Happy Birthday, Maxwell


Happy birthday, Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade! You’re not 28, if you hadn’t realized. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy your free vacation to Monaco that has been arranged in your honor for today. Yay you. You’re a part of a new squad, you live in a new city, and hell you’re going to win a SuperCup tomorrow.

This is all so wonderful, isn’t it?

Now go score us some goals!

PS don’t forget to check out Kevin’s post about Chygnasty.

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By Isaiah

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  1. Apparently Sneijder is leaving for Inter as well. So that means Real now have a sqaud of 24. van der Vaart is going to leave, which makes it 23. Subtract de la Red, who is probably forced to retire with his health conditions. That is 22 squad players. We have 21, but Chygrynskiy is soon to be official. Still I think that when Chygrynskiy is official, Henrique will be on his way to Racing. So we have 21 and they have 22, but we have the advantage of youth players.

    About Xavi and Iniesta being out for a while at the same time, THE YAYA can probably do well against lower half table teams, but against big teams we would probably play something like:
    Alves – Piqué – Chygrynskiy/Marquez – Maxwell
    Keita – THE YAYA – Busquets
    Ibra – Henry

    The job of Keita and Busquets is to bring the ball to:
    a) the fullbacks
    b) Messi
    c) the strikers

    Marquez and/or Chygrynskiy would do the occasional long ball. Piqué and The Yaya sometimes switch so Piqué can make a run. A lot of movement by the Messi, Ibra, and Henry trio. Such as Ibra moving to the wing for Keita and Messi to bombard the box or Ibrahimovic switching positions with Messi. The key for success would be movement and quick passing. Even JDS may work in this case. If this happens during the ANC, put Chygrynskiy, Marquez, or Piqué at DM, and swap Keita with Gudjohnsen, Thiago, or JDS. Perhaps it may be better that Pedro takes place instead of Keita/Busquets with his speed. Either way I’d prefer to talk about this when it happens, because then we’d have a pretty clear idea of what we can do.

  2. you used the* omg jfc

    i thought de la red was released from the squad ages ago? he’s not recommended to play professional football anymore

  3. Not bad, Flippy. Not bad. I don’t think we’d have the advantage of the ultimate in ball control, but we sure would have a battleship to ensure its ultimate safety. We’d probably see more long balls with that lineup.

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