Happy Labor Day Weekend

It’s the beginning of a long weekend here in the United States, so I thought I’d honor one of last year’s winners with all I have to muster on this hot, humid, hurricane-filled day. Helge won the Table Prediction Challenge last year and I promised him some accolades. Here they are, all rolled into one, only like 81 months late.

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By Isaiah

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  1. Saul scored.He did well since he came on.Before carmona went inside he was killing attacks on that side.

    Ahh Nolito hit the post!

    1. And he looks better with more responsibility. Last week Thiago was running the show and JDS didn’t look too involved.

  2. Another 3 points for Barça B. Dominated Xerez in the 1st, was more even in the 2nd, but we deserved the win.

    JDS was the best in the 1st half, Nolito was a constant menace throughout the match. Defenders were great and 100x better than last match. Enrique is doing his job.

  3. Nice game, although I only saw 2/3 of it. Some good ball control, some misjudgment, and a hell of a lot of drive and spirit. Just about right. 🙂

  4. It must suck to know that no matter how great you play, even if you win the Segunda, you will NEVER be promoted.

    1. Yup. Especially for those players that won’t really get chances with the 1st team. Armando comes to mind.

  5. Does Any of You think that Luis Enrique could be Our next coach If/When Pep decides to leave ?

    1. Absolutely. And deservedly so. I think that there’s something to having a coach that is steeped in the system.

    2. Haha, well in the 2nd division coaches dress like that, so I don’t think Marca can make up much there.

  6. So, question for the class: Has the same club ever won the Segunda and Liga in the same season? It has to have happened, right? (Off to Wikipedia).

    1. They finished 1st only in 83-84 – the same season, Athletic won the league..

      I guess that feat hasn’t been accomplished yet.

  7. Jona played really well.Its pretty impressive what these kids are doing.Xerex won the segunda 2 years ago for perspective, and so many of our players are under 19’s.If they survive places like Tenerife and betis and stay in the league, let alone win or finish top 5, there should be a special written about them somewhere.Or maybe not, less exposure the better. yes i despise airfutbol.

    1. I don’t like airfutbol much, either. Even less now after they took cliveee’s Thiago compilation and tried to make it their own.

  8. what a day!our juvenil A won their first game 3-0 against hirona and a goal by guess who?yea!gerard deulofeu!that kid has bright future!and barca b continue the good work!what a time of glory for la masia folks!

  9. Nolito has 3 assists already, out of 4 goals that BarçaB scored so far. Not a bad work rate. He looked good today again.

  10. D Costa looks a serious talent but that means we’re talking serious cash especially when hes owned by rich oil magnates

    Looks like a number of players in one- R10,Rivaldo and iniesta

    1. True dat. If Txigrinski cost 25m, imagine what Costa will cost? The time to grab him was when Shakhtar did, for the price that they did. Now, it’s Silly Time, if he even pans out to be what everyone thinks he will be.

  11. If I remember correctly, he has an affinity for Barcelona, and if we already established the relationship with the Ukrainians over Chiggy, maybe we buy him next summer and loan him back to Shacktar for a year. Regardless he is gonna be cheaper then Cesc or Torres, albeit they play different positions, Costa is by far the most bersitile of the 3. And great players are not gonna play for Shacktar for ever so he will eventually move to a big club, and we should and will be in the mix. I’m glad we can have smart healthy discussions about possible future players. Anyone with any thoughts on Costa, I would love to hear what anyone has to say.

  12. i have never seen him play so..no opinion..but i watch this season Santos and i have to say it..i want neymar badly..i hope rosell make some magic next summer cause this kid is the future..

  13. Neymar will cost €30-£40 million in the next year or two, my point is that we should not spend that money it we can get a player just as gifted for half the price.

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