place, any win is a good result. Then again, it’s actually a bit refreshing we can win games where we don’t play well and the over team is not only good, but also very physical.

    1. we played well,and we waste at least 3 clear cut goals in the 2nd half.

      can u remind me wt atletico did in the whole game apart fr getting physcial

  18. BTW, I follow everyone on twitter but no ones follows me 🙁


    Follow me!

  19. For me, the most shameful part of all of it is that Ujfalusi knew exactly what he was doing, and the potential consequences.

    What amazing about how dumb this was is that Ujflausi is so dim that he doesn’t even understand how he put his own earning potential and the financial situation of his club in jeopardy.

    La Liga is more dependent on one player than any other league in the world.

    And Ujfalusi just intentionally injured that player and did so seriously.

    This is going to jeopardize La Liga’s global television ratings. It’s overall revenue potential at a time when the Spanish economy is in the toilet.

    How the league cannot step in to stop this nonsense Messi is facing – nonsense which is getting worse every season – is beyond comprehension.

    The player is stupid ok. But for La Liga to not understand their own business model and assets is beyond belief. But then the league is run like a joke so I suppose this isn’t a surprise.

  20. WE WON!!! 2-1!!
    Could have been 7-1 but, 2-1!
    We got 3 Points! AND!
    a Messi’s foot bigger than a football.

    No worried, tho it looks worrying, we will have to go thru this test of Messi-independencia.

    1. Very Well Said Cliveee .. and it’s better to do early in the season .. This is a blessing in disguise

    2. Yeah man! Stay positive! we have just beaten one of the best candidates as the league winner and brought them back down to earth as bunch of Pathetico players!

  21. lets c how other boyz rise up in this occasion.with all adulation xavi,iniesta,busi,puyol,pique got(they deserve it,)messi is the single most important person in this barca team.its true widout xavi our football doesnt flow but without messi our opponets dont fear us.

    now is the time 2 step up

  22. 2-3 weeks out is a lot better than it could have been. And it is early in the season, so we have a chance to work out how to play without him when it isn’t life or death.

    He is young, he’ll heal fast. We’re going to be OK.

  23. Valdes, at the presser: (Pep on the case as usual)

    “Messi? The referees should be aware they can’t allow certain actions. The referee allowed too much today, in general.” #fcblive

  24. Am getting happier by minute or at least less gloomier. If they say max 15 days, than i will give our boy to come in as sub next weekend or at max by CL match.

    As for Ujfulusi, i hope some one seriously hurts him. Well, maybe not. Or maybe, well i do hope so. The challange was not just cynical but malicious. I have no hope of REF doing anything. Since when did they care about FCB.

    I just hope that next time we meet Atletico, we let know our feelings to Ujfalusi.

    1. Thanks for posting this! I am constantly amazed by how quickly things like this are uploaded and posted on YouTube. Some people must just have no life. 😉

      (As if I haven’t spent the last hour frantically refreshing this page!)

  25. What a piece of shit. Seriously. Fuck that guy.

    Hope it’s less than 4 weeks but that injury definitely looks serious. My get well soon balloons are on the way :'(

  26. Messi would normally be out for 20-25 days (minimum 2-3 weeks, maximum 4-5 weeks) #fcblive [@martiperarnau]

  27. Somehow, I the feeling that 15 days is an optimistic estimate. I could be wrong, but just looking at the ankle makes me feel it will be longer than 2 weeks. Also, even if he’s technically cleared to play within 15 days, I’d rather he sit out a couple more days if he’s not at 100%. This time, it was torn ligaments; it could be a lot worse next time.

    I’d love to be proven wrong though.

  28. this means war against ulfalusi.sometimes there is bad tackle and there is intention.barca fans ready for this b…….r…….d in camp nou

  29. It is very difficult to assess the extent of an injury like this before 2 to 3 days because the swelling around the ankle messes with the MRI. But, they should be able to tell if its torn completely which it seems its not, so about 4-6 weeks.

  30. hope Messi will recover soon. He is our most important player and we will need him – although with all our talent we should be able to cope for a month.

    Anybody notice Smasch’ quick retribution on Atletico?

    1. I don’t like that! Someone else could get hurt, it could cost us a player on the field, and it’s cheap.

  31. this injury overshadowed a good performance of the team,excellent performance of busi,pique and below par performance of villa

    1. Disagree. Villa was a one-man cockup today. I said it in the LiveBlog and I will say it again: Villa gets a lot more rope. Even with the Messi injury, this space would have been pulsating with what a waste of money Ibrahimovic was, blah, blah, blah.

    2. Yap, that’s exactly my opinion. I would even say that so far Villa was worse than Ibra (comparing their first matches for us). But now, Villa and all the others will have to show up!

  32. Just for clarification – any “strain” or “sprain” means that there has been tearing of ligaments and/ or tendons. The question is how much tearing there has been. That’s how the grades are placed on the injury – grade 2 or 3 etc.

    It’s good that the initial reports are relatively positive. But until they do an MRI they aren’t going to know the full extent of the injury or how long he’s likely out.

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