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Gamper Liveblog

Oh snap it’s Isaiah back with a Liveblog! Are you ready for some quick polls!? It’ll get going just before kickoff. He match is on ESPN Deportes and ESPN3 here in the US.

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257 Responses to “Gamper Liveblog”

  1. Kxevin says:

    Lots of questions:

    –Will Ibrahimovic play?
    –If not, what does that mean for his future in Barcelona?
    –How serious will Guardiola take this match?
    –Will anyone not applaud Ronaldinho?
    –Will the starting front line for this match give any significance as to Guardiola’s preferred front line?
    –Is the Gamper trophy officially silver, or is it gold?

    What we know:

    –Rosell and Galliani had dinner, and left in the same car. Recall that the last time a Barca exec had dinner with an Italian exec, the Ibrahimovic deal was born. ZubiZa was also in attendance.
    –Before the dinner, there was a half-hour meeting between Rosell, Raiola and Ibrahimovic at the Camp Nou.
    –Grumbling cules were outside the restaurant, making their voices heard.
    –No deal was struck, but “everything is open,” meaning that you’d better believe one WILL be struck.
    –Fontas, Thiago and Dos Santos worked out in today’s training session with the cool kids.
    –Tweet from Sandro Rosell: “Having lunch with the executives from Milan!”

    • Ramzi says:

      – Will Ibra plays and what does that mean?

      Regardless if he plays or not, it doesnt mean anything. He may play as a message that “we are not desperate to sell” while we are.And he may not play because…He is not focused after a day of Chaos? And it goes the other ways in both cases.

      –How serious will Guardiola take this match?

      More serious than a friendly, less serious than the game we will play few days later.

      –Will anyone not applaud Ronaldinho?


      –Will the starting front line for this match give any significance as to Guardiola’s preferred front line?
      I think the whole selection and subs will take in consediration that we have a game to play few days later.

      –Is the Gamper trophy officially silver, or is it gold?

      You need to see how it reflects the sun on Iniesta’s face to make sure about that.

      I finished my test, and handing the paper 😀

      PST I Still think it is all to bring more coverage for the game today and to make Galliani feel that he actually can do negotiations to seal big deals (even with no cash to pay his lunch today-WE PAID THAT!). But we will cross that bridge later, anyway.

  2. Lev says:

    Kxev what were the grumbling cule voices saying?

  3. Euler says:

    Ibra has said over and over and over again this summer that he wants to stay.

    He’s gone so far as to communicate that he will fight for a spot on the squad. This is a player who is considered by many to be one of the 2-3 best strikers in the world. But he’ll stay and fight for a spot.

    Now this may have changed behind closed doors. Who knows.

    Despite that Barca has clearly opened up negotiation with Milan. How serious those negotations are who knows, especially given how ridiculous the offers have been so far.

    At what point in time does a player get accept the idea that the club doesn’t want him?

    Agent’s are agents. They are always going to sound the same when a deal is evolving. I don’t know how much of an inference one can draw about the player’s desire to stay or not from the over-inflated language of an agent, especially that agent.

    I’m not sure if this is like Yaya’s situation or the exact opposite. Because there it was Yaya wanting to leave and the club reluctantly allowing him to go. Here it seems like it may be more the club wanting Ibra to leave because they don’t want to pay his wages and perhaps Ibra reluctantly agreeing to go because the club sees little place for him.

    • Kxevin says:

      IMHO, if Ibrahimovic didn’t want to leave the club, he would have a press conference that says “Squash all this. I don’t want to leave Barcelona. No way. This is the best club in the world, and I can help it win everything. The end.”

      • Ramzi says:

        He said that -word by word- the first day he joined the squad after preseason (I watched the interview), then he more or less repeated that in many occasions.

        • Kxevin says:

          Then he needs to say it again, and fast. Because a meeting with he and Raiola, followed by a dinner meeting between Rosell and Galliani, followed by a continuation of the meeting with the club’s treasurer in attendance, can lead all but the most rosy-eyed to think that something is in the works.

          • Ramzi says:

            If Sandro told him all options are open, then he will be stupid to jump to the theater now hold the mic and make a speech.

            His message was clear. Now he is preparing for a game (and a season) and there is a schedule to follow (planned by coaching staff). If he will have to respond on daily bases then he will have no time for training.

            IF he will end up outside the club. There is no doubt for all but the rosy-eyed who is responsible for that.

      • Euler says:

        How many times does he need to say it? That’s all he’s done.

        This doesn’t seem to be driven by the player at all. This is being driven by the club. It’s the club that seems to not want him and seems to be prodding him out the door.

        What more can he possibly do or say than to make it clear he doesn’t even assume a starting spot but is willing to fight for his position on the team? What more can he do.

        But perhaps even that isn’t good enough for the club.

  4. Kxevin says:

    Rosell and Galliani are meeting at the Camp Nou, with the club treasurer in attendance ….

  5. Lev says:

    I don’t see why the wages are an issue. We had 40 million euros of transfer money or more. Either we get a great deal for Ibra, which with Milan is not possible, or we use some of the transfer money to pay his wages this year. Even if we do pay 20+ million for Masch there is enough left to cover this.

    What we should not do however is leave our team with a 6ft5 hole right before the start of the season by selling our striker for peanuts after we had dished out 56 million euros + CL legend and striker supreme Sami Eto’o only one summer earlier!

  6. Euler says:

    There’s no way a deal this complicated can get done in a couple of hours with dinner intermingled unless one party is getting robbed. No way. Given the amount that Barca paid for Ibra, his wages and Milan’s financial situation this would be an enormously complicated deal.

    And why would they be so explicit about the itinerary. Rosell is tweeting about his dinner meeting. When does a business deal ever get done like that.

    There were reporters and cules waiting for them at the restaurant.

    Now they are back at Camp Nou and they’ve even leaked details about who is in the room at the meeting e.g. the treasurer. That’s just dumb beyond belief. Who does business like this?

    It seems like a joke. The whole thing is so ludicrous that it almost seems like it’s just a way to generate attention in the media in conjunction with the match.

    These are the silliest negotiations I can recall.

    • Kxevin says:

      Well, I think that when you’re Rosell, the media follows you around. This stuff is coming from the likes of RAC1 and other media outlets, who make our club and its comings/goings a full-time job.

      • Ramzi says:

        “Well, I think that when you’re Rosell, the media follows you around.”

        And you help them tweeting your next step 😀

        Not that they do not know, but still.

      • Euler says:


        1. Having lunch with the executives from Milan! about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

        He’s tweeting about it himself!

        • Alexinho says:

          You know there’s trouble when there’s a string of comments here coming from ONLY Kxev, Ramzi, and Euler…

          I’m with Euler. This is insane. If this goes down, it will be the strangest transfer I’ve ever witnessed.

  7. y2k156 says:

    I do think that the agents are messing with players minds. There has to be a mechanism to stop this rot from the game. If i were agent and getting bunch of millions for moving players around, i would do it too. After all, everyone is on lookout for number 1. For the game, agents need to be curbed one way or other.

    in Masch’s case, it is a family matter and as i have read, Benitez had promised him that he will be able to leave this year. Now the scumbag owners of liverpool are playing hardball. I pity for the player but i dont think we should raise our bid. Lets see what happens.

    • Lev says:

      Why not? Even if we raise it to €20 + Hleb / Caceres it still means we have spent considerably less than the transfer budget available. He is the captain of Argentina and a very good player at a position that Pep has made clear he has a need.

    • Kxevin says:

      Well, word is that we’re throwing Caceres into the deal. Mascherano wants to go. Liverpool doesn’t want to let him go unless they get the right price from us, a price we aren’t willing to pay. This is eerily similar to the Fabregas situation at its most simplistic. The big (huge) difference is that Arsenal said “He isn’t for sale. Get lost. Full stop.” Liverpool clearly want to sell Mascherano. The number just can’t be agreed on.

      • Lev says:

        well you are right that is a huge difference. Plus the fact that Arsenal could afford not selling Cesc because they knew he cared enough for the club to give them their all for at least this season. Masch is actually refusing to play. Which I do think is pretty lousy and I can imagine the backlash Liverpool supporters will give him (and us for pursuing him). Then again, he has been wanting to leave for over a year now and one can sympathize with the fact that his wife is miserable out there…

        • Alexinho says:

          Last gossip I read this hour says that Liverpool want 18 million euros (pounds?) in cash. I don’t see it in cash, but that’s a great transfer fee if you ask me. Just a shade over the desired 15. If Caceres is thrown into the deal (or Hleb, which for them would fit into the shoes left by Benayoun), I think this can get done.

          Frankly, I’m about to say JDS isn’t wearing the 20 this season. Whatever happens with Ibra, this makes me happy.

  8. Kxevin says:

    Pep is on the case. If you aren’t following his tweets, you should be. The latest:

    –ZubiZa in the house, Raiols just arrived. And now we wait.

  9. Lev says:

    Well if he Rosell does sell Ibra there might be a strong enough backlash against him for a referendum on his presidency?

    Anyway Euler is right whether there will be a deal or not this whole thing is just making us look bad. Unless of course they will announce in a couple of hours we sold Hleb to Milan for €10 million 😉

    • Kxevin says:

      Or Caceres.

      The answer to your first question is “No.” The Catalan media has been against Ibrahimovic from the outset, and most of the fans take their cues from the press.

      • Lev says:

        sure, but it is one thing to be against Ibra, but quite another to actually sell him and get jack sh·t in return.

      • poipoi says:

        if we’re trying to sell him, it has to be because pep doesn’t want him, in some way. if so maybe he doesn’t want ibra beacuse all the fuzz and contant critics from the press… but ibra could have perfectly not raised such things… he perfectly could have raised positive critics. He didn’t. I don’t think that anyone who thinks ibra is not that good for us is brainwashed by the press and the ones that think ibra has to be our 9 are critic thinkers, more like the other way. if they don’t see ibra slows the game someone is doing the “seeing” for them 😉

        I wouldn’t sell him I would just sit him but anything is fine he is not indispensable for sure.

      • DontPanic says:

        What if Rosell drives Pep away? I think that would be an extremely dangerous move that just might cost him his presidency. Remember Pep isn’t just some coach. He IS Barcelona right now.

  10. Ramzi says:

    “There are 500 tickets left for tonight’s Barcelona vs Milan game.” @Barca stuff

    Bring Pep to that meeting!!

  11. Euler says:

    So if you’re discussing the transfer of a player you spent 69M on an hour before a match – doesn’t that kind of sort of make it just a little difficult for the manager to really provide his input into the decision making?

    Maybe they could have gotten up a little early and held this meeting over a late breakfast so Pep could have been more available. Or maybe even yesterday?

    • Kxevin says:

      Unless Guardiola has already weighed in on the matter. I have to think that if he hadn’t, these discussions wouldn’t be happening. Rosell isn’t crazy. Not at all.

      • Euler says:

        I’m sure he’s been consulted. But when you open up complex negotiations you don’t know what’s going to happen. It seems unlikely that they could go through the different permutations of possible deals and get Pep’s input into the various possibilities.

        At best they could have gotten his general consent. And I’d think they’d have to get his final approval unless this isn’t a sporting decision at all and it’s more a business decision.

      • theMaginator (tutomate) says:

        PEP said; ” I am not aware of a pending meeting between barca and Milan over Ibra”

        CLEAR AS DAY

        Actually it’s quite gloomy and dark outside.

  12. Kxevin says:

    From Gazzetta Dello Sport (as if they would know):

    Barcelona wants a two-year loan, Milan want a one-year loan, Ibrahimovic wants a sale.

  13. Jnice says:

    I hope when the players are introduced, Ibra gets a loud cheer.

  14. Kxevin says:

    Personally, I can’t see Ibrahimovic being the kind of player that would regress like that. He’s already dominated Serie A, and with the best side in the league? So what’s the point of going back there, unless the deal includes some sort of Premiership clause or something?

    • Euler says:

      Going back – never mind going back on loan would be very embarrassing.

      Milan are no competition at all for Inter right now. They aren’t even close. Going back to the same place for the far weaker side is a huge step back.

      That’s part of why I can’t see Ibra being the one driving this and wanting to leave. Why would he ever pick Serie A to go back to, never mind Milan?

      To me it seems like he and his agent are doing there due diligence on the deal because they see that Barca doesn’t want him.

  15. Euler says:

    This has really turned into a zoo. It’s just doesn’t put the club in good light at all.

    It just makes Barca look desperate. They so want Ibra off the wage sheet that they are seriously considering loaning out a player that only a year ago they spent 69M on? That’s just remarkable.

    How does Milan – a club with no resources – act like the club that has the leverage here? How are they the ones making demands?

    This is farcical.

  16. Kxevin says:

    From RadioCatalunya:

    Milan is offering a serious transfer fee plus a player for the transfer of Ibrahimovic.

  17. Hilal says:

    Can Rosell REALLY be this stupid? REALLY? Is he trying to destroy his presidency before it even begins?

    Milan cannot even come close to affording Ibra. Nowhere near, so the only way this deal gets done is if we take a HUGE hit. Who actually thinks that Rosell would shoot himself in the foot like that after spending the whole summer talking about Laporta’s mismanagement of fincances.

    If you ask me Rosell is accomodating Milan a) because it is a long standing relationship that Rosell wishes to keep going and b) so that he can drum up as much press as possible to hype the game this evening.

    If on the other hand Rosell is actually that freakin stupid then unfortunately I only see things worsening in the years ahead…

  18. Kxevin says:

    Conflicting data coming out, but a number between 20-30m+a player.

    They don’t have anyone that we want!

  19. jordi(TM) says:

    This is bullshit it makes no sense, sporting or economic to loan him.If they want to get rid of him sell him to City FFS.

  20. Euler says:

    How is this meeting being run? How do you have active, recurrent leaks going on almost every few minutes?

    And how is it that so many diverse media sources are all getting these leaks?

    When a legitimate leak happens in a sensitive meeting it’s usually one source that gets the leak.

    But here there are 5-6 sources reporting on the minute by minute developments and those sources are in two different countries.

    How do the participants even have time to negotiate if they’re busy leaking all of these updates?

    Either these reports are fabricated or there are individuals in the room whose job it is to leak these rumors to an array of media outlets.

    Again – who does business like this? This is a joke.

  21. poipoi says:

    don’t know if anyone posted them already but, any links to the gamper party? wanna see the world champions tribute and ronnie also!!!

  22. Kxevin says:

    And I’d just like to extend a heartfelt, benvingut to Sandro “Oh Lawd!” Rosell. Nice work.

  23. Jnice says:

    “The agent of Marco Borriello is in Barcelona.”

    I can’t stop the tears.

  24. Euler says:

    Milan doesn’t even want Borrielo themselves. They don’t want to pay his wages.

    Barca has absolutely no use for him. Pep will never play him.

    So in effect Barca wouldn’t even be getting 20-30M. They’d be getting 20-30M minus Borrielo’s wages.

    If this goes through it will be amongst the worst transactions in the history of professional football.

    Imagine turning 46M + Eto’o into 20M and Borrielo only one year later.

    Truly unimaginable.

    • Hilal says:

      Exactly. I just dont buy any of this. How are all these “leaks” getting to so many different outlets? Do they have mics in the meeting room.

      Its all crap.

  25. Kxevin says:

    And how convenient: Borriello’s agent is also in Barcelona. As Hannibal of “The A-Team” would say, “I love it when a plan comes together.”


  26. Bill says:

    links to the game anyone???

  27. mei says:

    Well im sure ronaldinho’s agent is in barcelona too.
    Most of other players in milan since they are here to play the gamper trophy game.That doesnt mean were gonna sign the whole team , are we?
    Media leaks like that drive me crazy.
    Talks about a swap , and then borrielo’s agent is in town.
    Like he just arrived in town..

  28. Alex says:

    kxevin, what cat radio are u listening too?

    Is there an app for it, if not, link please.


  29. jordi(TM) says:

    LOL i cant stop laughing.I bet Galliani called Borrielo a “champion” (while he nervously sweat as he couldnt believe he could possibly swindle us in the deal of the century)Hes a champion guys, its A-OK.

  30. Ramzi says:

    At least they can include a compensation for me in this deal? I have some urgent work to do but its not ticking.

    Seriously, I almost forgot the stress Gaspart used to cause. I am too old now for that to bounce back.

  31. poipoi says:

    we want dida!!! 😀

  32. Euler says:

    If Barca wanted to get rid of Ibra how could they not have approached Man City months ago on this when they know Mancini loves Ibra?

    How could they not have actually tried to generate market interest in him?

    The Balotelli negotiations dragged on for months. They never seemed to end.

    At any moment Barca could have approached Mancini about Ibra before the Balotelli deal went through. Getting even 30M pounds for Ibra would have been far, far better than what is being leaked now.

    This makes no sense. No sense at all. The whole thing. The deal, the negotiations, the leak. None of it.

  33. Hilal says:

    Ah to be a fly on the wall in that meeting room…

  34. Ramzi says:

    Damnt borrielo’s agent has a fast horse 😀

  35. Vicsoc8 says:

    Hate The thought of Boriello coming. I could just cry.

    On a side note, am I the only one who thinks Pirlo could be an interesting inclusion?

  36. jordi(TM) says:

    Borrielo is too young anyway, want more pensioners like Gattuso!

  37. Kxevin says:

    Looks like 25-30m+Borriello, says those bastions of reliability Sport and EMD. That’s a striker we apparently don’t want, for a striker we shouldn’t want, were we in our right minds.

  38. Kxevin says:

    Then of course, we boost our bid for Mascherano, agree to pay more than we should, and get that deal done.

  39. Alex says:

    This is bad, bad, bad. I am beginning to HATE Sandro.

  40. Euler says:

    If they take Borriello a year from now we are going to be repeating this exercise looking for a way to desperately loan him out.

    Pep will treat him like he as players like Henrique and Kerrision – players he didn’t want.

    Just amazing that Rosell would even consider crippling the club like this.

  41. Vicsoc8 says:

    As I said in the last post, the thing that bothers me mos about what is going on at the moment is that I have no idea what is going on. There is absolutey no transparencyat our club at the moment. At times opacity can be beneficial, such as to protect someone at the club (like Pep for example). However it is impossible to tell who is driving this deal at the moment. One of the big criticisms of the Laporta era was the lack of transparency at the club. Not to rag on Rosell, but he spoke a lot about transparency during the race, and I was hoping he would follow through, but now we have this.

    • Euler says:

      And that lack of transparency makes the club look silly and frivolous because there’s a general sense of confusion that’s developing around it as if there is no clear organizational plan or decision making authority.

    • IS/ocho says:

      What do you mean “no transparency”?!?!?

      Who do you think invited the mole and provided us with this wonderful leaked live, minute by minute coverage?

      Sad day.

  42. Kxevin says:

    From @soniagelma:

    A lot of confusion among the journalists. Everything still possible: loan, sale, no deal.

  43. Alex says:

    Apparently Ibra is in the dressing room, the players are being presented in 5 minutes…..

  44. Euler says:

    From Pep

    Borriello will probably not be included in the deal with Milan on Ibrahimovic, nor will any other player (via @gemmaherrero and @soniagelma)

    No one has any idea what is going on.

    This almost feels like an intentionally created circus to generate “buzz.”

    • Alexinho says:

      I tell you, when I read the statements Rosell made at the Supporter’s Congress (or what have you…on official website), there was a lot of talk about “austerity” that does not inspire confidence in Ibra’s staying.


      Link to Pep’s twitter?

      • Euler says:

        If you buy a player for 69M and off load him for 33% of that value only a year later that’s not really helping “austerity” even if you remove his wages.

        Pep’s twitter:


  45. Alexinho says:

    Pardon my crudeness used for effect, but, IS ROSELL RETARDED?!?!?

  46. Jnice says:

    Deportes showing some of our season highlights right now.

  47. Bill says:

    Boriello might be that second striker liverpool so desperately need, in exchange for mascherano

  48. theMaginator (tutomate) says:


  49. Ramzi says:

    Will the fans boo Boriello. I seriously hope not as its not his fault. They can boo Sandro, only if they want of course.

  50. y2k156 says:

    Man, i feel stupid as a fan with all the circus. Our club is getting quite a rep as one doing stupid deals and i have to say that i don’t have too many points against. Sigh, Rosell has achieved what very few of other could and that is to show our club is worse possible light.

    • Euler says:

      Regardless of the outcome – sale, no sale, loan, whatever – this just makes the Club look like a circus. It makes it look unprofessional and less than it is.

      And this is all in follow up to the President of the club already telling the world that the club is essentially broke.

      What privately held business ever announces to the world that it is broke? Even if it were true (which it’s not) why even say it?

      And now this nonsense after the Fabergas proceedings.

    • Kxevin says:

      And he’s said that it will take “Years! Years!” to sort our finances. So vote for me next time out. Look at all the good I’ve done!

      • y2k156 says:

        Being Indian, i know this modus operandi quite well. Our politicians have been following it for years. And they have screwed up the country more thoroughly than even a enemy would have done. I fear that Rosell is going the same route and if he continues, i fear for all those who love what this club is.

    • jordi(TM) says:

      In TWO months!This ust be a record, ive never seen anything like this i mean even Gaspart took his time ruining us.Sandro dimsion!

  51. theMaginator (tutomate) says:

    I thought the game was at 10am PST/1pm EST.

  52. Alex says:

    oh snap,

    IBRA is starting


  53. klek says:

    long-time lurker here, just wanted to pass along that you can watch the pre-game presentations here:


  54. Alex says:

    Ibra, Villa, Jeffren up fornt

  55. theMaginator (tutomate) says:

    David and ibra starting. IN yo FAce

  56. jordi(TM) says:

    Pep defies all.

  57. Jnice says:

    Team presentation coming up guys and girls (Deportes isn’t showing this part):


  58. mei says:


  59. Hilal says:


    I hope he scores a hatrick

  60. Hilal says:

    Pretty packed out stadium…

  61. Hilal says:

    Looool. Hleb and Caceres out first…

  62. Lev says:

    lol damn with all this Ibra to Milan bullshit going on I have never cared more about a friendly then now. Meaning it is the first time ever I care about a friendly. Fuck it, Rosell is a genius!!! lol

  63. Roz says:

    hello all…Fly Abidal fly

  64. Jnice says:

    Crowd gives Ibra loud cheer just like I wanted.

  65. theMaginator (tutomate) says:

    Huge roar for Ibra.

  66. Euler says:

    This is going to be interesting. JDS is probably going to play in the holding position.

    It seems like that may be the position Pep envisions for JDS. Or at least he wants to see how he can play there as a more classic 4.

  67. majatt says:

    Not to be an ass, but couldn’t ibra starting be an audition for Milan as well as his ‘last chance’ for barca? Note: I REALLY want him to stay just offering an alternate possibility.

  68. theMaginator (tutomate) says:

    Where is the Liveblog. I was promised one.

  69. Dave says:

    english stream?

  70. Lev says:

    wow dude where’s your tie?

  71. theMaginator (tutomate) says:

    Guardiola is such a gentlemen. He did not come out by himself but with Tito.

  72. cliveee says:


    Puyol still sounds very young to me:))
    love that ibra is playing

    how i wish i understood what Pep is saying……

  73. Lev says:

    I pretty much understood what Puyol said but what did Pep say? anyone?

  74. Helge says:

    woh… what the hell is going on!?!

    Like 2 hours ago, this post was started and now there are already 135 comments? 😀

    Gotta read’em now, but slow down or I will never reach the end.

  75. theMaginator (tutomate) says:

    I wish laporta was still president.

  76. Roz says:

    Pretty trophy its all shiny

  77. Dave says:

    laporta king of Catalonia

  78. jordi(TM) says:

    Jan.I miss him :(

  79. jordi(TM) says:

    Man Laporta looks so at home :(

  80. Vj says:

    Could anyone post the streams? Wasn’t there supposed to be a liveblog going on?

  81. Blow-Grenade says:

    Wow, this thread seems to have exploded. There are more twists(tweets) in this thread than there were in some of the Hitchcock movies I have seen.
    In any case I’m cheering for our Gangsta Ninja Swede to come good in this season. Go Ibra!!!

  82. Jnice says:


  83. Dave says:


  84. y2k156 says:

    What a reception for Ronnie. Camp Nou has not forgotten him. It felt so nice!

  85. Lev says:

    sweet to see Dinho do a tour of the pitch and get a standing ovation all the way round. (though he is probably too tired to play now :p )

  86. Ramzi says:

    Laporta…Ronaldinho…Those were good times. Feels like ages ago already :)

  87. Eklavya says:


  88. ariston says:

    any sopcast link to watch the match guys?

  89. Roz says:

    Btw i think there are 11 subs so basically everyone can play.

  90. Mast says:

    Hey guys, quick question

    I’m planning on going to the game against Hercules (would be my first in the Camp Nou and a dream come true) but the liga fixtures aren’t sure until one week from kick off..

    So when could the game be? Saterday an sunday right? Not monday cause there’s CL tuesday.
    Spain plays on the 7th, would the Liga take this in to accoutn and not plan the game on friday the 10th considering Spain=barça to some extent?
    Are there any games possible at friday in la liga to start with (not sure and can’t seem to find an answer quickly)?

    thanks in advance!

    Weather Ibra stays or goes, I hope everyone has a good season injury-wise..

  91. Dave says:

    Some of them younger players are privileged to be on the same field

  92. Eklavya says:





  93. Eklavya says:

    I agree with the other comment:

    You there’s something wrong when Euler, Ramzi comment so much…

  94. Kari says:

    Madness, Eklavya. Madness.

    That’s why I’ve taken my Hector Pills and stayed away.

    Just enjoy your vacation and ignore it.

  95. Helge says:

    So, this MIGHT be Zlatan’s last match for Barca. I wish him the very best!

  96. Helge says:

    What did the Ibra banner which ended on “Pasta … Italiana” say?

  97. Lev says:

    I think it said Ibra don’t change tomato ….. (i imagine a catalan dish) for italian pasta

  98. Alexinho says:

    Are you watching Sandro? Are you seeing how Ibrahimovic is playing like a beast while Borriello does nothing with the ball, in those few moments when he’s onside? That is lesson one from the first half.

    -Ibra is playing deep, but is mostly brilliant. Dribbles very well to keep possession, puts out some brilliant passes–that one cross-field was one of the few moments the ball was on the right side–and deserves a goal. Some great runs, but also just a bit of lethargy too when he should be making another great run. Still, a thousand times better than Borriello. I’ll be shocked, shocked, shocked if he leaves, because he’s going to have a massive season if he stays.

    -Our biggest problem in the half was lack of width. Perhaps “Nervy Feet” Jeffren didn’t exactly inspire confidence in his teammates with some early plays, and perhaps Adriano isn’t demanding the ball, but everything was coming down the left side, and it came to the point that we began forcing it through, to no effect.

    -This is where Iniesta falls short of Xavi. He’s beginning to show that he can be every bit as good in the “Xavi” role as Xavi himself and as precise a clone as possible (is Guardiola thinking we only need either Xavi or Iniesta on the field at one time, and perhaps considering giving Xavi more rest?), but he’s not “The General” yet. Xavi would take command of the attack and tell Jeffren and Adriano to expect some balls before firing some through the “Alves” slot. Iniesta’s had a decent game otherwise, but far from a great one.

    -The new boys are still working their way into the team, but WOW! Villa’s got about a thousand touches so far, and though he’s still getting it down as far as working with Ibra and passing it into the midfield when appropriate, he looks very good. Excellent passes, and the way he takes on his fullback mirrors the best of Henry with us (does having two fullbacks on his side help him?). Adriano’s had much fewer touches, but some good defense, and one excellent, excellent cross. He’s as good a sub as we can ask for.

    -Lots of love for JDS, who definitely takes a lot of his game from Busi and a lot from Xavi. Some very ambitious passes, with all the physicality you can ask for in Liga. Still, let’s get Mascherano ahead of him in the pecking order. Then we’ll be straight.

    • Alexinho says:

      Good second half, and heartening!

      -Looks like we’re three-deep at left fullback, but only one-and-a-half (unless you include Puyol)-deep at the right. Adriano deserves the mantle of left-side Alves more than Maxwell I (hate to) have to say.

      -Love Thiago’s “samba,” but he has a lot to learn. Very decent game, looks like he has a blast playing.

      -Pedro played very well, I thought. If he wasn’t sticking to his position as much as we’d like, his technique has massively improved.

      -Will be interesting to hear what Kxev has to say about Bojan, because I thought he played pretty decently, at least at the start of the half. His communication with Messi, though…well, whose fault is that anyway? Both of them? Thought so. Not trying to heap praise on BoBo, though…he wasn’t sparkling.

      -Was Seedorf’s penalty miss planned? Naaahhh…

      -Now that Villa scored so quickly from CF, I bet the papers will heat up the Ibra->Milan rumors. Or maybe that short-lived scare if finally, finally over with…

  99. ariston says:

    any second half changes?

  100. Helge says:

    Wow, I cannot even remember the last penalty shoot-out from Barcelona 😀

  101. ok thiago is gonna be a god for this team

  102. Kari says:


    Pinto is a jedi. The ponytail carries The Force.

  103. cliveee says:

    3 saves in 4 shots…

    I know Pinto is shorter and smaller, but when it comes to spot-kick , he is way bigger than Valdes.

    Thiago shows his class. I think he is our best new youth product so far.

  104. Colby says:

    Was Ibra out there for the picture/penalties/celebration? It didn’t look like it… That is NOT good news.

    Then again, maybe Milan purchased him and made him get ready to fly back on their team plane because they couldn’t afford to buy another ticket for him.

  105. Jnice says:

    “Ibrahimovic only barcelona player who’s not on the pitch to receive the gamper trophy” (pep)


    About the game….

    Adriano knows how to cross… Ibra is great…. Villa goal… Thiago es un crack.

    That is all.

  106. y2k156 says:

    For me, the game really livened up when we had mini me front line. First part was quite ok without being great. We did miss Xavi though. I don’t think that Iniesta is next Xavi. He is great but in a different way. Iniesta is great with ball while Xavi pretty much dictates the next guy’s play as well. Only player i see who can play Xavi role is Messi. Even internationally only Riquelme can be mentioned in same breath as Xavi, i think, when it comes to style of play.

    Pinto is a beast in PK’s though he can be crazy for regular game.

    Bojan and Messi do need to work more. Messi kept on expecting Bojan to go out wide while Bojan kept drifting inside.

    I am not sure how great Villa – Ibra – Messi front line be. I think those guys really need to work well to make it great. Currently i think our best front line is Villa – Messi – Pedro.

    Penalty by Pirlo was simply too hilarious. I was laughing so hard that i spilled my drink:).

    Thiago looks really good. And he seems to have a attitude. I like it!

  107. Euler says:

    Zubizarreta: “The end of the month of August is always very intense. We keep on negotiating with Milan.” #fcblive

    Zubizarreta: “If there’s something final, we will communicate about it. Ibrahimovic is still a Barça player.” #fcblive

    Milan wanted to include Borriello in the deal on Ibrahimovic but Barcelona didn’t accept. The situation is blocked. [via @gemmaherrero]

    From Pep

    So from Zubi negotiations are going to continue with Milan.

  108. Jnice says:

    Zubizarreta at halftime:

    “The end of the month of August is always very intense. We keep on negotiating with Milan. If there’s something final, we will communicate about it. Ibrahimovic is still a Barça player.”

    “Mascherano? We’re working on several options for that position.”

    “Hleb and Caceres? We try to find them a good club where they can play.” (via pep)

  109. poipoi says:

    thiago is ready, he has to become a 1st teamer this year if not last.

    adriano is a beast, iniesta is not xavi … xavi is not iniesta, ommmm

  110. Kari says:

    *plugs ears* LA LA LA LA LA.

    Well, in other news, it appears Spurs are beating those Young Boys quite heavily. What are the odds of EPL fanboys and journalists repeating their league is the “best in the world” because all 4 teams qualified?

    I’d LOL if we got them in the group stage.

  111. Jnice says:


    “I’m a player of Barcelona, I can’t talk about other teams.”

    “I’m happy at Barcelona, my family too.”

    “I don’t have problems with anyone, although I don’t know what the coach thinks. We only spoke twice in six months.” (barcastuff)

  112. Jnice says:

    Guardiola: “Ibrahimovic? I don’t speak about Ibra for the sake of the club. If we have only talked twice over the past six months, there’s a reason for that. The market is open until 31 August, If Ibra stays we’ll try to get him back on track.” (barcastuff)

    What is the reason?

    • vicsoc8 says:

      Could Pep be the one pushing for the move?

      Also, is this only two sit down discussions in six months, or is it only twice including every day at practice?

    • Ramzi says:

      As long as Pep is using him in his selection-even for friendly games where he doesnt need him- there is no reason enough.

      But you know what? I will make a strike regarding anything related to this topic:D I am sick of all “news” and contradicted speeches.

      August 31, we know the squad we will have for next season. till then i will be busy with things that worth giving time. Seriously we burned a whole day on this thing. more than enough for me.

      *Ramzi swallowing a full bottle of hector pills! What was I talking about?hm…I totally forgot!

  113. drew says:

    pep probably wants ibra outta here

  114. jordi(TM) says:

    This is ridiculous i demand transparency !

  115. vicsoc8 says:

    Really upset I missed the match, it was so hard to concentrate in class knowing Barca was playing.

    I keep hearing Thiago was great out there, but I haven’t heard any specifics. Can anyone elaborate about his play?

    • Jnice says:

      Thiago was just full of confidence and class. He made all the right passes, lost maybe one ball, took on a few players, had good opportunities to score, and took a great penalty. He doesn’t hide on the field. He looked like he fit right in.

    • jordi(TM) says:

      His play was pure joy.Its hard to describe but he does things which are Deco or ronaldinho-esque.Or more accurately, just Brazilian.Maybe there will be a video somewhere soon.

      • poipoi says:

        don’t say deco please jordi, I bet the kid can score a goal without leting the goalie touch it, or do some tikitaka… things deco did not seem to do. Imagine that kid a “veterano” in 4 years o.m.g.

    • Eklavya says:

      Thiago was good. A few special passes but otherwise ok. JDS was also good but less glamour.

  116. Euler says:

    Evidently Gallini said on Italian TV this evening that the deal would be a straight sale with no Milan players going back to Barca.

    At least that suggests that the Borrielo issue may no longer be on the table.

    As a straight sale there’s really only two possibilities: either Barca gets pennies on the dollar or Berlusconi decides to open up the vault again to buy a striker. Those are the two routes this could go (or some mix in between). But by themselves Milan as an organization doesn’t have the money to pull this off unless Barca just sells him for nothing. Perhaps Berlusconi will be willing to do that to try to keep Milan somewhat relevant in the wake of Inter’s dominance. They don’t need a striker but they could be looking to bring in a big name star – especially one that means a lot in Milan. But Berlusconi hasn’t wanted to do that for some time now.

    Either way it doesn’t sound like the situation at Barca is headed in a positive direction when it comes to Ibra.

    Last summer’s transfer season could really prove disastrous for the club’s finances if Ibra is sold for too little. They’ve already lost 10M on Chyggy.

  117. Ahsan says:

    Wow, these post match quotes totally took away the happiness of that win. Ugh. I’m with Ramzi, wake me up on Sept 1.

    • Jim says:

      As long as we have another attacking signing in mind I’m not bothered but I can’t think of many of the class we’re looking for. For all Ibra’s faults there aren’t many who fit that bill who would make these hurried moves worthwhile. It’d also have to be a pretty out and out CF as we have Villa for the LW.

      I’m not understanding why we find ourselves in this position with just days to go.

  118. jaime says:

    what Ibra did today after the match is the reason he needs to go.his atitude is POISON for the team.

    crying to the media was the reason samu had to get gone and the reason ibra needs to get gone.

    • Jnice says:

      He didn’t cry. He answered questions. Said he and his family were comfortable in Barcelona, he has no problems with anyone, but he hasn’t spoke to Pep much over the course of 6 months.

    • Kxevin says:

      Note that this post has been edited. I will repeat what Luke said the other day:

      No derogatory comments about players, unless it directly relates to their play. And no sexist coments, period. I have a zero tolerance policy as regards that kind of nonsense.

  119. Luna says:

    More cryptic remarks from Guariola:

    “No todo depende de mí en este club, yo doy mi opinión al club, pero el secretario técnico y el presidente están por encima de mí, hay cosas que se pueden hacer y otras que no”, ha añadido Guardiola.

    Not everything depends on me in this club, I give my opinions to the club, but the presidnet and secretary are above me, there are things that can be done and others that cannot be done….

  120. iBlau says:

    Mino Raiola (agent Ibrahimovic): “There’s 99.999% chance that Ibrahimovic will stay at Barcelona.” [tv4]

    from Pep (@barcastuff)

  121. VicNZ says:

    “Al menos no ha salido de su representante, vamos mejorando”
    ” At least this hasnt come from his agent, now were getting somewhere”


    LOL at least pep finds some humor in this

  122. Diego S. says:

    Stop it with the Ibra nonsense .. If He Goes, It’s good .. If He Stays, It’s good .. We’re not going to beg him .. and If he’s gonna whine and ruin the locker room, He should leave .. I don’t care how good of a player he is,or that we won’t be able to get a proper cover, or we lack depth .. I don’t care .. Leave Or Stay ! Just do it silently !!

  123. Tajh says:

    Any download links for this match up yet??

  124. theMaginator says:

    espn deported had some good insight on the whole deal all share it with you guys later since am driving right now.

  125. tMe says:

    I’m also completely fed up with this Ibra thingy, we all know what he is capable of, we all know that he has improved _every_season in any team he has played for. He had a great start for Barcelona.

    It is logical to assume that he will be a beast this year if he stays.

    So Pep, Sandro, Raiola and whatever the fuck your names are, get real and let him play another season, selling such a great, expensive player after one season is complete madness. I know we don’t _need_ him, but Ibra on top of his game is good for any club in the world.

    And he wants to stay, he has unfinished business here, some people to shut up and some people to humiliate. That means both sides wants him to stay so fucking get to it.

  126. ElShowDeJason says:

    It pains me to say this, I feel disgusted as I type, but…

    If we sell Ibrahimovic this summer, we are becoming more and more like Madrid.
    And we are doing so because of Sandro Rosell, aka The Catalan FloPer

    Selling superstars that we paid large amounts of money for after one season? Pushing players out of the back door. Ignoring the the desires of first and foremost, the HeadCoach, let alone the Socis, to please the littlest whim of his accounting team who are surely using methods that can be described as shady at best?

    This is no longer about selling a player. Selling our number 9. It’s about selling our Identity, Philosophy, and our standards.

    As Stephen has been telling me, the way that this administration has comported itself in the last two months have been shameful.

    The saddest part, maybe, is that we aren’t even selling our soul to improve our team. Madrid at least turn their club inside out year after year because they think it will improve their club.

    What are we doing by selling Ibra? Milan can’t come up with any combination of Cash and Players in which we get a fair trade, so why is Rosell doing this? To make an impact. for better or for worse, when Puyol hoists up the title this season, Rosell wants the world to know that It’s his legacy and not Laporta’s.

    I can see Pedro!-Villa-Messi winning La Liga, but I can’t see it cause much trouble for cynical Champion’s League teams parking the bus.

    I am simultaneously at a loss for words, needing to rant, and tired of hearing it.

    I’m just having a hard time swallowing the possiblity of a very thin line separating cule from merengue.


    • Stephen says:

      “It’s about selling our Identity, Philosophy, and our standards.” Glad you mention this, when we were in the “BUY CESC BUY CESC” phase of things, we Barça-ed our way and bought Adriano OUT OF NOWHERE !! and thats what Identifies us, I think, from many clubs is that we aren’t out to get the “Popular” player in (or out) but rather get something that works economically and futbolistically.
      The way we are going about the Ibra thing without much transparency and how we’ve allowed the media to sell papers with the clubs name being pissed on, is where the Fail begins. Whether Ibra leaves or not, cules just plain look like assholes at this point (in all senses of that word).

  127. Stephen says:

    Why is Guardiola being ‘shady’ about the Ibra thing? I’ll tell you…
    Its lost in translation I think, what “talked” means to the Spanish folk and what it means to the ‘spanish-speakers-in-the-west’ is quite different, and even more different when its translated into English. The fact that sport is making it seem something else is because they want to sell papers. Also when Guardiola wanted Eto’o out, he ranted about his feeling this and feeling that, so he isnt one to “hide” anything.

    • ElShowDeJason says:

      actually Pep very diplomaticly just said that his wishes aren’t being respected, and that he can only do so much… I’ll try to find it…

      • Luna says:

        here it is:

        “No todo depende de mí en este club, yo doy mi opinión al club, pero el secretario técnico y el presidente están por encima de mí, hay cosas que se pueden hacer y otras que no”, ha añadido Guardiola.

        Not everything depends on me in this club, I give my opinions to the club, but the presidnet and secretary are above me, there are things that can be done and others that cannot be done….

        • ElShowDeJason says:

          that’s the one!
          ugh!… this whole thing is getting me mad :-/

        • Stephen says:

          there were other quotes from that I hated, but its deplorable the way things are being dealt with, and Im glad Ibra rebelled in the celebration. Not the coach, not the club have his back, and obviously the fanbase doesnt count.

          • ElShowDeJason says:

            you did hear that there were protests outside of the restaurant during the Rosell Galiani meeting, yes?

          • Luna says:

            I know it’s weird, I SO would have reacted the same way. At the end of the day what’s it about eh

  128. theMaginator says:

    Basically they read the direct quotes from Guardiola. Basically he said what we already know with the additions that “yo como entrenador trabajare para recuperarlo especialmente si se queda” he was also sad that Ibra did not celebrate with his squad members.

    Also that he would talk to Ibra again and explain to him what the issue was. That it had nothing to do with his training or performences that it was somethings else that he could not disclose. He also alluded to a person that was coming between them. Then proceeded to say not all decisions were his but that the Sports director and the President were in charge.

    • ElShowDeJason says:

      yeah… I just want to find the direct quotes… because EMD’s dumbasses are cuting and pasting it together to look like Pep wants ibra out.

      • Luna says:

        “No todo depende de mí en este club, yo doy mi opinión al club, pero el secretario técnico y el presidente están por encima de mí, hay cosas que se pueden hacer y otras que no”, ha añadido Guardiola.

        Not everything depends on me in this club, I give my opinions to the club, but the presidnet and secretary are above me, there are things that can be done and others that cannot be done….

  129. Bundy says:

    I have a feeling this Transfer saga, will come down to PEP’s decision.

    yes, a lot of people are saying this is down to Rosell’s doing, I don’t think so anymore.

    This is Ibra’s agent and AC Milan putting our balls into the vice. They always had the upper hand here.

    Ibra wants answers from Pep. But Pep takes shit from noone.

    and so it looks like there is going to be an ugly ending to the pre-season :(

    I am very upset with a few individuals, Ibra’s agent and AC Milan. Right now Im hanging onto something Pep mentioned:

    “If Ibra stays we’ll try to get him back on track.”

    I am certain in my beleif that Pep has to choose, Ibra staying or going. :(

  130. ElShowDeJason says:

    Stephen, you bring up a good point, which leads me to my next…

    When Rossel gets a fucking grip, and finally decides not to sell Ibra, its not exactly time to let out a sigh…

    Now we have a pissed off number 9, and a pissed of Head Coach who will most likely not want to be here next summer.

    Even if (hopefully) Ibra stays, He’ll have the confidence of a wantaway player. And we all know strikers cannot operate that way…

    And if Guardiola isn’t allowed to run shit his way, how else will they encroach this season (beyond transfers)? Soon they’ll be telling Pep the squad list they want to use, and which subs need to make to ensure more shirts are sold…

    This deal has SO MUCH more implications that the transfer of one player…

    • Bundy says:

      doesn’t matter, if Ibra isn’t happy then Pep won’t play him full stop.

      thats life in the Barca squad, we only want players worthy to fight for their spot.

      We have Bojan and pedro for CF and LW/RW respectively. Also Iniesta for the LW.

      • ElShowDeJason says:

        The problem is that Ibra is fine with Guardiola. And Guardiola wants to keep him. Just like with Chygrinsky.

        But the big boys are pulling rank.

        If we manage to keep him, I think Pep will play Ibra, espeicially to throw a big “fuck you” to Rosell and co.

        I just don’t think that it’s a good way to run the club when the Execs aren’t giving 100% of the support to the Manager and the players.

      • Jnice says:

        Bundy… Ibra said he would fight for his spot and he also said he was happy in Barça. Ibra never bitched about Villa coming or Bojan playing or none of that.

        • Stephen says:

          He said this prior to Guardiola’s declarations of today, which concretely say about this “other person” and about “talking to him about his behavior” in not celebrating with everyone else.
          I wonder if it still holds.

    • Stephen says:

      This is true. Pressure. The Yaya style, basically bench him until he wants to leave. But not the same in the sense that now if Ibrah doesnt leave then we just earned ourselves a terrible monetary return because we would have failed TWO seasons, and nobody is going to purchase him at anything higher than idk 30M. So now is it a screwed if we do, and screwed if we dont??

  131. theMaginator says:

    Listening to “El Larguero”-usually reliable.
    1. Ibra says in Italian that he has no problems with the coach but the the coach must have something because Guardiola has only spoken to him twice in 6 months.Also says that everytime he has spoken to the front office they have told him that he is not for sale. That he is happy in Barcelona.
    I will write 2 after I find his complete quote.

  132. theMaginator says:

    2. Pep says later, “I will give my opinion about this later because it is something that is internal”.”My door is always open thats the way I am.”He also says the Ibra knows what the issue is, and that the problem has nothing to do with just talking twice.” he said that professionally there is nothing wrong with Ibra but the there is always the “Professional and the individual” and that the individual comes first.

    Basically saying that he has an issue with Ibra as a person and not as a professional.

  133. Jnice says:

    Links to the match:

    La Sexta commentary

    Full Match (both halves)


    Credit to caneco

  134. theMaginator says:

    Here is the two part series of “El Larguero”.

  135. Miguel says:

    i cried when ronaldinho came onto the pitch after his video homage. not like a little girl w/a skinned knee or anything, but i did shed a tear.

    “This was impressive. I love Barça and that’s the best feeling there is.”

    “This was the best moment of my life.”

    what happened to this blog? i stop commenting for a couple of days & look what happens.

  136. cliveee says:

    I personally believe Ibrahimovic will be staying, simply because Milan cannot afford him. But even if Ibrahimovic stays, he has been completely destabilized by our club president. I truly hope he feels alright because not presenting himself in a celebration only means he is unhappy about what has been around him. It’s not hard to imagine, a star player wanna contribute and fight for a club to win things and play well, but that club kind of show you the boot, you can only feel upset about it.

  137. Pyro says:

    I miss the king of catalunya Jan Laporta :'(

  138. got this sucks, ibra was really good today, borderline great, and much better then our new forward. Give hime til january to shape up and some team (chelsea) will go hard for him if we want rid of Bangs. Also can i get something from kev or izzy on our (good) problem at fullback, 4 potential starters!!!!

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