CL Liveblog: Barça – Panathinaikos

I’m back with another edition of the Isaiah-Goes-Balistic-With-Quick-Polls Liveblog. Launching just prior to kickoff. And all you Americans out there, please note that the match is live on Fox Soccer en Español.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Of course, I don’t get Fox soccer en espanol. I can wait until I can afford to get the 1billion channels necessary to watch half of the games Barcelona plays.

    1. dont know what your budget is, but with the basic directv package plus the sports+ package it comes out to about 60 70 per month and that is about 75-80% of there games, the rest you can stream for free from ESPN3

  2. Today I shall try streaming the match on my new netbook! And early dinner! So no more LiveBlog interrupting! Yay! 😀

    1. so, the ONLY offensive player in the bench is bojan really, apart from adriano and maxwell that can play there eventually.

      bench – pinto bojan keita masche JDS milito adriano maxwell –

  3. i got the day off, woohoo! completely forgot it coincided w/the first day of the champions league til late last night.

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    has this been linked to?

    sorry to revisit this crap -i was noticeably shooken up, my hot suicidegirl lesbian friend sat on my lap the whole second half as i cried- but maybe it’s best to learn from our mistakes.

  6. as predicted, Pana will use Katsouranis instead of Ninis as an attempt to help Simao making it harder for Messi. Unless if Messi is in his day.

  7. messi is a genius.we are the most unlucky team in history of attack of them and a goal.

  8. amazing perfomance.i give the team a 10.don.t think pana is a bad team.we were fantastic.this is the best team in the world.

    1. Well, they did not simply beat them, they completely smashed them to pieces 😀
      I haven’t seen Bursaspor play until today, but now I really wonder how in hell did they finish ahead of Galatasaray, Fener, Besiktas etc.? Rumous say Turkish league is corrupted, this match underlined these allegations…

      Oh, and I’m also very relieved to see Kazan lose in Copenhague, this is a PERFECT start to the UCL season!

  9. Didn’t get to see it but I listened, sounds like we conceded a gotcha goal and then went ape shit (what we shoulda done over the weekend).

    Oh and YAY Valencia a nice 4-0 to help stamp the La Liga authority on the UCL. Gotta keep an eye on the co-efficient now that Germany is overtaking the Serie A and La Liga is going to lose the record breaking year from the Co-eff calc.

  10. WOW! i am in awe. its like it isnt even a game, but a show. i feel truly blessed to be able to witness and enjoy such a performance. Visca el Barca!

  11. the team looked great out there. full of confidence, tenacity, and a drive to win, the result was hardly in question after about 10 or 15 minutes in my mind. even when they broke and scored that first goal (and mind you it wasn’t cisse, but govou?!), i was confident that the team would bounce back and win the game.

    also, Busquets was awesome out there today. I mean everybody was, but I have a soft spot for the guy, and I think his growth in the last 9 months has been astronomical. the next #4? why not.

  12. Me the first 19 minutes of the game: Is it going to be one of those games again? Score already!

    At 20 minutes: 😐


    At 22 minutes: 🙂

    At 33 minutes: 😀

    At 45 minutes: …. …. …. Holy sh*t

    At sometime in the second half, I don’t remember, okay? minutes a.k.a the Messi Penalty Miss OMG: Wow. Uh… well, at least he’s motivated to do something now. I hope he remembers to pass.

    At 75 minutes: Dani’s really having a stinker, me thinks

    At 78 minutes: Bojan. Pass. Messi. LOL. Pedro! As usual.

    At 86 minutes: When will the Iniestabuse stop?

    At 90+3 mintues: Karma strikes. Dani header circa home game vs -insert team here- in second half of treble winning year. Messi passes!

    Full Time: We need to improve if we’re going to beat Pathetico—err, Atletico (I am prepared to go back to calling them Pathetico though.)

    1. Wait till Sunday .. If we win we’ll call them Pathetico .. If They win we’ll call them Pathetico

  13. The game was already put to bed by the time Masch entered and Busquets moved upfield but I thought he looked good further up the field. He wasn’t controlling the tempo the way Xavi does, but I think he might be able to with a couple more years of experience.

    1. Of course. Here at Barcelona Football Blog, we pride ourselves in our ability to string together colourful expletives in many and largely inappropriate ways to get our feelings across clearly, creatively, and efficiently.

  14. Some other thoughts:

    I think Valdes could have done better on the goal. It looks to me that he stopped and planted his feet and stranded himself while if he had continued to attack the ball he would have had more of a chance.

    Busquets had a good header!!!!

    1. agreed, Valdes looked obviously off-guard and not into the game. but its understandable because he didn’t even touch the ball more than 5 times and then came this one-on-one. I say keepers can never be blamed in one-on-one situations, but because valdes has raised the standard and the expectation of him, then we say this.

      how are we not spoiled…

  15. Iniesta, our lovely ghostfaced abuse victim, ran the most during that game. Yes. You read that right.

    He ran more than Dani.

    Courtesy of UEFA via barcastuff: Players who’ve run the most during Barcelona-Panathinaikos (in metres): 1. Iniesta 4240 2. Abidal 4139 3. Alves 4056

  16. Xavi dependency will continue and it scares me. Other guys need to step up and learn how to control the game. An injury to X-man and we are f’ed

  17. Anyone else notice how horrible the grass has been at Camp Nou. Chunks were everywhere, I even saw Alves bend over and put a chunk back in the ground before receiving a pass…. WTF!!!!

    Is Rosell cutting back on maintenance expenses that cheap bastard.

    1. Yes and we’ve invited two rugby teams to play on it during the year. Do you know what rugby teams do to pitches? It gonna resemble no-mans land in the Battle of the Somme from WW1

  18. Would be great if someone posts a link to an English commentary highlights, preferably from SkySports 😉

    1. I don’t think Sky did the game today. I haven’t come across any of those links.

      For those who want the complete match, the only fully uploaded one I have so far is:

      TVE Broadcast

      1st Half:

      2nd Half:

      Credit to siscopes1 at

      I’ll post the others when I see them.

    2. Whoa. That was fast! Thanks a lot!
      Gotta download the 1st half. That was epic!

      I must say. the attack where Messi hit the bar after a string of 95passes, would’ve definitely be one of the greatest “team” goals. The 2nd goal that Messi scored was all Messi.

      Kinda disappointed with Pedro though. He could’ve easily made it 4-1 but tried to be cheeky.

      What more can I say about Bojan? No World Cup over the summer but he looks so tired and out of form nowadays.
      He was near invincible except for the nice pass to Messi.

    3. Actually I believe Bojan did well for the time he was on. He had a few nice passes but his 1st touch is so off nowadays but he will come into his own like he did the tail end of last season.

      Come to think of it he always have slow starts and gets going when Copa Del Rey begins.

  19. hmm, great result for sure. But it was frustrating watching some chances that were too good to miss but we didn’t end up tacking them.

    We are still funneling everything through Messi when heading towards the box and I just hope that we can eventually have that all round threat upfront.

    against Hercules (sorry to bring it up again) various players didn’t perform to the expected, Messi was one who had a pretty off colour game. and it really hurt us going forward as we had no real target, apart from Villa who had to do impossible things to get any luck. I just think that when it comes the time where we can’t field players like Messi every game what do we do when we are seriously tested.

    We are sort of Messi dependant upfront. Barca is actually a very strong all round team no doubt with very very good players. But there are good players, then there are players that have a massive threat on the opponent like Messi.

    right now, Villa isn’t much of a threat. Which is normal, because well like every newcomer, he needs time to adjust to the team. It takes time for that connection between Xavi/Iniesta to have that split second reaction where they automatically can spot Villa making a run.

    This applies to Mascherano and Adriano too. They need that time adjust. This was something Ibra and Chygrynsky never received and well both transfers ended up not benefiting us.

    Also, Abidal has had a not so good past month really. I don’t know for sure why but maybe Ramadan has had some impact.

  20. the most beautiful goal was the first..a fucking great assist by xavi..and the finish of leo..just out of my mind..he touched the ball like he touched the hair of his girlfriend..simply

  21. i don.t know if we will win many trophies this year..but the beauty of our team is out there..pana is a good team,for me better from a lot teams in C.L(like ajax,salke,rangers e.t.c).we just played fantastic tonight.the world is lucky who have the chance to see a team like barca.

  22. Link to a really good quality highlight reel, for those of us not fortunate enough to match the match. More than just the goals:


    What would my life be without YouTube?

  23. Another link for the game, same broadcast, TVE:

    Full Match:


    Credit to adriancrm at

  24. Guardiola: We’re in this silly phase of the season when you play well and are on top and then concede a goal or you have a clear chance and you miss. We scored five tonight with a game based on movement, possession and being ourselves.

    Yup, my thoughts exactly, Pep.

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