Liga Liveblog: Atleti – Barça

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. ESPN2 in HD. Yum! That also means the nice ESPN Web feed, though it will be deeeeellllaaaayyyyyed, as usual.

    1. Queenie’s got some skills!

      Pep went for our full-strength lineup! Yes! Bring on the Maydrits! (I honestly never looked at their logo closely enough the bear/tree part. Huh.)

  2. Awwwwww yeah! I’m so pumped for this one! Got an ESPN2 Veetle stream for y’all. It’s not that laggy for the 10 seconds I was watching it and in great quality too!


    Ah, LiveBlog. So distracting and yet oh-so-addicting. Sigh.

    1. does veetle lag for you periodically every ten minutes or so though? can’t ever seem to find a stream that can last 90+ without freezing up 🙁

    2. Well, it depends on the internet connection of the person hosting it. I’ve gone through some games with literally no lag, and others where I could barely watch it (and it usually lagged just when a goal was scored).

      I actually plan to watch it right now to see just how laggy it is.

  3. Villareal not playing particularly well despite being 2 up over Levante.

    Valencia down to 10 men and trying to hold on to a 2-1 lead over Hercules. The referee for this game is atrocious, but it’s great fun to watch.

    1. They had someone stretchered off. Not sure if he has come back on yet.

      referee is incredibly biased towards hercules. That penalty should never have been given.

  4. In the matches where Maxwell has played, the presence of two full backs that essentially function as “wing backs” and aggressively push up has given the team considerable width.

    At the same time however, if functionally leaves Barca with a 3 man back line as Busi falls back to play with the 2 CB, at least until the wing backs catch up to defend.

    The issue with playing in this kind of dynamic formation is that when Busi falls back not only makes the team vulnerable on the counter, it essentially reduces the team to playing in “3 bands.” They lose the holding player and this opens up a great deal of space for the opposition to utilize between the midfield and defensive lines.

    Leaving that space open could be a major problem against Atleti. Maxwell and Alves need to be more constrained than usual in pushing up to provide width, Maxwell in particular as he doesn’t have great pace to recover positioning deep.

  5. So my girlfriend just showed me something hilarious everyone should watch. She was listening to Ray Hudson and was like, have you heard the video, Germans Who Say Nice Things, with steve carrell, bc it reminded her of him….lol


  6. what a goal ay berbaflop!haha!the guy is so much better than ibra,i wish he where here last summer…!let.s go for the win!!

  7. My internet died at a terrible time. Can anyone explain what happened to lead to Messi being carried of the field? 🙁

  8. pep with the ass slaps, haha. what counts today was getting +3 at the calderon. just hope messi is OK. he looked like he got hurt bad.

    1. Yeah it sucks. Thou I liked how Mascherano immediately returned some pain back. Payback’s a bitch.

  9. Instead of feeling sweet, this feels aweful. I hope next time we meet, we freaking breatk ujfulusi’s leg. well, i am being emotional. dont think that foul was too bad but i feel like kicking the guy to hell (considering his size and mine, this is a total fantasy).

    considering history, this might mean 4-6 weeks off and that includes so many of our big matches that i am worried like hell.

  10. OMG,

    the injury 2 messi looks bad.when he is carried out on the strecher after the match,PEP didnt bother to have a look on that.that gives a glimmer of hope that the medical team assured him that it was not so serious as it was seemed

    1. You don’t need to have twitter to see his tweets (after all, I don’t have it either)

      Go here and you’ll see them : /

  11. Messi injury will overshadow the performance of some key men in this tie, one of which was Pique. Bagged a goal and made key interceptions all night.

    Havent been on the liveblog in a while, was a treat.

    All in all, tough match, but we have a cl tie to look forward to.

  12. while the injury extend is not yet known , this was bound to happen at somepoint.
    Athletes get injured and every club must have an answer to this.
    Bojan , time to step up!

  13. All summer long we’ve heard about the wonderful virtues of a “small squad.”

    Well we’re probably going to see now how great it is now.

    Many if not most squads would have taken off their striker by the end of that kind of difficult match. Especially when that striker worked so hard as they only effective front line attacker and also tracking back over and over.

    The lack of finishing for that third goal was extremely costly. Get that third goal and Messi can come off without a problem.

    As it is depth continues to be a growing concern. Messi is injured. Maxwell, Puyol, Alves and Masch all pick up cards.

    And it really concerns me that Pep had so such little confidence in Bojan that he didn’t even play him. The team was effectively playing with 3 forwards today.

    The lack of depth at the front line is going to be seriously tested.

    1. Not sure about a lack of faith in Bojan. I thought Pep’s substitutes were therivht ones, although maybe a little late. I just don’t think there was ever a time in this game when putting Bojan on would have made sense, faith or no faith.

  14. i felt sick 2 my stomach when i saw messi didnt stood up.bring back the memories of the celtic game in CL when he left the field crying

  15. i always wondered why PEP continues 2 play messi for the whole 90 minutes.this has been a question for me a very long time.until 2 day nothng happened but why PEP why?

    like 2 hear some comments about squad quality versus squad quantity

  16. Should have gotten Messi off the pitch earlier. He was exhausted as it was. The match was getting more and more chippy. A thuggish take down in extra time wasn’t a surprise.

  17. I think Pep will go with a front line of Pedro on the right, Villa in the center and Iniesta on the left, with Mascherano playing in midfield now. Not a bad lineup for a few games but man…if we’ve lost him for more than a couple of weeks, we’re in huge, huge trouble.

  18. From Pep’s twitter. Guardiola says Messi is injured but on first examination it does not appear broken

    Guardiola: “Messi isn’t good. Tests tomorrow. At first sight, nothing is broken, but he’s injured.” #fcblive

  19. busi played in the middle in a 3 man defence.his performance assured me that he also can play as a CB alongside a pacy CB ie puyol or abidal

  20. Messi update all via barcastuff

    His foot after the tackle ( 🙁 ): /

    Guardiola: “Messi isn’t good. Tests tomorrow. At first sight, nothing is broken, but he’s injured”

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  21. Messi rolled his ankle. Luckly it is his right one. They has the shoe off and you could see it was already swollen, but I have had friends who just needed 2-3 weeks to get back to normal.

    Not a big deal. Other players will have to step up.

    And was about to say that our schedule doesn’t look so bad, then saw Atletic away and Mallorca in the next two weeks. Damn.

  22. got on to peps twitter via google shows me an account of 17th august of 2009

    can anyone please refer me pepes twitter

  23. Don’t want to be pessimistic but with torn ligaments I don’t think the swelling comes round the front of the ankle like that. Hope for the best. He deserves it.

  24. probably a strain. 2nd -3rd degree and it will keep him sidelined for 3-4 weeks at least.
    It looks bad but these type of injuries tend to swell the ankle a bit more by the end of the first night.Then its all about recuperation.

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