Selling BANGS, aka Rosellnomics, 101

Commenter IS summed up the transaction a lot better than I could have, so I’ll reprint it here, so that we can all have a giggle:

Galliani: “How much for the big guy?”
Rosell: “70”
Galliani: “Last price?”
Rosell: “50”
Galliani: “I’ll give you 5”
Rosell: “No, last price 45, and like that I’m already losing compared to how much he cost me”
Galliani: “I can go up to 10, but that’s it”
Rosell: ” Ummm …. No? 40?”
(Galliani walks away)
(Rosell chases him with ‘the big guy’ in his hand and shoves ‘it’ in his hand)
Rosell: “Ok, ok, 30 — but just for you!”
Galliani: “25”
(Galliani waves the cash infront of Rosell)
(Rosell’s eyes widen and sparkle as he starts dreaming of all he can do with the monies — but then reverts to a a big frown)
Rosell: “Fine, 25, here you go…”
(Rosell hands over ‘the big guy’ and takes the money and counts it)
Rosell: “Mister, Mister! There’s only 24 here!!”
Galliani: “Sorry, that’s all I had on me”
Rosell: “Oh, ok… well.. please come again and I make you another great deal. Oh… and tell your friends!!”

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. laporta:i want ibra moratti:ok 20m laporta:no 30 moratti:30?mm ok! laporta:no,no 40 moratti:40?wow!nice! laporta:do you want eto? moratti:mm yea why not? laporta:ok eto+46m! moratti:oh joan you are such a gentleman!and don.t forget to buy tsigrinski for only 25m!

  2. serious now:if you want to blame rosell for that ok.i will not follow.last summer we made A HUGE mistake and now we pay for that.end of story.i am not sad either angry.i am calm.i have see worst days.ronaldo left us after one the big deal now?
    i am a soci and i am ok with that deal.move on.

    1. rosell’s an idiot, such a “deal” for a team thats “broke” ?? Thats idiotic if he’s painting our accounts to be as he preaches they are. Truth or not, this was dumb and I sure hope we don’t pay the real price with having Bojan as our “9”

  3. I have to say Milan Played all the right cards and we played all the wrong ones .. Going Out screaming “I’m Broke and desperate for money” Like Rosell did .. And In the Next Few Days He Sells Txigrynski For 15m .. Meaning that We’ll take a 10m loss as long as I get Cash ..

    Milan Came in the Last 4 Days of the Market Asking for an Unhappy player .. And They weren’t really that Desperate .. If He’d come on Our Terms “Great” .. If Not “It’s cool” .. And When Rosell’s eyes Sparkled .. That’s where they had him .. They Played Hardball and We Had to agree to their Terms ..

  4. bring me one team in the world who want to give us money for anri,marquez,hleb,keirison,henrique, you blame rosell and for that?and i saw an article of ramzi about childish board.last summer ramzi do you wrote something like that when we pay gold for that sweden?

  5. diego we sell ibraimovic in the real price of the player.last summer we made the crime not now.46+eto for that?are you serious??25m is the price for that tall,lazy,egomaniac,moneyhunter.i am glad he is out.

  6. Cule’s should be very clear that Barca did not really get 24M for Ibra.

    Barca gets absolutely no money this year. As such you need to apply a discount rate to the entire 24M that stays with Milan and only gets to Barca over the next 4 years.

    In terms of real euro Barca is probably only getting around 22-23M in terms of real euro depending on how you want to discount the total.

    It’s not that unusual for transfer fees to be staggered. It is however unusual for the club to get no money in year 1. So there’s an extra year to discount in there.

  7. Okay , since I cant sleep and its past 5 pm here , lets get this backwards.
    Pep forced the transfer.
    Rosell concluded what seems to be a very bad deal for us.
    Why did this happen , and why did this happen now?
    Lets exclude the possibility that this is something between the player and the coach solely.It cant be.It seems childish and these people , nevermind the characters are getting paid good money and have shown a professional profile during the last seasons , at least.
    What kxevin said the other day , that this must have been something guardiola noticed in training , when the internationals , plus villa , came back from holiday, seems to be the most reasonable answer.
    Also , this is more and more clearly seem to be a guardiola cynic decision , disregarding the financial consequences and rosel too willing to give in and not bring pep back to his place(funnily the catalans are supposed to be counting every penny of their money).
    But whats sure is that you cant leave a 12 million star striker on the bench , especially when he comes with such an outspoken agent.
    And you cant force the coach to use any player , because thats interfering with the sporting project directly.

  8. I seriously can’t wait for the match tomorrow. It might take us a while to get into things, but I think we will win by a couple.






    Messi will be around the center for sure, but there will be a lot of movement between the front 3.

    Iniesta won’t start, I think. He’ll definitely come on in the 2nd half, along with maybe Bojan.

    1. Yeah, same here! At least this means Villa is definitely starting the game tomorrow. And we’ll see more Cuddly too! 😀

      I hope we’ll see Xaviniesta tomorrow and a full strength line-up to kick off our season with a bang. I want a total beat down.

      I like your lineup though, and honestly, I think Pep will go for that. Keita’s been in good form but so has Maxwell…

  9. This seems as if it was another one of those “Feeling” things. As long as Guardiola keeps winning he keeps getting his way, ultimately if we keep getting silver it really doesn’t matter how much money we are losing.
    I really hope that FCBarcelona doesn’t become what it was prior to Laporta’s arrival, that’d be quite sad.
    Looking forward to a great season, not repaying my soci membership and just enjoying some football.
    I’ll say it, while grinding my teeth in anger, ‘In Pep we trust’

  10. just a shockingly, horrifically, embarrassingly handled affair from start to finish. and the only person to blame for that is the president, since he’s the one with the final say. you can bet ZubiZa and Pep had next to no input into this deal (even if they demur when asked or say otherwise), because neither of them are fools. and this deal was the pinnacle of foolishness; in fact it may be the single worst deal in modern footballing history.

    so disheartened about our future under this administration. and it’s only just started….

    1. and as much as i want to comment about the game tomorrow, i just can’t get past this. it’s going to hang like a pall over our entire season, and rightly. i really can’t express enough how disappointed i am over the way this transpired.

    2. you are not alone. it pains me to say it, really it does, but there’s no other words than what you have said IMO

    3. okay time for a reality shock :
      We know nothing for sure, but if any hints coming out of the player , the agent and guardiola himself are pointing somewhere it is that pep requested adamantly the player to be transfered.
      And you cant have such an expensive star player sitting on the bench , for sure .
      Rosell signed what seems to be a disastrous deal financially .
      the question obviously is why ? the answer might come easier if we consider what were the alternatives.
      Some people mention man city , forgetting that at the time of when this thing blew up they were publically off the market for any further signings.
      Some other propose a man handling of pep by rosell , to get his thing together and resolve the situation with the player.
      Well thats interfering with the sporting project and if pep demanded ibras transfer based mainly on sporting issues , its not an option at all.

    4. BA, do you think Rosell will come well out of this? It’s a disaster financially, not sporting wise. Rosell can’t be happy with that. Ibra wasn’t his so not his fault. This debacle, as you rightly say, will come back on the President. Why would he do that? Laporta will get mileage out of this and he’s close to being a figure of fun over it.

      I can’t see this as the decision of a businessman. It has all the hallmarks of an emotional decision made on the spur of the moment ( whenever it was) and that, for me, points to Pep. I said in a post a while ago that you can be a great coach but no good on transfers in or out. Not at that stage with Pep but I’m dying to hear the truth and if I’m right that it was largely Pep you can bet your bottom dollar that Rosell will find a way to get that info out.

      By the way that doesn’t mean I don’t think he is a great coach and I would be gutted if he leaves but we are starting to see the emotional side of him in his dealings as well as in his stressing on the touchlines.

  11. Poll result: “What do you think about the Ibrahimovic deal?” Excellent 3% Good 2% Pass 4% Fail 8% Big Fail 84% [md]

    -From Pep at barcstuff

    I guess the honeymoon may be a bit diminished for the new president.

    In no other business would such an enormous financial loss be tolerated just due to clashing personalities. No way. The lack of accountability and responsibility by all parties involved – including Guardiola – is just staggering.

  12. well guys, we will have to see what Pep says, surely it will be the topic of the night in the pre-match press-conference.

    I didn’t think we were ever going to benefit from this situation anyway, so its best if we put this behind us and ignore the financials.

  13. yup 500 posts in the previous thread but we dont know what is happening, really. wait for Pep G to speak.

    1. To be honest , nothing Guardiola can say that will make things better.

      It was either an absurd decision that was due to character clash , and thats pep’s problem not to let this happen since he’s the manager ,or a sporting decision due to something he saw in training and that means that his signing last year for a record fee was mistaken.
      Dude you are managing a 70 million signing for goodness sake.And thats without the wages.

  14. Some people mention man city , forgetting that at the time of when this thing blew up they were publically off the market for any further signings.

    No. Not at all. If you’ve invested 69M in human capital and you have any inkling whatsoever that due to relationships fraying – any sense – then the only responsible thing to do is to make sure the player is sold early because otherwise by letting things play out you are potentially exposing the club to massive financial risk. Which is exactly what happens.

    For Pep and Rosell this isn’t an issue where you can say let’s wait and see how things go in camp. For Pep he can’t wait until camp to figure out tactically I want to play messi as a false 9 therefore Ibra has no role. Pep can’t just say we’ll have to wait and see how relationships go when the team gets back together.

    And this is not purely a sporting issue in any way. It’s a combination of business and sporting. So it’s absolutely Rosell’s responsibility very early on to assess if keeping Ibra was potentially exposing the club to unmanageable risk. CEO’s and leaders of organizations have to do these kinds of things regularly. That’s part of what their jobs are.

    And while things likely deteriorated over the past 2-3 weeks – there is no way that the fraying of relationships only started 2-3 weeks ago.

    Even back at the start of the summer Pep was making those cryptic sayings about Ibra staying was up to the player – he clearly felt there was tension there.

    Finally, while Sport and EMD are garbage, it is now very clear that someone inside of Barca – likely on the Board – was leaking information to them about Ibra needing to go for months. So someone in the organization sensed that there was some problem or was trying to push Ibra out the door.

    This was a monumental mistake of leadership all around.

    No way. Not when this much money is on the line.

    If there was any hint of a problem at all the leadership’s responsibility to the members was to make sure they shielded the organization from massive financial risk. The leadership new Mancini would eventually stop spending. They knew he loved Ibra. For them to not even aggressively try to move Ibra to Man City is ridiculous. Especially when the Balotelli and Milner deals dragged on and on for months. Nothing that happened with City was a surprise in any way. Their business and it’s drama was very public as it lasted for so long.

    1. Euler , i think your analysis is very reasonable.
      I just cant equally distribute the wrongdoings to anyone , because thats the easiest way to not “punishing” afterall.
      Someone started this , and probably at the worst time possible.
      I cant let my rosell hate take over and start blaming him when its clear that guardiola requested him gone.
      I also dont think that pep was lying when he highlighted that he viewed ibra as a key player this season, only a month later , coincidentally a week after the internationals came back , to not be willing to comment on his future for the sake of the club.
      I dont like coincidencies.

    2. mei- I agree with you in a sense. There needs to be accountability. But ultimately when something this big goes wrong there is massive fault on almost every front.

      Ultimately, this is one of those examples of what happens when a football club isn’t run like a competent professional business. Everything was amateurish and absurd. Real business don’t act like this.

      Ultimately this is such a big failure that there are multiple people who are responsible in major ways. This was such a big diaster that there’s no way responsibility can be avoided by having it diffuse across multiple people. There’s plenty of legitimate concern and criticism to go around.

      In the end though Pep, Txiki, and Zubi have run the sporting project and Rosell and LaPorta have run the business side and all of them need to be accountable as of course does Ibra who absurdly cost himself 4M/yr in wages.

      But on the Barca front it’s Pep and Rosell who need to be accountable for not selling Ibra very early on this transfer period.

      Think about how much crazy demand there was for Dzeko. City was willing to pay a fortune for him but Wolfsburg wouldn’t sell. They would have paid 40-50M for Dzeko. That went on and on and on. Only after Wolfsburg said no did Man City move on to Balotelli. Ibra is much better than Dzeko and on top of that Mancini has a great relationship with Ibra. They could have gotten 50M for Ibra from City.

      And Man City was from from the only team that wanted Dzeko.

      Barca could have escaped this mess with little financial loss if the leadership had been more prudent about the organizations exposure to risk.

      But instead they acted like amateurs and got completely taken advantage of because they allowed a potentially explosive situation to explode which left them with no leverage.

    3. That’s, Euler, what I can’t wrap my head around it. Why wouldn’t Ibra, if he knew he was out of favor, choose to go somewhere and keep his salary, instead of insist he’s a Barca player? Raiola would have been all over that as he stood to make money from a better deal. Instead Ibra gets no golden parachute, salary reduction, etc. On the business Barca side, they get a better deal, none of this loan stuff, no option to buy. On the sporting side, Pep has more time to look for another player if he thought there was such a need? It just perplexes me.

    4. Exactly , Luna .
      Euler makes a very important point : why now?
      And I will add to this:
      Why now for rosell? He could kill two birds with one stone if he was willing to sell early.
      He could get a star , his star! to a stadium packed with cules , kick laportas shiny signing away and add it all up to the financial tuning thingy.
      While math have proven that logic cant be the answer to every problem , and you cant even know if any problem has a solution beforehands , there are too many things not making sense in this , and someone must have gotten in a situation that little manouvring was possible.

    5. I can’t reply directly. I agree mei, there are too many dots that don’t add up, at least examining this from a rationale sense, but then again as Euler points out, football clubs don’t necessarily run by the rationale business model we expect. Just frustrating, to say the least.

    6. mei
      If Rosell sold Ibra immediately after he took office it would look like he is deliberately cleaning up Laportas signings without Peps approval. He would be the only one to blame for sowing disorder in the club.

      But this way blame gets to be shared between Rosell, Pep and also Zubizarreta. A lot of people are angry at Pep because he didn’t try harder to incorporate a 69m signing into his team.

      So in a weird way, even if this looks catastrophic for Rosell, he still took some power away from Pep. Now I’m not saying this is the way Rosell wanted it to play out, just that he isn’t the only bad guy in the room. Actually at this moment he is not much of a bad guy, just an incompetent one.

    7. the big problem was that Ibra didn’t want to go to ManCity. We might blame this on Spurs for qualifying for CL and Mark Hughes losing so many points with City in useless draws.

  15. Laporta is to blame for agreeing to pay way above value for Ibra
    Pep is to blame for having a character clash with Ibra
    Rosell is to blame for not getting this process started at the beginning of the summer
    Ibra is to blame because he didn’t believe he could break into the first team

    No scapegoat for this one

    1. visco, its not about finding a scapegoat.
      Its about whats fair and guess what?
      When you blame everyone , nobody’s truly at fault.
      Nobody is punished because everyone screwed up so we may as well turn the page.
      You cant blame the players , the fans , the president and the coach simultaneously , u cant kick them all out at once.
      While its obvious the whole process was poorly handled by the majority of the parties , someone ignited when he shouldnt , and had many reasons not too , and thats Pep for me.

    2. interesting take Mei. I hadn’t thought of it this way. But I think there may be some compromise between your point and vicsoc8. Certainly, blame can be placed on all parties, but there is within the hierarchy of the institutional politics and power of it, some one who could have handled this better/not let it get to the point it did/occur the way it did

    3. Wait, you said it wasn’t about finding a scapegoat, but then you chose one person in particular to blame?

    4. Its not about finding a scapegoat.
      Someone must stand up and take the blame in a situation that is poorly managed by both the parties responsible(board and coach).
      I dont view it as finding a scapegoat because we will not dump all the blame on him and kick him out in the process to show that justice is served.
      But he must acknowledge the poor handling of the situation publically , cules must be calmed down.
      He must take it as a lesson for the future.He had 69 +12 millions (per year) to do it , and this wasnt an expiring contract that never intended to renew and had stated so(like etoo).
      This was a gazillion contract , along with a record fee paid last year , and it was just a month and a half ago that he emphatically stated that ibra was regarded as a key player this season.

    5. I think we are looking for scapegoats b/c we don’t know what transpired, but maybe there is actually an individual who really royally messed up or maybe not, just a confluence of things happening quickly at the same time. So I guess we just, at this point, don’t know, so better not to scapegoat/assign blame without knowing.

  16. what a sad day.
    24m for the big man.
    a joke of a transfer.
    rosell can say all the things to justify the need of sending him away, but the price of 24m and get one of the best strikers??? are you kidding me???

  17. There’s a clear chain of command in the organization. The President is the one with the final decision. On an issue this large there is no question the President is ultimately the one who must be accountable.

    This is not a situation where blaming everyone means blaming no one.

    And more than blame it’s about responsibility.

    It’s very clear the president is first and foremost responsible and in this specific issue the person directing the sporting project – which is primarily Pep – is also closely behind the President in needing to be accountable.

    And this is such a massive loss that Pep just saying something like the player was a problem or he wouldn’t accept his role,etc. or blaming the agent is completely inadequate.

    Pep wanted this player so much so that a year ago he approved a 69M purchase. He has to make it work. If there’s any hint that Pep can’t make it work – any hint at all – then the President must sell very early and tell Pep the organization is exposed to too much risk so the player must be sold.

  18. Ibra said a few words outside the Camp Nou before leaving, and he criticized Guardiola saying he was “disappointed” in him and that a “problem” does exist between them.

    It’s the clear the whole story is not being told. I, like others, am still frustrated, and to be honest, quite flabbergasted at this whole situation. How the hell did it get to this point, it was only a few months ago that things were looking perfectly fine.

  19. Its not the first time we gave away a player nor is it the last but this just feels bad.The losses we incurred are staggering, and to top it off we got a smug “We are actually saving money” justification.I guess if we sign a new player he will play for free right?And ibra was a free transfer when we got him, and the last year we didnt pay him wages.None of that happened.Today i felt denial, anger sadness and then i accepted it, and i want to say i moved on but every time I think of twenty.four.million.euro.which we wont even get this year, It makes me angry all over again.Sandro promised transparency, democracy and economic stability, so far we have gotten less communication, 0 openness and the economic decisions have been shocking.Not to mention the straight up intellectual manipulation about our economic state.All in two months.I wonder if he’ll be at the game tomorrow or if he’ll go back on vacation in ibiza (How many vacations does one possibly need in 2 months of work). I’m also wondering how long it will take before he tries to puts a sponsor on our shirt.The saving grace is at least on the pitch we’re still fine.Lets smash Racing tomorrow.

  20. also , about the manchester city thing :
    I highly doubt ibra would go there no matter the wage they’d offer him.
    We are talking about someone that jsut took a paycut inorder to be able to say ” milan is a great club , my dream is the CL”.
    While this could also be a case of compromising with the reality of the new situation , i cant refrain from remembering last season attempt to offload etoo as a transfer:
    Two clubs were interested , reportedly : milan that could not afford him in any way and pulled off too soon, and man city.
    When this came up , etoo publically said :fuck you , i will sit here getting a paycheck week in week out , and leave us a free agent in the end of the year rathen than go there.
    Then inter deal came up and rest is history.
    High profile players that are not in decline wont take too many steps down.

  21. “Why wouldn’t Ibra, if he knew he was out of favor, choose to go somewhere and keep his salary, instead of insist he’s a Barca player?”

    I am not convinced that Ibra knew he was unwanted until this week. Remember, Eto’o never spoke with Guardiola about his future until he was already being pressured to be part of a Man City deal (and then the Ibra swap).

    Sure, Ibra knew the relation was not friendly, but I don’t think he knew that Guardiola wanted him gone. I think he found out during the meeting before the Gamper, which is why he left without celebrating the trophy and was willing to take the pay cut just to get out of here.

    1. Yup that’s what it seems like, doesn’t it, which is why i believe if he knew he was unwanted earlier, thing may have occurred much sooner. All speculation, though, which I don’t mind engaging in, as long as I am clear, it is my own humble speculation.

    2. i love conspiracy theories & here’s one…

      i think rosell’s meeting w/galliani (because sandro was eager to play president) signaled to ibra &, more importantly, raiolla that the swede was expendable. that’s where guardiola is to blame. pep should have stepped up & said, “uh uh. not having it.” although, you can argue that pep’s playing ibra for all of the preseason & playing him alongside villa in the gamper should’ve been enough.

      whatever. the guy’s gone. nobody’ll ever know what really happened & everything you hear after this is gonna be people talking shit or damage limitation.

    3. I agree with you completely. Thats why I don’t blame Ibra for any of this. He wanted to stay at Barca. He said it several times over the summer. It was Pep/club that went behind his back and forced him out. Thats why Ibra is angry at Guardiola. He had a talk with him after the vacations and he thought he was safe/staying. And then this happened.

    4. yeah, don’t forget he kissed the badge. he loved Barca. Pep forced him out.

      Fuera Pep!

    5. dude, his manager, who is basically his spokesperson, said that Pep will leave before Ibra leaves. Really? Pep wanted him out and Ibra was the saint? Are you stooopid?

    6. No need to call names.
      Ibra has his faults, but isn’t it clear now that Pep wanted him out. You know, a 69m player out only after one year.
      And yes his manager did say that, but only after whole summer of papers/club putting pressure on Ibra to leave. It further deteriorated relationship between Ibra and Pep. A stupid move but it’s Mino Riola we’re talking about so we shouldn’t be to surprised.

      Again just difference of opinions.

    7. No, it isn’t clear now that Pep wanted him out at the beginning of the season. Otherwise, he might have pushed him out before at a time when we could have got a better deal off him. Further, he wouldn’t have played him all the time in pre-season, he wouldn’t have played him in first leg of Supercup, he wouldn’t have had a 45 minute talk with him, and after that said that “he counts on him and is satisfied with his work but if he wants to leave, he can”.

      Obviously, Pep didn’t want Ibra as his plan A for the season but rather as a plan B, which means Ibra coming off the bench and not playing all the time. That’s the ONLY thing we know for sure. The rest happened over time.
      And then not to blame two guys with a reputation of blowing off relationships with clubs in order to get out but instead Pep is a bit, hm…let’s call a spade a spade…stoopid or if you like that better, daft.

  22. I thought I was going to be able to count on Ibra and Villa together on FM and FIFA. It’s a shame.

  23. I’m watching Barça vs Sevilla from January 2005. It’s funny seeing Dani and Sergio Ramos on the field together. And Dani looks so funny with his cornrows.

    I also forgot how bad Oleguer was.

    1. But Oleguer has always certainly been a soldier for la causa catalana

      he reminds me of big bird 🙂

    2. Soldier for the cause, but terrible on the pitch lol.

      Man… Dani was so freaking annoying. Now I remember why I hated him so much.

      This match also happened to be the match in which Adriano made his debut for Sevilla.

    3. He sometimes still manages to annoy me, with his theatrics, but i love him now!

      I always had such a soft spot for him, Oleguer, he tried so hard, at least I believed he did, lol!

      I didn’t know that about adriano, wow, full circle!

  24. Superb deal! I say the best deal in Barca’s history. Now lets buy Peter Crouch for 40m.

    You know who are biggest idiots(yeah I mean bigger idiots than rossell and co)? The socios who voted for the big mouth Rossell. Only a few months into his tenure and I am already sick of this guy. We are the new Madrid, we buy expensive and sell cheap. Its a social service you know. We are the new suckers of the transfer market

  25. Today, I sat and watched an economic irresponsibility unfold before my eyes, committed by the very club I love because of short-sighted professional planning and misguided communications between involved parties. We spent 7 dollars on a glass of Swedish lemonade, delivious lemonade, only to take a small sip and sell it back for about ten nickels. FML.

  26. Someone mentioned ZubiZa in this mess. What did ZubiZa have to do with this? I thought the job of technical secretary was to handle transfers, such as the selling of a player, but to my knowledge, he attended less than half of the “meetings” and always had Rosell with him. I remember Laporta was vaguely similar in his dealings to bring Ibra to Barca, but come on.

    Oh, and don’t forget to add Galliani’s dinners, hotel, and private plane travel costs to the transfer fee. Everyone knows we paid for that ish. 24m + roughly 20,000 I’m sure.

    1. I didn’t get to reply in the last thread about the Mariners. Ichiro is my favorite too. It is sooo sad that the team around him just falls apart. I got a ball from King Felix during warm up once. I was so solidly thrilled! It’s too bad he gets looked over for the cy young, Felix can deal! I want the Mariners to build a team around those two! The team MAKES money but they don’t invest it wisely. One of the few in MLB who does. I used to live in Seattle but no longer do, but go back regularly as my hubby’s a Seattle-ite. He reads Mariners blogs regularly and watches the games. I can’t, it’s too depressing, but they are my team, through crap and good, though there aint been much good 🙁

    2. That is awesome! And getting a ball from King Felix is so cool! Yes, good were the days of Freddy Garcia, Edgar, Dan Wilson, and Kaz Sasaki. Whatever happened to that guy? He was the best closer! It all went to crap with Sexson, Beltre, Bedard….and so on. unbelievable. Great to hear from a Mariner fan.

    3. Ugh yeah, I remember the mariners team doctor said randy johnson’s days were limited and we sold him and the rest is history, typical mariner trade.


  27. for jnice & luna. a little something w/oleguer in it i stumbled across. sorry if this has already been linked to:


    a breakdown of el clasico from 2004 @el bernabeu by the great stoic philosopher, roberticus.

    1. Classic! What a match. Wow, I hadn’t read that. Great read. It seems so long ago, but it really isn’t. Thinking about Xavi then and who he is now as a player, *shudders* amazing. When I read this about Cambiasso, and having watched him closely at Inter, I think, how would have Argentina looked with him? Not to mention other players left off the squad.

      Oh yeah, muppets mix up, he (oleguer) reminds me of snuffaluffagus, not big bird.

  28. I knew it, I just knew it. From Pep @barcastuff
    “Barcelona will try to sign a left winger in the coming days. The budget is 18M. The options are Mata (Valencia) and Robinho (Man City). [md]”

    This is getting sadder by the minute.

  29. OHHHHH MYYYY GODDDDD, wait til the Swiss Rambler gets a hold of this one. If you think we feel like shit now, we will need Xanax if he does a write up on this catastrophe : )

  30. Wow.
    The telephone cable of my housing compund got stolen by thieves 2 weeks ago and everything was fine and dandy before that with Kxevin and Isaiah regularly reminding us Ibra’s stats for last season and now all of a sudden I read that Pep & Ibra had problems and the club wants to sue Mino!!!
    However for the past weeks or so, Ibra was a daily news on the newsflash on ESPN. I really wonder what happened.

    1) So what happened guys? I don’t have much time to go through all the old posts as I’m at a friends house. What did Mino say?

    2) Why do most of you guys love to blame Rosell? Pep bought Ibra last year and obviously Pep is the one who okayed the move to sell Ibra.

    3) Why did Ibra leave before the Gamper celebrations? He looked really happy on the pitch in the 1st half. I don’t believe that he was pissed for being taken out as there were wholesale changes in the 2nd half like any exhibition matches.

    Best regards

    1. i don’t get this “pep was the one that obviously okayed the move” crap from everybody. like he was the one who okayed the chignasty sale, too, right? label me a rosell hater, & you can say it’s unfounded. whatev. but to me ibra’s lashing out @guardiola stems from pep not sticking up for him. “i’m here to sign my new barça contract… ask guardiola about it.” all the while rosell tweets about his chance
      @wheeling & dealing w/galliani @their meeting before the gamper game. *

      like i said earlier, “whatever. the guy’s gone. nobody’ll ever know what really happened & everything you hear after this is gonna be [either] people talking shit or damage limitation.”

    2. I know rosell is darth vader to you , but what has come out of the player , his agent and the coach is that there was something wrong with guardiola and ibrahimovic.
      In fact the agent said that the club wasnt even trying to push him out.
      Now I know that this could just be everybody complying to his will ,so the really dark and really evil rosell can fly under the radars playing his version of Wile E. Coyote , but it seems better sticking to reality especially when all comments from all sides are pointing towards one direction.
      Rosell signed a ridiculous deal , financially speaking , but that seems to be it.

    3. first of all, i don’t make star wars references, or lotr references for that matter.

      secondly, i’d like to see the quote that substantiates your claim that, “in fact the agent said that the club wasnt even trying to push him out.”

      third, ibra got butt hurt, first from ending last season on the bench & knowing that rosell was meeting w/galliani to discuss a transfer.

      & i don’t exclude mino raiola’s role in all this. he’s the one talking about “giving birth” to this deal and all that shit.

    4. From pep’s twitter , 3 days ago :
      Mino Raiola (agent Ibrahimovic): “Ibra is following the events. He’s sincere and calm. The club doesn’t force him to leave.” [radio24] .
      You cant go around posting that everyones is speaking crap on ibrahimovic case, and then go about claiming that you are aware of the players feelings and what make him “sad”.
      I dont know if he was sad or happy to leave a place that had many fans , press and lately the coach against him but if anything is to be believed guardiola , the agent and the player suggested something wrong between the player and the coach .The agent , as I quoted above even stated that the club had no intention of letting him go. Its interesting because 4 days a go when the ibra matter was lurking around , both the club and the coach had expressed any will to sell the player , according again to the agent.

  31. just sad all these things had to happen….
    it’s frustrating, ugly ending…
    can we have a good news pls??=(

    1. No robinho, Mata is the man. Can drop Messi into mf to help or replace Iniesta/Xavi, while a forward line of Mata/Villa/Pedro overruns defences.

    2. We have many good news , its just overshadowed by the transfer saga of ibrahimovic.
      The team is back and it seems as good as ever – ibrahimovic.
      Pique is one year more mature.
      We have bought a versatile right/left back/wingback/winger in the name of adriano that seems to be a good fit judging by our latest friendly games.
      Maxwell seems to have perfectly adapted to the team and giving a headache (a good one ! 🙂 ) to guardiola on selection issues , and quite a bit of depth a team that really needs it.
      Busquets seems to be more mature than ever after an excellent WC.
      We have iniesta back ,and if he manages to stay clear of injuries , he will seem as a world class signing.
      Messi seems to have upped his game once more.Playmaking skills that is , will this guy stop growing?Next stop is learning to take freekicks like a cannon and jumping higher than basketball players , and thats all he can do to better his game.
      Bojan and pedro is one year more mature . One can only hope for him to replicate the form he showed in last year end run , only more frequently since he will feature more frequently this year.Pedro seems to be a much better all around player this season : his football mind has developed, so we expect to see much less needless running allover the pitch and more involvement in areas key for his position.
      Villa is here!!!!

  32. Seems to me like barca has taken it upon themselves to restabilize the transfer market. But like the above post said we will never know what happened behind closed doors.

  33. It’s a shame Pep didn’t let his reputation and position in the team get tarnished, by letting the comments against him from Raiola and Ibra stand and just buckle up. I mean, a coach is supposed to make players happy and buckle up to them and their managers, because players and their managers are those who really have the interest of the club at their heart, and not the guy who with 13 was a ball boy in Camp Nou. It’s a real pity that we have a strong coach who has the say.

    Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?

    8 titles in 2 years…men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Get over it…

    1. ah yeah…tell BANGS wants to take you to the movies


      Fuck Bangs! Long Kiss Goodbye!

    2. Ya Boi Bangs!

      I laughed so hard when i watched that, but to be honest i respect what the man is doing even though he has a s*** voice.

      Bangs shouldnt try to emulate American rappers though, he should turn the attention on him to what is happening in his home country, where violence and sexual abuse is a daily threat to communities.

    3. Cesc blanc , a coaches first obligation is to make the team work , and keep their level of playing as high as possible.
      Managing individuals is a very important issue , but of much lesser value.Like many people above have noticed , if we go on playing spectacular football , and win things , nobody will actually remember this for anything more than just a bad deal financially.
      Also , if guardiola didnt just have a personal clash with the player , and the whole situation was ignited by a sporting consideration , even though it was made very late in the transfer season , and the deal to offload the player is laughable , it would make the point of keeping a player happy irrelevant.
      He doesnt fit in the plans? Get him out .
      Should pep have done it much earlier , and rosell have sold him for a much higher price? You betcha.
      But since this is already done , and if it was a sporting aspect guardiola carrys on with his plans this season without and unwanted player , I will take it and look forward to our games.
      We just hope everybody has learned that slow reflexes in the transfer market creates a mess in many levels and shoots down any price that we wont to fix on a player.

    4. slow reflexes? there was nothing to react to earlier in the transfer window as everybody was happy.

    5. Miguel , thats my estimation too . But people here smartly have pointed out that you cant manage a 70 million dollar like that ,and sell it as cheaply as we did even if he was overpriced.
      You have 70 million reasons to think about it earlier , and manage it in the best interest of the club . Numbers dont lie , we have a huge loss and someone screwed up really bad ( nevermind that the whole situation was poorly handled by everyone).

    6. my point is, you don’t open up negotiations w/a club at all, even if the relationship between guardiola & ibra is as caustic as people make it out to be. you let them talk shit out, & if there is a problem all you have to do is omit ibra from the squad list & training sessions a la pellegrini & guti. he loses value between now & the winter break, so what? sell him then.

      going to sleep. thanks for engaging & having me think twice about this, though, mei.

    7. “Cesc blanc , a coaches first obligation is to make the team work , and keep their level of playing as high as possible.”

      That’s why Pep didn’t count on Ibra as his plan A for the season, as Ibra isn’t the fastest player in transition and gets caught in offside too often. So he had other plans for plan A and Ibra as plan B. Given his big ego or whatever, Ibra didn’t feel like being plan B and went out the way he did. But the sentiments of some people on this board to give the benefit of doubt to Ibra, because he is tall and makes funny comments, is pretty daft to say the least.

  34. the problem was though, everyone in the club said, Ibra loves it here and everyone wanted him to stay. I just think maybe it was a very rushed decision to off load him. But I also understand that maybe there might have been a problem ready to happen with the amount of big names clashing up forward, its a goldmine for the media to pick at.

    But if there is anything to take out of this situation it is that we should make more cautious approaches to important decisions. So right now I think we shouldn’t rush into look for a replacement. Or else we could easily walk into another problem.

  35. *

    Don’t know where the 40 comes from but otherwise, that explains the deal.

  36. Miguel , what you are saying is the catch actually:
    If pep is just have a personal problem with ibrahimovic , and he didnt take care of it while his price tag and salary should in fact oblige him to do so , then I really dont know what can be done with it.
    If it was a mainly sporting decision , its still a terrible handling / deal yet it makes sense.
    I dont think anyone can bench a player in his prime , with such a heavy pricetag/salary that has such an outspoken agent(remember last years whining about ibra not being assisted enough by others , and pep being crazy not to use a player hes paid up so much money for?that was just sweet talk).
    Thanks for taking the time to respond to me and have a nice night ! 🙂

  37. I’m now starting to get worried about the press conference tonight. It’ll be the top topic for questions and Pep has always struck me as someone who wants to speak honestly. However, anything he says on this causes trouble in some way.

    I can see an ( admittedly unlikely) scenario where we could be looking for a new coach early in the season as well. Best to draw a veil over this, the club to say it was a reluctant joint decision and leave it at a statement on the website.

  38. IMO the Pep and Ibra problem seems to go way back
    But they somehow kept it on prof. level

    Living in Sweden we got to much zlatan news here
    And awhile back it was reported tha Zlatan felt he was forced to adapt to Messi’s movements on the pitch a bit to much. Ibra is not use to playin in a way that means, move n create space.

    After the Sevila second game Ibra realized
    He will be seeing alot of bench time
    More then he understood
    And thus lost his patient

  39. IMO the Pep and Ibra problem seems to go way back
    But they somehow kept it on prof. level

    Living in Sweden we got to much zlatan news here
    And awhile back it was reported tha Zlatan felt he was forced to adapt to Messi’s movements on the pitch a bit to much. Ibra is not use to playin in a way that means, move n create space.

    After the Sevila second game Ibra realized
    He will be seeing alot of bench time
    More then he understood
    And thus lost his patient and his ego got hurt in public this time. He scored barca only goal the game before and did not even play 1min the second time around

    So Ibra did what he’s good at
    Start trouble and move a sell motion
    Then Pep had no choice but to order a sell him tag this late
    I yhink Pep was willing to keep Ibra on his terms

  40. Sounds a reasonable scenario, Bashir. Still would’ve been better benching him and waiting for January I reckon.

  41. Everyone going crazy about the 24 million figure was expecting yesterday that we would have to pay the balance of Ibra’s wages in a payoff. But we don’t. Our cash position in the deal didn’t change during the negotiations yesterday. Milan’s got better and Ibra’s got worse.

  42. I am not sure exactly how long ago, but a few days ago, pretty much just before this whole thing kicked off, I remember reading a tweet on Peps feed about Ibra confronting Pep and saying something like “I know how it is now, you will always favour Messi”. I cant find the exact quote (does anybody know if you can search for tweets?). I think it was a few days after Ibra got benched in the 2nd leg of the supercup.

    I remember not believing it at the time, but if it is true, it could explain a lot. Maybe Ibra blew up after being benched and made it clear that he wasnt going to accept being on the bench. If that is the case then I can understand Pep wanting him out very quickly. Can you imagine an entire season with Ibra getting upset everytime Pep didnt play him?

    I was very annoyed yesterday but I have cooled down a bit now and I have realised that while it certainly stings to take such a big hit financially, for me the sporting side always comes first. If this is what had to be in order to maintain a happy and healthy dressing room then so be it. Frankly I would have let him go on a free if I thought that his attitude would end up bringing disharmony to the team.

    1. I think it was a fake quote,

      I remember it too, but I can’t remember it had a proper source.

      I doubt it was for those reasons, otherwise Pep wouldn’t of played him in the Gamper match either.

      I think Pep made a decision basically because Ibra was maybe not needed anymore. Not because Ibra isn’t good enough, maybe he was valued too much and his status as a player was too big to fit a squad role for Pep and well it could have caused more problems.

    2. Hilal, I published Pep’s interview on my blog directly when the preseason started. He said -Clearly- that he didnt ask anyone to sell ibra. If he did it later, that was too late so he had to survive with him for one more season if the club bet no deal. If he didnt say it at all then there was absolutely no need to sell. Keeping in mind that if we track Ibra’s contribution in the preseason and Sevilla’s game it was obvious that Pep was counting on him for next season. We know when Pep hates someone, he just Hleb him for life.

      Donating a player to another team is not a good thing ,neither financially nor sport wise. You can expect lot of trash talking now that everyone want to fight for the fig leaf. I won’t buy any.

    3. that’s pretty much the point. however, Ibra himself wanted to leave and he and Mino did it in a way to get to the only club that they were ok with to sign him.

      We would have less problems on this if ManCity had qualified for CL.

  43. In case anyone wants to download the Barça B-Celta Vigo match…

    First Half:


    2nd Half:


    Credit to siscopes1

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