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You may have noticed a few new things around here, visually. They are the work of the gifted Patrick. You can click here and you’ll see the huge version of the background (50mb), which can be blown up to see yourself. For instance, I’m on the lower left hand corner of the B in CLUB in my orange away jersey with my buddy Andrew M. And just two pictures below me is the bane of my existence.

Thank you all for sending in your pictures and hopefully you find yourself and feel more a part of the community. It is, after all, your contributions that make this place so spectacular. That and SoccerMom. And Kevin. And Luke. And Euler. I don’t think I’m forgetting anyone…

The banner is obviously new too and it is smokin’. If you can’t name the players…well…I can’t help you there. Actually I can (L to R): Bojan, Mascherano, Ronaldinho, Stoichkov, George Best, Roman Pavlyuchenko, George Orwell, Frankenstein, Pep Guardiola.

A huge thank you, again, to Patrick. He will be paid in beer, have no fear.

-The BFB team

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


    1. come to think of it, i think i hosted the CL final liveblog! when we were still @ the offside. those were the good days with less arsenal trolling haha

  1. Wow love the new look!!!…This blog always finds ways to keep itself updated and fresh!!! From either new exciting reading material or a completely different design.

    Must say round of applause to the staff, you truly have created a master piece here!!!!

  2. WTF… my iPhone showed the difference an hour ago…, but my laptop is showing the old background and old banner. WEIRD.

    1. translated, no, but i watched the video and I understood enough to think it funny. When the tv presentator told him Sacchi said he scored the equalizer due to his shoe size, he calmly, but repeatedly and firmly said that Sacchi talks too much. “But it was meant as a complement” interjected the tv presentator, to no avail. Ibra was mostly upset about Sacchi’s comments while he was at Barcelona, though, and he would not budge.

      Pretty incredible that he takes on Sacchi though, a club legend at Milan.

    2. Here is what’s said:


    3. Then there’s the ninja kick he did against one of his teamates, no wonder he didn’t fit in at Barca, he’s a pre-madona

    4. The ‘kick’ was all in fun, nothing serious about it..

      Go to the 6th min. of this video..


    5. Word choice there, poipoi. “Retarded” is a vile as “gay,” or any other terms that have become derogatory, but that in fact describe people. Nobody uses “retarded” any longer, for good reason. It’s awful.

  3. well done, looks very clean and fresh (always a good thing).

    who do i talk to about recommending a good place to watch Barca games in STL to put on the Where to Watch page? should i send Kxevin or Isaiah a PM or just blurt it?

    taking the 2nd option first, i’ll say that the Amsterdam Pub is an excellent place to watch games. open early in the mornings on Saturdays and Sundays, it is (as far as i know) STL’s only dedicated football bar. tested it out myself last weekend, as it happens.

    1. ADam is a block from where I grew up and the folks still live. Good people, great for USA games. Don’t know about Barca games, but I’m always a fan of a pub i can stumble home from. Insiders tip is to head over to tin can and crush some Toasted ravioli and maybe a pork steak sandwhich.
      There us another good bar a buddy Tyler likes over by Brentwood and 170, but I tend to rock the big screen at home or A dam.

    1. Most browsers ‘cache’ large images, especially from sites you frequent so they will load faster. Refresh the page twice quickly, or hit ctrl+r to see the new stuff.

    1. It can be set to scroll (like the old one). I’m a fan of minimalism so I like the white, but I can see why folks wouldn’t.

      It also makes the site easier to browse at work *looks around* because the background kinda betrays what I’m doing (or really NOT doing) at first glance.

  4. Wow, that’s definitely the biggest picture I’ve ever seen on the web! 😀
    It’s a brilliant collage, I think I’ll have to buy a 60″ LCD TV to watch it in an appropriate size.

  5. Oh, and who is that beautiful blonde with sunglasses, for instance to be seen on the bottom of the “E”?

  6. excellent look, even with keita on it 😉

    what are the things on both sides?? a collage of FCB pics?

    1. Absurd. Does anyone think, even for an instant, that we would for a millisecond consider buying a player such as this? Nobody in the world is that talented. That is shameful, reprehensible behavior. The coach should have subbed his ass instantly.

    2. Heh heh. Now I have a mental image of him on the field at Camp Nou trying his silly little tricks like in this video while Xavi gives him the Glare of Doom. Wouldn’t put up with that shit for a second, he wouldn’t!

  7. Now to mention an un-spoiled brat, 10 years ago today, some pissant named Messi arrived at the Camp Nou to begin his life with the club. Yes, there’s a post coming, kids, so stay tuned.

  8. ZubiZa on Ibrahimovic:

    “If you see football in terms of individuals, or individual actions, Ibrahimovic belongs on that list,” former Barca and Spain goalkeeper Zubizarreta told the club’s TV channel.

    “He is an extraordinary footballer but when I said the ‘Ibra case’ was a soccer issue it was because on the pitch you don’t just play with the ball but also when you don’t have the ball,” he added.

    “You have to give your team mates options and there is also a great deal of tactical work to do.

    “And you have to be able to do both things very well: your own individual play but also your role within the team.”

    1. And to contrast that you have David Villa, sending shirts to miners in Chile, and singing as part of a song/effort to help children in Mali.

  9. Also in the “ex-Barca” file, Thierry Henry injured the MCL of the Dallas keeper by doing his recent thing, where he kicks the ball back into the net after scoring a goal. He did that, but there was a person in the way. Yikes.

  10. @Jnice and Eduard

    to be fair to Ibra though – the translated version of the interview as reported in the English (and Dutch) news outlets sound ruder than the actual interview in Italian. For example the AFP article reads: “”you don’t need to explain anything to me” spat Ibrahimovic”, while what I understood was Ibra saying quite calmly (but still arrogantly)”you don’t owe me an explanation”.

    I’m not saying that Zlatan was not a jerk, but they make him sound even worse. To me, more than anything, he seemed hurt by Sacchi’s earlier comments while he was at Barça. Are there any Italian speakers on the blog who could confirm my interpretation of this?

    1. Good points, Lev. We should never forget translations in all of this. Just reading what Google Translate, for example does to a headline in Sport. Where Mascherano warns that we should be wary of Aguero and his skills, the translated headline is that Mascherano doesn’t trust Aguero. Big difference, right?

    2. True, but Sacchi said some good things about him while he was here. He said he was the best soloist in the world, but sometimes he can’t fit in an orchestra. Either way you look at it, Ibra shouldn’t have said things like that live on camera.

    3. yeah the difference is huge. But internet translators are notoriously bad though. I would not think that skysports and them rely on google translator to write their quotes. On second thought, maybe they do cause it would in part explain all the mess-ups. Kxev you’re a journalist, what are the odds?

      And idk, Jnice, I thought it was a pretty condemning comment of Sacchi when he said Ibra cannot fit in Barça’s orchestra. The guy is a commentator though and well in his rights to say what he thinks. Turned out he was very right.

      I am not one to judge on what Ibra should or should not say – let him say what he wants. He is no longer a Barça player so his attitude does not affect us. Still he is a football player and as such should be able to take criticism. But if Ibra thinks it wise to slam a club legend less than three weeks after joining Milan, more power to him, lol. Imagine him talking like that to Johan Cruijff, culés would have spit him out.

      Again what this comment made clear though, was that he is really bothered about failing at Barça. It is possible that it really was his dream to play in the blaugrana.

    4. I think that a journalist is at the mercy of his translator. You can not use Google Translate and still get the wrong meaning for a word, just by selecting the literal, but not quite right meaning from the dictionary.

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