Selling BANGS, aka Rosellnomics, 101

Commenter IS summed up the transaction a lot better than I could have, so I’ll reprint it here, so that we can all have a giggle:

Galliani: “How much for the big guy?”
Rosell: “70”
Galliani: “Last price?”
Rosell: “50”
Galliani: “I’ll give you 5”
Rosell: “No, last price 45, and like that I’m already losing compared to how much he cost me”
Galliani: “I can go up to 10, but that’s it”
Rosell: ” Ummm …. No? 40?”
(Galliani walks away)
(Rosell chases him with ‘the big guy’ in his hand and shoves ‘it’ in his hand)
Rosell: “Ok, ok, 30 — but just for you!”
Galliani: “25”
(Galliani waves the cash infront of Rosell)
(Rosell’s eyes widen and sparkle as he starts dreaming of all he can do with the monies — but then reverts to a a big frown)
Rosell: “Fine, 25, here you go…”
(Rosell hands over ‘the big guy’ and takes the money and counts it)
Rosell: “Mister, Mister! There’s only 24 here!!”
Galliani: “Sorry, that’s all I had on me”
Rosell: “Oh, ok… well.. please come again and I make you another great deal. Oh… and tell your friends!!”

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. I can’t escape the feeling that Milan will renege on the deal coming back to ask for another free loan next year. If they were able to get a deal this sweet now, why wouldn’t they renegotiate next year when they have even more leverage, and we’re still on the hook for 45m over 3 years for a player we don’t want? Are we prepared to get $0 for Ibrahimovic?

    For the loss I blame Guardiola for asking or accepting to sign Ibrahimovic. For the deal we got the blame is squarely on Rosell’s shoulders. I find it hard to believe we couldn’t get 24 million up front from any club out there.

  2. Nevermind, at least they can’t renege on the deal. That’s a relief at least.

    I just heard/read that they face a gigantic penalty/fine if they decide not to exercise the option. At least the headache is over with. I’m glad to put this behind us. Onward and upward.

  3. @James, you are stupid idiot together with Rossel and Guardiola.

    Let’s say next year on the summer, Gallian arrive in Barcelona and say, we don’t want to buy him, he is too expensive for us, we cannot pay him, his wage is huge, so he will come in Barcelona. What shell Rossel did? Pay 3 years 12 mil. EUR that Ibra seat on the Guardiola’s bench?

    No, he must say to Galliani, how much you are able to give me for him, Galliani will say in that case 5 mil. EUR.

    Contract? Well Rossel will alone want to made new one, because if Galliani don’t want to buy Ibra even for 5 mil. EUR, Rossel will pay to Ibra 24 mil. EUR + 4 mil. EUR in Milan this year to complete Ibra’s contract, not to mention that he must pay Villa also, so it is allways better to sell Ibra for 10 mil. EUR than to pay him extra 28 mil. EUR, until Pep is in Barcelona.

    So Rossel don’t have a choice, carts are in Galliani hands, all of them. Full responsability of the Rossel and Pep Guardiola.

    “In Pep we all belive”?

    Pep and Rossel need to be fired soon, or Barcelona will be bankrupt even faster.

    Milan happy, Raiola happy, Ibra happy, Barcelona fucked even more than last time.

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